Letter to Mass. Attorney General Martha Coakley Mailed 12-11-2007

Kevin Michael Mulvey
2464 Australia Way E., #52
Clearwater, FL. 33763-3823
(727) 239-8694

December 7, 2007

Atttention.: Attorney General Martha Coakley
Office of the Attorney General
One Ashburton Place
Boston, MA 02108

Re: Massachusetts Vs. McCowen - Barnstable County Superior Court Oct. 16th - Nov. 16th 2006

Dear Ms. Coakley,

The purpose of this letter is to share with you the details of issues that have bothered me for several years. I am the uncle of Shawn R. Mulvey a key witness for the prosecution in the above referenced case.

I watched the McCowen trial with great interest, as my nephew was an alibi witness for Jeremy Frazier who was identified by Mr. McCowen as possibly being Ms. Worthington's murderer. On May 13, 2005 my nephew Shawn denied (via phone interview) to law enforcement that he even knew Jeremy Frazier. However, following a visit by the Massachusetts State Police (MSP) to Florida on July 1, 2005, Shawn recanted his knowledge of Frazier and provided him with an alibi for the night of the Worthington murder (January 4th-5th 2002). Through court testimony I learned that the District Attorney had proffered to the Grand Jury on June 14, 2005 that Frazier had a credible alibi witness in Shawn Mulvey for the night of the murder. The proffer of an alibi witness by the District Attorney was a full two weeks before the MSP further "interviewed" Mulvey.

With some ambivalence I must pass along some additional details. In late 2002 while I was staying at my home in Clearwater, Florida, my nephew stopped to visit me and stated, "I did the worst, worst, worst thing you could ever do to anyone or anything - I did it." Knowing of my nephews' unsavory lifestyle and history of violent and aggressive behavior, I did not inquire about what he was referring to, as I did not want to know the details of his possible criminal acts. I only learned of the Worthington murder after my brother had informed of an arrest in this case on April 14th 2005 that was close to his home and stated Chris McCowen was a friend of Shawn's and had been over to his home on several occasions. I then saw it on the national TV news and read the back reports online.

Five days before the start of the Worthington trial my nephew again visited with me and in the course of conversation stated "you know what happened up there that night don't you." Again, not wanting any involvement with this matter, I simply stated, "yes". He then asked me how he would make out in court and I stated, "you'll be fine". I then asked him if the Black Truck/SUV up Christa Worthington's driveway on Sat. afternoon was his father's and he stated know it wasn't. Again the vehicle, type, color and original license plate fit the early description of Gerard Smith's, a defense witness. (1998 Large Black 2-Door Jeep Special Edition - Mass. 12 ML)

Through court testimony I learned that there were large black boot prints found at the crime scene that were never matched to the maker. These are consistent with my nephews' footwear and size. I also learned through court testimony of vehicular damage to the roadway surface that was also found at the crime scene. My nephew sustained damage to the duel mufflers and body kit and undercarriage of his white low rider Honda vehicle contemporaneous with the Worthington murder. The vehicle was subsequently removed to Florida on a trailer repaired and sold. I find it very curious that neither Shawn's DNA nor fingerprints were ever collected by the MSP, despite the largest DNA dragnet in the USA.

Sadly, both my sister and I have come to the belief that our nephew has intimate knowledge of the Worthington murder and his alibi for Mr. Frazier was contrived to provide a convenient out for both and suit the flimsy law enforcement evidence and prosecution theory of events.

Since the day after the MSP interviewed Shawn on July 1, 2005 both my sister and I have experienced episodic surveillance of our homes and rather continuous telephone eavesdropping that includes "tweaking and tickling" of the wire. We are unsure what the source of this harassment is but have speculated that it originates in Massachusetts and is connected to this case. After watching the televised trial and listening to the testimony of some of the law enforcement, I have little confidence in their integrity or investigative due diligence and would not be surprised to learn that they are involved in this harassment. I am concerned that all of this involves very high-level corruption and feel that both my sister and I have been targeted because we may know too much. I do have much more to say about all of this and can prove and demonstrate the terrorism that we have and are subjected to at the proper time and with trustworthy authorities. We don't have any confidence in even the top officials of the MSP.

I wish to remain anonymous unless absolutely needed to testify to the circumstantial details we have knowledge of.

Respectfully Yours,


Kevin Michael Mulvey

PS Please keep my new additional cell number private. Thank you in advance.

Att.: Esq., Robert A. George
Robert A. George & Associates, P.C.
77 Newbury Street
Boston, MA 02116

Mr. Barry C. Scheck
The Innocence Project
100 Fifth Avenue, 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10011



COPY TO Defense Attorney Robert George:


COPY TO Innocents Project Director Barry Scheck:


This kind of "FBI-CoIntelPro" Hacking and locking up my computer and freezing me started right after the time that I had mailed my first letter to Mass. AG Martha Coakley on 12-11-07, that was not signed for until 12-17-2007. There had been two other recipients though that signed for theirs earlier - Defense Attorney Robert George and Innocents Project Director Barry Scheck both of whom signed for theirs on 12-14-2007 (Their receipts are above.) and of course the FBI-LISTENS TO & KNOWS EVERYTHING OF EVERYONE'S BUSINESS - 24/7-ALL COMMUNICATIONS (Unless in person and nowhere near a cellphone, etc. - In the middle of the desert preferred - they are worse than Nazi's with the wrong psychopaths having such tools to use fraudently - ALL CRIMINALS and very CRUEL & PURE EVIL!)


5-25-08--6-30-PM-PhoneWireBings - I Tried to capture what happens to the actual wire (modular plug) when they "binged" the phone but was unsuccessful and only got the sound on audio tape (Its's on the Police Report audio portion) - one of the copper connections would heat up and get bright - I was afraid it would start a fire as I had one of the phones unplugged "for room PRIVACY" when I saw it for the first time, while the wire was lying on "CARPETING".


8-23-08--9-30PM- "FBI-CoIntelPro" ComputerHacking

I had received a reply from the National ACLU that arrived "but appeared to have been tampered with" at the end of July 2008. I had asked the ACLU if they wrote to me "NOT" to send anything using USPS mails but they did anyway. "DUMB & DANGEROUS"!

I then finalized my massive package and very long letter for the second time to US Inspector General Glenn Fine mailed it "FEDEX" on 8-12-08 and was signed for on 8-14-08 - This type of "CoIntelPro" hacking started right around that time of receipt. They took over my computer and mouse control with firewalls and the computer was set to NOT ALLOW "Remote Access"! The only way to clear this up was to take the computer back to an earlier setting and I had to do this frequently through Jan. 2009.

Also, the next day 8-24-08 - they sent out the Blue Pickup Truck at 6:30 PM (TO STALK) because they also now knew that I had contacted Senators and Congresspersons at their home offices via UPS-(NOT USPS) (I had a reply from Congressman Wexler on 8-23-08 but via USPS - Unfortuneately) that were all now signing for these huge packages along with "Revealing and Truthful" Blogging going on on the Cape Cod Times at the time.

After NOT hearing from Mass. Attorney General Martha Coakley until the morning of Feb. 7th 2008.

A copy of this letter to Cape & Islands DA Michael D. O'keefe was sent to her as well on Feb. 5th 2008 and arrived on Feb. 7th 2008 PM at the Attorney Generals and on Feb. 8th 2008 at DA Michael Keefe's and Judge Gary Nickerson's - the letters crossed paths and arrived later in the afternoon for Martha Coakley. Lt. Irwin had already called this same day at 10:24 AM. At this time I was told that he would be putting in for a meeting in Fl. and would call back within a few days. He said it would be within two weeks and checked my schedule. I'm in seclusion so the sooner the better. Of course I made hi aware that I had already mailed a ltter now to DA O'keefe after not hearing from AG-Coakley and they should have a copy very soon. Of course this changes the course of their strategy and I had a rough time getting Lt. Irwin on the phone again. Then it became a wait and see plan of do nothing until I left a message that alarmed AG-Coakley that I have something of interest that catches the "RATS" in the trap.

Immediately, bright and early the next morning I get a call from the AG's minion Lt. Irwin on March 4th 2008, wanting to know my schedule for two dates March 18th and March 25th 2008.

NOTE: On Jan. 11th 2008 between these two letters ( I'm certain AG-Coakley a former DA herself before being elected to AG in Nov. 2006 - starting her first term in 2007, called her friend DA O'keefe immediately in late Dec. after getting my letter. - According Campaign Finance spending records of DA O'Keefe - he took a one time $170 Dinner meeting in Boston with a TOP "MALPRACTICE" Attorney Richard Zielinski - This had also been reported in the Boston Herald and the Cape Cod Voice Magazine. on Jan. 11th 2008 (Jan. 10th 2008 & Jan. 11th 2008 were also the first two days of hearings into Juror Bias claims). In March 2008 - DA O'keefe took out a $630k Mortgage (Michael D. O'Keefe)-(Records Below) against his property and in August his home on the market for $995k (See: Article Below) - It hasn't sold of course and it's value now is probably less than the value of the new ING Bank FSB- Mortgage.

Of course, the same corrupt Judge ruled no bias, refused to hear a motion about his misguiding jury instructions to the hung jury and then turned down the exculpatory motion on a technical glitch after dragging his feet again until 4/4/2008 giving for even more time and more taxpayer paychecks before the ball falls FOR ALL. Then the "patsy" gets stabbed (shanked it was called) (but survives) in prison by some 58 year old thug on June 9th 2008, for virtually nothing. Then the author that found all this Exculpatory motion information first gets setup on gun charges, then gets the charges doubled and moved to Superior court.

They ALL know now that they will ALL have murder charges next added to their already very long list of severe criminal conduct, if any additional harm comes to ANYONE surounding this crime and case that they are the criminals behind the crime(s) and the case.

Mike Nifong Files for Bankruptcy :: WRAL.com


Kevin Michael Mulvey

Clearwater, Fl.
(727) 793-9697



Feb. 5th 2008

To: District Attorney
Michael J. O'keefe
P.O.Box 455
3231 Main Street
Barnstable, MA 02630


Case: The Commonwealth Vs. McCowen - Barnstable Superior Court

Dear Mr. O'Keefe,

I'm writing to you in regards to a very serious problem that has affected my life and others and needs to be addressed by you personally.

I am the Uncle of the "alibi witness" in the above referenced case, Shawn R. Mulvey. In 2002, I learned of my nephews' involvement in some horrific incident, without knowing of all the details or specifics of who it was that was viciously murdered. I have always been very circumspect in my dealings with my nephew Shawn due to concerns about his history of unscrupulous behavior.

When I learned of the arrest of Christopher McCowen and the murder of Ms. Christa Worthington things started coming together for myself and other relatives. The day after my nephew Shawn met with members of the Massachusetts State Police (Burke and Mason - South Yarmouth Barracks) on July 1, 2005 at a McDonalds in Clearwater, Fl., I and other members of my family began to experience phone beeps, "tweaking", clicks, extra rings and other obvious (and documented) evidence of telephone "eavesdropping." The phone problems have continued to the present time. Our computer systems have also been compromised. For a time, especially during the McCowen trial, we also experienced 24/7 surveillance of our homes. We have felt violated and terrorized by these intrusions into our life.

My questions to you Mr. O'Keefe are:

1. Have you or other members of your office staff ever applied for a lawful court order in any Massachusetts jurisdiction to engage in wiretapping, electronic eavesdropping or other monitoring of my telephones, computer signals or home environment?

2. Do you have knowledge of wiretapping, electronic eavesdropping or other monitoring of my telephones, computer signals or home environment?

3. Have Massachusetts State or other public funds been used to pay for wiretapping, electronic eavesdropping or other monitoring of my telephones, computer signals or home environment?

Your truthful answers will be appreciated. The damages that this has brought upon my life are astronomical. My physical, financial and emotional wellbeing have all been affected. I am a law-abiding citizen who is unfortunately related to persons involved in a horrible murder case. Absent my kinship with these unsavory people, there would be no earthly reason for all this invasion of my privacy. Since this horrific invasion of our privacy continues through this very day I'm pursuing these issues with established contacts within the FBI, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and local County Law Enforcement Agencies, they are all well aware of this situation myself and others have been forced to endure.

I look forward to your timely response Mr. O'Keefe.


Kevin Michael Mulvey




CC: Judge Gary A. Nickerson
Barnstable Superior Court
3195 Main St.
P.O. Box 425
Barnstable, MA 02630


CC: Attorney General Martha Coakley
Office of the Attorney General
One Ashburton Place
Boston, MA 02108

CC: Chief Justice Margaret Marshall
Supreme Judicial Court
John Adams Courthouse
One Pemberton Square, Suite 2500
Boston, MA 02108


CC: U. S. Fed. Pros. Michael J. Sullivan
US District of Massachusetts
United States Courthouse, Suite 9200
1 Courthouse Way
Boston, MA 02210


CC: FBI Director Robert S. Mueller, III
Federal Bureau of Investigation
J. Edgar Hoover Building
935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20535-0001


CC: U.S. Attorney General
Michael B. Mukasey
U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20530-0001


CC: Glenn A. Fine
Office of the Inspector General
U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20530-0001


CC: Robert A. George
Robert A. George & Associates, P.C.
77 Newbury Street, Suite Four
Boston, MA 02116



Certified Mail Receipt to: Attorney General Martha Coakley
Label/Receipt Number: 7007 1490 0001 6908 2013
Status: Delivered

Your item was delivered at 3:17 PM on February 7, 2008 in BOSTON, MA 02108.

Label/Receipt Number: 7007 1490 0001 6908 2013
Detailed Results:
Delivered, February 07, 2008, 3:17 pm, BOSTON, MA 02108
Arrival at Unit, February 07, 2008, 10:56 am, BOSTON, MA 02114
Acceptance, February 05, 2008, 4:01 pm, CLEARWATER, FL 33765


Letter to: Barnstable County, Ma. DA - Michael D. O'keefe Dated 2-5-2008
Label/Receipt Number: 7007 1490 0001 6908 2020
Status: Notice Left

We attempted to deliver your item at 9:12 AM on February 8, 2008 in BARNSTABLE, MA 02630 and a notice was left. It can be redelivered or picked up at the Post Office. If the item is unclaimed, it will be returned to the sender. Information, if available, is updated every evening. Please check again later.
Label/Receipt Number: 7007 1490 0001 6908 2020
Status: Delivered

Your item was delivered at 10:24 AM on February 8, 2008 in BARNSTABLE, MA 02630.
Label/Receipt Number: 7007 1490 0001 6908 2020
Detailed Results:
Delivered, February 08, 2008, 10:24 am, BARNSTABLE, MA 02630
Notice Left, February 08, 2008, 9:12 am, BARNSTABLE, MA 02630
Acceptance, February 05, 2008, 4:01 pm, CLEARWATER, FL 33765


Certified Mail Receipt to: Judge Gary Nickerson
Label/Receipt Number: 7007 1490 0001 6982 1568
Status: Notice Left

We attempted to deliver your item at 9:12 AM on February 8, 2008 in BARNSTABLE, MA 02630 and a notice was left. It can be redelivered or picked up at the Post Office. If the item is unclaimed, it will be returned to the sender. Information, if available, is updated every evening. Please check again later.
Your item was delivered at 10:00 AM on February 8, 2008 in BARNSTABLE, MA 02630.
Label/Receipt Number: 7007 1490 0001 6982 1568
Detailed Results:
Delivered, February 08, 2008, 10:00 am, BARNSTABLE, MA 02630
Notice Left, February 08, 2008, 9:12 am, BARNSTABLE, MA 02630
Acceptance, February 05, 2008, 4:00 pm, CLEARWATER, FL 33765

In the meantime, the second letter, which was a copy of the letter to Michael O'Keefe had arrived later in the day of Feb. 7th 2008 and everything went silent. I tried reaching Lt. Irwin with little success for a week. When I did, I asked him if they had a schedule set to come down and he said they're still working on it and there's just so many other things going on like the big dig, etc.

I asked if she had received the letter to DA Michael O'Keefe and he said yes she had and he had it in front of him. I asked whether or not they would even look into corruption of the DA and State and Local Police Officers. I had pointed out that his boss the AG is a friend with DA O'keefe as a former DA herself and he is himself a State Police Officer. I said that during this trial it has also been insinuated that at State and Local Police Officer quite possibly are involved in the conspiracy to the actual murder, besides all of the cover-up team, which was quite obviously proven.

He assured me that even though he is a State Police Officer his loyalties are to the AG and she is a woman of integrity. He said he can sleep at night and has integrity, as well. He said he'd get back to me in a week as they are still working on a plan.

More than a week passed and I started trying to reach him and could never make contact with him. Three weeks had passed since the second conversation. I finally made a call to Martha Coakley on March 3rd in the afternoon and spoke with her assistant and explained who I was and I hadn't heard back from her Investigator about a time for our meeting and had something I'd like to pass on to her that she may find interesting.

