WorthingtonGate ... Our American Government TRAITORS and their ASSASSINATION TEAMS and Gestapo

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Clearwater, FL Police Report - Page 1

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New show ’20/20′ probes Worthington case

Watch 2/20's Two-Hour Special "Killing On The Cape" - "BLACK FRIDAY" Nov. 24th 2017

ABC’s ’20/20′ Plans Two-Hour Program on Christa Worthington’s 2002 Murder

Christopher McCowen, who is serving a life sentence without parole for the rape and murder of Christa Worthington, was interviewed.


Governor Charlie Baker Appointed the other TOP TWO ROGUES in WORTHINGTONGATE, to the TOP Major POSTS, along with these NAZI MUTT'S.

Trooper turned MSP Major, Chris Mason (ROGUE InFestigator in WorthingtoGate) as COMRAD of the GESTAPO'S MA FUSION CENTER, and Det. Lt. Robert Irwin Under former ROGUE, AG, Martha Coakley & his boss Renee DuPuis (Now Judge DuPUis) to the lead Detective as the Major of Detectives for the entire State of The Dearly Departed Land" Massachusetts, to round out THEIR their staff for the 'protection' of THEIR racketts.


This is who and what is behind this Citizens SLAUGHTER - Her Daddy was a former MA Asst. AG, and George W Bush & John Ashcroft were under Contempt of Congress threats at the time. It Involves the Bush-Clinton Crime Syndicate and their DRUG CARTEL OPS going back to the 1980's Mena, AK CIA Black-Ops Post trading arms for drugs for their NY MONEY-MAFIA BANKSTER Partners laundered loot bags. They were PARTNERS with Whitey Bulger and his equally criminal brother Billy, and STILL ARE.

Executive Privilege Again



It's time to put this lil' cowardly Son of Bitch, Robert S. Mueller, in front of a firing squad along with all the other Bully-Gang NAZI's he's in bed with. POS

"And to make sure they fully understand the magnitude of their oath to defend the Constitution, every new FBI agent visits the Holocaust museum, to see for themselves the horror and injustice that result when law enforcement becomes a tool for oppression."

This debacle ties in PERFECTLY with the latest DEBACLE in CORRUPTACHUSETTS called "TROOPERGATE"

Governor Charlie Baker Appointed the other TOP TWO ROGUES in WORTHINGTONGATE, to the TOP Major POSTS, along with these NAZI MUTT'S.

Trooper turned MSP Major, Chris Mason (ROGUE InFestigator in WorthingtoGate) as COMRAD of the GESTAPO'S MA FUSION CENTER, and Det. Lt. Robert Irwin Under former ROGUE, MA AG, Martha Coakley and his boss Criminal Bureau Chief, Renee DuPuis (Now Judge DuPUis) to the lead and Major of Detectives for the entire State of The Dearly Departed Land" Massachusetts, which rounds out THEIR 'protection' staff for THEIR racketts.

Meet The Departed, and the soon to be Departed

You're a reflection of the friends you keep.

Ex-Gov Weld, 70, still thinking young


These MA Governors, like most Federal (AIPAC) Politicians pledged allegiance, and went to bed and are working for foriegn Enemy State of America -- IT's called TREASON.

Is this Mitt’s shameful secret: Bain is a Mossad asset?

Deval Patrick takes investing role at Bain Capital

Massachusetts governor leading trade delegation to Israel

Commissioner Bill Evans flies to Israel on security trip

The two "Parties" are the two sides of THE SAME BETRAYING SHEKELERS STOLEN COINS.

Clinton friends gather for Vineyard bash

NSA shares raw intelligence including Americans' data with Israel

FACT: I found at the top of all 'Oversight" in OCCUPIED AmeriKa, are Dual citizen Jews as the Gatekeepers for their FORIEGN EMPIRE.

. From the US AG, IG, Glenn Fine, to the the MA House and Senate's 'oversight' Chair's, Sen., Cynthia Creem & Rep., David Linsky. McCowen's Chief JUST-US is a JEW. Re-trial ?

We have a cleansing to do in of our infilTRAITORS and BETRAYERS in OCCUPIED AmeriKa, along with their treasonous McMinions.

We even have the MosSADS winter training camp on October Mountain Rd. in the MA, Berkshires. (With their own 'Oversight"

NSA Whisleblower Karen Stewart explains this COMMUNIST PLOT very well on her web site space you will find her synopsis of



James "Whitey" Bulger and his Crime Partners - "CoIntelPro" = the US JUSTICE DEPT/FBI/CIA/NSA

& MA LAW 'ENFORCERS,' as well as, the Political Establishment and THEIR CORRUPT 'Courts.'

"Government" for itself by itself ... They just pray you live by the laws, NONE of them live by .. A Government with NO "PUBLIC" OVERSIGHT is one that needs to be sqaushed.



Live on http://WEMFradio.com/ at 6pm ET, July 5th 2014

THE YOUNG JURKS with Guest Kevin Mulvey will be discussing the Christa Worthington case and the judicial and law enforcement mobster questions that were never answered.

Mulvey believes his nephew Shawn Mulvey is the actual murderer and has some documented facts related to this situation to make us wonder.

Shawn Mulvey - FBI "Protected Assassin"




JJeremy Frazier - MA State Police "Protected  Assassin"


The ONLY Reason for this extensive website comes about as a direct result of our nephew bragging about being part of some kind of mercenary group of sorts, and having been proud of, and enjoying doing the "worst - worst - worst thing anyone could ever do to anyone or anything - I DID IT". I hadn't known about this horrific slaughter, but when I found out some three years later, myself and many others soon became noticeably TARGETED by some unknown group that had access to not only our phones and computers, but were noticeably stalking us, to keep us aware that we were under surveillance. At a much later date, did we find out what this was all about, and what this Government Run "Black-Ops" group was all about.

It is called "CoIntelPro" and dates back to its first exposure in 1975 while Congress was investigating ROGUE elements within the CIA and FBI under the Church Commission Hearings, and was to be put out of operation, and overseen by the House & Senate Intelligence Committees on Government Oversight and Reform.

Pathetically, the House and Senate has been overthrown, and is compromised by those they were to oversee. Effectively we have neither Law nor Justice in America today.

The Government Conspired and carried out HIT on Christa Worthington, was conducted by our Setup Boy, Nephew, Shawn R. Mulvey (The faux alibi witness for his Informant Partner in Crime, Jeremy Frazier) .. It turns out, he is, and was part of the CIA, and Dick Cheney's "Executive Assassination Ring." She was oft because Congress was looking into the "Whitey" Bulger relationship as a Top Echelon Informant/Partner with our Government Criminals, which has in essence become the NEW MOB, after taking down the Mafia Crime families. Obama himself is CIA, and his handler, current CIA Director John Brennan worked on the Assassination Ring under G. W. Bush and Dick Cheney's Black -Op.

Christa Worthington was threatening the exposure of their CRIMINAL ORGANIZED CRIME WAVE, which Congress was looking into at that time, which would have led to the facts that the Government itself is the importer and distributor of 'illegal' Drugs. As seen in recent years news accounts, the BIG BANKS have been Drug Money Laundering for decades, and account for $2 TRILLION DOLLARS a year in repatriated Cash to the Federal Reserve, that enables them to buy 'Government' Debt, in order to supply themselves with all the high paying, self-serving rigged jobs, and indebt we the public tax-payers, further.



4-15-2005- The "Patsy," Chris McCowen was arrested, and on 11-16-2006, inhumanely convicted. 7-1-2005 - The MSP (Mason & Burke) Interviewed Shawn Mulvey-His CIA/NSA 'Handlers' had his back 7-1-2005 - The Compromised MSP took a swab as insurance, but they were already had by the Fed's. 7-1-2005 - Shawn Mulvey, Sgt. Bill Burke and Trooper Chris Mason - Clearwater, FL.
1-4-2002 - Juice Bar Orleans, MA
1-4-2002 - Juice Bar Orleans, MA

1-4-2002- Juice Bar - Orleans, MA - Jeremy Frazier, Shawn Mulvey, Chris McCowen & Chris Bearse. 10-27-2006 - Christopher McCowen Trial on Court TV - Government Hitman Shawn Mulvey on the stand. 10-27-2006 - Christopher McCowen Trial on Court TV - Government Hitman Shawn Mulvey on the stand. 10-26-2006 - Christopher McCowen Trial on Court TV - Government Hitman Shawn Mulvey on the stand.
1-4-2002 - Juice Bar Orleans, MA

6-27-2007- Shawn went on to become "Tattoo Shawn" in 2007 - Shawn Mulvey, Clearwater, FL 7-29-2007 - Shawn Mulvey's latest own Tat. It's Linda Blair of "The Exorcist." 7-27-2007 - Tattoo Shawn Mulvey's handy work. It's the Christa Worthington Crime scene. 3-31-2008 - Shawn Mulvey and girlfriend sporting new "2007" Exorcist Tat.
1-4-2002 - Juice Bar Orleans, MA

9-2009- Shawn and his girlfriend had a new addition to contribute to the world. A little Devil Tat. 7-29-2013 - Journalist Daniel Hospsicker's photo taken at Donna Blue, Ft. Laudrdale, of CIA Vehicles. 7-24-2013 - Shawn Mulvey's girlfriend. She's a passenger in his government 'company' car. 9-27-2013 - Shawn Mulvey now works for "Black Ops" under the US CIA.
1-4-2002 - Juice Bar Orleans, MA

Shawn is what's known as a SETUP-BOY, much like "Whitey" Bulger. Both are NOT CONFIDENTIAL INFORMANTS, as our ROGUE RUN 'government' is trying to sell the blinded public. The NSA/CIA, FBI, Justice Dept. and MA 'law enforcement' used Whitey & Company as their henchman, while taking down the Mafia (or their competition,) while becoming THE NEW MOB. There is NO PUBLIC OVERSIGHT nor CHECKS & BALANCES, or a way to recieve JUSTICE.

Our CIA & Military are our DRUG Cartel, which account for $2 Trillion Dollars a year in black-ops dollars. Our Rogue Big Banks Launder the cash back to the Federal Reserve, that in turn buys our government debt. This supplies the lowest type of 'government' jobs in 'law enforcement', the courts, jail construction, security, probation officers and tax-payer funded Bonds, that just keep feeding ROGUE 'civil' servants and perpetuating a demise to our once great nation.

Here is a few examples of how this setup works;

The following clips are from a recent show on the Oprah Network; OUR AMERICA with Lisa Ling "Criminal Informants" .. Youth get blackmailed into doing the REAL CRIMINALS dirty dealings.

James 'Whitey' Bulger Recusal for Dismissal of Indictment 6-25-2012 (.PDF)

Our Domestic 'law enforcement' 'Capo,' FBI Director Robert Mueller, must have picked up a Double McChicken and needed the right-off - Some Sport, the last of the big spenders!

10/22/2010 MUELLER, ROBERT - 131 HAYDEN RD HOLLIS, NH 03049 - Patrick, Deval L. $4.55

Bulger's Motion For Judge Stearns Recusal DENIED - 7-19-2012 (.PDF)

Judge Stearns explained himself well, but when all of this is said and done, this squarely puts FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III, and his minion, current MA AG, Martha Coakley UNDER THE BUS.

Mueller came to Boston in 1982 from San Francisco-(Joe Barboza-1976) as an AUSA and head of the Criminal Division, and headed up the Boston Crime Task Force. Martha Coakley got her start as a Fed. Pros. under Mueller in 1987, when he was the Boston Fed. Prosecutor. THEY WON'T LOOK INTO THE "HIT" ON CHRISTA WORTHINGTON and EMPLOY "CoIntelPro" Terrorism and Torture treatment on INNOCENT Law Abiding Citizens?? Shame on them both! There's nothing to reform there - just throw away the key.

Criminal Docket For Bulger's Case through 8-3-2012 (.XPS)


8-6-2012 - (Boston Herald) Attorney: Whitey Bulger To Testify At His Trial (.DOC)

8-7-2012 - (Boston Globe) Bulger Plans To Take The Stand (.DOC)

8-7-2012 - (Boston Herald) Lawyer: Nothing 'Off-Limits' For Whitey Bulger (.DOC)

8-7-2012 - (Boston Herald) Whitey Bulger Defense: Lies, Lies & Lies! (.DOC)

EIR News Service - 1985 - Background - Government Corruption - To be updated!

