Signs and symptoms that start to appear in any harassed person

Harassment and bullying brutally destroys one’s capabilities and well as his/her personality. Such people don’t have any peace or enjoyment left in their life. They are subject to a constant stress and tension in their mind about what they had faced today or what they will be facing tomorrow and this starts to eat their body from inside like a termite. The one who is doing all this just seems as he has the right to snub his employees or to ask for unethical or physical favors from them, but for the one’s who are facing it, it is one of the biggest tensions of their life. This harassing environment at their workplace start to produce several uncommon characteristics in them. Because they start to hate their present life. Here in this article we will discuss some common signs and symptoms that are usually witnessed in the persons who are subjected to such ill behavior at any stage of their life. If you notice some of these in any of your near and dear ones, you must gain his/her trust immediately and ask them to discuss their problem with you. If necessary, you should contact any legal firm or your employment lawyer for further legal assistance. 

Remains stressed and anxious

Such person who is subject to any such ill behavior stays too occupied or stressed all the time. The stress is visible from their face even when they wake up from their sleep. They become very anxious and start to lose patience even on minor issues. They develop a habit of getting everything on their nerves and then over react on issues. They lose temper every now and then and their reaction may be very strange in some cases.

Low confidence levels

Ill behavior and contemptuous attitude damage the personality of the victim completely as he starts toconsider as worthless as any insect. Such people lose all their confidence levels and can’t even talk with confidence and uprightly to their family because theyhave been snubbed too much that now they consider themselves as wrong in every case and stay backwards from all the aspects of life. Their confidence literally reaches to zero where they can’t even describe their issue with full confidence to their own employment lawyer who is hired for them.

Stay isolated from other people

The person who is being harassed by someone starts to assume himself as he is taunted by others. He starts to stay away from other people and avoid company of people because of the fear of being harassed or snubbed again. They love to stay alone in their own life where they don’t have to face anyone or to listen anyone’s comments about them. They consider themselves as separate and inferior to all other people because they are being crushed mentally daily in their workplace or office.


Finest Solutions for the best Lawyer in Divorce Cases

In the event of a divorce, it is not entirely possible to prevent children from struggling for some time with their sense of loyalty. That is tough for them at that moment, but that is not bad in itself. Growing up is not easy. Parents cannot and do not have to spare their children everything. But there are things that parents should or should not do to help their children.

Manage the conflicts

Argue as little as possible. If you did have an argument, show your children that you are capable of resolving conflicts between you. Talk about it being resolved again. Long-term conflicts after the divorce are the main cause of conflicts of loyalty. The use of the best overland park divorce lawyer is essential there.

Do not act as a victim

Children often take sides with the ‘pathetic’ parent, the parent who acts as a victim of the situation. This can be a way to bond with a child and it always comes at the expense of the bond with the other parent. A “pathetic” parent is often bitter and has a tendency to constantly blame the other parent. Children often stand up for this parent.

But beware: children’s loyalties can change. When children are small, they may take your side because they feel sorry for you, but when they are grown up, they can turn against you. If they are little they may believe the stories of the parent they are most involved with and who has the most influence on them, if they grow up and get to hear the other side of the story, it could just be against that older can reverse. Seek help if you can’t get out of the flow of negative thoughts on your own.

A child wants to count, but not decide

Do not burden the child with choices and decisions that he cannot make. You should not ask a child where he would prefer to live if you have to give the child a choice. Would you like to go away with Dad for a weekend?, Respond neutrally to his choice. Don’t feel like a personal rejection. Do not let the child feel that it makes you feel abandoned. Allow the child to enjoy being with the other parent.

Do not blacken the other parent

Talk to the children, as well as to others in front of the children respectfully about the other parent. It’s painful for kids to hear bad things about the person they love so much. From infancy, children pick up and remember all kinds of things from adult conversations. Do not sit on the phone with your girlfriends extensively blackening the other parent. Do not talk about child support with the child or in front of the child. Your feeling that you are not getting enough money translates to the child as a rejection of himself as a person. Do not use your child to obtain information about your ex’s private life.

Non-verbal signals

Pay attention to the subtle, negative non-verbal messages you send out, such as smiles, rolling your eyes, or sighing when the other parent comes up. Pay attention not only to your words, but also to your intonation, your demeanor and your body language. Children don’t fall for it if you say one thing and let the other feel.