I was put me through to her private secured voicemail that only she has access to and I could leave as much as a five minute message. I left that private message and received a call early the next morning on March 4th 2008 from Lt. Irwin who gave me two dates March 18th or March 25th 2008. I said either would be fine. At this time, he stated they would be recording this interview and I stated that's fine providing I am afforded the same privilege. That was agreed upon. He said he'd get back to me with a date next week.

I never heard a thing until March 20th 2008 letting me know they'd be coming in on March 24th and we'd meet possibly at the Clearwater, Fl. PD but on the 25th but he didn't have a time yet or definate place yet. He said he'd call me when he got in on Sunday with a time and place. I never heard a thing until 8 AM Monday for a time of 11 AM for our meeting. I then had to contact two others that I had asked to come along that both had witnessed some of this ROGUE behavior with the phones and one had quite an experience with this "tweaking" himself and a LOT the night before this meeting, between himself and a friend on their cell phones and had also witnessed this in my home late night with the phone line opening up and recording.

These two investigators had one thing to do and that was to discredit me and do the job they were sent to try to do. They were not to pleased to have others asked to come along but they managed to interview each one separately in another room which was probably not taped - luckily I got one piece of one friend that had gone to the FBI with me on March 17th 2007 that says it all about the FBI ROGUES! They thought they were done with him but I had them call him back and they had to use the interrogation room I was in, that had tape rolling.

Each one of us met after, separately and compared notes and listened to what they said back to me - this was taped as well and both pointed out that they were here for one reason and that was to discredit me - they aren't going to do a thing both said.

My friend the doctor also pointed out that he had told them he witnessed the tape machine turning on and recording the line as it opened at late night hours while he stood in the kitchen several times and had also told them he experienced this 'tweaking" himself on his own cell phone many times and had really had a lot of them the night before this meeting between himself and a friend. He has also had private Doctor/Patient conversations and business"tweaked".

This meeting took place on 3-25-2008 that was a disgrace.

Hear portions of this meeting on the middle of the edited clip pdreport.html

and other portions starting on the Interview section in three parts.


I heard nothing after this meeting and tried contacting Lt. Robert Irwin between late March and finally reached him on his cell phone April 18th 2008 12:03 PM (Mass. State Police - Lt. Robert Irwin's - Cell phone - 1-978-375-5814) by surprise - he had forgotten he gave me his number before coming here and was caught off guard. I had never called this number before. I asked him how the investigation was going and IF they have found out who is on our lines and he stated there is no investigation on going and by the way "We didn't hear anything on those tapes that you gave us". They were obviously deaf as well as blind and playing DUMB while they were here to. The poor Lt. was so sun-burned from his afternoon in the Fla. sun.

This conversation got heated and I asked if this was his boss's doing and he refused to answer that question. I said I would take this public if this was not looked into and help gotten for us. He stated "I don't care who you take this to or tell" and so forth and hung up.

Massachusetts Finest - "The Departed" on Steroids! In my Opinion! BUT THIS IS THE FBI AND MUELLER HIMSELF DOING THIS AND WHO KNOWS IF BUSH "W" DIDN'T ORDER THIS HIMSELF - THIS IS THE FBI AS THE CULPRIT AND EVIL PREDATOR AGAINST US AFTERALL, even though they wrote me letters before (March 17th 2008) and after (April 23rd 2008-Knowing the phone outcome of this on 4-18-08 & my launching of a small webpage on 4-4-08 about this for bloggers to see because they had actually ramped up terrorism even more after this 3-25-2008 meeting and I could never get a call returned until reaching the Lt. Minion on 4-18-08 on his cellphone at 12:03 PM (1-978-375-5814) as to which I added heavily to this website later on 4-18-08 - calling them all ROGUES that included small audio portion of clips - another blog writer then wrote her own story on 4-4-2008 at my request/suggestion which included a bit about the phone tweaking her and a news reporter had also experienced - they (FBI) then - wrote the letter of April 23rd five days later throwing AG Coakley & Verizon under the bus - what lowlife weasels - led by the biggest weasel of all) this March 25th 2008 SHAM meeting took then try to throw the responsibilty on Verizon and The Mass. Attorney General in these daily life-threatening matters that have and are predicated by their very own evil gestapo sociopaths!




Essex County DA Jonathan Blodgett - Center

AG - MARTHA COAKLEY - Right -(A former Middlesex County ADA/DA and former member of the Federal US AG's-Corruption Unit under Former Mass. US Fed. Pros. Meuller in 1987-O'Sullivan in 1989)

Middlesex County encompasses "Somerville" Home of James "Whitey" Bulger's "Winter Hill Gang".

Read Mass. Corruption. also.




Attorney General Martha Coakley has dedicated the last 20 years of her life to a career in public service. Coakley has a strong history as an advocate-not only for individuals and communities, but also for the best interests of the Commonwealth at large. Coakley brings to the Attorney General's office a diverse and extensive legal background, a proven track record of bringing people to the table to find effective solutions to the issues that face the Commonwealth, and a strong commitment to her role as a public servant.
Attorney General Coakley began her legal career in 1979, practicing civil litigation with the firm of Parker, Coulter, Daley & White and later at Goodwin Proctor LLP, both in Boston. While in civil practice, Coakley gained extensive experience in such areas as insurance defense, criminal defense, and large-scale construction litigation. She joined the Middlesex District Attorney's Office in 1986, as an Assistant District Attorney in the Lowell District Court office. In 1987, Coakley was invited by the U.S. Justice Department to join its Boston Organized Crime Strike Force as a Special Attorney. (ROBERT S. MUELLER HEADED-THAT-1982-1986 The Crime Task Force & then -US. Attorney-1986-1987) (Along with Jeramiah T. O'Sullivan) She returned to the Middlesex County District Attorney's Office in 1989, (On May 13th 1990 There is a gangland style "HIT" at the Somerville Holiday Inn - a notorious hangout for Whitey Bulger's "Winter Hill Gang" Committed by two hoodlums - One that DIRECTLY relates to THIS CRIME & CASE - David Murphy & the other Robert Gallagher - Martha was the Prosecutor involved with this case of a man found buried without his head or hands - *See Below plus Burke Testimony & The Calls & The Boys) and in 1991was appointed the Chief of the Child Abuse Prosecution Unit, during which time she investigated and prosecuted hundreds of cases of both physical and sexual abuse of children, including Commonwealth v. Louise Woodward. In December 1997, Coakley resigned her position to campaign for District Attorney in the 54 cities and towns of Middlesex.
In 1998, Coakley was elected Middlesex District Attorney. ( DURING THIS TIME PERIOD "2001-2003" CONGRESS WAS INVESTIGATING BOSTON AREA FBI, JUSTICE & LAW ENFORCEMENT CORRUPTION) During her 8 years as District Attorney, Coakley established herself as a passionate advocate for public safety, not only bringing justice to crime victims and their families, but also emphasizing the importance of working with community leaders, schools, and law enforcement in a variety of diverse and multi-faceted prevention efforts. Under her leadership, the office's Child Abuse Prosecution Unit continued to serve as a national model for victim-centered prosecution of crimes against children. Coakley was also responsible for extending that model to sexual crimes against adults, establishing the office's Adult Sexual Assault Division in 2002. During her tenure as District Attorney, Coakley oversaw the successful prosecution of a number of high profile crimes, including the cases of several Catholic priests charged with sexually abusing children, the conviction of Michael McDermott on seven counts of first degree murder in connection with the workplace massacre at Edgewater Technologies in Wakefield (The defence Attroney in this case was Kevin Reddington - author Peter Manso's latest attorney), and the successful prosecution of Thomas Junta, the Reading father who fatally beat another parent at a youth hockey practice.
In January 2002, Attorney General Coakley completed a one-year term as the President of the Massachusetts District Attorney's Association (Her buddy DA Michael O'keefe also was MDAA President in 2008), where she was at the forefront of statewide public policy discussion and initiatives to improve the criminal justice system and enhance overall public safety. In recent years, she has continued to play an active role in advocating for legislative change on a variety of issues. Coakley joined with her fellow District Attorneys and other members of the public safety community in urging the Legislature to provide additional funding for the Massachusetts State Police Crime Lab for enhanced DNA analysis capabilities (This has been and is a disgrace and needs to be in private hands - not under the State Police or Office of Public Safety's hands for manipulation which has and still is the case - there's much written and exposed about this). She also joined Senate President Robert Travaglini in advocating for changes in the law to streamline the approval process for academic and research institutions to conduct stem cell research.
Both during and prior to her tenure in public office, Attorney General Coakley has been involved in a number of community and professional organizations and boards. She is a former president of the Women's Bar Association of Massachusetts, and has served on the Board of Directors at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. During her tenure as Middlesex District Attorney, Coakley served as the Chair of the Board of Directors of Middlesex Partnerships for Youth, Inc., a non-profit organization committed to providing prevention and intervention resources and training to Middlesex school districts and communities.
Throughout her career, Attorney General Coakley has been honored for her work by organizations such as the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, the Massachusetts Association of School Committees, and the Victim Rights Law Center. In 1998, she was named Woman of the Year by the Center for Women in Politics and Public Policy at the University of Massachusetts-Boston, and in November 2000, the Women's Bar Association of Massachusetts honored Coakley with its coveted Leila J. Robinson Award for her contributions to the field of law. In June 2002, the YWCA Boston selected Coakley as a member of its Academy of Women Achievers Class of 2002. In January 2004, District Attorney Coakley received the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce's Pinnacle Award for Excellence in Management in Government. And in May 2006, the Massachusetts Democratic Party with its prestigious Eleanor Roosevelt Award honored Coakley.
Attorney General Coakley regularly presents trainings and instruction at conferences and seminars, both in Massachusetts and nationwide. She has served as a guest lecturer for a number of colleges and universities, including Harvard University, Boston College Law School, and Tufts University. She has also served as a guest lecturer for organizations such as the Columbia Law Review, the Massachusetts Municipal Association, and the Massachusetts Medical Society. In January 2002, 2003, and 2006, she co-taught a winter study, "Law and Social Policy," at her alma mater, Williams College. Coakley taught criminal trial advocacy courses at the Massachusetts School of Law during the Fall 2003 semester, and at Boston University School of Law during the Spring 2006 and Spring 2007 semester.
Martha Coakley received a B.A. degree, cum laude, from Williams College in 1975, and a J.D. degree from the Boston University School of Law in 1979. Coakley resides in Medford, Massachusetts, with her husband, Thomas F. O'Connor, Jr. In her spare time, Coakley is an avid reader, and enjoys downhill skiing, walking her Labrador Retrievers, Jackson and Beauregard, and kayaking with her husband on the Mystic Lakes.

THIS GANGLAND HIT TOOK PLACE IN MIDDLESEX COUNTY AT THE HOLIDAY INN IN SOMERVILLE, MASS. - WHERE "WHITEY" BULGER'S - WINTER HILL GANG HANGS OUT - IN 1990 - WHEN MARTHA COAKLEY (Current Mass. AG.) WAS BACK AS THE A/DA OF MIDDLESEX COUNTY - AFTER SHE HAD BEEN ASKED BY THE U.S. Justice Department to join its Boston Organized Crime Strike Force as a Special Attorney from 1987-1989. (ROBERT S. MUELLER HEADED-THAT Task Force from 1982-1986 as the US Asst. Fed. Pros. then became the -US. Attorney Fed. Prosecutor-1986-1987)


Funny - Martha Coakley prosecuted many of these "BULGER" Characters and Government characters = Government Assasins = the "NEW MOB"!




FUNNY THE VICTIMS FATHER WAS ASST. Attorney General (1970-1987) from the SAME OFFICE that Martha Coakley was about to inherit in 2006 and did and now controls! She's preparing for a US Senate bid and has her "SECRET BANK ACCOUNT GOING ALREADY" - See farther down!


Look Familiar?


One Ashburton Place, Boston. Mass.


My recommended Reading at a very leisurely time for the history of civilization, and Corruptachusetts and Corrupt America as we don't know it but are getting there!

Michael Donavan


"The Spirit of Corruptachusetts is the Spirit of America?"

The Boston Globe
Boston Globe
June 16, 1990

Author: Paul Langer,
Globe Staff
Edition: THIRD
Section: METRO
Page: 29
CAMBRIDGE -- A headless, handless body found Wednesday in Loudon, N.H., could belong to the victim of a murder alleged to have taken place in the Somerville Holiday Inn on May 13, according to an affidavit filed by State Police.
The case has baffled police, who apparently found evidence that a murder had been committed in the hotel, but, until this week, had no body. Two men are in custody and have been arraigned in connection with the alleged killing. The Middlesex district attorney has received a continuance until Friday from the Somerville District Court to take the case to the grand jury.
According to Thomas Samoluk, spokesman for the district attorney's office, the two being held are David Murphy, of Medford, and Robert L. Gallagher Jr., of Everett. Murphy was arraigned May 25 and Gallagher on May 30. Samoluk said that prosecutors want the court to hold them beyond their routine return dates.
Police were called to Room 225 of the Holiday Inn on May 13 and, according to Samoluk, they concluded that someone had been murdered there. Further investigation led to the two suspects.
An affidavit submitted to the court says that the body of a red-haired man was found "in the type of area consistent with information we had received as to location of the body.
"The affidavit says that the body is believed to be that of John (Red) Jordan. Medical records on file show that Jordan had a scar on his left wrist, which corresponds to a scar found on the body." Also, the affidavit says, X- rays of the feet of the body will be compared to known foot X-rays of Jordan. The blood type of the body and of stains found in Room 225 will also be compared to Jordan's blood type.
Copyright 1990, 1998 Globe Newspaper Company
Record Number: 00168051


The Boston Globe
Boston Globe
February 28, 1991

Author: Paul Langner,
Globe Staff
Edition: THIRD
Section: METRO
Page: 60
CAMBRIDGE -- Middlesex Superior Court Judge Robert A. Barton yesterday postponed until April 1 a hearing to reduce the prison sentence of an admitted killer who is seeking to trade the location of his victim's head and hands for leniency.
Barton said that while he may give some consideration to the offer, his ultimate decision on the sentence is not contingent on finding the body parts.
Robert Gallagher, 33, of Medford, pleaded guilty to manslaughter on Feb. 8 in the stabbing death of John (Red) Jordan, 34, of Somerville, during a party in the Somerville Holiday Inn on May 13.
At the time of his plea, Gallagher said he threw Jordan's body out the hotel window and fled when police came.
According to Gallagher, police did not discover Jordan's body under the window; he retrieved the body after they left the hotel and buried it in the New Hampshire woods.
Gallager said he exhumed Jordan's body a few days later, then removed the head and hands before reburying it to make identification difficult. The body was discovered by a boy playing in the woods on June 14.
On Tuesday, Gallagher's attorney, John C. McBride, submitted a request to Barton that Gallagher's 18-to-20-year sentence be reduced and, in exchange, he offered a map of a Saugus shopping mall with an X marking a spot in some shrubbery behind the Zayre's store.
But assistant district attorney Martha Coakley told Barton yesterday that State Police had dug at the spot and found nothing, even after bringing in equipment to dig through the hard ground. State Police also brought a dog "specially trained to find buried human remains," Coakley said, and found nothing.
McBride asked Barton to continue the case until the ground is softer, and Barton set April 1 for hearings on Gallagher's request to revise his sentence.
Copyright 1991, 1998 Globe Newspaper Company
Record Number: 02*28*00059070

Boston Globe: key facts
The murder was May 13, 1990 in a Somerville Holiday Inn, evidence of murder found - body found later in Loudon, NH on June 14th by a boy playing in the woods - without head or hands.
Victim: John (Red) Jordan of Somerville, MA.
Arraigned May 25 - David Murphy of Medford
Arraigned May 30 -Robert L. Gallagher Jr. of Everett.
Murphy came into police headquarters with lawyer and was arrested there.
Evidence had lead police to the suspects.
Murphy was sentenced to 10-15 Years.

Another shadowy figure in Worthington case
10/31/06 · 2:45 pm posted by Jack Coleman - Capecodtoday.com - Cape Cod Murder
He (David Murphy) was also charged with assault and battery on his wife in 2001. (A Month before the HIT)
Eyebrow-raising testimony today -- the cell phone being used by Jeremy Frazier, the Wellfleet man that Christopher McCowen alleges killed Christa Worthington, was listed in the name of Dave Murphy
-- a former Somerville resident who spent nine years in state prison on a murder rap and moved to the Cape (sometime) after his release from prison in 2000.
State Police Sgt. William Burke testified today that Frazier and Murphy worked for Magnum Movers, an Outer Cape moving and storage company, as of early 2002 when Worthington died.
Also working for Magnum Movers, Burke said, was
Shawn Mulvey,
who testified last week that Frazier spent the night at his family's house in Eastham on the night of the murder, a claim also made from the stand last week by Frazier. Burke also testified that Worthington had rented storage space since 1999 with Magnum Movers -- the same business employing Frazier, Mulvey and Murphy.
Defense attorney Robert George also asked Burke today if he was aware that Murphy had been arrested on a charge of assault and battery with a deadly weapon in December 2001 -- the month before Worthington's murder -- after Murphy allegedly assaulted his wife. Burke said he was not aware of the arrest.
NOTE: In testimony it was revealed that
Murphy & Hardy (Jim Hardy is Murphy's cousin and his family is notorious in the Winter Hill Gang and the State Police don't examine either - that's because the State Police were the middle amn to the "HIT") had met up with Frazier at Magnum Mover's just six months before the murder/hit!