1-3-1995 - James "Whitey" Bulger sighted in Clearwater, FL - Whitey Bulger hunt aims at Florida (.DOC)

7-2-1996 - 4th Superceeding Indictment of James "Whitey" Bulger on Racketeering Charges. Original Indictment 1-5-1995. (.PDF)

(Note: Lawyer Robert A. George (Chris McCowen's lawyer in WorthingtonGate) is one of the seven to be indicted's (James Martarano) lawyer. Mr. George also repreresented New England's Reputed Mob Boss Frank Salemme, in 2008, besides many other reputed mobsters since starting his fine work in Defense with Boston Defense Attorney's Joseph and Juliane Balliro, starting in 1985.

During the 1997 Trial of Steve Flemmi, Martorano and Salemme, Flemmi revealed that he and James "Whitey" Bulger were long time FBI Informants. Sickened by hearing this Martorano agreed to testify against not only Bulger and Flemmi, but also Former FBI Handler John Connelly, Jr. In Jan. 2009, John Connelly was sentenced to 40 years in a FL. prison for second degree murder, while many others were given a free ride.

9-29-2000 (Boston Globe) - Bulger, Flemmi Charged With A String Of Murders (.DOC)

Steve Flemmi
John Martorano
James 'Whitey' Bulger
FBI-Handler - John Connelly, Jr.

12-13-2001 - President George "W" Bush invokes "Executive Privledge," in order to conceal decades of Boston Area FBI, Justice Dept. & MA Law Enforcement CORRUPTION (.DOC)

1-3-2002 - Executive Privledge Again - N Y Times - William Safire (.DOC)

1-5-2002 - 17 YEAR MA ASST. ATTORNEY GENERAL CHRISTOPHER WORTHINGTON'S Daughter Christa, is found BRUTALLY Slaughtered in Truro, MA. (1-20-2002 - Boston Globe) (.DOC)

2-4-2002 - NY Magazine - The Single-Mom Murder

1-14-2004 - Ex-FBI Agent Arraigned In Mob Hit (.DOC)

6-25-2004 - (PRNewswire) - A Former MSP Lieutenant Was Sentenced In Federal Court For Obstruction Of Justice (.DOC)

May 2005 - The Avengers - Boston Magazine by Dick Lehr - Fred Wyshak and Brian Kelly Story (.DOC)

9-6-2006 - (Boston Globe) FBI Found Liable For Bulger Flemmi, Murder Victim's Kin Awarded $3 Million (.DOC)

10-4-2006 (Boston Herald) Foley Mess Just Another Gay-State linked Scandal (.DOC)

7-29-2007 - Meet The $101.7 Million Dollar Dream Team (.DOC) (McCowen Defense Attorney Robert George was Joe & Juliane Balliro's partners from 1985-1990)

11-20-2007 - US Judge Faults FBI In 1982 Slayings (.DOC) (McCowen Defense Attorney Robert George)

Robert George, a lawyer for Donahue's family. "For a judge to make a decision that basically preempts a trial and puts not only the government's feet to the fire but throws them in the flames is an extraordinary legal development."

2-7-2008 - (Boston Herald) Weeks To Testify For Whitey Victim's (.DOC)

4-14-2008 - Former New England Mob Boss To Plead Guilty (.DOC) (McCowen Defense Attorney Robert George was Counsel)

9-1-2008 - NPR - Bulger Case Changed FBI's Role With Informants (.DOC)

9-2-2008 - NPR - Some FBI Agents Pay High Price For Using Snitches (.DOC)

9-3-2008 - NPR - Legislator Aims To Regulate FBI Behavior (Rep. Bill Delahunt) (.DOC)

This never happened, as the Amy Bishop SCANDAL was breaking and he retired. He was roomates with NY Senator Charles Schumer in DC. His buddy Bill Keating has since replaced him and they're all friends and recieve patronage from the victims fathers former boss, Lt. Gov. besides 12 year MA AG, Frances X. Bellotti. Mr. Belloti was MA Chief law enforcer from 1976-1987 at the height of all this public corruption, during the forging of The NEW MOB that "W" Bush signed his 2001 "Executive Privilege" order, limiting Congress access to those years records, therefor limiting the scope of the years investigated. Mike Sullivan was appointed to be Boston Fed. Prosecutor on 9-17-2001 a day before Wyah signed a Free Tarde Agreement with China, only a week after 9-11. In 2007, Wyah gave Sullivan the second hat to wear simultaeously as Acting BATF& E Director. He resigned both posts in early 2009 and went into a Lobbying partnership (Ashcroft-Sullivan) with former AG John Ashcroft, who pressed Wyah to sign the infamous "Executive Privilege" Order on 12-13-2001, limiting Congresses prying eyes while looking in to this 30 plus years of Law Enforcement & Judicial CORRUPTION and all out breakdown. Christa Worthington was "Skewered" to her floor weeks later. She had been a "TARGET" of "CoIntelPro" according to her own diary that came into the posession of author Peter Manso, and mentioned in a Radio Interview, and his book "Reasonable Doubt."

9-4-2008 - Acting BATF & E Director plus Boston Federal Prosecutor Mike Sullivan raises the Bulger Reward to $2 Million.

(NOTE: My Letters to Select Congressional Members had been received just days before, and I had met with my then Fl. Congressman's Chief counsel, Liz Hittos, for the first time, on the same day.)

(Now we find out in 2011 that he was running "Operation Castaway" and the precurser to "Operation Fast & Furious"- Supplying Drug Gangs with weapons - creating a problem, which has been pointed out, to get stronger gun laws on the books in order to take citizens weapons away. They're trustworthy alright - they're doing it for the kids and they'll SERVE AND PROTECT US. ) The reason for the Second Amendment is to insure citizens have Protection from TYRANTS like these sociopathic and cowardly gang of thugs. NO HONOR - NO INTEGRITY - NO COURAGE. A Real Patriot!

My letter to Mike Sullivan 2-6-2008 (.DOC)

Mike's receipt (.html)

My letter to Cape & Islands DA Michael O'Keefe 2-5-2008 (.DOC)

DA O'Keefe's reply 2-8-2008 (.JPG)

Pinellas County FL. Police Report 5-15-2007 Page #1 (DOC)

Pinellas County FL. Police Report 5-15-2007 Page #2 (DOC)

Pinellas County FL. Police Report 5-29-2007 Page #1 (DOC)

8-9-2007-ATF Head Sullivan Reacts To O'keefe Controversy (.DOC)

12-6-2008 - Off The Grapevine - About the Government cast of CORRUPT CRIMINALS and the Connelly trial (.DOC)

7-8-2008 - Patriots Would've Been Wise To Keep These Guys At Bay (.DOC)

8-28-2008 - (Boston Herald) Ex-Mafia Pals To Testify In John Connolly Case (.DOC)

9-16-2008 - Whitey Bulger's FBI "Handler" John Connelly's Miami Murder Trial (.DOC)

Boston-AUSA-Fred Wyshak
FL-AUSA-Michael VonSamft
FBI-Boston Supv.- John Morris
MA- Pros/Judge Ed Harrington
Retired Boston FBI - Tom Daly


This is ONLY a partial Boston list - this list IS very long across the former USA. The MOB IS THEM! "CoIntelPro" are THESE M'Fer's = Nastasi-Satanists!

EACH ONE HAS BETRAYED EVERYTHING & EVERYONE including their lineage, their familes, their friends, neighbors and fellow citizens, besides what our nation stood for. They are a letdown to EVERYONE. SHAME ON EACH ONE! ARM UP, The PEOPLE'S JOB IS TO HANG THEM, and the likes of them, ALL!


5-17-2012 - Family Of Alleged Bulger Victim Sues FBI Agents


(Dennis M. Condon; H. Paul Rico;  John Morris;  John J. Connolly, Jr.;  Roderick Kennedy;  Robert R. Fitzpatrick;  James Ring;  James W. Greenleaf;  James Ahearn;    Federal Bureau of Investigation;  Lawrence Sarhatt;   Richard F. Bates;  Joseph Yablonsky;  James F. Scanlon;  Dennis F. Creedon;  Thomas J. Daly.) Additional CRIMINALS from the Book "Black Mass" = (Supervisors; Ed Quinn, Larry Potts, Ed Clark and Bruce Ellavsky. Agents; Nick Gianturco, Mike Buckley, John Newton, James Blackburn and James Lavin.)

9-13-2012 - (BostonGlobe) Judge Opens Window For Family's Suit Against FBI Over Whitey Bulger Misdeeds (.DOC)

The Boston Area FBI SAC's from 1997-2012 - Follow the Dots .... Boston-FBI-Richard DesLauriers-SAC-2010/From 1997-Counter Intelligence "CoIntelPro"

.... Boston SAC-2001 Kathleen McChesney up to a few weeks before Christa Worthington being 'Skewered" to her floor .... 2002-2008-Charles S. Prouty- the former SAC of Arkansas, where Mena, AK is located, and the Bush Crime families Iran-Contra Gangs headquarters, which happens to be in Bill Clinton's AK territory. Of course,Wyah hired Asa Hutchison the former Fed. Pros. from Mena, AK to head up the DEA when he came in, in 2001. ... 2008-2010-Warren Bamford of (Ruby Ridge & Waco Fame.)


11-4-2008 - A Few Agents Put FBI In Contempt (.DOC) Also, See: (12-6-2011 - From The Mouths of Criminals)

7-2-2009 - (Boston Globe/AP) - Testimony In FBI Lawsuit Begins (.DOC)

8-26-2009 - Whitey Bulger hunt aims at Florida - Task force cites leads, links to Sunshine State (.DOC)

9-19-2009 - (Boston Globe) - Judge Has Ordered Fugitive Mob Boss James Whitey Bulger And A Cohort To Pay $15 Million Each (.DOC)

9-19-2009 - (The Times Of India) - Mob Boss Aide To Pay $30m To Victims Family (.DOC)

10-1-2009 - (Boston Globe) Judge Rules Government Liable For Slayings By Bulger, Flemmi .. Victims' Families Awarded $1.85 Million (.DOC)

6-30-2010 - The Murder Case That Never Ends, The Crime That Keeps On Giving - $101.7 Million + Interest PAID IN FULL (.DOC) (McCowen Defense Attorney was their partners)

7-1-2010 - Alleged Mob Boss Peter Limone Pleads No Contest Gets No Jail Time (.DOC)

9-25-2010 - Judge raps US over Bulger civil trial - Says victims, families were unfairly blamed (.DOC) (McCowen Defense Attorney Robert George)

10-8-2010 - US Marshals Service joins international hunt for Bulger (.DOC)

1-24-2010 - Whitey Bulger was his dad - The never-told story of the gangster and his little son (.DOC)

1-5-2009-3:06PM-Incoming Telephone Call from "CoIntelPro" Operative Judith Jacobs-"WorthingtonGate" To Kevin Mulvey's Former Clearwater FL. Ans. Mach. - What's heard after the call was to be hung up was; A call to another caller saying "Hi, I Want To Pick The Scandal Up". Here's her ROLE or GIG on the Mortgage & Banking Crisis TV Interview on NECN-3-9-2009. *NOTE: This call was on the 7th Anniversary of Worthington's "Skewering" in 2002 & "Whitey" Bulger's 14th Anniversary of going on the the lam, via his FBI Partners in "Witness Protection" on 1-5-1995.

