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McCowen was arrested on 4-14-2005. Frazier was interviwed in Truro at the Police Station by Sgt. Thomas Hester & Trooper Kotfilia at the SAME time McCowen was being interviewed by Mason & Burke at the State Police Barracks in Yarmouth. The SAME barracks that Frazier's "HANDLER" called him back from on the night of this SLAUGHTER on 1-4/5-2002. It came out during trial testimony that Frazier wasn't "OFFICIALLY" interveiwed a second time until May 3rd, 2005, at his home in Wellfleet by Trooper Mason & Sgt. Burke. It was also learned that Frazier had been "FED" his alibi, over the phone, about 1/2 hour before they arrived for this "OFFICIAL" interview. Shawn Mulvey wasn't contacted on the phone in Clearwater, FL. until May 13th 2005, and he denied ANY alibi for that weekend. In the meantime, Trooper Mason on May 31st 2005 went to 3rd Generation ROGUE Orleans Judge Robert A. Welsh Jr.' s draw of card tricks and printed up a suppressed "Drug Warrant" that turned out to be a sting operation that Frazier had set him up on a few months after the "HIT" and dated May 8th 2002. It wasn't written up until March 2003 but had printed on it "NOT TO BE REVEALED UNLESS ARRESTED." In essence, to be used when they reel in their "PATSY," McCowen, when the time was right.

On June 12th 2005, the prosecutor ( who just happens to be the ROGUE Orleans Judges Son Robert A. Welsh III) , the State Police Investigators (Mason & Burke) and Frazier go to the Grand Jury and LIE to them stating Frazier has a SOLID ALIBI when they had NONE. McCowen was falseley Indicted by those entrsuted with serving & protecting who bared false witness. Mulvey's "FAKE Alibi" was obtained until July 1st 2005 in Clearwater, FL.

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Cape Cod Voice Article on DA O'KEEFE and his Campaign Manager SHERRIFF CUMMINGS.















CHRISTOPHER McCOWEN Gets stabbed in jail by some 58 Year old "WHITE" thug on June 9th, 2008 - Right after this article comes out!






Post-trial: DNA tests, appeal in works

November 18, 2006
Post-trial: DNA tests, appeal in works

Cape and Islands District Attorney Michael O'Keefe said yesterday he would test some of the DNA samples in the state police crime lab that were not previously tested, but not because he expected to gain any new information.
''I have asked that certain testing be done only because it became such a large issue at the trial,'' O'Keefe said. ''I want to see that those who have questions, even though we may not feel that they are persuasive at all, attain some level of satisfaction.'' (NOTE: AS this day 7-27-08 - THIS HAS NEVER BEEN SATISFIED TO THE PUBLIC THAT HAVE LOTS OF QUESTIONS!)
One piece of evidence in particular - the external vaginal swab collected from Worthington's body - came up in trial when an expert for the defense, Richard Saferstein, pointed out that though it tested positive for semen, it had never been DNA tested for a match to McCowen or anyone else.
''We have a big question mark here that could have readily been solved with that one specimen,'' Saferstein testified.
O'Keefe said the issue is a red herring and that protocol at the crime lab is to test only internal vaginal samples, which can prove penetration and hence rape charges. ''The laboratory's experience is that what comes out is a seepage or a drainage,'' O'Keefe said.
''If it results in a change of (crime lab) protocol in some cases, that's a perfectly appropriate thing,'' he said.
O'Keefe said his office will not investigate or charge anyone else in the murder, including Jeremy Frazier. McCowen told state troopers that after he had consensual sex with Worthington, Frazier was the one who actually grabbed a knife and stabbed her through the lung, killing her.
During the trial, Saferstein also said that blue and white fibers found on Worthington's genital area were not tested by the crime lab. Frazier was seen on video wearing a blue and white sweater the night prosecutors believe Worthington was killed.
But O'Keefe said he had no intention of testing those fibers. ''I don't find those persuasive,'' he said. ''Fibers are very generic. Many people have sweaters with blue and green or whatever the colors were. You can conjure up any kind of expert these days to say anything.''

Jeremy Frazier, Shawn R. Mulvey, Christopher M. McCowen & Christopher Bearse Rapping. 1-4-2002, Orleans. Mass. - Teen "Juice Bar"


CBS News website - Forensics 101


"Hair deteriorates slowly, and so can be particularly useful as evidence. Hair can reveal race, as well as whether the strand was removed by force. Lab tests on hair can show whether a person took certain drugs or ingested chemicals. Fibers are often even more useful evidence than hair, because it is much easier to precisely identify them."


Exculpatory Motion

Exculpatory Motion filed 11-26-07! The motion/document speaks loud and clear about DA O'keefe and his office (See link above), ADA-Prosecutor Welsh (Now Judge appt. by Mitt Romney 12-2006 right after this trial) and his Dad former Judge Welsh ("Man of the People" - See link above) of the Orleans Court handled the dispostions in all these cases! Certifying to the Court and Defense that they had handed everything over when in fact they knowingly hadn't - is a VERY BIG DEAL and fits right into the rest of the conspiracy that has been the major part of this crime and case from the onset! See the Exculpatory Motion filed 11-26-2007 and the author Peter Manso who has been writing a book about this crime and case discovered much of this exculpatory material was then setup a month laterby an errant home alarm going off and then arrested for guns that were out of registration!

A few excerpts:

"In the aftermath of these filings, this court held several discovery conferences on February 10, 2006, April 7, 2006 and October 11, 2006 resulting in the Commonwealth’s filing of a Discovery Compliance Certificate on October 11, 2006. However, despite these procedures and specific discovery requests, all of the evidence listed in the following paragraphs was known to the Commonwealth about its own witnesses and still withheld from the defendant, bringing us to this point."

The following evidence, uncovered through the efforts of journalist Peter Manso during his research for his upcoming novel on the Worthington homicide case, was deliberately withheld from the defense by the prosecution prior to and during the defendant’s trial. This critical information was known to the government, was clearly discoverable, was requested by the defendant yet still withheld from the Court and the defendant by the prosecution.
In what appears to be an unsettling pattern of uncanny commonality, the same investigators, arresting officers, defendants/witnesses and prosecutors thread through all of the withheld evidence. At the very least, this data was undisclosed and was likely deliberately withheld by the same District Attorney’s Office that handled most of the challenged cases. In other words, the District Attorney’s Office must have known about the evidence and there is no possible reason that the Commonwealth would fail to produce such evidence other than with the intent to deliberately suppress it."

The importance of these witness’ backgrounds and the related laboratory evidence to the defense in this case is clear. Frazier and his associates, not McCowen, were the suggested culprits in this homicide as part of the defense and almost all were present at the Thomas Bilbo party in Eastham on January 4, 2002, only a short time before the alleged stabbing of Christa Worthington. The Commonwealth claimed at trial that it also was at this party that Frazier, Mulvey and others, including most of these witnesses, engaged in a violent brawl and then allegedly went home to bed rather than to Worthington’s house, a place well known to Frazier due to his employment at Magnum Movers."


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