Ex-mobster reportedly strikes deal

Gains leniency by implicating Flemmi, Bulger
By Shelley Murphy, Globe Staff, 9/09/1999

John Martorano, a ruthless hit man who has admitted killing 20 people -- including a Tulsa millionaire and a pair of unwitting Roxbury teenagers -- could walk free in less than eight years under a deal secretly approved by prosecutors from Massachusetts, Florida, and Oklahoma, according to sources familiar with the case.
In a world where criminals cut deals by trading up, Martorano, 58, has offered after more than a year of negotiations to give up two notorious gangsters who betrayed him for years while working as FBI informants: fugitive South Boston crime boss James J. ``Whitey'' Bulger and Stephen ``The Rifleman'' Flemmi.
Martorano, a former member of Somerville's Winter Hill Gang along with Bulger and Flemmi, is willing to reveal his own role in a string of unsolved slayings spanning three decades and three states, apparently in the hope that he can bring Bulger and Flemmi down with him.
While Martorano admits to murders in two states that carry the death penalty -- Florida and Oklahoma -- he has been assured that he'll never go to trial on those charges. Both states, however, have the right to call Martorano as a witness if anyone else implicated in the slayings goes to trial, the Globe has been told.
The deal comes 14 months after Martorano first broke ranks with Bulger and Flemmi and offered to cooperate in exchange for leniency.
His cooperation comes at a critical time. Martorano has agreed to plead guilty to January 1995 racketeering charges just days before US District Judge Mark L. Wolf is expected to rule on a defense request to drop the case against him, Bulger, Flemmi, reputed New England Mob boss Francis ``Cadillac Frank'' Salemme, and Robert DeLuca amid evidence of FBI corruption and misconduct.
Flemmi has alleged that he and Bulger -- both longtime FBI informants -- were promised immunity by the FBI in exchange for leaking information to the bureau about their Mafia rivals.
Martorano has refused to meet with the FBI, but has spent hundreds of hours being interviewed by the Massachusetts State Police, the US Drug Enforcement Administration, and more recently by investigators from Oklahoma and Florida, according to sources.
Earlier this year, Martorano's brother, Jimmy, who is serving a 15-month prison term on racketeering charges, said his brother stepped forward to stop Bulger and Flemmi from using the FBI to blame others for things they had done.
``I don't think anyone in this case is contending they were an angel,'' Jimmy Martorano said in an interview earlier this year. ``But we weren't informants and we didn't do things and blame other people for them. Stevie and Whitey were the biggest criminals of all.''
Under the deal, Martorano will plead guilty to federal racketeering, race-fixing, bookmaking, and extortion charges that have been pending against him since January 1995 in federal court in Boston. And he'll also plead guilty to a newly crafted federal ``information'' charging him with being part of a gangland racketeering enterprise that involved 10 murders, according to sources.
Accomplices to most of those murders are identified as ``John Doe 1 and John Doe 2,'' but sources identified them as Bulger and Flemmi.
Prosecutors have agreed to recommend that Martorano be sentenced to 12 1/2 to 15 years in prison. But since Martorano has already spent nearly five years in jail awaiting trial in the racketeering case, he'll get credit for time served. He could be a free man in eight to 10 1/2 years.
The agreement has been approved by Boston attorney Francis J. DiMento Sr., who represents
Martorano, US Attorney Donald K. Stern, Suffolk District Attorney Ralph C. Martin II, Middlesex District Attorney Martha Coakley, Miami-Dade County Attorney Robert A. Ginsburg, and Tulsa District Attorney Tim Harris, sources said.
None of the parties involved in the delicate, secret negotiations would comment yesterday, but relatives of some of the victims said that Martorano's confessions would bring closure.
As with any deal, the sentencing judge -- in Martorano's case Wolf -- is not compelled to go along with it. But if Wolf refuses to sentence Martorano within the 12 1/2-to-15-year range agreed upon by his lawyer and prosecutors, then Martorano has the right to withdraw his guilty plea and the deal would be off.
Investigators would be prohibited from using any of the information Martorano provided to the State Police and the DEA to build cases against him or anyone else.
It is a stunning deal, observers say, the likes of which haven't been seen in Boston's underworld since 1968, when Joseph ``The Animal'' Barboza admitted killing 26 people, but served less than a year in prison after testifying against the hierarchy of the New England Mafia (
Raymond Patriarca-Joseph Balliro's client). He was gunned down in San Francisco in 1976 by avenging mobsters from Boston.
Martorano has confessed to killing even more people than the nation's most celebrated mobster-turned-government witness, Gambino family underboss Salvatore ``Sammy the Bull'' Gravano.
By Martorano's own admission, according to sources, he pumped a bullet into Roger Wheeler's head on May 27, 1981, just after the millionaire chairman of Telex Corp. and owner of World Jai Alai had finished a round of golf at the Southern Hills Country Club in Tulsa.
Sources said Martorano has implicated the late Winter Hill Gang member Joseph McDonald as his accomplice in the slaying. But, sources said, Martorano contends the murder was orchestrated in Boston by Bulger and Flemmi, who were FBI informants at the time.
The FBI's handling of the Wheeler murder investigation has come under heavy criticism from state authorities.
Eight months after Wheeler's murder, Winter Hill Gang member Brian Halloran told FBI agents in Boston that the plot had been orchestrated by Bulger, Flemmi, and former World Jai Alai president John Callahan of Winchester. Halloran told the FBI that Callahan had asked him to help kill Wheeler because Wheeler suspected that the Winter Hill Gang was using employees who remained loyal to Callahan to skim profits from the company's frontons in Florida and Connecticut.
Halloran said he didn't participate in the murder, but identified John Martorano as the triggerman and said Bulger and Flemmi were at the scene in getaway cars.
The FBI refused a deal with Halloran, concluding he wasn't credible. He was fatally gunned down on May 11, 1982, on Boston's waterfront.
Then, on Aug. 3, 1982, Callahan's bullet-riddled body was found in the trunk of a Cadillac at Miami International Airport.
Sources said Martorano has admitted killing Callahan as well and provided investigators with information about Halloran's slaying.
In the days after Wheeler's slaying, investigators speculated it was the work of a professional hit man who coolly executed the crime and fled without a trace.
They were right about the killer. By then,
Martorano had already killed 17 men and a woman in Massachusetts, according to sources.
Most were swift, a gunshot wound to the head. And most were victims of gangland feuds. But others were innocent victims, people caught in the wrong place or involved with the wrong people.
Some murders Martorano did alone. Some, he alleges, were with the help of Bulger and Flemmi. And others, he says, were done at Bulger and Flemmi's urging.
Martorano has admitted that he killed for the first time when he was 24, just six years after graduating from Milton High School, where he co-captained the football team.
That victim, Robert Palladino, 32, of Winchester, had testified before a Suffolk grand jury that indicted Martorano's brother, Jimmy, for being an accessory in the murder of a young waitress whose body was stashed in the loft of a restaurant owned by the Martorano family.
Palladino, who had allegedly been a suspect in the murder of the waitress, was found dead under the Central Artery near North Station on Nov. 15, 1964. He had been shot behind the ear.
The following year, according to sources, Martorano killed another man who testified before the same grand jury. John Jackson, a bartender, was gunned down outside his Back Bay apartment.
Then on Jan. 6, 1968, came perhaps the most brutal killings of all.
The man Martorano was gunning for was Herbert ``Smitty'' Smith, an assistant manager at the Basin Street South nightclub in Boston's South End, who apparently had gotten into an underworld beef, according to sources. But when Smith arrived for a meeting with Martorano, he had two passengers in his car, Elizabeth Dickson, 19, and Douglas Barrett, 17. Martorano has admitted killing all three with gunshots to the head, according to sources.
When police arrived, they found the three inside a car parked on Normandy Street in Roxbury, a cigarette still smoldering in Dickson's hand.
There were other innocent victims as well. Michael Milano, a bartender at a North Station nightspot, was mistaken for the club's owner by Martorano and other gunmen who sprayed his Mercedes-Benz with gunfire at a Brighton traffic light on March 8, 1973, sources said.
Milano, 30, was killed and his two passengers injured.
Milano was one of five people
Martorano murdered in 1973, according to sources.
The killings stopped for awhile when Martorano fled Massachusetts in 1978 to evade a race-fixing indictment. He remained a fugitive until his arrest in Boca Raton, Fla., in 1995.
This story ran on page A1 of the Boston Globe on 09/09/1999.
© Copyright 1999 Globe Newspaper Company.

Watch Johnny Martorano in a 60 minutes Interview.


Dangerous liaison

By Ralph Ranalli

11-19-2000 - Boston Magazine - The Boston Globe

Excerpt: An Interview with a former girlfriend of James "Whitey " Bulger's partner Stevie "The Rifleman" Flemmi and lived to tell about it!

After a while, even Westfield didn't seem far enough away from the life DiSilva was trying to leave behind. She finally decided to move to Florida in 1984. She came back once, in July 1985, because her daughter was hospitalized in Boston after a car accident. She met up with Flemmi one last time. They spent an evening together for old time's sake, staying at the Holiday Inn in Somerville, and she had someone snap a rare, grainy picture of them.


Bulger, Flemmi charged with a string of murders
By Shelley Murphy, Globe Staff, and Ralph Ranalli, Globe Correspondent, 9/29/2000
He's been lauded as an invaluable FBI informant and denounced as a vicious gangster, but yesterday, for the first time, fugitive South Boston gangster James "Whitey" Bulger was charged with being a killer - an indiscriminate hit man who murdered 16 men and two women.
A sweeping federal racketeering indictment unsealed yesterday also charges Bulger's longtime sidekick and fellow informant Stephen Flemmi with teaming up with Bulger on 10 of the murders - including those of Flemmi's longtime girlfriend and the daughter of his live-in companion. The indictment also includes three other murders linked to the Bulger group, which Bulger and Flemmi allegedly didn't participate in.
"The victims include strangers who happened to be in the wrong place, longtime criminal associates, friends, and others whom they believed might provide information to law enforcement or could otherwise threaten their organization," said US Attorney Donald K. Stern during a news conference yesterday at the federal courthouse in Boston.
When approached by the FBI to become an informant in 1975 against his rivals in the New England Mafia, Bulger had already allegedly killed seven people and wounded five others during a violent power struggle with another gang, according to the indictment.
Charles S. Prouty, who recently took over as special agent in charge of the FBI's Boston office, said the FBI is revising its informant guidelines and has enacted several new programs as a result of the Bulger case.
"One thing I do want to make very clear is, this in itself is repugnant to all FBI employees," Prouty said.
"Ninety-nine percent of the FBI's employees are honest hard-working employees who often put their lives on the line, and every one of us are just very, very disturbed, disappointed, feel betrayed and are upset by this."
The 11 people whom Bulger allegedly killed during the time he was an FBI informant include a Tulsa millionaire who suspected Bulger's crew of skimming money from his company, three men who were cooperating with the FBI against Bulger, and two women who were considered a "threat" to Flemmi. One man was simply giving a ride home to a man on Bulger's hit list.
Bulger is the brother of former state Senate president William M. Bulger, who is now president of the University of Massachusetts.
Stern called this latest wave of indictments "perhaps the most important step in what has been a relentless pursuit of justice."
"Layer upon layer of myth, fear and protection have been stripped away," Stern said, "leaving a chilling and profoundly disturbing core of shakedowns, drug dealing, corruption, and murder."
The new charges are part of a superseding indictment that adds Bulger and Flemmi to an existing racketeering case returned in November 1999 against longtime Bulger associates Kevin P. O'Neil and Kevin Weeks, both of Quincy.
It also charges Bulger and Flemmi with extortion, money laundering, and shaking down drug dealers and bookmakers.
Weeks was dropped from the case in July after pleading guilty to other charges.
Since January, he's led investigators to three burial sites in Dorchester and Quincy, where the remains of five victims have been unearthed and a sixth is still being sought.
O'Neil, who is charged with racketeering and money laundering, is now trying to strike a deal with prosecutors, according to sources, and could provide information against former FBI agent John Connolly, Bulger and Flemmi's longtime handler.
Bulger has been a fugitive since his 1995 indictment on federal racketeering charges, and Flemmi remains jailed without bail while awaiting trial in that case. The trial has been delayed by lengthy hearings that exposed Bulger and Flemmi's relationship with the FBI after Flemmi claimed agents had promised them immunity from prosecution.
Last December, Bulger and Flemmi were charged in a second racketeering indictment along with Connolly, who is accused of tipping them off to investigations and warning Bulger to flee on the eve of his January 1995 indictment.
While the indictment unsealed yesterday doesn't name Connolly as a defendant, it alleges that Connolly and Flemmi "coordinated" a plan for Flemmi to "shield" Connolly by lying about who tipped him off to the 1995 indictment when he testified in federal court in 1998 before US District Judge Mark L. Wolf.
The indictment contends that Flemmi lied when he testified that former FBI supervisor John Morris tipped him and Bulger to the 1995 indictment in a bid to protect Connolly, who was the real tipster.
The indictment, which charges Flemmi with obstruction of justice, alleges that Weeks was the go-between, carrying messages between Connolly and Flemmi, who was in jail at the time.
Morris admitted taking $7,000 in bribes from Bulger and Flemmi while testifying under a grant of immunity, but he denied tipping the pair to the indictment.
Tracy Miner, an attorney representing Connolly, said, "John Connolly absolutely did not tip anyone to the indictment. It's not surprising to me that the government would try to use one of its rats to bolster the credibility of another of its rats. But they can't escape the fact that it was John Morris who took money and not John Connolly."
When asked how Connolly could have used Bulger and Flemmi as informants while they were alleged serial killers, Miner said, "John Connolly was in no better position to know that than anyone else in the FBI. If he should have known, then other people should have known."
The new charges come after two former Bulger associates, Weeks and John Martorano, a confessed hit man, struck deals with federal prosecutors and implicated Bulger and Flemmi in numerous murders that occurred between 1973 and 1985.
Stern praised the State Police, the US Drug Enforcement Administration, and the Internal Revenue Service, agencies that spearheaded the probe and persuaded Weeks and Martorano to cooperate.
Yesterday, investigators continued to dig along the banks of the Neponset River in Quincy for a sixth victim, Flemmi's longtime girlfriend, Debra Davis, who was 26 when she vanished on Sept. 17, 1981, after planning to leave Flemmi for another man.
The indictment charges Bulger and Flemmi with killing Davis because they believed she was "a threat" to Flemmi.
They're also accused of killing Thomas King, a Bulger rival, whose disappearance in November 1975 remained a mystery until his remains were unearthed at the Quincy site last week.
Bulger is also accused of killing Paul "Paulie" McGonagle of South Boston, whose remains were discovered earlier this month in a grave at the edge of Tenean Beach in Dorchester.
The indictment alleges that Bulger and Flemmi kidnapped and killed three people whose remains were unearthed in January from a makeshift grave across from Florian Hall in Dorchester.
Those victims included John McIntyre, 32, of Quincy, who vanished on Nov. 30, 1984, after implicating the Bulger gang in drug smuggling and an ill-fated effort to ship guns to the Irish Republican Army; Arthur "Bucky" Barrett, of Quincy, who was involved in the 1980 Memorial Day weekend burglary of Depositors Trust in Medford; and Deborah Hussey, 26, of Milton, the daughter of Flemmi's longtime girlfriend.
The indictment reveals that the three Florian Hall victims had been buried in the basement of a South Boston home, then exhumed by Bulger, Flemmi, and Weeks in October 1985 because the house was about to be sold.
According to sources, the house was the East Third Street home of longtime Bulger associate Patrick Nee. It was owned by Nee's relatives until December 1985.
Bulger and Flemmi are also charged with killing Revere nightclub owner Richard Castucci on Dec. 30, 1976, after learning that he had told the FBI about the whereabouts of two of Bulger's pals who were fugitives.
Bulger and Flemmi are also charged with orchestrating the May 27, 1981, murder of Roger Wheeler, chairman of Telex Corp. and owner of World Jai Alai, who was gunned down outside a Tulsa country club because he suspected Bulger's gang was skimming money from his business.
When Brian Halloran told the FBI that Bulger and Flemmi were involved in Wheeler's slaying, Bulger gunned down Halloran outside a Boston restaurant in May 1982, also killing bystander Michael Donahue, according to the indictment.
Two months later, Bulger and Flemmi allegedly hired Martorano to kill John Callahan, a former Jai Alai executive, in Florida because they feared he'd cooperate with investigators, the indictment says.
Other alleged victims of Bulger and Flemmi include James Sousa, who was involved in a botched robbery attempt and killed in 1974, and Edward Connors of Dorchester, who reportedly had information on the murder of James O'Toole, who was killed by Bulger in 1973. Bulger is also charged with killing Francis "Buddy" Leonard, a close friend of King, in 1975.
Thomas Butters, an attorney representing O'Neil, said he "is not alleged to be involved in any murders, which is what we've been saying all along."
John Ellement of the Globe staff contributed to this report.
This story ran on page A1 of the Boston Globe on 9/29/2000.
© Copyright 2000 Globe Newspaper Company.



