October 5, 2020

Why should everyone need to have an Instagram account?


Instagram to remove ability to see other people's 'likes' | The Michigan  Journal

Instagram was created in 2010. Since that time it has never stopped amazing us by its creative and wonderful features. The amount of popularity Instagram has gained in the past few years has become a record.

According to many types of researches, every month currently one billion people are signing up for creating their Instagram account. And almost 500 million people on average are being an active user of this platform and at least half of these people follow many famous brands and business owner’s profiles along with many celebrities. 

People from everywhere around the world right now have been using this social media platform either for personal use or for promoting or marketing their brand. Just like Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Twitter, etc, Instagram is also a platform that is the most preferred media right now for people from every corner of the world. 

Because of the growing popularity of Instagram, in the first few months, the CEO and owner of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg bought the photo-sharing app after 18 months of its invention. To have a successful business, these days you can’t avoid the positive effects of social media platforms. Among them, Instagram has become the most chosen marketing platform for businesses. 

A successful personal or business profile should get verified on Instagram first and to get the verification badge, one needs to gain a huge number of followers along with other stuff. You can wait and follow organic steps and gain followers in your account slowly. Or you can choose an alternate option where you can decide to get free Instagram followers from legit sources.

All of these won’t work in your favor if you don’t know how many advantages you can gain from having a successful Instagram account. In this article, we will talk about the positive outcome of having an Instagram account these days.

Famous in Instagram

You have an Instagram account and you are willing to grow it by gaining followers, you can get free Instagram followers instantly if you want to avoid other time-consuming steps. If your follower base grows, it will become an opportunity for you to gain fame on Instagram. This way you might get noticed by other brands and business profiles who would want to work with you in the future to promote their products.

Selling products or marketing a brand

Just like we have mentioned above, you will be able to utilize this platform to sell or market any products from your business.

You can use Instagram post and stories to advertise

In case you want to advertise any promotional feature of your small business, you can use Instagram’s ‘stories’ and ‘posts’ feature to advertise your business.

You can make short videos

Instagram has created another feature called IGTV and you can use this one to create short videos and post it.

Having the opportunity of becoming an influencer

By gaining many followers and being able to get verified on Instagram will help you to become an Instagram influencer in the future.


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