1-5-2011 - On its 16th anniversary, search for ‘Whitey’ Bulger goes on (.DOC)

1-10-2011 - FBI Still Searching For Whitey Bulger (.DOC)

3-22-2011 - Federal Criminal Complaint For the Arrest of Boston Defense Attorney Robert A. George (.PDF)

3-23-2011 - Defense Attorney Robert A. George Charged With Money Laundering (.DOC)

Select Picture for Video 3-25-2011

3-25-2011 - Associate in lawyer’s alleged scheme ID’d (.DOC)

3-25-2011 - Connolly Colleagues Press For His Release (.DOC)

5-17-2012 - Boston Personal Injury News - Family Of Alleged Bulger Victim Sues FBI Agents (.DOC)

5-17-2012 - (TheTelegram) - Family Of Alleged Bulger Victim Presses Civil Case (.DOC)

6-21-2011 - TV ads are latest tactic in hunt for Bulger - FBI hopes daytime audience will spot fugitive crime boss’s girlfriend

6-22-2011 - Bulgers Girlfriend, Fight Crime With Gossip

6-23-2011 - Kevin Mulvey has letter mailed out (THE SAME DAY THEY REEL IN 'WHITEY' BULGER) from NSA's Appeal Board Denying access to FOIA records, after a 14 & 1/2 month wait, for this decision Page #2 ( I had scolded them about the DRUG Running) (.doc) *See Main Page for all documents.

6-23-2011 - The Fugitive - Bio (.DOC)

6-23-2011 - Whitey Bulger Arrested (.DOC)

6-23-2011 - Arrest Plus Documents and Links (.DOC)

6-23-2011 - Scot Lehigh - Whitey Bulger Arrested- The Headline We Thought We'd Never See (.DOC)

6-23-2011-(SOLON.COM)- (The Boston Globe's) former Mike Barnicle - The Best Friend A Gangster Could Have (.DOC)

6-23-2011 - Alleged Crime Boss Whitey Bulger Agrees To Agree To Return To Boston (.DOC)

6-23-2011 - James Bulger Cast Powerful Aura Over William Bulger (.DOC)

6-23-2011 - Romney Pushed To Oust Bulger Over Brother (.DOC)

6-23-2011 - Ex-Tulsa Cop Asks,What Secrets Will Whitey Finally Tell (.DOC)

6-23-2011 - Whitey Bulger Used Rent Controlled Apartment Since Mid 1990s, Property Manager Says (.DOC)

6-23-2011 - He took walks, fed the squirrels (.DOC)

6-23-2011 - Quincy - In Squantum,Whitey Bulger's Former Neighbors Thought He Was Dead (.DOC)

6-23-2011 - Kevin Cullen - For One Family, Something Approaching Justice (.DOC)

6-24-2011 - CBS News - FBI Helped Bulger Evade Detection Ex-Cop Says (MA Col. Tom Foley, Clearwater, FL) (.DOC)

6-24-2011 - Ad Blitz Brought An End To FBI Quest (.DOC)

6-24-2011 - A Pretty Peaceful Hideaway (.DOC)

6-24-2011 - Bulger Ordered Home (.DOC)

6-24-2011 - Bulgers Arrest Frees Boston To Get Past Old Divisions (.DOC)

6-24-2011 - Bulgers Capture Resolves Last Lingering Question (.DOC)

6-24-2011 - Early Prison Days Honed Criminal Skills (.DOC)

6-24-2011 - FBI Needs To Allow Others In To Restore Confidence (.DOC)

6-24-2011 - Following Shock A Neighborhoods Respectful Reflection (.DOC)

6-24-2011 - In Bulger Case A Tale From The FBI's Dark Side (.DOC)

6-24-2011 - Justice Finally For Boston (.DOC)

6-24-2011 - Now A Search For Truth (.DOC)

6-24-2011 - Retired Former Police Reflect On Efforts To Get Mobster (.DOC)

6-24-2011 - Trial Could Reopen Old FBI Wounds (.DOC)

6-24-2011 - US Likely First In Long Line Of Trials (.DOC)

6-24-2011 - Victims Kin Relieved And Rueful (.DOC)

6-25-2011 - Brothers Loyal Presence Draws Mobsters Smile (.DOC)

6-25-2011 - For Neighbors In Calif - Memories Now Seem Surreal (.DOC)

6-25-2011 - Relatives Of Victims Express Their Rage (.DOC)

6-26-2011 - Back In The Town He Terrorized (.DOC)

6-26-2011 - Bulger Arrest May Yield Clues On Heist (.DOC)

6-26-2011 - Bulger Offers New Details To Authorities (.DOC)

6-26-2011 - FBI Shame Casts A Long Shadow (.DOC)

6-26-2011 - (Jonathan Turley Org) The Departed Returns To Boston A Sordid Tale Of Mobster Whitey Bulger The FBI (.DOC)

6-26-2011 - His Brothers Keeper (.DOC)

6-26-2011 - Jails Holding Bulger Greig Have History (.DOC)

6-26-2011 - The Power Of The Daytime TV Crowd (.DOC)

6-27-2011 - Awaiting The Next Chapter (.DOC)

6-27-2011 - Hollywood Loves Boston's Seamy Underbelly (.DOC)

6-28-2011 - (Hollywood Reporter) Producer Graham King Fast-Tracking Crime Movie Featuring Whitey Bulger (.DOC)

6-28-2011 - Bulger Tells Of Armed Visits To Hub (.DOC)

6-28-2011 - The Prince Of The City (.DOC)

*6-28-2011 - Governments Opposition To Consolidation Of Cases (.PDF)

*6-28-2011 - Dismissal Of Indictment From All Counts (.PDF)

VIDEO - The Prosecution is gaming the system by dropping these 1995 charges in order to get Judge Wolfe off this trial. (.WMV)

(Asst. US Boston Fed. Pros. Fred Wyshak - The same Pros. that Pros. FBI "Whitey Handler" - John Connelly and now in charge of the Worcester Grand Jury looking intro Cape & Islands DA Michael O'Keefe in the case of tipping off Robert George's client Adam Hart on a bookie operation in Dennis, MA. What a BETRAYAL & SCAM.) THIS IS ALLVERY TRANSPARENT but NO OVERSIGHT nor ACCOUNTIBILITY. A Second Revolution looms as a result and well earned.

6-28-2011 - Whitey Bulger Buried Treasure (.DOC)

6-29-2011 - His Loyalty Trumps Morality (.DOC)

6-29-2011 - It's Not A Crime To Love A Sibling (.DOC)

6-29-2011 - Prominent Pair Poised To Take Up The Defense (.DOC)

6-30-2011 - NY Times - Mob Figure May Unearth Corruption of Lawmen (.DOC)

7-1-2011 - Defending Whitey (.DOC)

7-1-2011 - Earlier Bulger Charges Dropped (.DOC) *See 6-28-2011 Documents

7-1-2011 - Seasoned, Well Known Lawyer Faces A Big Challange (.DOC)

7-1-2011 - Whitey-Still Flying High (.DOC)

7-2-2011 - US Defends The Cost Of Bulgers Copter Ride (.DOC)

7-3-2011 - CBS Evening News Interviews, "Two Hats" Mike Sullivan - (former - Boston Fed. Prosecutor/Acting BATF&E Director) Currently partner with former US AG John Ashcroft - of Bush's "Executive Privilege" Fame. Ashcroft/Sullivan Lobbying Firm - 60 State Street, Boston, MA.

Since I brought attention to this clip, CNET REMOVED the above CBS VIDEO in JAN. 2012.

This interview was a joke - Sullivan is the bridge between the Boston Fed. Pros. Office Corruption and was the Acting Head of the BATF&E under Bush, which started Fast & Furious and Operation Castaway. He was also positioned as the Boston Federal Prosecutor just prior to Bush signing his infamouus "Executive Privilege" Order of 12-13-2001, barring Congress from gaining access to the decades of Boston Federal Prosecutors records they were seeking while looking into all this PUBLIC CORRUPTION, that even his new FBI Director Mueller was/is a part of. Christa Worthington was "Skewered" a few weeks later. I wrote to Mike Sullivan on 2-6-2008, see that on the index page under Mike Sullivan.

In August 2011, Mark Rosetti gets EXPOSED by Robert A. George (Chris McCowen't Defense Attorney in WorthingtonGate) as one of their guys (An FBI TOP ECHELON PROTECTED PARTNER) - Just like "Whitey" Bulger and my Nephew, Shawn Mulvey. "Two Hats" with two horns, Mike Sullivan.

7-3-2011 - Bulger Loses The First Round (.DOC) *See 6-28-2011 Documents

7-3-2011 - Despite Notoriety, Bulger No Easy Case (.DOC)

7-3-2011 - Here's To Honest Cops Who Made A Difference (.DOC)

7-4-2011 - Whitey's Influence Felt On Beacon Hill (.DOC)

7-6-2011 - Whitey Bulger's Indirect Hits (.DOC)

7-7-2011 - Bulger Pleads Not Guilty Before Many Watchful Eyes (.DOC)

7-9-2011 - Secret FBI Weapon Smuggling Cover Up Deepens Probe (.DOC)

7-10-2011 - Whitey's Generation (.DOC)

*7-11-2011 - Bulger Lottery Ticket Said To Be Offered On EBay (.DOC)

*Bulger-Weeks-LotteryTicketWinner-1991 *Bulger-Weeks-Linskey-LotteryWinnerLetter-1991 *WinningTicket-Number-Reciept *WinningTicket-BulgerSignature

7-12-2011 - If Judge Agrees, Kin Of Bulger's Victims Get 3 Minutes To Talk At Greig's Hearing (.DOC)

Prominent Boston (Brockton) Defense Attorney Kevin J. Reddington takes up Defense of Whitey Bulger's girlfriend, Catherine Grieg. Mr. Reddington also represented and represents three main characters in WorthingtonGate. He first represented the sequestered Juror thrown off the McCowen Trial (Rachel Huffman). Then took over from Lawyer Joesph Balliro Sr, as counsel to Author Peter Manso who was brought in on trumped up gun charges for digging up too much dirt on Law Enforcement & Justice and also Boston Defense Attorney Robert George who as the Defense Lawyer of Chris McCowen in WorthingtonGate, has since been setup and entrapped by the Boston Fed. Pros. Carmen Ortiz, the DEA and IRS on Drug Money laundering charges, after the same stacked deck at the MA SJC (six out of seven of those Just-Us's came from the same CORRUPTED Boston Fed. Pros. Office) denied McCowen's Appeal for a new trial. His Federal Appeal filing remains in Limbo until his TARGETED & ENTRAPPED Defense Attorney Robert George, finds resolve and remedy in his own situation from these VULGER ROGUES that we had entrusted, that have BETRAYED ALL TRUST Off with all their heads.

7-12-2011 - No Defense For This Plea (.DOC)

7-12-2011 - Prosecutors Detail Life On The Run (.DOC)

7-13-2011 - Catherine Greig's Detention Hearing Ends Without Decision, Kin Speak Out (.DOC)

7-13-2011 - Lawyer Seeks To Shield Greig (.DOC)

7-14-2011 - Victim's Kin Fight Bail For Greig (.DOC)

7-15-2011 - Judge Orders Catherine Greig Held Without Bail (.DOC)

7-19-2011 - Grand Jury To Look At Bulgers Travels (.DOC)

7-24-2011 - (Boston Globe) A Lingering Question For The FBI's Director (.DOC)


7-27-2011 - Greig Moves To Protect Properties (.DOC)

7-27-2011 - Lessons From Whitey (.DOC)

7-27-2011 - Senate confirms Mueller for new term as FBI head (.DOC)

8-11-2011 - Bulger Girlfriend Indicted By Federal Grand Jury (.DOC)

8-12-2011 - Greig File Tells Story Of Two Lives On The Run (.DOC)

8-12-2011 - Reputed Mob Boss Is Called FBI Informant (.DOC)

Boston Defense Attorney Robert A. George who as the Defense Lawyer of Chris McCowen in WorthingtonGate, is representing the Foot Soldiers against the Fraudalent FBI in this case, too.

Back Stories - 5-22-2010 - Reputed Mob Leader Among Four Arrested On Heroin Charges - 10-21-2010 - Mass Arrests 31 In Organized Crime Investigation - 10-22-2010 - Special Assistant To Malden Mayor Charged In Sweeping Crime Ring Remains On Job

MA AG Martha Coakley (Right)

The NEW MOB Organized Crime Ring announces Arrests of the old mob Organized Crime Ring, including an FBI Crime Partner, a Mafia Capo, Mark Rossetti.