April 2005A Whitey Bulger' Connection....Could Ex-FBI Agent John Connolly Go FREE?By Clarence Walker, Investigative Reporter & Crime Story Producer (Houston, Texas)
Bostonians' will never forget the notorious scandal of the FBI bureau and the Irish Mafia. Contents.New Evidence Or False Tales? Witness Comes Forward To Exonerate Connolly. .Final Justice: Connolly's 2002 Federal Trial. .Guilty Charges. .Connolly Wins Support. .FBI Secretive Relationship With Serial Killers Acting As Informants. .Profile Of 'Super Snitch' .Serial Killers Becomes Informants Against Connolly .Congress Reforms FBI Informant Program .Life Behind Bars: Did John Connolly's Help Solve A Double 'Cold Case' Murder In Kentucky? * * *
Could Ex-FBI Agent John Connolly go free?.
Convicted of racketeering, obstruction of justice, and pejury, in May 2002--- ex-FBI agent John Connolly Jr. blew a 'kiss' to his sobbing wife, Lisa, as U.S. marshals led him from the courtroom to serve 10 years in federal prison. Four months earlier, a jury convicted the decorated lawman on charges that he broke the law to protect his informants--- Irish Mafia kingpins James 'Whitey' Bulger and Stephen "The Rifleman" Flemmi. Connolly's involvement and the crimes that convicted him in connection with Bulger's Winter Hill Mafia group was nonetheless the darkest chapters in Boston's law enforcement history. Following Connolly's conviction, U.S. attorney Mike Sullivan said, "The conduct of John Connolly was appalling, an affront of every decent law enforcement officer". "There was skepticism if we would bring to justice one of our own", but this day has come". In 2004, in a turn of stunning events, attorneys for the disgraced Connolly now says there's new discovered evidence to prove the ex-FBI agent innocent of the convictions against him. There's more. Its been discovered that a confessed serial killer who testified against Connolly lied on the witness stand about a murder has been indicted for lying to federal authorities in 1999---as part of a plea-bargain to get a reduced sentence to testify against Connolly. Connolly was convicted on three of six federal indictments, particularly an extortion charge alleging he failed to investigate or prevent Bulger and Flemmi from forcing a man to sell his liquor store. .New Evidence Or False Tale: Witness Comes Forward To Exonerate Connolly As for Connolly's extortion conviction stemming from Bulger's operation the witness retell the story: "The extortion? That never happened" says Patricia Rake,45, the sister of Stephen Rakes who sold the business to Bulger. Rakes, also known as (Stippo) filed a $100 million dollar lawsuit against the government. He accused the FBI of allowing both informants, Bulger and Flemmi, to murder and terrorize citizens including the extortion of his family liquor store. Patricia contradicts her brother. She claimed that Connolly is innocent of extortion because the incident never happened". "Stippo made out on the deal and now he's still trying to make out", the sister explained recently. During interviews earlier this year with Boston Herald reporters Patricia Rakes said Bulger never extorted her brother to sell the liquor store but sold the place to Bulger to eliminate debt problems. Rakes said her brother received from Bulger---$60,000.00 in cash, a new dodge caravan and a job at MBTA, where he still works. A convicted bank robber, drug-addict, and currently free on bond involving a 1987 double murder, Patricia Rakes and her older sister, Mary Rakes O'Malley has been questioned by investigators about their brother. Patricia admits she was a former member of Bulger's criminal enterprise. Both sisters, told investigators, that Bulger, in fact, bailed their brother out of debt because he was in over his head. "Stippo couldn't even get beer for the store. He owed every liquor store distributor in the city", Patricia told investigators and reporters. "Mary was helping him out". Recalling the events when the store was sold, she said: "Stippo met Whitey in the private room at the store. Shortly afterwards, she remembered seeing, "Whitey, Stevie, and Weeksie(Kevin Weeks) leave the store". Patricia further said her brother emerged from the room with a money bag and drove off in a new 1984 caravan. Former Boston police officer, Joseph Lundrom, later convicted in a corruption scandal involving Bulger's gaming operation testified in court against Connolly. Lundbohm said he tried to protect his niece, Julie, from the extortion by telling Connolly about Bulger's demands. Julie was married to Stippo Rakes. Witness testimony during Connolly's trial indicated the FBI agent informed Lundbohm to wire up the couple with a recorder but Connolly claimed the officer dismissed the idea. Testimony further revealed when Connolly allegedly confronted Bulger the gangster replied, "We're not extorting anything from the 'Stippo' guy". "It's a business deal". In response to Patricia Rakes bombshell that Connolly was innocent of the extortion conviction, His attorney, Peter Mullane, stated: "The extortion charge was the cornerstone of a series of lies the government used to build a wall of charges against John Connolly". "The prosecution poisoned the jury with this charge and this new information will help us build our case for a new trial". Connolly is also seeking a new trial based on the recent perjury indictment of former New England Mafia crimeboss and serial killer Frank "Cadillac" Salemme. Indictment against Salemme alleged he lied to prosecutors in 1999 about his role in a murder. Salemme's indictment for perjury is an eye-opener.
Tracy Miner, Connolly's attorney said the Government relied on serial killers to convict Connolly.
"It certainly calls into question the validity of John's conviction", Attorney Tracy A. Miner recently said. Federal prosecutors admitted they have evidence to prove Salemme lied during plea negotiations about his role in the 1993 murder of Boston club owner Stephen Disarro. Aware of Salemme's false testimony, U.S. attorney Mike Sullivan, who prosecuted Connolly, said. "Salemme's lies should have no effect on Connolly's conviction even though he flatly denied involvement in DiSarro's disappearance when he testified against Connolly in May 2002. Miner ridiculed the prosecutor's downplay of Salemme's perjury. "It's absurd. He committed pejury at our trial", said Miner, who ripped Salemme's testimony apart with questions about DiSarro's death. Final Justice: Connolly's 2002 Trial May 28th 2002: When the jury returned guilty verdicts on the assorted charges against the former FBI hero in the court of Federal judge Joseph L. Tauro---attorney Tracy Miner and hundreds of supporters and family members were stunned. Questions overwhelmed their minds. How could a sensible, intelligent jury actually believe that Connolly helped mafia criminals and killers to commit crimes while employed by FBI. As the verdict was read following 12 hours of deliberations over two days Connolly looked straight ahead, avoiding eye contact with the jury. Leaving the courthouse, the fallen ex-FBI agent, replied to reporters' questions with two simple words, "no comment". Convicted of racketeering, obstructing justice, and lying to an FBI agent, the jury concluded the prosecutors failed to prove other serious charges against Connolly: (1) No convincing proof that he leaked information to motivate Bulger and Flemmi to kill three men who allegedly attempted to snitch on the kingpins during the 1970s and 1980s. (2) Prosecutors failed to prove Connolly delivered a case of wine---with $1000 hid inside to FBI supervisor John Morris. Morris testified the wine and money were gifts from Bulger and Flemmi between 1982 and 1983. (3) Jurors also rejected allegations of two other bribes of $5,000 and $1,000 given to FBI Morris. (4) Jurors further concluded the prosecutors failed to prove Connolly guility of scheming with Morris to alert Bulger and Flemmi in 1988---that a Roxbury bookie's telephone was tapped. Guilty Charges .Found guilty of racketeering, the jury obviously believed Connolly informed Bulger, Flemmi, and Salemme of the forthcoming criminal indictments. .In a unusual twist the jury found Connolly not guilty of a separate obstruction of justice charge alleghing he tipped off the gangsters about the upcoming indictments. .Jurors also found Connolly guilty of another charge of obstruction of justice for writing anonymous letter to Judge Wolf in March 1997. The letter was written on Boston Police stationery---the contents of the letter was an attempt to persuade the judge to consider dropping charges against Bulger and Flemmi. In the letter, the source falsely accused retired Boston police sergeant Det. Frank Dewan of fabricating evidence against Bulger and Flemmi. A search of Connolly's residence produced similar stationery from Boston police department. .Connolly was found guilty of making a false statement to an FBI agent in 1997---when he categorically denied contacting Flemmi's defense team. Phone records proved he made numerous calls to Flemmi's lawyer. Connolly's attorneys including prominent legal experts agreed the split verdicts sent a strong message that jurors refused to believe the uncorroborated testimony of the government' rogue's gallery of serial killers like John Martorano, Stephen "The Rifleman" Flemmi, Frank 'Cadillac' Salemme and FBI supervisor John Morris who confessed to accepting $7,000 in bribes from Bulger and tipping them off about state investigations. Morris even confessed on the stand he planted a bomb on a car to scare a man to become an informant. During Connolly's trial serial killer Martorano testified he, Bulger and Flemmi killed Revere bookie Richard Castucci in 1976. Martorano said Bulger told him Connolly warned him that Castucci was an FBI informant who told police where to find (two) fugitives connected with Bulger's mafia enterprise. Kevin Weeks, known as Bulger's youngest protege testified he served as 'lookout' when Bulger gunned down Brian Halloran on the South Boston waterfront on May 11th 1982(Read FBI Dark Secrets:EX-FBI Agent Charged in Mob-Hit Murder).
Irish mafia king pin 'Whitey bulger' is on the FBI Most Wanted list.
Weeks further told jurors that Connolly told Bulger that Halloran was an FBI informant and implicated the Bulger gang in the murder of Tulsa millionaire businessman Roger Wheeler in 1981. Again, Weeks testimony against Connolly indicating he provided information to expose Halloran as an informant was second hand 'hearsay' from Bulger. Martorano testified he killed Winter Hill gang associate John Callahan in August 1982 because Bulger said he'd learned from Connolly the FBI was trying to 'flip' Callahan to become a government witness to finger them as the killers of millionaire Wheeler. Connolly Wins Support When John Connolly Jr. heard the dreadful words...."guilty....guilty....guilty"---he knew that his impeccable reputation as a former decorated FBI agent, his livelihood, and family life were shattered. Facing up to 20 years in federal prison, he felt betrayed and humilated. Connolly steadfastly maintained innocense. He insisted that he "chased criminals for 22 years the way....the FBI instructed him". "As an FBI agent, I did my best to further the goals of the bureau. I am proud of the role I played in bringing down the New England Mafia". Referring to homicide charges that Bulger and Flemmi killed over 21 people including the strangulation of two women, Connolly told reporters, "I am horrified as anybody....though we knew they were major criminals, neither I nor the bureau knew the full extent of their criminality at the time". If respect and honor from colleagues could have swayed Judge Tauro to show mercy toward Connolly--the former agent had tremendous support to touch every vein in his heart. Among numerous supporters were a federal agent, a prominent Boston sports columnists, highly decorated FBI agents, and Joseph Pistone, an agent who spent six years undercover inside the Bonnano crime family. Pistone's role within the Bonnano family was hailed as one of the FBI's most successful operations against La Cosa Nostra. Pistone's work inspired the sensational movie "Donnie Brasco". After Connolly's conviction, Pistone blamed FBI supervisors for Connolly's downfall by endorsing and encouraging agents to develop violent criminals(Bulger and Flemmi) as informants during FBI nationwide operation to destroy the Mafia. Bulger and Flemmi, both Winter Hill Mafia Kingpins were two of Connolly's informants who helped the agent to nail the Patriarca crime family in New England. "A substantial amount of the credit for the demise of that mob family must be given to one man, Special agent John Connolly", Pistone said in a character letter he wrote to Judge Tauro. Will McDonough, Boston Globe sports columnist said the FBI made Connolly a scapegoat for the public embarrassment the agency endured over its mishandling of criminal informants. "He just did what he was told and he did it brillantly, but at the end of the line when somebody had to take the fall for FBI mistakes, they let Connolly take the fall, instead of those above him who gave orders and approved of everything that was done", the columnist said. FBI Secretive Relationship With Serial Killers Acting As Informants Internal memos and hundreds of documents from Congressional hearings that was held in 2002 to investigate the FBI management informant program the practise revealed that FBI headquarters in Washington, for decades, condoned FBI agents in Boston to use professional killers and mob leaders as informants. Many of Connolly's colleagues and those who once worked with him insists that he is not the only agent to bend or break the rules to deal with informants suspected of being killers. When the alleged practise were exposed between Connolly and fellow agents in Boston's FBI bureau the government portrayed the operation as an aberration. While lawmakers in congress criticized such relationships former and current FBI officials indicated the rules of the bureau designed to prevent serious, violent crimes by informants were sometimes ignored. Former agents says it make sense to overlook an informant in robberies or beatings if the information he provides helps solve or prevent worse crimes. Some agents reported they would never protect known killers, but others said under certain circumstances murders did occur. During an interview with an AP reporter, Wesley Swearingen, an ex-FBI agent, who worked in L.A. and Chicago defends informants who kill but for limited purposes. While in Chicago, Swearingen said FBI agents ignored the murder of a low-level mobster by an FBI informant in the 1960s because "the information FBI was getting from the informant was more important". In a nonchalant tone, Swearingen said, "somebody in the mob would kill that person anyway". Another former agent stated: "What it comes down to is---who's got the best information", explains Robert Fitzpatrick. Fitzpatrick served as the assistant director of the Boston field office where Connolly worked. Fitzpatrick retired in 1986. According to Fitzpatrick even if an informant killed someone but provided valuable information in major mob investigations "would be savable". Connolly's critics said the crimes the ex-FBI agent was convicted of prohibited him under FBI guidelines to ignore or allow informants like Bulger and Flemmi to commit violent crimes---or circumvent efforts of other state or federal agencies to investigate informants no matter the value of information an informant provides. FBI guidelines does authorize informants to commit nonviolent crimes---crimes deemed necessary to keep the informant in a position to supply information. Cliff Zimmerman, a Northwestern University law professor who studies informant practices, says it is immoral and illegal for law enforcement to allow their informants to commit violent crimes in exchange for information to gain intelligence about criminal operations. "Is a federal official entitled to make a decision---that one person's life is more valuable than another?" Agents have been known to avoid questioning their informants about things to incriminate them in violent crimes. "You don't really want to know", an agent told an AP reporter. Why? "Because if you don't know, you aren't breaking the rules". Profile Of 'Super Snitch' You may not see this advertisement on TV, in newspapers or billboards---but here is a message from the underworld of the U.S. government. Consider the position: "Attention (all) criminals. No experience neccessary or education required". "Do you want to earn 'big' money tax free? Are you facing a long prison term and need a less sentence? Check out these bonuses: "If you help the government nail a 's.o.b.' they want very bad---perjury is needed if nobody finds out. A criminal record is no problem---or if your snitching help prosecutors win multiple convictions or take down gang members, white collar criminals, and organize crime---we will drop your charges and set you free. If you serve time its short enough to tell freinds you been on a nice vacation. Here's a kicker: "Defendants facing death penalty usually don't qualify for the snitch program to help government convict other criminals but times have changed". "For serial killers, although once prohibited, you can now apply. Please come forward. We need you". Sounds kind of hilarious, doesn't it? But its no joke. Yes, the government will now use the word of a serial killer to win convictions. Just ask ex-FBI agent John Connolly. "There are more informants than ever before", said Gerry Lefcourt, a criminal defense lawyer. "They cut deals to save themselves and they make evidence up if they don't have it". Which provokes the question why? Consider these real-life examples: If prosecutors offered a plea-bargain to a cold blood murderer who committed several murders a chance to plead guilty for years in prison to avoid the death penalty to testify against another criminal; is it likely, the murderer would refuse the deal? Or if a criminal is facing a long stretch, or life without parole in prison, and if a prosecutor offered a deal the offender accepted to serve less than 10 years in prison to testify against someone, common sense dictates the offender will testify to save himself. "Criminal justice has turned into a snitch o'cracy", veteran defense lawyer Ron Kuby once said. "There is wholesale reliance on the worst people, with the meanest of motives to secure justice for all". Serial Killers Becomes Government Informants Against FBI Connolly To paraphrase Brook Benton's classic song..."Rainy Night in Georgia". As the lyrics says..."no matter how you look at it...its life and you gotta play the game". Major Witnesses against Connolly knew by testifying for the government the game was life---even if it meant spending the rest of their days behind bars. Legal experts said when the government inked a deal with an arsenal of serial killer witnesses like Stephen "The Rifleman" Flemmi, John Martorano, Kevin Weeks, and Frank 'Cadillac' Salemme, the government relationship with these psyhcopaths was like french-kissing rattlesnakes. Each offender were facing either the death penalty or life in prison on state murder charges and up to life in federal prison without parole on related racketeering and organize crime charges. Did they testify truthfully against Connolly or told tidbits of lies to save their own lives? Remember the 'snitch' world is part of life and people have learned to play the game at any cost.

