January 1, 2020

Legalizing Drugs in Mexico

President of Mexico Senior Vincent Fox has stated that they have to legalize drugs in Mexico. Well if edge in the game I’ve got a problem if addicts arrived at the U . s . States can they be also put up out and steal to purchase drugs here and can then they march within our roads in protest free of charge-court hired rehabilitation? There’s a lot more for this story that isn’t being addressed by Mexico’s option to legalize drugs within their country which choice will affect individuals people within the Usa too you realize?

Concerning the Drug legalization in Mexico, the only real reason he’s legalizing drugs is really his buddies who purchase his election could possibly get wealthy selling it plus they can control the drug trade as well as profit from drug tourism too. Not to mention they are able to place the “Coke” cocaine back to Coca Cola there remember he’s a former Coca Cola Executive you realize?

Furthermore he’s moving everybody in shanty-town outdoors Mexico City and letting them know arrive at the united states? So, I bet next he transmits all of us his drug addicts too because they invade our nation. Worse off may I ask what goes on when Mexico City will get another huge Earthquake and 20 million more make an effort to flee towards the US? Then what? Think about this in the year 2006.

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