(Everything Secret Degenerates Part-1) (Everything Secret Degenerates Part-2)

(Everything Secret Degenerates ; The FBI'S Use of Informants as Murderers - FORTH REPORT)

8-12-2011 - Reputed Mob Boss Mark Rossetti Named FBI Informant (.DOC)

8-13-2011 - FBI Had OK From Police On Rossetti (.DOC)

8-16-2011 - FBI Under Fire Over Informant Situation .(DOC)

8-16-2011- Sleeping With Enemy Again (.DOC)

8-21-2011 -Where's The Outrage Over FBI Bungling?

8-22-2011 - US Must Pay Fees For 1960s Mob Frame-Up (.DOC) (Legal Fees For Boston Four)

8-22-2011- Archive of Darin Buffalino (.DOC)

8-24-2011 - FBI Ignored Informants Heroin Dealing (.DOC)

9-14-2011 - Ex-Boston Crime Boss Bulger Due In Court (.DOC)

9-14-2011 - FBI Paid $2 Million Reward To Tipster For Bulger's Capture Says Las Vegas Man (.DOC)

9-23-2011 - Bulger Girlfriend To Seek Bail (.DOC)

9-23-2011 - FBI $2.1 Mil Bulger Reward Paid To Tipsters (.DOC)

9-24-2011 - 3 Charged In Alleged RI Mafia Scheme (DOC)

9-28-2011 - Federal Prosecutors Say More Charges Are Possible Against Greig (.DOC)

9-29-2011 - Trial Of Whitey Bulger's Girlfriend Slated For April (.DOC)

10-5-2011 - Bulger's Victims Families Forced To Fight For Justice (.DOC)

10-6-2011 - Bulger Girlfriend To Seek Delay In Boston Trial (.DOC)

10-6-2011 - Federal Court To Let Cameras Record Some Civil Trials For Broadcast On Internet And TV (.DOC)

10-6-2011 - New Trial Date Set For Whitey Bulgers Girlfriend (.DOC)

10-6-2011 - Bulger Girlfriend Catherine Greig Granted Delay In Boston Trial (.DOC)

10-6-2011 - Bulger Girlfriend Granted Delay In Boston Trial (.DOC)

10-7-2011 - Party Store Sells Whitey Bulger Halloween Costume (.DOC)

10-6-2011 - Findlaw - DONAHUE v. UNITED STATES (.DOC)

10-7-2011 - Families In Bulger FBI Case Lose Appeal (.DOC) (McCowen Defense Attorney Robert George Rep's Donahue's)

10-7-2011 - Families In Mob Case Lose Appeal Over $8.5Mil. Award (.DOC) (McCowen Defense Attorney Robert George Rep's Donahue's)

10-8-2011 - Rep. Lynch To Explore Congressional Help For Families Of Two Alleged Bulger Victims (.DOC)

10-8-2011- (Boston Globe) Agents Gave Bulger Starring Role But Was It Real (.DOC)

10-9-2011 - Whitey In Exile (.DOC)

ID Pic's - One - Two -Three -Four

10-9-2011 - Striking Beauty Bonded With Greig Over Cats (.DOC)

10-9-2011 - Striking Beauty Bonded With Greig Over Cats - 2 (.DOC)

10-9-2011 - Down-on-his-luck Vet Befriended By Bulger (.DOC)

10-10-2011 - FBI's Use Of Alleged Mobster Questioned (.DOC)


10-11-2011 - Congressmen Probe Whitey Bulger Blunder (.DOC)

10-11-2011 - History's Lesson: Government Compelled To Protect Tipsters (.DOC)

10-12-2011 - "Most Wanted" host: Tipster Flap Breaks "Bond Of Trust" (.DOC)

10-12-2011 - Why Whitey Snitch Has Nothing To Fret (.DOC)

10-12-2011 - FBI Blasts Globe For Naming Whitey Informant (.DOC)

10-12-2011 - Naming Of Bulger Tipster Worries FBI Observers (.DOC)

10-12-2011 - FBI Says It Had No Involvement In Globes Revealing Of Bulger Tipsters Name (.DOC)

10-13-2011 - Keating Urges Congress To Pay Kin (.DOC)

Former MA 10th Bill Delahunt with Current MA 10th Rep. Bill Keating who's friends with "CoIntelPro" Op Judith Locchi Jacobs of Somerville, also recieves patronage from the victims fathers former boss, former MA AG Francis Bellotti (opensecrets.org).

EXTRA-EXTRA READ ALL ABOUT IT; 10-29-2010- (Plymouth Daily News) The Untold Intrigues Of The 10th District Race (.DOC)

Here we go again - never have Oversight or reform, and everything goes unanswered or accountable.



Former MA 10th William Delahunt (He left Congress as the Amy Bishop AL. massacre was coming to light, but he's now off the hook - He was roomates in DC with NY Senator Charles Schumer, he's with his replacement current MA 10th Rep. Bill Keating. Next is Judith Locchi Jacobs, she was used as a "CoIntelPro" procavateur with all reporters, writers and everyone that knew any parts of the Christa Worthington SLAUGHTER. (Here's a sample of her tax payer funded BETRAYING OF THE PUBLIC TRUST & GOOD "In The Name Of Truth And Justice - Judy Jacobs - Crusader".) She also knew Bill Keating according to her blogging on his site while he was running for Congress. (Note: She doesn't live in his Congressional District nor could vote for him.) The last picture is former MA Lt. Gov in the 1960's before becoming the 12 year MA AG Francis Bellotti (1975-1987) (The victims father Christopher "Toppy" Worthington worked under him as a Asst. AG for 17 years (1970-1987). The other man in the picture is former US Asst. AG under Bush 1 and MA. Gov. William Weld, who was the former Boston Fed. Pros. from 1982-1986 while current FBI Director Robert Mueller was the head of the Boston Crime Task Force under him, before he replaced him as Boston Fed. Pros. in 1987. These men were the Chief 'Law Enforcers' in the greater Boston area when "Whitey" Bulger and the partnerships with 'Law Enforcement' & Just-Us were cemented in the name of taking down La Cosa Nostra, while becoming the defacto "NEW MOB." Iran-Contra (ARMS & DRUGS GANGSTERS) Both went on to become the Number 2's as Asst. US AG in Washington as the HEADS of the CRIMINAL Division. It takes one to know one!

Judy (A Government Provacateur) Locchi Jacobs wrote and claimed she moved down to the Cape from Somerville, MA 6 months after the HIT (June-July-2002). She actually was moved into place six months before the HIT (May 2001) (This home was purchased in Mid-2001), much like Whitey's gang members, murderer David Murphy and his cousin Jim Hardy who's names came up in this trial.

This was Judy Jacobs Cape Cod Home, Purchased 6 months before the planned HIT. She claimed she rented it out to a Rogue Eastham Firemen before trying to sell it in 2008, while the next rogue crisis was coming into play (The Financial System Collapse.) Is this staged or what?

Here's the PROVACTEURS Real Estate record - Part of the Insiders Black-Ops MORTGAGE FRAUD!

Judy Jacobs Cape Cod holdings.


Some Extra writings from (NSA's) Judus Jacobs - "kotfilia did the silva thing too (dubois II) and hester is a drug-dealing mobster who has been building a real estate business with Cape Cod's own John Gotti -- Joe Buscone, kingmaker of DA's, sheriffs, congressmen, etc, who stores Teddy's boat (MYA) at his Northside Marina in Dennis.... Hester is O'Keefe's personal clean-up man -- the go-to guy in cases that must be f'cked...a slimy slithering scumball...."

Contribution Update - 9/12/2012 Jacobs, Judy L. - 209 Massapoag Ave. N Easton, MA 02356 - To Joyce, Brian A. $100.00

11-20-2012- Boston Herald - Gov. Deval Patrick no stranger to Beacon Hill patronage - (Senator Brian Joyce connection to Gov. Patrick's team)

NOTE: The NEW FRESHMAN Congressman is appointed to Chair of the HMS Oversight Committee 3/15/2011? - Keating Named Ranking Member Of Oversight Committee on Homeland Security (.DOC)

A NEW TWIST from the Publisher of Cape Cod Today, Walter Brooks, where Judy Loocki Jacobs had the keys to the IP domains and free rein TO BETRAY: The killers William Delahunt failed To Prosecute (.DOC) and Bristol County DA to oppose former Norfolk County DA Keating for Congress (.DOC)

Now here's an interesting patron of Congressman Bill Keating's and MA AG Martha Coakley's;

NOTE: I called GoDaddy.com, (Dave-Tech. Support) where this website is stored, on the evening of (11-14-2012) at 5PM, about trying to track down who it is that comes into the server where my website is stored, and downloads 1'000's of files daily. I mentioned that the "StateOfMass" (See 11/14/12 -Errors Report below) is one, because I see it in the Error Page Reports, but I said they don't leave an IP number, or show they've visited any pages, but do leave identifers and incriminating "keyword searches" in my data records. I said there are others that also download, but they too leave no IP trace number of their visits. He said, there is no way they can track this, and we both conferred that if "Exigent Letters" are used to disguise themselves, than it wouldn't be legal to disclose this to me, even if it is to hide their own RICO and fraud. At the very end of my conversation with Dave, they had the sadistic balls to "Tweak Me," as in taunting their POWER of criminal conduct and enterprize.

The Official Website of the Attorney General of Massachusetts .... Attorney General Thomas Ralph, Chief of the Attorney General's Cyber Crime Division.


Thomas Ralph, Chief of the Attorney General's Cyber Crime Division

I was supposed to meet the Chief of the Cyber Crimes Division in a pre-arranged meeting through AG Coakley in April 2008 in Clearwater, FL, but half way through that meeting, I learned from Ms. Coakley's MSP Lt. Robert Irwin assigned to her Criminal Bureau, that the second man with him wasn't the Cyber Crime Cheif, but just a MSP Sargent Mike Cooney, assigned to her CRIMNAL Bureau, playing the role of GOOD COP. A bait and switch stunt.

Thomas Ralph's 2011 Income -

Last Name First Name Job Title Department Annual Salary 2011 Earnings

Ralph, Thomas D. - Division Chief - Office of the Attorney General $90,000.00 $89,999.92

In 2005, Tom Ralph was an attorney for the State Of NH. He contributed to Martha Coakley's campaign for AG in 2006 and became the Chief of her Cyber Unit as an AAG by 2007 when she came into power. In 2009, he contributed Federally to Martha's war chest to run for Senate against Scott Brown, which she lost. In 2010, he contributed to Norfolk County DA Bill Keating (Bellotti & WorthingtonGate territory), yet he lives in Essex County, no where near Norfolk County. Keating used his State war chest toward his Federal bid for Congress, when Bill Delahunt announced retirement. Keating a freshman congressman was is then awarded the House of Rep. Chairmanship of the Intelligence and Homeland Security Committee. This all smells of bad stuffed tuna, and has great advantage to anyone needing spying into all communications for any Political purpose or ill-gotten gain.

State Political Contributions - Bill Keating was the Norfolk County DA who became Congressman in 2010, taking over for Bill Delahunt who was under scrutiny for his mishandling in a case that has major implications. (Amy Bishop, who slaughtered 3 or 4 Professors at the Univ. of Alabama, Huntsville in 2010-11)

12/8/2005 Ralph, Thomas - 147 Montvale Ave Woburn, MA 01801 3647 Attorney State of NH - To: Coakley, Martha $200.00

1/14/2010 Ralph, Thomas - 1483 Salem Street North Andover, MA 01845 - To; Keating, William R. $175.00

Federal Contribution for Senator;


Example trails of File Downloads that are found in my Error Reports Page from this States Criminal Cyber sleauth;

11/14/2012 - A Few excerpts from the Error Count reports page;

Error Count (I don't have files by these names) and they indicate who does.