Serial Killer#1

Stephen 'Rifleman' Flemmi - A confessed serial killer testified against Connolly. Flemmi is serving life in prison.
Except for looks, Stephen "The Rifleman" Flemmi and Whitey Bulger were like siamese twins. Flemmi was Whitey's number#1 sidekick, the gangster with the colorful nickname. He confessed to killing between 20 and 30 people. Who knows where all he bodies are buried? While Bulger enjoyed the notoriety of being the Irish Mafia crime boss, very few people knew but the soft-spoken Flemmi was the Indian who controled the enterprise. When Bulger became an FBI informant between 1971-1975, Flemmi was already an FBI rat. Flemmi's uncanny ability to play both sides of the law demonstrates how informants are manipulators and untrustworthy. During the 1960s, as the Mafia wars between the Italians and the Irish organize crime escalated, Flemmi tipped off the FBI about the disappearance of a small-time gangster. This gangster was the same person that Flemmi actually murdered and years later would pled guilty to the crime. Authorities say when Bulger and Flemmi joined forces around 1974---as the enforcers for Somerville's Winter Hill gang, Flemmi became the most feared killer in the underworld. A keen, manipulative criminal, like a ringmaster, he played both ends---with the Italians on the North end of Boston area---and the Irish in Somerville. Highly respected by crime boss Raymond Patriarca in Providence and LLario Zannino in Boston, both groomed Flemmi to become a Mafia soldier. Winter Hill gang leader Howie Winter was more impressed with Flemmi than Bulger. "I thought the world of Stevie Flemmi", Winter told a Boston Globe reporter during a phone interview. "He was a man's man". Many have said Flemmi's notorious career possessed intriguing elements worthy of a master spy---loved by many, but known by few to be a charismatic underworld killer. A former paratrooper who served in Korea, Flemmi made freinds across the globe---people from all walks of life. Fellow army veteans had no idea he was a gangster, nor did his wiseguy freinds know he was an FBI informant who 'snitched' them off. Although its speculative but sources have said that some FBI agents that were close to Flemmi admitted they could trust him with their lives. "He was a fun guy to be around...a real gentleman", said Winter's wife, Ellen Brogna, of Millbury. "Stevie would do anything to help you". According to FBI reports, while Flemmi offered comfort and assistance to Winter's wife, he was the informant who helped police bust the crime boss. When Brogna qustioned Flemmi about the 'shocking' allegations he'd been an FBI snitch, Flemmi responded, "things aren't what they appear". Born June 9th 1934, Stephen Flemmi, was the first of three children of Italian immigrants, Giovanni, and Mary Flemmi. Raised near the Orchard Park housing project in Roxbury, Flemmi's childhood freind was Francis P. "Cadillac Frank" Salemme, the former New England crime boss. A few run-ins with the law as a teenager, the police arrested him for carnal abuse, assault, and weapons possession. His parents encouraged him to join the army at 17. Serving two tours in Korea with the 187th airborne regimental combat team, Flemmi was a highly decorated soldier. He earned an honorable discharge in 1955. A marksman, fellow officers dubbed him a "Rifleman". During Korean war he won a medal for rescueing a wounded soldier while fighting a 'bloody' battle with chinese soldiers in the Kumwha Valley. As a criminal Stephen Flemmi became a rich man. He lived the high life,spending millions to purchase real estate in the area of Back Bay section of Boston. More money was spent on expensive jewelry, cars and exotic vacations on young, attractive girlfreinds. Authorities also discovered Flemmi stashed a millions of dollars in offshore bank accounts. Former New England mob boss, Francis "Cadillac Salemme", said that Flemmi and Bulger were each worth about $20 million---raking in at least $120,000,00 each week---or nearly $6 million a year from gambling, drugs, loansharking and other sideline activities. Every beginning has an end, whether spectacular, high-lighted, dark or sad---a criminal must come to grips with final justice. Over a period of three years, U.S. prosecutors negotiated a series of plea-bargains for Flemmi to avoid death penalty for murders he assisted Bulger and Martorano to commit in Florida and Oklahoma. Part of the deal was for Flemmi to reveal the identity of law enforcement officers and what role they played to help or cover up any crimes by the Winter Hill Mafia. Trapped in a solitary cell, Flemmi, one of the most feared assassins in the underworld, regardless of everyone knowing he was a heartless traitor in the Mafia he knew he must play the game to extent whatever life he had left. Haunting thoughts of being strapped to a gurney and asked if he had any last words made the killer sweat, unable to sleep, unable to eat and concentrate. Like a weak animal shivering inside a filthy cage, Flemmi decided to squeal louder than ever to save his life---even if he burned all the energy in his lungs! On October 14th 2003, Flemmi pled guility in court to participating in 10 murders. He provided information to a grand jury that indicted ex-FBI agent H.Paul Rico in connection with the contract murder of Roger Wheeler in Oklahoma. Rico died in jail in January 2005 awaiting trial. Explaining the plea-bargain, U.S. attorney Mike Sullivan said: "No one is in a better position than Flemmi to give us the details we need to seek the truth about the corruption between FBI bureau in Boston and the Winter Hill Mafia". Relatives of the murder victims packed into federal court in Boston to watch the sentencing. Some relatives sobbed as they heard Prosecutor Sullivan describe graphically how their love ones were either strangled, beat, interrogated, shot in the head, and dumped into shallow graves by Bulger-Flemmi's mob crew. Flemmi pled to these murders: (1)Debra Davis. Davis was Flemmi girlfreind. She was murdered by Bulger and Flemmi after Flemmi lured her to his mother's home in South Boston. Flemmi told authorities Davis was murdered because she knew too much about their criminal activities and their work as FBI informants. (2)Roger Wheeler. Wheeler, a rich Tulsa businessman and chairman of Florida-based World Jai Alai(pronounced hi-li) was killed on May 27th 1981 in the parking lot of Southern Hills Country Club in Tulsa. Flemmi said that he and Bulger conspired with former FBI agent, H.Paul Rico, who they worked for as informants, to prevent Wheeler, 54, from exposing a money scam at Jai Alai, where Rico served as an executive security operator. John Martorano was the triggerman. (3) John Callahan. Callahan, a Winchester financier with close underworld connections was murdered in Miami Florida on August 1st 1982. Prior to being murdered, Oklahoma authorities were desperate to find and question him about the role he played as middleman in Wheeler's death. Flemmi confessed that he and Bulger hired Martorano to kill Callahan although Callahan was Martorano good freind. Sullivan stated in court that other victims identified as Richard Castucci, Brian Halloran, John McIntyre and Mike Donahue-(Robert George won a suit against the Govt. in 2007 - See below for that result) were murdered to eliminate them as actual or potential witnesses against Bulger and Flemmi's involvement with other crimes and murders to protect their Mafia enterprise. Pleading guility to 17 separate charges, Flemmi apologized: "I'd like to extend my deepest apologies to the families, the victims, my family, the public at large, and the court". "I am truly sorry. I hope they forgive me". A family member excoriated the crime boss. Tim Connors said he was 6 months old when Flemmi murdered his father, Edward Connors, in 1975. "For 28 years, I've been doing hard time for your crime", the young man lamented". "Your trouble are over, mines are with me every day until I die". A relative of victim Debra Davis screamed profanity at the crime boss killer: "You make me sick". Another sobbing relative said: "He got no feelings, no remorse". How can a man be like that?" Sentenced to life without parole on January 27th 2004, Flemmi avoided the death penalty by testifying against Connolly and helped prosecutors to bring charges against other players. Now 70-years-old, someday the former gangster will die in prison. Stephen "The Rifleman" Flemmi earned notoriety as a vicious crime boss, ruthless killer, liar and thief. His trail of violence on this earth will always impact the lives of the offsprings of the victims he murdered. Yet its been said, no matter how bad, despicable or evil we may have been during our lives, somewhere we done something good. Vilified as a vicious killer, Flemmi left something of valuable behind to remember---a positive contribution to society impressive enough if someone don't know the history, the real story behind the name. To learn what it is---visit the Korean War Memorial in Charleston Massachusetts. Located on the property of the Memorial is the name Stephen "The Rifleman" Flemmi---the name inscribed on a granite bench that reads: "In memory of the paratroopers who made the supreme sacrifice on the battlefields of Korea".


Serial Killer#2

Former New England crime boss Frank 'Cadillac' Salemme. Connolly is seaking a new trial based on recently discovered evidence that Flemmi lied to Federal authorities about a murder case. Salemme testified against Connolly.
John "Hitman" Martorano was a dedicated Mafia criminal. Loyalty meant everything. He confessed to killing over 20 people during a long criminal career. Several of the murders were orchestrated by Flemmi and Bulger. Loyalty for Bulger and Flemmi shattered into betrayal and disbelief when he discovered they were FBI onformnts who 'snitched' on rivals, freinds, including him. Facing severe penalties or death penalty in Oklahoma and Florida for contract murders the once ruthless Mafia soldier turned on Bulger and Flemmi, implicating them in 20 or more murders and mob related activities stemming from their Winter Hill operation. Martorano agreed to testify for the government against Connolly and other corrupt law enforcement officers and targeted unindicted organize crime gangsters. An unidentified source was quoted in a Boston newspaper concerning Martorano informant status said, "it's certainly not an attempt on John's part to cleanse his soul". "I think the motivation is an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth". Close associates said Martorano, enraged, to discover federal prosecutors refused to indict Bulger and Flemmi on the horse-race fixing charge in 1979---instead the feds indicted him and 20 other people. Aware of the indictment handed down Martorano went on the run for 16 years. He murdered Wheeler and Callahan while being a fugitive. The gangster finally learned it was Flemmi who told the FBI he was hiding in Miami area. Born December 13th 1940, John Vincent Martorano, was the eldest of two boys of Angelo and Elizabeth Martorano. Angelo immigrated from Sicily; his mother was a mixture of Irish and English. The Martorano brothers grew up in Cambridge. Both brothers, John and James,were outstanding achievers in academics and sports. A classmate who attended Saint Agatha's grammar school with John said he was very bright with tremendous potential. "When you sat next to him in school and when the nun handed him a test with '10 or 20' problems that could last 45 minutes he'd have it done in 10 minutes, a classmate told Boston reporters. As a co-captain on the football team with brother, James, Martorano graduated from Milton High in 1959. Streetwise and impressed with the high rollers, Martorano spent time at Luigi's--a restaurant owned by his parents located near the combat zone. This section of town, described as the underworld's breeding ground is where Martorano befriended many known wiseguys. Underworld sources have said the Martorano brothers met Flemmi during 1960s at the nightclub owned by their father and met Bulger around 1971. A Taste For Blood Martorano confessed he committed murder for the first time on November 15th 1962, at age 24. The victim, Robert Palladino, 32, of Winchester, previously testified before a Suffolk grand jury that indicted Martorano's brother, Jimmy. The indictment accused the younger brother of being an accessory--after a young waitress was murdered. Her body was hid in the loft of a restaurant owned by the Martorano family. Initially police considered Palladino a suspect in the murder. His body was found under the central artery near North station. He was shot execution style. A year later, Martorano admitted, he murdered another witness connected with the case identified as John Jackson. Jackson was a bartender. Throughout late 1960s, Martorano told police he killed at least 10 people. On January 6th 1968, Martorano went on another murder spree. Martorano's target was Herbert "Smitty" Smith, assistant manager at the Basin street south nightclub in Boston's south end. When Smith arrived to meet with the 'hitman' to settle a beef between underworld rivals Martorano was surprised to see two passengers with Smitty, identified as Elizabeth Dickson, 19, and Douglas Barrett, 17. Martorano told authorities he killed the victims with gunshots to the head. Their bodies were found inside Smitty's vehicle parked on Normandy street in Roxbury. On March 8th 1973, Martorano, mistakenly killed Michael Milano, 30, a bartender at North station nightspot. Martorano thought Milano was the club owner--the specific target. At Connolly's 2002 trial, Martorano wisecracked as he described killing over 20 people as a hitman for James 'Whitey' Bulger Mafia gang in Boston area. He testified that Connolly protected Bulger because his brother, then-Senate president William "Billy" Bulger, had asked Connolly to "keep my brother out of trouble". For years, William Bulger denied accusations of having knowledge nor involved with Whitey's criminal enterprise. When prosecutors asked Martorano to describe the nature of the bribes from Bulger to Connolly, he said: "Whitey Bulger would say, "any chance to give Connolly something, give him something". Martorano also said when Connolly asked for a special gift to give his wife, Bulger purchased a two-carat diamond ring--albeit a stolen ring and gave it to Connolly. As spectators listened to Martorano's tales of 'blood and money' he revealed a shocker: Connolly told Whitey Bulger that Richard Castucci and Brian Halloran were providing information to FBI about murders and other crimes. Halloran and Castucci were later killed by Bulger and Flemmi. Efforts to discredit the damaging information, Connolly's attorney characterized Martorano's testimony as another drama of lies to save himself from the death penalty. U.S.attorney Don K.Stern rebuffed the attorneys claims. He said the law wouldn't have nailed Martorano for the murders he committed "without his confession". Actually, Stern explained, Martorano could have served only "four or five years" on the original charges of racketeering, race-fixing and extortion charges alone. June 24th 2004, Martorano, the curly-head, muscular hitman, for the Irish Mafia faced final justice. U.S. district judge Mark L. Wolfe (The same Judge that is admonising the Justice Dept. and Sullivan now) sentenced Martorano to 14 years in federal prison and five years probation upon release. Wolfe warned Martorano: "People have bad habits that are hard to break. You better keep working on breaking them". If true, that murder is a selfish act; a person can kill, kill, kill. But when a killer is caught they want mercy for taking a life they had no 'right' to take. Then John Martorano must be one selfish, evil, human predator. Family members of the victims he killed watched intently as he offered these words: "I'd like to say...I'm sorry for any family I've hurt. My only desire is to be an asset to my family and make up for the lost years". The apology enraged family members. "He should get life for cold-blood murder...I don't care how much information he gave the court", said Marion Govoni, whose husband, John "Jack" Banno, was killed by Martorano in 1969. U.S. attorney Mike Sullivan offered no apologies but he explained the rule of law--the law that seems unfair but justice had to be served. "My hope is the victim families and the public understand the horrible dilemma we faced in this case and why Martorano's cooperation was so important to the government's investigation and why we made this agreement". To paraphrase the rattlesnake story, in reference to informants, the snake, hitman Martorano---when he testified against Connolly and recalled what another killer told him about the illegal activities of rogue FBI agent John Connolly, the snake had used the government to save his life. Serial killer John Martorano will be released in 2006.

Serial killer#3

Francis P. "Cadillac Frank" Salemme. (Robert A. George cut a deal for him and he was released in Dec. 2008) Salemme became the boss of the Patriarca crime family when the high-level structure was in shambles.To first understand the story of the Patriarca family; the Italian sect of the LCN that wasn't as prominent as the five crime families in New York it is imperative to understand its history. Historical roots of the mob's location on the East coast section of the united states was controled by five brothers from Sicily. These brothers operated the New England Mob, originally based in Providence Rhode Island during World War I. The Connecticut river divides the New York and New England crime family territories. During prohibition days, a bootlegger and New York Mafia associate named Raymond Patriarca Sr. (Joseph Balliro's client) controlled a La Cosa Nostra organization prominently known as the Patriarca family; the crime family that Salemme would eventually take over. In 1938, Patriarca was sentenced to serve 3-to-5 years in state prison for robbery. Politically connected within the system, a Massachusetts governor' representative helped Patriarca win parole after he served only three months. Between 1952-53, Patriarca engaged in a rival war with Irish mob boss Carlton O'Brien to wrest control of the rackets and related mob activities. O'Brien lost the battle when an assailant shot him to death. His death and other deaths thereafter elevated the Patriarca Italian family to supreme dominance in the New England area. A rich entrepreneur, Patriarca owned partnership in several illegal gambling operations with Philadephia 'don' Angelo Bruno including partnership in Berkshire Downs, a race track, whose owners included celebrity Frank Sinatra(read Frank Sinatra and the Mob:Crimemagazine.com) Or: All about Frank Sinatra and the Mob: Crimelibrary.com. Boss Patriarca died of heart attack at his girlfreind's house in 1984. He was 76. Raised in Jamacia Plans, Massachusetts, Francis P. "Cadillac Frank" Salemme was born July 31st 1930. He spent early years as a loyal Mafia soldier, rising to prominence in the mob as a murderer of rivals and raked in scores of 'big' money for the mob organization. When the major players of the Patriarca family had either gone to prison or died the highly respected gangster wouldn't become boss until the 1990s. Before he became boss, Salemme, whose mother was Irish, served 15 years in prison for planting a bomb in the car of attorney John E. Fitzerald on January 30th 1968. Fitzerald was the attorney for a mob hitman who became an FBI informant (Joseph "The Animal" Barboza). The bomb was planted to intimidate the informant. While in prison, Salemme helped rescued a guard shot by an inmate. Massachusetts governor Michael Dukakis, impressed with the Mafiosos' bravery, awarded Salemme a commendation. The well-known New England gangster also received recognition for, on numerous occassions, helping prison officials to eliminate inmate disturbances. How ironic for Salemme to act as a loyal peace maker in prison yet upon release he became a human 'blood' warrior. Dubbed the Irish Mafia wars, a group of renegade members from Boston's underworld led by Joe Russo they killed Patriarca's underboss, William P. "Wildman" Grasso. Hours later Salemme was severly wounded during an ambush at a pancake house. Between 1991 and 1992, under Salemme's rule as Patriarca' crime boss, six renegade mob players or associates were murdered: (1) Howard J. Ferrini August 6th 1991 (2) Robert A. Donati September 1991(Donati was a police informant) (3) Barry Lazzarini October 3 1991 (4) Kevin Hanrahan September 1992 (5) Rocco Scali October 1992 (6) Vincent A. Arcieri December 1992 (7) Steven Disarro December 1992 Retaliation was imminent. The renegade gangsters either wounded or murdered several of Salemme's associates or "made men". Bloodshed continued until 1994 when Salemme was indicted on racketeering and extortion charges. Salemme alleged to authorities that FBI agent John Connolly tipped him, Bulger and Flemmi off about state indictments. Salemme fled the state. Testifying against Connolly, Salemme said that twice in 1993 he saw $5000 put aside by Flemmi for Connolly---once for a summer vacation and the second payment for christmas. Under questioning by prosecutors, Salemme further testified he was "tipped off about a grand jury investigation and that their group of mob players were targets of electronic surveillance by state police". Salemme admitted Connolly did not supply the information direct to him, but said the info came from Flemmi who told him the secretive info, in fact, came from Connolly. The confessed killer said he first met Connolly in person at Boston Edison where Connolly worked as a lobbyist after leaving FBI bureau. They discussed police investigations into the mob's activities of the Winter Hill gang and Salemme's group. Connolly's secretary at Boston Edison added damaging testimony when she testified Connolly told her that if Kevin Weeks(Irish Mafia gangster) called for him, "to put his calls straight through". Prosecutors recommended to Judge Wolfe that Salemme deserved leniency due to his testimony against Connolly and other corrupt law enforcement officials involvement with organize crime in New England-Boston area. Part of the deal for Salemme to plead the prosecutor agreed to drop murder charges against Salemme--the murders stemming from the renegade wars between 1991 and 1994. Judge Wolfe sentenced Salemme to 136 months in federal prison after he pled guility to numerous racketeering and bribery charges, particularly the bribery of Teamster officials involved in motion picture projects in Nevada, California and Masschusetts. Wolfe also assessed three years of supervisory release. U.S. attorney Don K. Stern said, "This conviction have severely weakened the structure of organize crime in New England". The first sign of trouble between Salemme and the government came to light when the Boston Globe reported the feds had kicked him out of the witness protection program in November 2004. Salemme was in the program until he was released from prison in March 2003. Finally in December 2004 a federal indictment of perjury and obstruction of justice was filed against Salemme for the 1992 murder of Boston nightclub owner Stephen Disarro. Prosecutors now say there's evidence to prove Salemme lied in 1999 during plea-bargain negotiations in exchange for a reduced sentence to testify against Connolly that he wasn't involved with Disarro's murder. Prosecutors insists the former crime boss not only helped others to kill Disarro that he helped bury the body. Facing another uphill battle on charges he lied to get a reduced sentence for his crimes, the old-time, Mafia boss and serial killer is looking forward to beat the rap. There's been so many 'rats' squealing on each other in this ongoing, surreal mob drama of murder and betrayal--who knows where the truth begins and end? So far,prosecutors isn't dangling any cheese for Salemme to nibble on. Only time will determine if Salemme can 'rat' his way out of this hole.


Serial Killer# 4

Born March 21st 1956 in Boston, Massachusetts, Kevin Weeks organize crime career began in the 1970s when his father, John, encouraged him to associate with Irish Mafia kingpin James "Whitey" Bulger. Working as a club bouncer in South Boston where Bulger and Flemmi occasionally frequented, Weeks association with Bulger elevated him to become one of Bulger's closest allies in the Winter Hill gang. Weeks was arrested on November 17th 1999 on a twenty-nine count indictment alleging racketeering, extortion, drugs and money laundering. Described in court as a loan shark, leg breaker, extortionist, gravedigger, and body remover, Weeks told the jury in Connolly's trial that he assisted Bulger and Flemmi to kill and bury many victims. Questioning by Prosecutor Sullivan, prodded the handsome killer to recall memories of Connolly's trail of corruption. He testified that he first learned the secret of the FBI agent when he came into the South Mart Liquor store, asking: 'What was up?' Not realizing who the agent was, Weeks said Connolly's demeanor pissed him off. "What did Bulger say?" the prosecutor asked. "Don't ever talk about that guy like that. He's a freind of ours". "John Connolly was giving them information, Weeks said. Weeks further testified Bulger paid huge sums of money and purchased expensive gifts for law enforcement officers who provided information to keep the kingpin abreast of investigation developments targeted at Bulger's enterprise. "Christmas is for cops and kids", Weeks recalled Bulger saying. In response to prosecutor's questioning about code names and the exchange of money between Bulger and FBI agents, Weeks stated. "Bulger gave me two envelopes to give John Connolly. One had the letter 'Z' on it for $5,000". "Z was for zip, Connolly's code name". "The other(for $1,000) had agent 'orange' on it". Agent Orange was the code for John Newton. Weeks testimony brought forth more damage. "John Connolly came into the store asking if the other guy was around. He said indictments were imminent against Whitey, Stevie, and Frank". "Connolly said, 'Get word to Bulger right away'. Prosecutors credited Weeks testimony as the linchpin that convicted Connolly on charges of racketeering and obstruction of justice. In support of a lenient sentence for the gangster, federal prosecutors and Weeks defense lawyer petitioned the judge to assess the mininum sentence to run concurrent on all charges. The lawyers said the repentant killer cooperated in a way unparalleled---in the history of federal criminal justice involving widespread, serious criminal offenses that caused horrible and destructive injury to the Metropolitan Boston community. Weeks information led to recovery of these victims murdered by Bulger-Flemmi group: (1) Bucky Barrett (2) Debra Davis (3) Debra Hussey (4) Tommy King (5) Paulie McGonigle (6) John McIntyre Based on Weeks cooperation police also found 80 weapons and ammunition located at Flemmi's mother' house. Flemmi's brother, Michael, a Boston police officer was also indicted on criminal charges related with his brother's mob activities. "We would not have found the bodies without cooperation of Kevin Weeks", said U.S. attorney Donald Stern. "Those who buried the bodies never believed they would be found". Sentenced to five years in prison its been reported that Kevin Weeks has been released from prison and living under a different identity. If Whitey Bulger is someday apprehended alive---Weeks will have to 'rat' off his boss in court. Lets face reality. Serial killer Kevin Weeks saved his life by testifying against Connolly and now as a free man sources have said he will remarry his childhood sweetheart. Consider this: Isn't it a sweet-heart deal for a criminal to kill many victims, plea-bargain with the feds to help win a conviction against a rogue cop and walk free after serving five years behind bars and the cop still in prison. Now thats the best deal in the house. Government Reforms FBI Informant Program The scandal involving Boston's FBI agents involvement with South Boston Irish Mafia kingpins, James Whitey Bulger and Stephen "The Rifleman" Flemmi, prompted Janet Reno, then U.S. attorney general to adopt strict new informant guidelines in January 2001. Among other changes, the new rules gave the justice department lawyers a role to monitor the FBI and DEA use of informants. After a two-year investigation into the 40-year history of the FBI's organize crime informant program in New England--Boston area, a U.S. congressional committee called the program, "one of the greatest failures in the history of federal law enforcement". Originally spearheaded by Rep. Dan Burton(R-Indiana)the House Committee on Government Reform alleged: As a rsult of the Top-Echelon informant program, former or current FBI agents identified as John Connolly Jr., John Morris, H.Paul Rico, John Newton, Dennis Gianturco, and Dennis Condon became corrupt by mob criminals masequarding as informants and during the process the agents allowed perjury in death penalty cases, allowed innocent men to linger and die in prison, as well allowing or covered-up the murder of victims murdered by their mob informants. "All of this was done, the report explained, to protect the Irish Mafia informants who helped FBI arrest and convict members of the La Cosa Nostra' Patriarca crime family". Titled "Everything Secret Degenerates: The FBI's use Of Murderers as Informants", the extensive report castigated the U.S. Department of Justice ineffectiveness to aid the congressional probe and intentional obstruction of the committee's work. Throughout the committee's investigation, officials complained of the department's reluctance to accept oversight. "The committee has concluded, the report added, the justice department failed to take responsibility to assist congress on these matters as seriously as it should have". U.S. committee hearings held between (2000-2003) to investigate the FBI informant program, former New England U.S. attorney Jeremiah T. O' Sullivan, in charge of the region's organized crime strike force during the 1970s and 1980s told authorities he knew that some mob informants were committing murders and the agents who controled the informants became personally involved with the killers. O'Sullivan embarrasingly admitted he took no immediate action due to FBI intimidation. "It would have precipitated World War 111---if I'd tried to do anything about FBI informants", O'Sullivan testified. Efforts to help state police to nab Mafia boss James Whitey Bulger, known within the bureau as FBI Connolly's valuable snitch, O'Sullivan said he tried to sidestep the FBI to plant an electronic bug inside of Bulger's headquarters. Somehow the attempt was compromised by a leak. When FBI authorities discovered O'Sullivan work to help state police the attorney said, Lawrence Sarhatt, special agent in charge of Boston's FBI office called him into his office. "What did he say?" a representative asked. "He yelled at me, cursed at me, and said, "I should have never cooperated with the state police". "If you go against the FBI, they will try to get you", O'Sullivan concluded. Other graphic tales of murders and mob-related crimes committed by the Bulger-Flemmi syndicate and the fact a certain group of FBI agents protected them from prosecution emerged during the hearings. Overall, the report called the informant scandal in Boston the inevitable result of the government's unrepentant and stubborn attitude which means---"the ends justifies the means approach to law enforcement". The report continued: "No one disputes the propostion of the destruction of organize crime in the United States was an important law enforcement objective", officials said, referring to the FBI use of Irish gangsters to inform on their Italian Mafia rivals. "However, the steps taken may have been more injurious than results obtained". A multi-billion dollar class-action lawsuit filed by relatives of the victims murdered by FBI informants involved with the Irish Mafia ran by Bulger and Flemmi remains pending. Life Behind Bars: Did John Connolly help solve two 'cold case' Murders in Kentucky? Appeals filed by attorneys to overturn Connolly's conviction and win him a new trial was recently denied by appellate court. Last year, AP news headlines read: Ex-FBI agent who helped Bulger escape prosecution becomes jailhouse informant. Unlike Bulger and Flemmi who ratted on Mafia rivals for years, Connolly insists that his cooperation with Kentucky police involving two murders was not to gain personal benefits but to do whats right. Connolly contacted Kentucky authorities after an inmate confessed the murders during casual conversations. A police detective told reporters that Connolly's version of the inmate confession was credible. According to Boston Globe and AP reports---when Connolly arrived at federal prison in Lexington Kentucky in September 2002, his highly publicized story about the Bulger-Flemmi saga was already known by fellow inmates. They treated Connolly like a member of the mob. What led Connolly to establish a close relationship with convicted drug dealer and gang leader, Cornelius Anderson, 38, remains unclear but the story both convicts researched case law together in the prison library. Anderson was serving a 28-year sentence for operating a 'crack cocaine' ring in the Louisville area. Police reports indicates Anderson confessed to Connolly he had Gail Duncan, a former drug addict and informant, killed in 1996, because she was scheduled to testify in Anderson's drug conspiracy trial. Duncan was shot to death in her car as her 9-year-old daughter screamed in horror. Utilizing investigative skills as an FBI agent, Connolly compared notes with inmate, Robert L. Rankin, another convicted drug dealer. Connolly told authorities, Rankin articulated how Anderson confessed to killing Deron Cole, 20, a co-defendant of Anderson. Cole was murdered after he pled guility to lesser charges in return for reduced sentence. A suspicious Anderson feared that Cole would snitch. When Connolly informed his attorney and Louisville police detective Anthony L.Finch, the officer in charge of the homicides, that Anderson confessed the murders the detective interviewed Connolly and Rankin. "I knew if I didn't do something, I'd been reinforcing what people thought of me", Connolly told a Globe reporter during a prison interview. Detective Finch is convinced that Connolly is speaking the truth. "The bottom line is, the man is not lying and he's not wrong", Finch spoke of Connolly. He has been nothing but truthful and risked his own life". Finch said there's enough evidence to corroborate Anderson's role in Duncan's murder, but not in Cole's murder. Defense attorney E.Mullane criticize the police inactiveness to move forward indicating that May 2005--will make two years since Connolly gave the information to Louisville police and still no results. "Nothing has happened. It's been a waste of John's time and unnecessary risk for him to take", Mullane said. For those harboring suspicion that Connolly informed on the drug dealer to get a reduced sentence, the former agent stated: "I would have done this anyway because its the right thing to do, period". "If leniency had been my motivation, I wouldn't have risked my life without getting a promise in writing". Deprived of liberty and freedom to reconcile with a loving family, Connolly someday may accept a lesser sentence if given the opportunity but in 2003 when federal authorities offered Connolly immunity to identify crimes and corruption committed by fellow agents in Boston's FBI bureau where he once worked as a decorated agent he declined the offer citing the fact, "I know of no crimes committed by other agents". What Connolly wants the most is vindication for the alleged crimes all those rotten, sadistic serial killers, said he helped the Irish mob to commit---crimes that Connolly insists he's not guility of. End Journalist Clarence Walker can be reached at: Cwalker261@excite.com or Mafia101@myway.com Any comments? Please voice your opinion to following questions: .Should the court grant Connolly another trial based on allegations he never committed extortion of the liquor store and that serial killer Frank Salemme lied during Connolly's trial denying involvement in the 1992 murder of Stephen Disarro? New evidence, now proves, Salemme, in fact, was involved. .Should a jury be allowed to convict a person upon the word of known liars, felons and psychopathic killers?(without corrobative evidence to confirm their allegations). .Should U.S. government and state prosecutors renew efforts to determine if Connolly or other retired or current FBI agents gave information to Bulger and Flemmi that possibly caused the deaths of other victims, particularly(suspected)informants working against Bulger and Flemmi before the crime bosses were indicted on racketeering and 21 murders? .Should John Connolly be given a reduced sentence if evidence proves his undercover work in prison helped Kentucky police to solve murders in Kentucky?

Disclaimer: Opinions, beliefs and quotes from various news media sources mentioned in this story does not reflect the promotion by Americanmafia.com to endorse John Connolly's guilt or innocense,or his bid to win a new trial. News Sources and Research material: (1) Boston Globe (2) Boston Herald (3) AP News Network (4) Americanmafia.com (5) U.S. Attorney press release (6) U.S. House Committee FBI Informant Report (7) Anonymous FBI Sources (Retired and Current) (8) Irish Mafia Wars By Allan Mays * * *Suggested book reading to learn more about Boston's FBI relationship with the Irish Mafia Kingpins James Whitey Bulger and Stephen "The Rifleman" Flemmi: (1) Black Mass: The Irish Mob, the FBI, and a Devil's deal: Authors Dick Lehr & Gerard O'Neill (2) Deadly Alliance: The FBI's secret partnership with the mob: Author Ralph Ranalli (3) At End OF Day: Author George V. Higgins (4) Witness For The Dead: Author Michael Fredrickson (5) All Souls: A Family Story From Southie: Author Michael P. Macdonald * * *Any comments? Give us your thoughts. Contact Clarence Walker, at mafia101@myway.com or CWalker261@excite.com Important warning: In accordance with federal law, Title 17 U.S.C., Section 107, the entirety of the material in this story is not for reprint or distribution. Such action violates copyright laws and constitutes plagiarism. Thereby use of material without prior consent from the author, credited news sources or publishers of americanmafia.com and its news media affiliates are prohibited.
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We found Whitey Bulger . . . and he's still missing
Anniversary party: The FBI celebrates 12 years of failure

By DAVID BOERI | January 5, 2007

"What do his legs look like?"

I'd never been asked that before. I was taking a call from San Diego about Whitey Bulger. I get a lot of calls about Bulger, but this one was different.

"I need to know what his legs look like. I'm pretty sure it's him."