6-9-2012 - (Cape Cod Times) Now Keating Hears Misconduct Charges (.DOC)

Keating Patron and Contributor - Former Boss of Christa Worthington's Father (A-AG-1970-1987) - former MA. Lt. Gov. and former 12 Year (1975-1987) MA AG, Francis Bellotti;

3/25/2005 bellotti, francis

120 hillside ave Quincy, MA 02170

Keating, William R. $125.00

3/21/2006 Bellotti, Francis

120 Hillside Ave. Quincy, MA 02170

Keating, William R. $125.00

3/16/2007 bellotti, Francis

120 hillside ave Quincy, MA 02170

Keating, William R. $125.00

Keating For Congress - Replacing William Delehunt


WOLLASTON,MA 02170 MINTZ, LEVIN ET AL/ATTORNEY 4/26/10 $500 Keating, William R (D)


WOLLASTON,MA 02170 MINTZ, LEVIN ET AL/ATTORNEY 10/25/10 $500 Keating, William R (D

AS OF 8/19/2012 - For the 2012 Cycle - Bellotti hasn't given anymore keep out of jail fish bait to Keating, but he now has his fish hook into Joe Kennedy, III who's running for Barney Frank's Fannie Mae seat. Joe had great training at Michael O'Keefe's Cape & Islands DA's Fusion Center, before attending finishing school at the Middlesex County DA's Office. Home of the ORIGINAL, ALL NEW Winter Hill Gang.


QUINCY,MA 02170 ARBELLA INSURANCE 6/14/12 $500 Kennedy, Joe III (D) - Joe is a worrisome candidate - He's had his 'training' in the CRIMINAL Cape & Islands and Middlesex County DA's Offices. BOTH OFFICES ARE ORGANIZED CRIME BRANCHES TO THE MAX! Middlesex County is the heart of "The Winter Hill Gang" & the roots of the "NEW WINTER HILL GANG," Nationally.

2014 - GOOD RIDDANCE TO JOE KENNEDY III - In light of the recent TREASONOUS Congressional Vote taken in Regards to Defunding the NSA from SPYING on ALL AMERICANS, it is the DUTY of EVERY CITIZEN to REMOVE and then INVESTIGATE EVERY ONE OF the 217 TRAITORS in next years Congressional Election. ROLL CALL - NSA-Defunding Vote-7-24-2013


QUINCY,MA 02170 MINTZ, LEVIN, COHEN, GLOVSKY & POPEO 3/27/12 $500 Tierney, John F (D) - This is quite a candidate to support, but appropriate from where it comes.


QUINCY,MA 02170 MINTZ, LEVIN, COHEN, GLOVSKY & POPEO 6/30/12 $250 Tierney, John F (D)


- Sander and his brother Carl (D) the Senator and Head of the Intelligence Committee on Oversight and Reform get patronage from Bellotti. The Inteligence Committee on Government Reform was set up as a result of PUBLIC CORRUPTION under the Church Commission after it was revealed what the ROGUE CIA & FBI were up to. 'MKULTRA & COINTELPRO'! This is no different than paying for NO OVERSIGHT or REFORM much like what he's done with the Senate's Judiciary Committee on Oversight & Reform by supporting Leahy & Schumer!

10-13-2011 - Gangsters Companion Lied On Family Contact Officials Say (.DOC)

10-13-2011 - Fortune Cookie Turns For Reputed Mafia Soldier - Darin Bufalino (.DOC) (Former Client of McCowen Defense Attorney, Robert George)

10-18-2011 - Grassley Questions FBI Handling Of Another Mafia Informant (.DOC)

Senator Charles Grassley - Senate Judiciary Committee on Government Reform & Oversight

Here we go again - never have Oversight or reform, and everything goes unanswered or accountable.


10-18-2011 - Grassley-Boston-Mafia-10-17-11-letter-to-FBI-Rossetti-handling (.PDF)

10-18-2011- (Boston Globe) - Pants On Fire (.DOC)

10-24-2011 - WBUR (NPR Radio) Senate Seeks Answers To FBI’s Ties To Reputed Boston Mobster

Senator Grassley Interviewed (AUDIO)


ROBERT GEORGE IS THE SAME LAWYER INVOLVED IN ALL THREE. (Robert George represented many of the alleged New England Mafia heads (Frank Salemme, James Martorano, Darin Bufalino, etc. He also, represented the Donahue family who sued the FBI & Justice Dept. over their innocent fathers murder. He started his defense career in 1986-1990, when he went to work for Defense attorney Joseph Balliro and daughter Juliane, who represented many alleged Mafia members (including, one of the Boston men framed in the 1965 murder of Teddy Deegan, besides Raymond Patriarca, the Angiulo brothers and Sal Carijuana), many whom were framed victims of the ROGUE FBI & Justice Dept. Mr. Balliro goes all the way back to the late 1950's and threads through this government debacle through present day. His daughter Juliane won a $101.7 MILLION dollar lawsuit against these ROGUE Institutions in 2007, over the framing of 4 innocent men, in which two spent 30 and 33 years in prison, while the other two died in prison. Attorney George sought out the role as Public Defender for the FRAMED garbage collector, Christopher McCowen, for the "Skewering" death of former 17 year MA Asst. Attorney General Christopher Worthington's daughter, Christa in Jan. 2002. Congress was looking into PUBLIC CORRUPTION at that time involving decades of FBI, Justice. Dept. and MA Law Enforcement CORRUPTION, so much so, that then Pres. George "W" Bush signed an "Executive Privledge" Order two weeks before this State Sponsored and carried out Assassination took place, in order to LIMIT Congresses scope of this investigation. In March 2011 they finally FRAMED Robert George and now have him all bound up in a "DRUG" money-laundering FRAME. In the meantime, two of his alleged Mafia clients that are asking for charges to be dropped against them in a pending case, caused for the FBI, MA Law Enforcement and Justice Dept. to be embroiled again, due to being factually caught being in bed again with supposedly the enemy of the people. This time with the alleged New England Mafia boss, Mark Rosetti.

Mr. George's defense Attorney Kevin Reddington has his work cut out for him. In this WorthingtonGate crime and case alone. Mr. Reddington has represented the desenting Juror (Rachel Huffman) who was arrested after being thrown off the Jury after a deadlock. He then took over for Attorney Joseph Balliro for author Peter Manso, who was "TARGETED" for siding with the defense and arrested on trumped up gun registration issues. He's now representing Whitey Bulger's girlfriend Cathy Grieg, at the same time Attorney Robert A. George, on his current "TARGETED" FRAME-UP.

Below is a remark by Louis Freeh about the state of the ROGUE FBI in 1998;

"This, Senator Grassley said, was despite FBI director Louis Freeh's appeal for more oversight to another congressional subcommittee just four months earlier, when he had stated that the FBI could be the most dangerous agency in the country if "not scrutinized carefully."

Tainting Evidence - Inside The Scandals At The FBI Crime Lab - NY Times Review - 1998

10-26-2011 - Lawyer Says His Arrest Was Payback (.DOC)

Ronald Dardinski - DEA INFORMANT

Note: This SAME Asst. US Fed. Prosecutor reappears in the Cathy Grieg case on 11-29-2011.

Political Contributions;

3/7/2006 PIROZZOLO, JACK - 219 CLARK ROAD BROOKLINE, MA 02445 AUSA MA USAO - Leone Jr, Gerard T. $500.00 (2006-2013 ) Leone was the Middlesex County DA (Winter Hill Gang). He took the reins after Martha Coakley, the current MA AG. DA-LEONE-Took a hike and dropped out of politics abruptly, and left the postion as Winter Hill's NEW MOB Boss of Middlesex County in early 2013, prior to the Bulger Trial..

10/19/2011 Pirozzolo, Jack - 219 Clark Road Brookline, MA 02445 Attorney U.S. Atty's Office - Mitchell, Jon $250.00

Laura Caplan Contirbutes to;

12/30/2009 Caplan , Laura - 327 Huntington Ave Boston, MA 02115 1199 SEIU MA PAC $52.00

"The motion and attached affidavits allege Pirozzolo had an interest in the investigation of George. One of the assistant US attorneys prosecuting George allegedly told a private lawyer earlier this year that she was “taking her orders from the front office,’’ an apparent reference to Pirozzolo, in prosecuting George, according to an affidavit filed with the motion.

The assistant US attorney, Laura Kaplan, asked to speak to a codefendant in Bunchan’s fraud case during the investigation that led to George’s arrest, filings say. Kaplan was interested because her office believed that George might have at one time hidden jewelry and diamonds for Bunchan, according to court filings.

Kaplan allegedly approached the codefendant’s lawyer, James S. Dilday, and offered to file a motion to have the codefendant’s sentence reduced if the codefendant cooperated in providing information against George, the filings say. Dilday said in an affidavit that he spoke to his client and that the codefendant said the allegations that George hid jewelry and diamonds were “ludicrous.’’

Dilday later learned, however, that his client had contacted another lawyer about speaking to prosecutors, believing she could have her sentence reduced if she told them “what they wanted to hear,’’ according to Dilday’s affidavit. It was not clear yesterday whether a meeting with prosecutors took place."

NOTE: Robert A. George was "CONVICTED" on all seven counts on 6-9-2012.

NOTE: Mr. Dilday also, represented McCowen-Worthington Trial Jurist Roshena Bohanna in the 2008 McCowen Jury Bias Hearings.

8/24/2012 James Dilday www.jamesdilday.com - "Mr. Dilday is no longer in practice and the website is no longer available. Thank you." It appears Mr. Dilday may have taken an early retirement to someplace nice, like New Siberia.

Former MBA president slapped with year-long suspension

Published: Thu, July 5, 2012

By Mass. Lawyers Weekly Staff

Though he claims he’s “at peace” with what went down, well-known Boston attorney James S. Dilday suggests that race played a role in the severe year-long suspension handed to him by the Board of Bar Overseers

S.J.C. Order of Term Suspension entered by Justice Duffly on April 13, 2012, with an

effective date of May 14, 2012.


NO. BD-2012-024

10-28-2011 - Mixed Feelings As Hub Heroes Explore Movie On Its Villain (.DOC)

11-1-2011 - Kerry Asks Congress To Pay Alleged Bulger Victims (.DOC)

11-4-2011-Whitey Bulger's Girlfriend Wants An Answer On Bail / Bail Denied (.DOC)

11-9-2011 - US Denies Retaliation In Prosecution Of Defense Lawyer (.DOC)

11-17-2011 - James 'Whitey' Bulger Girlfriend Catherine Greig Seeks To Be Freed Before Trial (.DOC)

11-20-2011 - The Long Unlikely Journey Of Cathy Greig (.DOC)

11-22-2011 - Another Bulger? Feds Probe FBI Mob Informant Use (.DOC)

This relationship with Mark Rosetti & the FBI (Like Bulger & the FBI) came to light as a result of Robert A. George. (See: 8/12/2011)


Representative Steven Lynch - South Boston (House Judiciary Committee on Government Oversight & Reform)

The Bigger question now is, Can Steven Lynch Be TRUSTED??? All's mum since his statement in Nov. 2011! He was to get some information within two months.

Patron-Former MA AG: BELLOTTI, FRANCIS X QUINCY, MA 02170 MINTZ LEVIN/ATTORNEY 3/14/08 $250 Lynch, Stephen F (D) - US House Judiciary Oversight & Reform Committee Member ???

UPDATE 7/26/2012

7-26-2012 - (My Fox Boston) Purported Mob Captain Sentenced To Prison - Mark Rossetti (.DOC)

7-26-2012 - (Boston Herald) Reputed Mob Boss Mark Rossetti Gets 7 To 9 Years In Prison (.DOC)

7-27-2012 - (Boston Globe) Mobster Rossetti Sentenced To Seven To Nine Years In Prison (.DOC)

7-27-2012 - (Boston Herald) Reputed Mob Capo Seeks 'Special Attention' After Sentence (.DOC)

Finally, it was mentioned by his own lawyer, that he is an FBI Informant/Partner

11-22-2011 - Prosecutors Whitey's Girlfriend Has Hidden Bank Account (.DOC)

11-22-2011 - Greig Has Hidden Funds Say Officials (.DOC)

11-22-2011 - FBI Indifference Prevents Gardner Art Recovery - FBI Informers - Rossetti - Gardner Art Heist (.DOC)

11-28-2011 - Feds To Seek More Charges Against Catherine Greig, Whitey Bulger's Girlfriend

Note: This SAME Asst. US Fed. Prosecutor who appeared in the Robert A. George case on 10-26-2011.

11-29-2011 - Catherine Greig's Attorney Says He May Ask For Trial In California

12-6-2011 - From The Mouths Of Criminals (.DOC) (Mark Rosetti's FBI Handler named.) (Also, See-11-4-2008- A few Agents Put FBI In Contempt)

12-6-2011 - The Second Phone call from Kevin Mulvey to NY Senator Charles Schumer's Office about all this, and the FBI's "CoIntelPro" TARGETING.

Click on Picture for Video

12-6-2011 - The last phone call to FL. Rep. Michael "Gus" Biliralkis's DC Office in regards to all this plus other ROGUE operations they are now investigating.

Click on Picture for Video

12-10-2011 - U.S. Sale of Legal Firearms Destined for Cartels Overshadows Fast & Furious (.DOC)

12-13-2011- Charleston Conservative Examiner - Ron Paul Calls For Criminal Charges Against Eric Holder (.DOC)

12-14-2011 - Grassley Questions FBI Director At Oversight Hearing (.DOC)

12-14-2011 - Grassley-FBI-12-14-11-Mueller-Oversight-Hearing-attachments-to-statement-2 (.PDF)

12-16-2011 - American Free Press - Attorney General Eric Holder Tied To OKC Bombers (.DOC)

“Docments obtained by Salt Lake City attorney Jesse Trentadue in a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit show then Clinton Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder authorized members of the FBI to provide explosives to Oklahoma City bombing criminals Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols immediately prior to the April, 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah building.

Holder had authorized the FBI to provide the explosives to McVeigh and Nichols in conjunction with a Clinton Administration undercover operation named PATCON, an acronym for “Patriot Conspiracy.” As Jesse Trentadue describes it, “PATCON was designed to infiltrate and incite… militia[s] and evangelical Christians to violence so that the Department of Justice could crush them.”

Both Waco and Ruby Ridge are now known to have been PATCON inspired, Department of Justice plots. Shortly after the Oklahoma City bombing, Holder instructed FBI agents to recover from Terry Nichols any remainder of the explosives the Bureau had provided him and McVeigh…”

1995 - Eric Holder hires Robert S. Mueller under Clinton (.DOC)

My letter to Eric Holder, not knowing he is buds with these Criminals; Two "Parties"?

Page #1

Page #2

Page #3

12-16-2011 - WMUR - Bulger To Sick To Face Trial?

12-28-2011 - James "Whitey" Bulger Was Examined At A Boston Hospital - Returned To Jail In Plymouth (.DOC)

1-2-2012 - Breaking Silence, Flemmi Son Says Gangster's Kin Also Victims (.DOC)

1-6-2012 - Plea Deal In Case Connected To Prominent Boston Lawyer - Robert George / Michael F. Hansen (.DOC)

Note: See 7-16-2012 for Final judgement.

Note: Robert George's Trial is due to begin May 29th 2012 at the Boston Federal Court House

Note: See June 8th 2012 for Robert George trial outcome. GUILTY on all seven Counts!

1-9-2012 - Bulger Lawyers Due In Court For Update On Evidence (.DOC)

1-11-2012 - Prosecutors: James 'Whitey' Bulger Is Trying To Avoid Trial; Defense Says They Need Time To Prepare (.DOC)

1-23-2012 - Whitey Bulger FBI Ruling - Decision That Faults Bureau Is Upheld In Bulger Case (.DOC)

2-7-2012 - Informants Cutting Deals To Continue Lives Of Crime - Ronald Dardinski - The CI that FRAMED "WorthingtonGate" Boston Lawyer, Bob George (.DOC)

2-11-2012 - Whitey Bulger's Ties To The South Shore (.DOC)

2-13-2012 - Bulger Lawyers Due In Court To Update Judge (.DOC)

2-13-2012 - Whitey Bulger's Attorney Says He Needs Another Year To Review Evidence (.DOC)

2-13-2012 - Federal Magistrate Sets Nov. 5th Trial Date For James Whitey Bulger (.DOC) (The Day before Election Day)

3-9-2012 - James "Whitey" Bulger's Girlfriend, Ponders Guilty Plea (.DOC)

3-12-2012 - James "Whitey" Bulger's Girlfriend Catherine Greig Agrees To Plead Guilty (.DOC)

3-13-2012 - Bitter Over Catherine Greig's Sweet Deal (.DOC)

3-13-2012 - Prosecutors: James 'Whitey' Bulger May Have Penned Memoirs: One Was Titled 'My Life In The Irish Mafia Wars' (.DOC)

3-13-2012 - Bulger Status Report (.PDF)

3-14-2012 - Catherine Greig, James 'Whitey' Bulger's Girlfriend Pleads Guilty (.DOC)

3-15-2012 - Cathy Greig - Plea Deal - Research (.DOC)

3-15-2012 - THE 'PLAYBILL' FOR THE UPCOMING UNCLE SCAM TRIAL Of 'WorthingtonGate' High Profile Lawyer, ROBERT A. GEORGE on his CoIntelPro - "TARGETED" Drug Money Laundering Charges (.DOC)

3-16-2012 - Lawyer Loses Bid To Escape Charges (.DOC) (Chris McCowen's - Christa Worthington's Patsy) "Targeted" Defense Attorney)

3-19-2012 - Officials Try To Freeze Assets Of Mobster's Friend - Boston Globe (.DOC)

3-19-2012 - Feds Try To Seize Catherine Greig Bank Assets - Boston Herald - AP (.DOC)

3-20-2012 - Judge Won't Budge On Bulger Trial - BostonHerald - (.DOC)

3-22-2012 - Feds On The Hunt For Catherine Greig's Cash, Other Assets - Boston Herald (.DOC)

3-22-2012 - Judge Freezes 'Whitey' Moll Greig's Assets - Boston Herald - (.DOC)

4-3-2012 - Catherine Greig's Sister Asks Court To Protect Her Home From Any Fines In Bulger Case - (.DOC)

4-14-2012 - Boston Mobsters Lawyers To Discuss Evidence (.DOC)

4-18-2012 - Lawyers In James 'Whitey' Bulger Case Say Trial Preparations Remain On Track (.DOC)

4-24-2012 - Mobster Darin Bufalino Sentenced To Seven Years In Suffolk Superior Court (.DOC) (A Former Robert George client)

5-7-2012 - (Boston Herald) Former top statie: FBI racket ran deep (.DOC)

5-8-2012 - New England Mafia A Shell Of Former Self (.DOC)

5-11-2012- (My Fox Boston) - Lynch Says FBI Erred In Informant Case (.DOC)

5-14-2012 - Court Won't Hear Appeals From Bulger Victim Family (.DOC)

5-19-2012 - Bookie Wins Another Sentencing Delay Starting Sentence - (Bob George's Client - Rossetti Case) (.DOC)

5-22-2012 - Federal Judge Refuses To Release Lien On House Of Catherine Greig's Sister (.DOC)

5-29-2012 - James 'Whitey' Bulger Attorney To Seek Delay In Federal Trial (.DOC)

5-29-2012 - Boston Globe - Prominent Defense Lawyer Faces US Charges (.DOC) (The CoIntelPro "Targeted" Boston Defense Attorney Robert George's Trial kicks off - He represented The "Patsy-Chris McCowen" in the Christa Worthington "Skewering" case (which our nephew Shawn Mulvey, the fraud alibi witness, was used as a government sponsored "foot soldier" to do "The Job"), and EXPOSED just what levels of Public Service PSYCHOPATHIC manimals, we as a nation have running the country into the ground with the DRUG & ARMS Dealing show.

Note: The Governments other "Target" in order to get at Robert George (Michael Hansen was to be sentenced 4-10-2012), still hasn't been sentenced and has been postponed to July, in order to dangle the carrot. In related cases his client Adam Hart of Cape Cod (Gambling Ring) in which the ROGUE Barnstable County DA Michael O'Keefe (the RepubliCON DA. Michael O'Keefe, who drove the getaway car in WorthingtonGate for the DemoncRATS) who himself is still under a Worcester County Grand Jury Investigation for the past two years, still hasn't been resolved. Adam Hart and others sentencing's have been put on hold, back in the Fall. Still no Grand Jury Report about holding DA O'Keefe accountable for tipping off Mr. George's client Adam Hart about the Investigation.

5-29-2012 - Boston Herald - Trial To Begin For Boston Lawyer Accused In Money Scheme (.DOC)

See: 'Playbill' (3-15-2012) Transparency For Sure! Responsibility and Accountability? - Change we can count on? Don't take any wooden nickles.

5-30-2012 - (Cape Cod Today) - Trial For Attorney Who Represented Christopher McCowen Begins This Week (.DOC)

5-30-2012 - (Boston Globe) Records Say Gangster James "Whitey" Bulger Gave Information To Authorities As Early As 1950s (.DOC)

5-30-2012 - (Boston Globe) Prominent Defense Attorney Rober A . George Goes On Trial In Federal Court (.DOC) (DAY #1) - This article was buried locally!

5-30-2012 - (Cape Cod Times) Attorney Faces Money Laundering Charges (.DOC)

5-31-2012 - (Boston Herald) Tale Of Tape Kicks Off Lawyer's Trial (.DOC) (DAY #1)

5-31-2012 - (My Fox Boston) High Profile Defense Attorney On Trial Highlights Use Of Government Informants (.DOC)

5-31-2012 - (My Fox Boston) High Profile Defense Attorney Heard Talking About Cash Scheme In Money Laundering Case (.DOC)

6-1-2012 - (Boston Herald) Defender's Defense Causes Fed's Star Witness To Fumble (.DOC)

6-1-2012 - (The Boston Globe or aka The Barnicle Times?) Key Witness Made Threats Lawyer Alleges (.DOC) A Partial NEWS Blackout, besides buried - This Article became a PAID FOR SUBSCRIPTION!

6-1-2012 - (The Boston Globe) Key Witness Made Threats Lawyer Alleges (.DOC) The article was re-issued on The Boston Globe 10 hours later in its entirety, yet still deeply buried!

6-1-2012 - (My Fox Boston) Government Informant Targeted Attorney For Revenge - Lawyers (.DOC)


6-2-2012 - (Boston Herald) Accused Mobster Won't Hear Mafia (.DOC) (The FBI/MSP - Mark Rosetti SCANDAL) Justice? Law Enforcement?

6-4-2012 - (Boston Herald) Mark Rossetti Jury Selection May Begin Today (.DOC)

6-4-2012 - (My Fox Boston) Criminal Case Against Bob George Resumes (.DOC)

6-4-2012 - (Boston Globe) Video Evidence Against Defense Attorney (.DOC) - PARTIAL ONLY - Pay for reading!

6-6-2012 - (Boston Herald) Prosecutor: Tale Is In The Tapes In Reputed Mob Boss Trial - FBI Informant-Rossetti Trial (.DOC)

6-7-2012- (Boston Herald) Ex-Mob Boss Howie Winter Arrested (.DOC)

6-7-2012 - (Boston Globe) Howie Winter, 83, And Ex-Head Of Winter Hill Gang Arrested For Alleged Organized Criminal Activity (.DOC)

6-7-2012 - (Boston Herald) Feds "Whitey's" Gal Needs More Than 15 Years In Jail (.DOC)

6-7-2012 - (Boston Herald) Fed Don't Want Greig To Profit From Story (.DOC)

6-7-2012 - (Boston Globe) Plea Deal May Force Catherine Greig To Forfeit Intellectual Property Rights (.DOC)

6-8-2012 - (WBUR) Motives Of Governments Key Witness Against Robert George Questioned (.DOC)

6-8-2012 - (Boston Globe) Attorney Robert A. George Found Guilty In Money Laundering Case (.DOC)

6-8-2012 - (Boston Herald) Jury Convicts Robert George In Money Laundering Case (.DOC)

6-8-2012 - (CBS-Boston) Well-Known Attorney Convicted In Drug Money Laundering Scheme (.DOC)

6-9-2012 - (Cape Cod Times) Robert A George Convicted Of Money Laundering (.DOC)

6-12-2012- (Blogspot) For The Defense In Massachusetts (.DOC)

6-11-2012 - (Mass Lawyers Weekly) Probation Department An Ally To Catherine Greig At Sentencing (.DOC)

6-12-2012 - (AP) Catherine Greig, 'Whitey' Bulger's Girlfriend Gets 8 Years For Hiding Mobster (.DOC)

6-12-2012 - (CNN) Girlfriend Gets 8 Years For Hiding 'Whitey' Bulger (.DOC)

6-13-2012 - (Boston Globe) Twin Sister Told Judge: Bulger Girlfriend Catherine Greig 'Never Possessed An Evil Bone In Her Body' (.DOC) Grieg Appeals Conviction

6-13-2012- (Huffington Post) Catherine Greig, 'Whitey' Bulger's Girlfriend, Files Appeal Notice For Eight-Year Sentence (.DOC)

6-13-2012 - Phone Conversations Played In Court During Trial Of Mark Rossetti (.DOC)

6-13-2012 - (My Fox Boston) Purported Mob Captains Trial Heads To The Jury, No Mention Of Informant Status (.DOC)

6-14-2012 - (Boston Globe) Betting Ring Leaders Aid Cape Cod Inquiry (.DOC)

(Now convicted Defense Attorney Robert A. George who was Mr. Adam Hart & Mr. Timothy Reardon's attorney wait for their deal. DA Michael O'Keefe who has Whitey Bulger's lawyer, has been given a free pass it was learned on the second day of George's trial. The Chief of Public Corruption is Fred Wyshak.) "I was informed on June 1 by the chief of the public corruption unit of the US attorney’s office that no federal charges whatsoever will be brought against my client (O'Keefe),” ¬ Carney said.

and the Kings of the ROGUE Asst. US Federal Prosecutors of the year award go to, Fred Wyshak & Brian Kelly, for The Best Supporting PlAYERS in the PUBLIC CORRUPTION catagory. Runners up were (AUSA's) Laura Kaplan, and Zachary R. Hafer (whom Prosecuted Robert George), and number 2 in command (DEA-COO-Thomas Harrigan) at the DEA. Wyshak & Kaplan worked together taking down the Old Mob (their competition), in Newark, in the 1990's.