I knew Whitey carried a knife strapped to his ankle - investigators found a Velcro ankle strap at one of his places. I knew the cops going through the trash outside his Quincy place back in the '80s figured out he was lactose intolerant. I knew his vital stats better than I know my daughters'. But I didn't know what Bulger's legs looked like.
I figured I'd better find out. The guy I was talking to in San Diego, who had identified himself as a law-enforcement agent, clearly had an eye for detail.

"He has blue eyes. I got close to him as he was leaving the theater and looked right into them. He was wearing a white shirt - an Oxford button-down - white shoes - New Balance - and a floppy fisherman's-bucket hat, and shorts."
The caller reached me a day or two after he'd gone to a matinee screening of the Martin Scorsese movie The Departed in downtown San Diego on October 6, 2006. He was so sure that in the audience he'd spotted the South Boston gangster upon whom Jack Nicholson's character was supposed to be based that afterward he'd maneuvered his way to the front of the crowd to get a good look at the man's face. Seeing the man's eyes were blue, he'd tailed him for four blocks before losing him near the trolley, he said.

That he'd lost sight of a 77-year-old man was embarrassing enough - I figured the guy wouldn't have made that up. I was impressed by his initiative; he had the makings of a real fugitive hunter. While following the look-alike, he'd called the San Diego bureau of the FBI, and that afternoon, an agent had pulled tape from a surveillance camera situated in the mall outside the theater. It showed the backside of someone going down an escalator who, the agent told him, had the same mannerisms as Bulger. (Click here to view the surveillance video.)

Now, a couple days later, my caller was seething with frustration. He'd expected that the bureau would help him flood the area - he thought he knew where Bulger had gone. He was ready to go. But the FBI wasn't returning his calls or e-mails. Showing still more initiative, he'd gone back to the mall, retraced the path his subject had taken, flashed his credentials, and found five cameras that had captured the look-alike's image on tape, face forward and even in close-up. He was already searching the area he thought his suspect was headed for on the trolley. He was eagerly waiting for agents to join him. He was eager to describe the look-alike's facial features to see if it was a match.

"I'm a freaking cop and they're not returning my calls," he complained. The FBI didn't return his calls for the next 36 days.
I didn't know what Bulger's legs looked like, but I told my man in San Diego I knew people who probably did, and that I'd get back to him. I was skeptical he'd seen Bulger, but I knew enough to take him seriously. "His legs are freckled and he has no hair on them," he told me.

As it turns out, Whitey's family, lovers, and rape victims may be the only ones who've ever seen the gangster's legs.

JIM? IS THAT YOU? The Bulger possible in San Diego.Click here to view surveillance video.
"He never once wore shorts when I was with him," said Kevin Weeks, and as his right-hand man for 20 years, Weeks had seen Bulger in all sorts of positions: strangling a woman with his hands, blowing a victim's brains out, and casually and cruelly killing another victim over the course of hours . . . but never in shorts.

The California sun has been known to loosen up a lot of people, however, and maybe "Jim," as Bulger's friends know him, had unburdened himself of both killing and clothing conventions. Perhaps he's shed the long pants as easily as he discarded the 19 murder indictments and the 18 other killings Weeks says the fugitive owned up to one night. Maybe that was Whitey in shorts.

But the FBI wasn't calling my man in San Diego, who now had a collection of videos and images of the subject that the bureau didn't even know about. The fact that his Bulger look-alike hadn't taken his hat off in the movie theater had my caller convinced and pumped him to go looking.

"They don't even call me," my West Coast contact fumed. "They bungle-f'd the whole thing."

When he talked about the San Diego Bureau agent assigned to investigate Bulger sightings in Southern California, he was blunt: "She couldn't solve a murder if it occurred in front of her."

The Irish distraction

Perhaps the FBI and the Bulger Task Force were too emotionally invested in their Irish leads to care much about San Diego. Whitey fever had them in its clutches this year when the Irish Garda notified them that they had a Whitey look-alike they'd been watching, and they had him on video and audio tape. They were quite confident (70 percent confident, they claimed) they had their man.

In Boston, the FBI called an old Boston cop in from retirement in the early fall to check out the Irish tape, since not one person in the current Bulger Task Force had ever seen Whitey in person. Apart from what they'd seen on a few frames of video, they'd never seen him walk either.

The cop came in and saw someone who didn't look or sound like Bulger - the voice was too high, he says, too whiny, too Irish in its brogue. He was noncommittal, but the surveillance operation in Ireland continued, apparently undimmed by the cop's assessment, until the Garda and the bureau moved in on the Bulger-who-wasn't and the Irish illusion was popped like an overblown balloon.

Back in Boston, the old cop had walked out of the bureau into the fresh air after seeing the video and joined the ranks of other FBI outsiders who've worked on or with the bureau's Bulger Task Force and who are convinced the bureau is totally incapable of finding its man.

2006 wasn't a very good year for the Bulger Task Force. But then again, none of them have been very good years . . . unless you consider them from the vantage point of the agents involved. Task force members have traveled the world to A-list destinations (including England, Ireland, France, Spain, Italy, Thailand, Brazil, and a place in Uruguay called "the St. Tropez of South America") to check out Bulger look-alikes. (At the Great Wall of China, one agent on the Bulger squad posed for a photograph with a wanted poster of Whitey, as was noted in a publication for retired FBI agents: "Dave has been to 18 countries in the chase for Whitey . . . as he admits, not bad for a kid from Hyde Park.")

At the beginning of the New Year, in what's become as much a local tradition as The Nutcracker and Christmas at the Pops, January 5 (THE SAME DAY 7 YEARS LATER THAT CHRISTA WORTHINGTON WAS SLAUGHTERED BY THIS GOVERNMENT HIT) marks another sort of Boston pageant, though one as cold as the bleak midwinter. For on this Twelfth Night, while the Christian world marks the coming of the Magi, Boston marks the going of James "Whitey" Bulger, the serial-killing Scrooge, who became a fugitive on Twelfth Night 12 years ago after receiving a tip to screw from his long-time FBI-handler John Connolly.

You'll see the three wise men on camels in front yards all across Greater Boston, but you'll see wise guy Whitey only on wanted posters - a situation that continues to pose a public-relations disaster for the local FBI. As "the founder of the feast," Bulger was made a top-echelon secret informant decades ago. The bureau then protected him and his associate Steven "the Rifleman" Flemmi from the State Police, the DEA, and the Boston cops while Bulger had the bureau's own agents working for him.

"Christmas is for cops and kids," Whitey used to say as he packaged money and gifts for agents, recalls Bulger associate Kevin Weeks. In the same spirit of giving, Weeks told me, Bulger had six FBI agents "he used to claim he could call on any time, and they would be willing to hop in the car with a machine gun and go on a hit with him."

If the FBI had tracked down the fugitive Bulger in 1995, hauled him back to Boston, fumigated the bureau with a full and open accounting of every agent who'd ever helped him, then put his head on a spike atop the building, the bureau might now be clear of stain and public suspicion. Instead, the FBI has spent anniversary after anniversary in the spotlight, enduring and the perennial question: does the FBI really want to catch Bulger?

The only possible consolation to be found in that query is its implied faith in the FBI's competence. To the agents involved in the case, it must be strangely comforting that the people who wonder if the bureau is protecting Whitey Bulger still outnumber those who insist the FBI couldn't find a rock on the coast of Maine.

In the early years, and then again on the 10th anniversary of the day Bulger booked, the bureau tried to make the Yuletide gay by rolling out claims of progress in pursuing a man they hadn't come close to catching. These days, under the protective cover of the US Attorney's office, which insists on clearing all press inquiries, the bureau maintains the silence of someone nursing a hangover.

Upward mobility

Not that the embarrassment of failing to find its fugitive has marred the career movement of FBI supervisors. While Bulger's been on the lam, they've been on the climb. Since Whitey split, three "SACS" or special agents in charge and an assistant SAC have come to town, each one vowing to catch him - "There's a 95 percent chance we're going to find him," Charles Prouty assured reporters in 2002. And after not finding him, each one has left Boston with a promotion.

This year, there is something new and different about the bureau's observation of the anniversary. Downtown at the Omni Parker House on January 5, over London broil, grilled-chicken provence, or baked Boston scrod, some 200 FBI agents from across New England, as well as the whole range of federal law-enforcement agencies and the US Attorney's Office, will be honoring Ken Kaiser, the latest FBI special agent in charge to leave town for a promotion in Washington. Appropriately enough, Kaiser's farewell will come within what Bulger would have considered "grease-gun" range of the old Federal Courthouse where he officially became a fugitive on an arctic January night in 1995.

Back in 2003, Kaiser fairly swaggered into Boston telling the Herald: "There is a new sheriff in town." Calling Bulger's capture his mandate and top priority, Kaiser told the Boston Globe, "I cannot move the Boston division forward until I get him caught." Tougher still, this to the Herald about Bulger: "It's gum on my shoe and I'm going to get it off. . . . We are going to catch him."

All the tough talk set a high bar that Kaiser failed to clear, but don't expect any of his adulatory guests to recite those words back to him over scrod. And what's truly breathtaking is that the FBI and its federal-enforcement cohorts - even US Attorney Michael Sullivan is expected to attend - will honor Kaiser on the anniversary associated with what a congressional committee has called "one of the greatest law-enforcement failures in history."

Absent from the guest list of backslappers this Friday will be the families of Bulger's victims, along with the cops the bureau sandbagged when they tried to arrest Bulger during his reign of terror. For them, pairing a fond farewell to Kaiser with the fugitive's farewell 12 years earlier epitomizes arrogance, ineptitude, indifference, or all three.

"It's so blatant. It's so in your face," says David Wheeler. His father, Roger, a legitimate and wealthy businessman, was shot between the eyes on the orders of Whitey Bulger and former Boston FBI agent H. Paul Rico in the middle of the day in 1981 in far-away Tulsa, Oklahoma, according to prosecutors. Following the sensational murder of Tulsa's largest employer, Oklahoma investigators came to Boston, but they were stonewalled by both the FBI and federal prosecutors. The Wheeler murder went unsolved for 20 years, like so many others by junior G-men Whitey and Stevie. (After being charged in Tulsa, in 2004, Rico died in jail.)

Over the phone, David Wheeler poses this question for Kaiser: "So where's Bulger? You had a job to do. You didn't do it. So why are you getting a promotion?"

Chris McIntyre, a surviving relative of another Bulger victim, says the January 5 luncheon is like "spitting in our face."
In 1984, after getting a tip from the FBI, Bulger and Flemmi kidnapped Chris's brother John, who'd been cooperating with the government. Bulger strangled McIntyre with a boat rope while he was tied to a chair, and when he failed to die, Whitey shot him in the back of the head. Flemmi pulled his teeth out with a pair of pliers and they threw him into a hole for 15 years.

Though the McIntyres recently won three million dollars in a wrongful-death suit against the FBI, the horror doesn't go away.
"I really believed Kaiser when he said he was the 'new sheriff in town.' He turned out to be the same old stuff. They don't want to catch Bulger. They're worse today than they were 20 years ago, because they're covering up all that crap."

From the Parker House to the old Federal Courthouse in Post Office Square, it's only a few more blocks - also within range of a machine gun from Bulger's arsenal - to the end of High Street and the spot where the State Police and DEA team spent January 5, 1995, looking for Steven Flemmi. They had a warrant for his arrest, and that night when they spotted him, they executed it with a gun to his head and a set of cuffs. Arresting Bulger was supposed to be the FBI's assignment.

"What did the bureau tell you about Bulger?" I asked retired State Police major Tom Duffy, who helped arrest Flemmi.
A KILLER GROWS UP: Bulger in an early mug shot (top) and more recently (bottom) at a grand jury appearance.
"That they had Jimmy in pocket," Duffy answered.
" 'In pocket'? Do those words ring a little hollow all these years later?" I asked.

Duffy almost spit: "He's still not in pocket."
· Bulger wasn't "in pocket," Duffy and the world now know, because he'd been warned off by former FBI star John Connolly, who got the leak of the secret indictment and pending arrest from FBI supervisor Dennis O'Callaghan, the number-two agent in the office.

Don't count on finding Duffy, former colonel Tom Foley, detective lieutenant Steve Johnson, or DEA agent Dan Doherty at the table to toast Kaiser. They were the four horsemen who led a tight unit of state cops that built the case against Bulger in the face of the FBI's resistance. And they take a dim view of celebrating anything on January 5. (What a coincidence THE SAME DATE that Christa Worthington has the Government Assasins brutally slaughter her - Daddy's little gir!!)

"The bureau's image would be better off if they ran a fundraiser instead and used the money as a down payment on a civil settlement with the families of Bulger's and Flemmi's many victims," Duffy says.

When told about the timing of Friday's tribute to Kaiser, Bulger's former leg breaker Kevin Weeks did what everyone except the victims' families did. He laughed. On that January 5, in 1995, after Weeks learned about Flemmi's arrest on the TV news, he paged Bulger, who had been on the road since Weeks had relayed Connolly's warnings to him the last week of December 1994.

From personal experience, Weeks knows how inept and indifferent the bureau was as it tried to snare Bulger in those early years. In what could have been a fatal mistake, Bulger left his Mercury Grand Marquis in Long Island garage owned by relatives of Weeks's in early 1995, before taking off in another Grand Marquis. The original Marquis sat there for six years, untouched. The bureau did come across it, in 1996, but never tried to process or fingerprint the car until the State Police requested it in 2001. Before turning it over, FBI agents checked it out, reported it wasn't worth processing, and gave it to the State Police who promptly found a band-aid with Bulger's thumbprint and enough blood for a sample identifying his DNA for the first time. And under the seat the Staties found a handbill for an Irish festival in Texas that had long since passed.

"Maybe Kaiser thinks he's going to catch Whitey on the 5th," laughed Weeks. Weeks took a plea deal from the feds a few years ago, took the state cops to Bulger's burial sites, revealed his rancid secrets, did a stint in prison, and returned to the streets of South Boston last year.

Whether there's an empty chair awaiting him or not, count on Bulger being there at the Parker House as much as Banquo's ghost at the banquet.

"I don't think Kaiser even knows it's the anniversary or that the bureau pays any attention to the day," says Bob Fitzpatrick, once the number-two guy in the FBI's Boston office.

"They don't give a shit in the bureau. Kaiser is already thinking about his new assignment. Bulger isn't his problem anymore. They think Bulger is history. It's over."

Fitzpatrick has one of the bright roles in the FBI/Bulger scandal. A professional profiler, Fitzpatrick questioned Bulger in 1981, determined he was a psychopath, and recommended that the bureau dump him. Fitzpatrick lost. As supervisor, he testified in court this year, he found that people in the bureau were leaking information to Bulger, and worse yet, that one of the leakers was the special agent in charge! He reported them to headquarters.

"The bureau didn't want to hear that their own people were leaking to the bad guys." Before long, the tables were turned on Fitzpatrick. It appears the bureau even told his subordinates, the very people he had reported as the leaks, and Fitzpatrick was driven out.

"Bulger doesn't matter to them," he says. "The bureau's job is terrorism now. Kaiser and the agents there now weren't responsible for what happened with Bulger. They don't own that shit. That's the way they look at it. Bulger's history and it's time to move on."

A History of Violence

Decades later, on hot days people in the North End could still smell the molasses that poured down Commercial Street in a high killing wave in 1919, when a giant molasses tank exploded in what became known as the Great Molasses Flood. History sticks. And the far-reaching scandal of what happened inside the Boston bureau of the FBI, involving murder, violence, and the corruption of a State House and a city - its culture, its law enforcement, and its media - can't be washed away or wished away with toasts to a departing supervisor.

It sticks because Bulger is history and what happened within the Boston bureau of the FBI is history, "as sordid and rotten as any set of circumstances I've ever heard of," retired State Superior Court judge Robert Barton told me a few years ago.

"You can't have a society when people who uphold the laws violate them," he said. "The FBI will have to live with a black mark for a generation in my humble opinion."

But both the bureau and US Attorney Michael Sullivan continue to proclaim they are winning the war. "History doesn't help us capture James Bulger. It distracts us from our purpose," Sullivan pronounced in 2002 on the eve of the eighth anniversary of Bulger's escape from justice.

When Sullivan said that, he threw the weight of his office behind defending the FBI from continuing questions as to why, given the bureau's history of failure, the job of finding Bulger shouldn't be turned over to the far more expert US Marshal's Service. And he rebuffed the State Police/DEA team that had paired up with the federal prosecutor Fred Wyshak in cracking the case, finding the bodies, and turning Weeks and the killing lot of Bulger's mobsters into government witnesses. That team's efforts have been scattered to the winds.

"They were taken off the case upon the FBI's insistence, when Kaiser was in charge, and told they could not conduct a fugitive hunt," says Tom Foley, the former colonel of the State Police who led the team.

"To take your best people and move them further away instead of putting them in charge of directing the fugitive hunt is a huge mistake," Foley observes. "The FBI is relying on agents who are new to the area and even new to the FBI. It's like nothing changed."

Yet at the bureau, Kaiser touts his improvement of the FBI's relationships with law-enforcement agencies as a great accomplishment.