Fred Wyshak Contributes to;

6/8/2005 Wyshak, Fred - 350 Davis St. Northboro, MA 01532 Attorney - DOJ - Leone Jr, Gerard T. $250.00 (2006-2013) Leone was the Middlesex County DA (Winter Hill Gang). He took the reins after Martha Coakley, the current MA AG. He abruptly quit prior to the Bulger trial.

3/9/2010 Wyshak, Fred - 350 Davis St. Northboro, MA 01532 - Foley, Thomas J. $100.00

Laura Caplan Contirbutes to;

12/30/2009 Caplan , Laura - 327 Huntington Ave Boston, MA 02115 1199 SEIU MA PAC $52.00

Carmen Ortiz Contributes to;

8/31/2002 Ortiz, Carmen - 20 Herrick Drive Milton, MA 02186 Information Requested - Information Requested - Reilly, Thomas F. $150.00

12/31/2004 Ortiz, Carmen - 20 Herrick Drive Milton, MA 02186 Attorney - Department of Justice - Reilly, Thomas F. $150.00

11/30/2005 Ortiz, Carmen - 20 Herrick Drive Milton, MA 02186 Attorney - Department of Justice - Reilly, Thomas F. $250.00

4/14/2006 ORTIZ, CARMEN - 20 HERRICK DRIVE MILTON, MA 02186 - Leone Jr, Gerard T. $150.00 (2006-2013 ) Leone is the Middlesex County DA (Winter Hill Gang). He took the reins after Martha Coakley, the current MA AG. He abruptly quit prior to the Bulger trial.

8/31/2006 Ortiz, Carmen - 20 Herrick Drive Milton, MA 02186 Attorney - Department of Justice - Reilly, Thomas F. $250.00

12/30/2009 Ortiz, Carmen - 91 Ames St Dorchester, MA 02124 - 1199 SEIU MA PAC $52.00

6-14-2012- (Cape Cod Today) Illegal Sports Betting Bosses Face Sentencing Prosecutors Request Leniency (.DOC)

6-15-2012 - (My Fox Boston) Mistrial Declared In Reputed Mob Captains Trial (Mark Rossetti Case) (.DOC)

(FBI INFORMANT MARK ROSETTI-MISTRIAL) No mention of his FBI Status or the mention of Mafia associated, allowed during his trial.

(Note: See 7-19-2012 For Retrial Outcome)

6-15-2012 - (Boston Herald) Feds: Whitey Kept His Hands Clean In California (.DOC)

6-15-2012 - (Huffington Post) Whitey Bulger Documents Shed Light On His Fugitive Life (.DOC)

6-18-2012 - (Boston Globe) Former FBI Agent John Connolly Jr., Convicted Of Aiding Whitey Bulger, Hopes To Be Exonerated, Daily Beast Says (.DOC)

6-18-2012 - (Daily Beast/Newsweek) Exclusive: Whitey's Man In The FBI Speaks Out (.DOC)

6-18-2012 - (Boston Herald) Disgraced FBI Agent: Whitey Bulger Can Clear My Name (.DOC)

6-21-2012 - Bulger's Lawyer Seeks To Delay Trial 1 Year (.DOC)

6-22-2012 - (Boston Globe) Flemmi Eager To Testify, Son Says (.DOC)

6-25-2012 - (Boston Globe) Judge to hear request to delay mobster's trial (.DOC)

6-25-2012 - James 'Whitey' Bulger Recusal for Dismissal of Indictment 6-25-2012 (.PDF)

6-25-2012 - (Boston Globe) A License To Kill? Notorious Gangster James 'Whitey' Bulger Argues He Has Immunity Granted By Government (.DOC)

6-26-2012 - (Boston Globe) US Attorney Comments On Bulger Request For Immunity; Says Flemmi Tried Same Tactic, Lost (.DOC)

6-27-2012 - (Boston Herald) Rep Who Probed FBI Saw No Whitey Bulger Immunity Deal (.DOC)

6-27-2012 - (Boston Herald) Lawyer Has Catherine Greig Sister In His Sights (.DOC)

7-6-2012 - (Boston Globe) Defense Attorney's Argue That Evidence Should Be Unsealed In Bulger Case (.DOC)

7-16-2012- (USDOJ - Boston) Former Mortgage Brokerage Firm Owner Sentenced For Failure To File Tax Form - Michael F. Hansen (.DOC)

This was just passed on by All Media, except one very local paper below! The (CW) they set-up and then used as a Cooperating Witness against Defense Attorny Robert A. George, catches a break!

7-17-2012- (The Dover Patch) Dover Man Sentenced To Federal Prison For Failure To File Tax Form - Michael F. Hansen (.DOC)

7-19-2012 - (My Fox Boston) Guilty Verdict For Alleged Mob Captain And FBI Informant - (MarkRossetti) (.DOC)

Again, No mention of being an FBI Informant and Mafia ties weren't allowed into the trial.

7-21-2012 - (Boston Globe / AP) Sentencing For Convicted Mass Reputed Mob Figure - (Mark Rosetti) (.DOC)

7-26-2012 - (My Fox Boston) Purported Mob Captain Sentenced To Prison - Mark Rossetti (.DOC)

7-26-2012 - (Boston Herald) Reputed Mob Boss Mark Rossetti Gets 7 To 9 Years In Prison (.DOC)

7-27-2012 - (Boston Globe) Mobster Rossetti Sentenced To Seven To Nine Years In Prison (.DOC)

7-27-2012 - (Boston Herald) Reputed Mob Capo Seeks 'Special Attention' After Sentence (.DOC)

Finally, it was mentioned by his own lawyer, that he is an FBI Informant/Partner

8-6-2012 - (Boston Herald) Attorney: Whitey Bulger To Testify At His Trial (.DOC)

8-6-2012 - (My Fox Boston) Whitey Bulger's Lawyer Says Mobster Will Testify During Trial (.DOC)

8-6-2012 - (AP/ Washington Post) Lawyer: Former Boston Mobster Whitey Bulger Will Testify At His Trial On Claim He Had Immunity (.DOC)

8-6-2012 - (Boston Globe) Mark Rossetti FBI Link Under Scrutiny (.DOC)

8-7-2012 - (Boston Globe) Bulger Plans To Take The Stand (.DOC)

8-7-2012 - (Boston Herald) Lawyer: Nothing 'Off-Limits' For Whitey Bulger (.DOC)

8-7-2012 - (Boston Herald) Whitey Bulger Defense: Lies, Lies & Lies! (.DOC)

8-8-2012 - (Boston Herald) Whitey Set To 'Steal The Show' Once More (.DOC)

"Richard G. Stearns’s prosecutorial career in Boston and friendship with FBI director Robert Mueller raise a legitimate question about whether he can be an impartial judge in James “Whitey” Bulger’s trial."

8-21-2012 - (Boston Globe) Mourners Remember Whitey Bulger's Former Girlfriend Teresa Stanley As A Woman Who Put Family First (.DOC)

Teresa Stanley on witness stand at John Connelly's 2008 Miami Murder Trial

8-28-2012 - (Patriot Ledger) Lynch Congress Need To Bring The FBI In Line (.DOC)

9-7-2012 - (Boston Herald) Judge Tells Whitey's Lawyers: Stop Whining (.DOC)

9-7-2012 - (WBUR) Bulger Lawyer Says Prosecutors Are Hampering Defense (.DOC)

9-8-2012 - (Boston Herald) Whitey Bulger's Attorney's Squawk Over Papers (.DOC)

9-13-2012 - (BostonGlobe) Judge Opens Window For Family's Suit Against FBI Over Whitey Bulger Misdeeds (.DOC)

9-17-2012 - (Boston Herald) Greig Finds Buyer For Quincy Home (.DOC)

9-24-2012 - (Boston Globe) Whitey Bulger's Girlfriend Pays $150k Fine (.DOC)

9-27-2012 - (Boston Globe) Howie Winter, Former Head Of Notorious Winter Hill Gang, Indicted By Grand Jury On Extortion Charges (.DOC)

10-5-2012 - (Boston Globe) Judge Declines To Push Back Trial Date For James "Whitey" Bulger (.DOC)

10-6-2012 - (Boston Herald) Bulger Lawyer Gets Testy In Push To Unseal Evidence (.DOC)

10-7-2012 - (Boston Herald) Whitey Lets Nature Do His Dirty Work (.DOC)

10-16-2012 - (Boston Globe) Weld To Return To Boston As A Partner At Mintz-Levin (.DOC) (Former 1970-s-80's MA AG Francis Bellotti is a Partner, too.)

(R) Weld's few contributions to DemoncRAT's went to MY Former Treasonous Manhattan (D) Representative Carolyn B. Maloney, which is on the House Judiciary Commttee, that should have Investigated and PROSECUTED this CRIMINAL! Carolyn Maloney's staff reported back to me, "We're sorry there's nothing she can do." SHE SUPPORTS A FEDERAL GESTAPO ("CoIntelPro"), DRUGS & ARMS DEALING, MONEY LAUNDERING and WOMEN BEING SKEWERED TO THEIR FLOORS, and she's JEWISH, like my former NY Sen. Charles Schumer and his legal counsel, Maxine Green - "Get ah lawya"! I imagine in their own minds, these self-appointed elitists (COMMON PSYCHOPATHS), think of us all as some kind of common barnyard Goyum not worthy of a Birthday Party, like given to Bill Clinton at deRothchilds, Martha's Vinyard, Barn HO Down.


WELD, WILLIAM F - NEW YORK,NY 10065 MCDERMOTT, WILL & EMERY/ATTORNEY 12/29/11 $1,000 Maloney, Carolyn B (D)

William F.Weld BIO

10-16-2012- (Boston Globe) U.S. District Court Chief Judge Mark Wolf Steps Aside; Will Assume Senior Judge Status (.DOC)

10-16-2012 - (Boston Herald) Chief Judge Wolf To Step Down And Become Senior Judge On Fed Court (.DOC)

10-19-2012 - (Boston Globe) Chief Judge Mark Wolf Gracefully Passes The Baton (.DOC)

10-21-2012 - (Boston Globe/AP) Mass. Mobster's Lawyers Due In Court On Trial Prep (.DOC)

10-22-2012 - (BostonHerald) Feds: Ex-U.S. Attorney Didn't Give Whitey Immunity (.DOC)

10-22-2012 - (Boston Herald) Lawyer Again Wants Delay In Bulger Trial (.DOC)

10-25-2012 - Boston Globe Defense Lawyers Name Jeremiah O'Sullivan As Federal Agent Who Granted James 'Whitey' Bulger Immunity To Commit Crimes (.DOC)

10-25-2012 - (Boston Herald) Bulger's Defense Team Claims Former U.S. Attorney Granted Immunity (.DOC)

10-26-2012 - (Boston Globe) James 'Whitey' Bulger's Attorney Says Defense Is Hampered By A Judge Who Lets Federal Prosecutors Ignore Rules (.DOC)

10-26-2012 - Robert George Motion On Sentence - (.PDF) (Specific Fact Findings during trial)

10-28-2012- Bulger Judge Refuses To Recuse (.PDF)

Judge Richard Gaylore Stearns BIO (.DOC)

10-29-2012 - (Boston Herald) Bulger Judge Stays (.DOC)

10-29-2012 - (Boston Herald) Convicted Lawyer Makes Case For Lenient Sentence (.DOC)

"TRUST" the Gorton's fisherman?

The Massachusetts Witches and Wickins HALLOWEEN Skewering of a Wicked One. Defending a lowly black trash man, who had sex with the Covens Scarlet Letter Harlot, is a no no. Yet, another part to these never ending fish tales. He's now going to miss out on three and a half years of Gorton's stuffed Tunafish fry's. Another Fish-? processing family? Hmm. :)

10-31-2012 - (Boston Herald) Defense Attorney Bob George Gets 42 Months In Money Laundering Case (.DOC)

10-31-2012 - (Boston Globe) Prominent Attorney Robert George Gets 3 & 1/2 Years In Prison For Money Laundering Conviction (.DOC)

10-31-2012 - (USDOJ-Boston) Boston Attorney Sentenced For Money Laundering Conspiracy (.DOC)

11-1-2012 - (Cape Cod Times) Attorney Sentenced In Money-Laundering Case (.DOC)

11-5-2012 - (Boston Herald) Whitey Defense Probes Fed Connection (.DOC)

11-5-2012 - (Boston Herald) Whitey Bulger, 83, Admitted To Hospital (.DOC)

11-5-2012 - (Boston Globe) Whitey Bulger Taken To Boston Hospital Suffering From Chest Pains (.DOC)

11-5-2012 - (Boston Globe) Federal Officials Keeping Quiet On Status Of James 'Whitey' Bulger Hospitalization (.DOC)

11-6-2012 - (Boston Herald) Whitey Bulger's Health Could Push Back Trial Start Date (.DOC)

11-7-2012 - (Boston Globe) Marshals: Mass. Mobster Out Of Hospital, In Jail (.DOC)

11-9-2012 - (Boston Herald) Ex-Bulger Thugs Book Fair Gig Irks Fed Prosecutors (.DOC)

11-9-2012 - (Boston Globe) James 'Whitey' Bulger Gets New Trial Date From Judge - June 6 (.DOC)

11-9-2012 - (US-DOJ) Memorandom and Order On Defendant's Motion To Continue Trial (.PDF)

11-9-2012 - (Boston Herald) Murder Trial Of Whitey Bulger Bumped To June (.DOC)

11-11-2012 - (Boston Herald) Another Death Stirs Up 'Whitey' Bulger Memories (.DOC)

11-14-2012 - (Boston Herald) Bulger Moll Catherine Greig Appeals Eight-Year Sentence (.DOC)

11-14-2012 - (Boston Globe) Catherine Greig Wants Sentence Reduction Hearing (.DOC)

11-19-2012 - (Boston Herald) Feds Want Bulger's Defense Game Plan (.DOC)

11-20-2012 - (Boston Globe) The Truth Never Dies (.DOC)

11-27-2012 - (Boston Globe) The Long Reach Of Injustice (.DOC)

12-4-2012 - (Boston Globe) Longtime Mob Figure (Howie Winter) Faces Extortion Charges (.DOC)

12-6-2012 - (Boston Herald) Bill Weld: All Has Been Forgiven (.DOC)

12-8-2012 - (Boston Herald) Feds Told To Release Whitey Bulger Immunity Files (.DOC)

12-10-2012 - (Boston Herald) William Weld Unable To Rule Out Whitey Immunity Claim (.DOC)

12-20-2012 - (Boston Herald) A Special Look At Whitey's Crimes - Impact Statement - Book Deal (.DOC)

1-2-2013 - (Boston Herald) Whitey Bulger Pushing For Delay On Proving Immunity Deal (.DOC)

1-2-2013 - (Boston Globe) James Whitey Bulger's Lawyer Gets Brief Extension To File Paperwork On Informant Defense (.DOC)

1-7-2013 - (Boston Globe) Convicted Marijuana Dealer Loses Appeal Claimed FBI Lied In His 1980's Case To Protect Whitey Bulger (.DOC)

1-8-2013 - (Boston Globe) Judging The Judge In The Whitey Bulger Case (.DOC)

1-8-2013 - (Boston Herald) Lawyer Asks Fed Panel To Force Recusal Of Whitey Bulger Judge (.DOC)

1-8-2013 - (Boston Globe) Appeals Court Considers Public View On Whether Whitey Bulger Will Get A Fair Trial (.DOC)



Truth Alliance - The Informants - Secret FBI Network That Entraps Americans (.DOC)

9-27-2010 - FBI Agents Cheated On Computerized Exam (.DOC)

3-1-2012 - New Clues In Provincetown's Woman In The Dunes Case Point To Bulger Connection (.DOC)


2012 - Marino v. Dep’t of Justice

Updated Periodically

EXTRA: Robert DeLuca is going to be a witness in the Whitey Bulger Trial (.WMV)

American Journalism Review - "SETTING UP MOBSTERS IN THE PRESS" Dec-1999 (.DOC)

NEW BOOK; "MOST WANTED" by MSP Col. (2001-2004) Tom Foley 5-9-2012

(The Col. was the head of the MSP at the time of this Government sponsored Slaughter. He retired the year before they reeled in "The Patsy." He now resides in CLEARWATER, FL. - The winter home of the New Winter Hill Gang or "The New Mob".) Col. Mark Delaney (with roots in Middlesex County, 'Winter Hill law ENFORCEMENT') (appointed by Gov. Mitt Romney) after having been the head of the shoddy State Police Run Crime Lab from 2003 (also, appointed by then Gov. Mitt Romney) became the Col. six months before this FRAUD Trial, in 2006. There never was an Internal Affairs Investigation after the fully exposed display of OBVIOUS CORRUPTION during this trial, and the Lead Trooper, Chris Mason was elevated to Sgt. He's now ranked Capt. and head of the DRUG Crime Task Force under retiring Col. Marion McGovern. (Head of the Drug Crime Task Force for this TROLL would be equivilant to making old black Joe Kennedy, the BATF&E Director, during prohibition.) :) SERVING AND PROTECTING THEIR OWN CORRUPTED AMORAL SELVES, ONLY.

This is the State of the FBI Crime Lab - Same Ole' Same Ole'. ALL Self-Serving for JUST-US!

In this review (R) Iowa Sen. Grassley, and former Rep. D-Fla. Robert Wexler lambaste the FBI. Wexler even goes on to suggest the IG (OUR SAME IG FOURTEEN YEARS LATER, Glenn A. Fine) didn't draw logical conclusions from their own findings and mentioned it to be tatamount to lying.

Tainting Evidence - Inside The Scandals At The FBI Crime Lab - NY Times Review - 1998

The DEBACLE of the State of the Mass. Crime Lab & Medical Examiners Office, under Gov. Mitt Romney during WORTHINGTON-GATE - 2002-2007!

Change under Gov. Deval Patrick? - Some things never change with these self-serving parasitic "Parties." THEY'RE PARTNERS IN CRIME!

8-30-2012 - (Boston Globe) Chemist At State Drug Lab Probed (.DOC)

8-31-2012 - (Boston Globe) Shutdown Of Mass Lab Could Jeopardize Drug Cases (.DOC)

9-1-2012 - (Boston Globe) 2 Suspended After Improper Mass Crime Lab Tests (.DOC)

9-12-2012 - (Boston Globe) Gov. Patrick District Attorney's Discuss State Drug Lab Crisis (.DOC)

9-13-2012 - (BostonGlobe) Two Officials Out At Troubled State Lab Amid Unfolding Drug Sample Scandal (.DOC)

9-17-2012 - (Boston Globe) Public Health Chief Auerbach Resigns Over Crime Lab Scandal (.DOC)

9-19-2012 - (Boston Globe) Convicted Drug Dealer To Be Released As State Drug Lab Scandal Fallout Continues (.DOC)

9-24-2012 - (Boston Globe) Review Finds 1,140 People May Be In State Prison Or Jail Because Of Tainted Drug Evidence (.DOC)

9-24-2012 - (Boston Globe) Dad Defends Chemist At Center Of Mass Lab Scandal (.DOC)

9-25-2012 - (Boston Globe) Chemist At Center Of State Lab Scandal Apparently Lied On Resume (.DOC)

Dookhan Resume (.PDF)

9-26-2012 - (Boston Globe) Chemist In Lab Scandal Told Investigators I Messed Up Bad (.DOC)

Police Report (.PDF) MSP Det. Lt. Robert Irwin

9-28-2012 - (Boston Globe) Special Courts To Hear Load Of Cases In Drug Lab Scandal (.DOC)

9-28-2012 - (Boston Globe) Bail Set At 10k After Arraignment Of Annie Dookhan Chemist In State Drug Lab Scandal (.DOC)

9-29-2012 - (Boston Globe) How Chemist In Drug Lab Scandal Circumvented Safeguards (.DOC)

10-5-2012 - (Boston Globe) DA Conley Says 300 To 500 People Could Be Freed Because Of State Drug Lab Scandal (.DOC)

10-5-2012 - (Boston Globe) On Liberty Scandal Is A Critical Chance To Fix The System (.DOC)

10-11-2012 - Top Judge: (BostonGlobe) Mass Crime Lab Scandal Could Have Substantial Impact On Cases In Federal Court In Boston (.DOC)

10-12-2012 - (Boston Globe) Review Finds Hundreds More Cases Are Affected By State Drug Lab Scandal (.DOC)

10-13-2012- (BostonGlobe) For Mass. Lab Chemist An Unlikely Road To Scandal (.DOC)

10-17-2012- (Boston Globe) Norfolk Prosecutor With Ties To Dookhan Resigns (.DOC)

10-24-2012 - (Boston Herald) - AG Asked To Step Down From Drug Lab Probe (.DOC)

10-31-2012 - (Boston Herald) AG: Independent Investigator Should Probe Drug Lab Scandal (.DOC)


4-24-2012 - Boston Police Investigate After Drug Evidence Is Found Missing From Secure Storage (.DOC)

New York Post - 1-20-2012 - Mob Cops Eye 'Gotti' Appeal (.DOC)

New Book - "Mary's Mosaic: The CIA Conspiracy to Murder John F. Kennedy, Mary Pinchot Meyer, and Their Vision for World Peace"

A new book that relates to this 50 plus year saga of Public Corruption, betrayal, tyranny and treason.

10-2-2012 - (Huffington Post) Mexico Drug Violence: CIA Attack Likely Work Of Cartels (.DOC)

IT IS OUR BELIEF, THAT THE ANSWER IS IN THIS NY MAGAZINE ARTICLE FROM JAN. 28th 2002 ... Her Own Law "ENFORCER" Daddy and his MANY MANY FRIENDS, in CORRUPTED Uncivilized service, who are hiding the fact that our Government BECAME the "NEW MOB" after taking down their Competition "The Mafia" in ALL the Rackets. Non-Partisan CORRUPT "OFFICIALS and Institutions" with NO OVERSIGHT, nor CHECKS & BALANCES. Bulger USA being orchestrated by multiple Administrations housed at "The Whitey House" at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Director Mueller is the Domestic "Capo" for the Changing TWO-PARTY "Dons" under one "GOD?" and indivisable, which WILL CHANGE , but ONLY "BY THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE."



Shawn Mulvey - FBI "Protected Assassin"




Exorcism Magazine Launched In Poland 9-11-2012

JJeremy Frazier - MA State Police "Protected  Assassin"

God Bless "ONLY" The Honest and Decent People that have integrity in America, the "Truth"and true battle has just begun.


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