"If the FBI were a football team, they'd have the best offensive line in the league," says former special agent Bob Fitzpatrick.

"They never stop attacking." (ISN'T THAT THE "TRUTH"- 24/7 - Almost 4 Years now for us!)

Back in San Diego, the cop who'd spotted the look-alike was hungry and driven in the best tradition of fugitive hunters. When he finally got through to the FBI's specialist in investigating Bulger sightings in Southern California, he says, she was dumbfounded that he had pulled the five images of the Bulger look-alike from surveillance cameras while she had only the one. She'd spent hours looking through video and missed them all.

"I don't think she knew what he looked like," the cop told me. And because she waited until October 21 to get a better download from one of the surveillance cameras, the three-week-old video had already been erased, he says. (NOTE: This 5 person Full time team keeping Whitey Hidden charges the Taxpayers of Mass. $500,000 per year plus expenses x 14 years - Plus what's the FBI'S BILL and the U.S. Taxpayer's?)

Instead, the agent distributed a still photo of Bulger to a group of Navy Seals, in case they spotted him because they train on the beach so much. The photo was old vintage, he says, when the bureau first handed it out in 1995.

Was it Bulger? One long-time associate who's seen the video clips says he's "70-30 it's not." A little too thin, a little too young, the guy is wearing shorts, after all. And there's something else.

"On the escalator, the guy is holding onto the handrails. I was with him 25 years and he would never touch the handrails. He was always worried about germs."

Worrying about germs was a luxury when he was back here in Boston, because he never had to worry about the FBI then. And he may not have to now.

Back in San Diego the other day, the cop told me he now wishes he'd tackled the guy and put him in a headlock. Meanwhile, that FBI agent in San Diego has gotten a promotion.

"Is it fair to say you have no clue where Whitey Bulger is?" I once asked Kaiser's predecessor Charles Prouty.
"I'd have to say yes," he answered. It was an honest answer, but not as candid as what another FBI supervisor told me in February 2000.

"The fact that he is still a fugitive after so many years is an embarrassment to every law-enforcement officer we work with," said James Burkett. As I was leaving after the interview, the FBI spokeswoman warned me I better not use that because "embarrassment" wasn't an operational statement when talking about Bulger.

Apparently, it still isn't.

David Boeri, a long-time reporter for WCVB-TV (Channel 5), now covers local news and public affairs in-depth for WBUR radio (90.9 FM). He can be reached at dboeri@phx.com.


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We found Whitey Bulger . . . and he's still missing
Why hasn't anyone said that the FBI having the Whitey fugitive case is a "Conflict of Interest"? Why would the FBI want to catch a guy who was an informant for them for how long? 20 years? The FBI gave this guy "carte-blanche" to run wild as long as he "ratted" on everyone. How much money did they pay him over those years? Millions? He is probably using our tax dollars to stay on the run! Do you really think the FBI wants to catch Whitey so he can tell everyone about the "good old days" working for the FBI? We know as stated in the article that people were killed while on their watch. Could there be more? Connelly took the "hit" and is in jail now, but what about Connelly's bosses over all those years? I guess they didn't know what Connelly and Whitey were doing! Right! Most people don't realize that the FBI did not want Whitey indicted to begin with. Alot of pressure was put on the US Attorney's office not to go forward. Most people don't realize that the State Police and DEA brought the Whitey case to the US Attorney's office. Most people don't realize that of all the indictment counts brought against Whitey (19 murders etc.) the FBI has one count of extortion. So why is it they are involved in this case? Could it be to protect their "down-side"? Another question, (also mentioned in the article) the lead federal agency in hunting fugitives is the US Marshals. Why are they not involved in the Whitey case? I think you can guess why, because they might catch him. "Conflict of Interest"? Tell me it's not. Great job Boeri, one of the few reporters to "stand up" against the most powerful agency in the world. Lets see how long it takes the new SAC to get promoted!!!!!!
By Ravin on 01/11/2007 at 2:09:36
We found Whitey Bulger . . . and he's still missing
I, too, think that I spotted Bulger at a theater in NYC. I called an FBI friend about the siting and submitted and detailed report, but they never followed up. See our blog at www.sherlockinvestigations.com for more details. There are two articles here about Bulger.
By Skipp on 09/24/2007 at 5:12:17




By Jeff Blanchard

Like any other group around the world with a tenuous grip on the heartstrings of its nominal sponsors, the voting, taxpaying public, our FBI tries to keep a pretty low profile, except when it can't.

Case in point is this murder trial in Miami, where the Boston office of the FBI has outsourced its containment of the John Connolly problem, in which a tangle of mobsters and federal agents danced in the shadows for too long, and left too many dead bodies for no one to notice.

From the AP, we heard this statement on behalf of the accused murderer/federal agent of longstanding, who is currently living near the Florida courthouse in a jail on other murder-related charges, and whose memories of his years in Chatham, the boats, the dinners out, the beach, must now seem as distant and illusory as the Northern Lights:

"We can in good faith say he shouldn't get more than John Martorano got," Connolly's lawyer, Manuel L. Casabielle, said in reference to a deal that allowed John Martorano, the Manny Ramirez of Boston mob hitmen, to walk free after serving only 12 years despite 20 admitted killings over his professional career.

It wouldn't be fair, they were saying, to penalize Connolly, the guy with the badge and the gun and the coif and the pinkie ring, for the deaths he caused, more than Martorano, for the deaths he caused.

"The position of the state attorney is that a corrupt law enforcement official deserves to serve the maximum punishment as allowed because they take advantage of the public trust and they violate it," said Miami-Dade Assistant State Attorney Michael Von Zamft, who, praise the lord, is state attorney in a state other than Massachusetts.

What has Boston done to rid itself of the cloud of corruption that has been camped over it since about...Ted Williams's days?
Getting Miami involved is a start, but if it's also seen by anyone as an end, and a closing of the book on the lethal and corrosive alliance between organized crime and organized law in Massachusetts, they are as delusional as John Connolly hoping to see the sun rise over North Beach ever again.

What is surprising about all this Connolly business is not that it happened, that a special agent with Harvard and Bulger credentials and a brother-in-law-next-door-neighbor in the "family," what is surprising is that so much attention is focused on Martorano, Bulger, Flemmi and those guys, and none on his colleagues who are still alive and on the job, not just fellow agents, but his enablers at the District of Massachusetts United States Attorney's Office, and theirs.

It's a pretty stellar cast of characters that has receded into the woodwork here, starting with the senators and running through several former US Attorneys in Boston, among them Mike Sullivan, Bob Mueller, Bill Weld, Ed Harrington.

With Weld in New York and Mueller in Washington and Sullivan in limbo between Boston and the BATF&E, it was Harrington, now a US District judge, who drew the short straw on testifying to Connolly's character in Miami.

Suffice it to say, without going Google or anything, it was lame. We couldn't have busted up the Italian mob without him, that federal judge told another federal judge, to little apparent effect, which makes sense.

In terms of politics and Democrats and families and favors and ever-lasting bonds, Harrington is Kennedy's guy, which makes him Kerry's guy, too, and all the rest, but what difference does any of that make in the scheme of things now, since John Connolly is no longer a featured guest on Top Cops, the short-lived Sonny Grosso series, but will instead have a captive audience with whom to share his stories. Barring a last-second judicial implosion in Florida, Special Agent Connolly will be in jail forever, and ever, amen.

As for Sullivan, the current US Attorney in Boston and the acting director of BATF&E, he is getting raked on so many sides, you wonder how long before he has to start spilling secrets just to keep his place at the public trough, post-Bush.

Here was this about his appointment to the Boston office of a hack named Shine, in a piece by Joe Keohan in Boston Magazine. "So, why Shine? One reason might be that, according to the Dukes County Registry of Deeds, Shine co-owns a vacation home on Martha's Vineyard with Sullivan. It's further worth noting that the other part-owner of that property is Sullivan's longtime friend District Court Judge James McGovern, also of Plymouth County. If that name rings a bell, it's because early in Sullivan's tenure, he created an assistant U.S. attorney/senior policy adviser job for McGovern, who worked at the office from 2002 to 2006 before returning to the bench."

Good stuff. Here's more. "In 2004, two federal judges offered rare public rebukes of Sullivan's tactics. U.S. District Court Judge Mark Wolf castigated Sullivan for tying up the courts with penny-ante street-crime cases, and U.S. District Court Judge William Young hammered Sullivan's office for evincing 'a moral code more suited to the alleys of Baghdad than the streets of Boston' and adopting a mindset that 'reveals such callous indifference to innocent human life as would gag any fair-minded observer.'"

And people around here complain about Michael O'Keefe, district attorney of the land that Connolly forgot, and Sullivan thinks of as his summer home.

Oh, well, it is what it is. A new day dawns. Ted is hurting. There is no need to dredge up all sorts of old wounds. Time will take care of all of this...

That has to be the answer, because otherwise people would not pay their taxes, and that we do, it is either because of some enduring faith in the government, or the normal, human fear of certified mail

Inspiration of the day:
We cannot discover new oceans unless we have the courage to lose sight of the shore.


ATF Head Sullivan Reacts to O'Keefe Controversy
08/09/07 ·
You have to wonder when the "old media" will tackle this icky problem


BOSTON FED. PROS./BATF-DIRECTOR - MICHAEL J. SULLIVAN (A former Mass. Plymouth County, DA) Right Front

By Jeff Blanchard

The phone rang and the caller ID said Dist of Columbia.

In that split second it took to pick the thing up, the only thought that raced through my mind was this was finally the call-back I'd been expecting from Senator Kennedy.

I had left a message about two years ago asking whether he was buddies with any of the guys involved in the Valhalla gun-running episode of 1984, the one where the Boston mob tried to smuggle 7 tons of arms to the IRA...without success.

The acting director of the ATF & United States Attorney in Boston until a replacement can be hired, Michael J. Sullivan was calling to clarify the Michael O'Keefe-for-US Attorney-part of the O'Keefe-Gryboski story."Hello!" I said.

"Hi, this is Michael Sullivan," he said. Oh, my. This could be better.

A former Massachusetts district attorney who is now the acting director of the ATF (bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives) and the United States Attorney in Boston until a replacement can be hired, Michael J. Sullivan was calling to clarify the Michael O'Keefe-for-US Attorney-part of the O'Keefe-Gryboski story.

O'Keefe-Gryboski back story

The O'Keefe-Gryboski story (see entry beneath this one), in a nutshell, is that Cape and Islands District Attorney Michael D. O'Keefe is conducting a grand jury investigation into Ann Gryboski's killing of her husband and some of her neighbors wonder whether that is right since the DA and the doctor used to live about 10 houses apart in the same neighborhood and apparently some of these neighbors feel the two may know each other beyond the courthouse.

Sullivan said at the outset that he was not familiar with the Gryboski case, in which Dr. Ann Gryboski allegedly killed her husband, Patrick Lancaster, on Easter Sunday in their Barnstable home.

The reason he called back was to address the possibility that O'Keefe could become Sullivan's replacement...The reason I asked at all was in the hopes that he knew what the next step would be, in as much as O'Keefe so far has refused to confront (admit, deny or otherwise comment on) the suggestion that he and Gryboski were friends before the murder.

The reason he called back was to address the possibility that O'Keefe could become Sullivan's replacement, as Sullivan's been wearing two hats since President Bush made him head of the ATF several months ago.

Sullivan said he has "no idea" about the Gryboski and O'Keefe business, "but I do know Michael O'Keefe very well, and I know he would make an exceptional Unites States Attorney."

"I also know that Michael is professionally challenged and satisfied by his work on the Cape..."

- US Attorney Sullivan"However," Sullivan continued, "I also know that Michael is professionally challenged and satisfied by his work on the Cape, and I'm not aware of any interest on his part in the US Attorney's job."

So there you have it. Rumors of Michael O'Keefe's political ambitions are greatly exaggerated, straight from the acting director of the ATF, a billion-dollar-a-year crime-fighting unit of the US Department of Justice, with 5,000 employees, including almost 2,500 ATF agents.

That Sullivan deals with lawyers, reporters and bombs all the time was apparent in his delivery -- quick but clear, considered, concise, business-like. I didn't ask, but he sounded as if he were waiting for a plane somewhere.

He knew what he was going to say and he said it without much prompting. Once he had made his point, he asked whether I had any further questions, I said no thanks and that was it, about two minutes.

Thus, the take-away: O'Keefe is a fine man, with a fine job and no known interest in becoming the next US Attorney in Boston, although if he did have an interest, he'd be a good one, and who knows anything about this murder stuff.

Nothing about the case on the DA's website Unfortunately, that still leaves the tabula rosa. No luck with Michael Sullivan. No luck with O'Keefe himself. And nothing about the case on the DA's website.

Not a word. You can read all about how Paul Nolin (acting alone, meaning there were no church superiors involved) killed Jonathan Wessner, how he stabbed him and buried him under rocks on the beach. That's all there, but nothing on Ann Gryboski, who confessed to shooting her husband to death and remains free on bail while a grand jury considers the facts of the case.

The grand jury will conclude that Ann Gryboski was battered by Patrick Lancaster (those bruises were real) and acting in self-defense in fear for her life and the lives of others and thus innocent of any sort of murder charges.At this point, without a major announcement from someone as yet unknown, the course of justice in the case has assumed an air of inevitability - inevitable that at some point in the not-too-distant future the grand jury will conclude that Ann Gryboski was battered by Patrick Lancaster (those bruises were real) and acting in self-defense in fear for her life and the lives of others and thus innocent of any sort of murder charges.

That's what has to happen. Both sides have indicated their agreement.

So unless for some reason the case were moved to another jurisdiction (it's usually Plymouth, where Sullivan used to be the DA), to avoid the appearance of partial justice based on several of the neighbors' closely-held beliefs that there was some kind of relationship between Gryboski and O'Keefe...
...no other scenario is available.

Any other outcome short of total freedom would necessarily be a shock, because that would imply that things did not happen exactly as they have already been described in the current legal limbo.

Gryboski's side and O'Keefe's side agree completely or she wouldn't be walking around a free woman today. Why the grand jury at all, then, is the mystery.

The reason he called back was to address the possibility that O'Keefe could become Sullivan's replacement, as Sullivan's been wearing two hats since President Bush made him head of the ATF several months ago.

Sullivan said he has "no idea" about the Gryboski and O'Keefe business, "but I do know Michael O'Keefe very well, and I know he would make an exceptional Unites States Attorney."

"I also know that Michael is professionally challenged and satisfied by his work on the Cape..."

- US Attorney Sullivan"However," Sullivan continued, "I also know that Michael is professionally challenged and satisfied by his work on the Cape, and I'm not aware of any interest on his part in the US Attorney's job."

So there you have it. Rumors of Michael O'Keefe's political ambitions are greatly exaggerated, straight from the acting director of the ATF, a billion-dollar-a-year crime-fighting unit of the US Department of Justice, with 5,000 employees, including almost 2,500 ATF agents.


Mass. Attorney General Martha Coakley has not named secret account donors
by The Republican Newsroom
Thursday February 05, 2009, 5:13 PM

Associated Press

BOSTON - Attorney General Martha Coakley has not released the names of those who contributed to a secret bank account she has used to poll her U.S. Senate prospects for more than four years, despite recently declaring such disclosure helps the public understand who is influencing government activity.

Under federal law, Coakley is not required to identify the donors unless and until she forms a federal campaign committee to manage a race. That same law allows her to maintain an undisclosed bank account to, in Federal Election Commission parlance, "test the waters" for a federal race.

Coakley has taken advantage of the distinction between a publicly scrutinized committee and a privately maintained bank account to weigh her Senate chances without appearing to be overeager at the prospect of replacing a pair of fellow Massachusetts Democrats, Sens. John F. Kerry or Edward M. Kennedy

The Associated Press sent Coakley two e-mails Wednesday and Thursday seeking a list of the donors to the bank account and the dates of their contributions. The attorney general had not responded by Thursday afternoon, despite her staff saying the requests had been forwarded to her.

Coakley divulged the existence of the bank account Wednesday morning, after the AP asked her about a $25,000 polling fee on a recent report detailing activity by her state campaign finance committee.

After initially insisting the state-regulated money was spent solely to assess her prospects for re-election to state office, as is required by law, Coakley called back. She declared she had tapped a previously undisclosed federal bank account in 2004 and again in 2008 to pay for additional poll questions about a potential federal campaign.

She did not respond to the follow-up questions.

In mid-December, when Coakley announced the indictment of Boston accountant Richard Vitale for allegedly concealing lobbying activity on behalf of then-House Speaker Salvatore DiMasi, the state's chief law enforcement officer argued for public disclosure of campaign contributions.

"We allow for contributions in Massachusetts. We encourage that. In fact, we have not gone the route of public campaign finance," Coakley told reporters. "But we do require public disclosure, and it is the only way we can ensure that there is some way to tell how legislation and budgets are being influenced."

A campaign finance watchdog said Coakley was within her rights to withhold a list of her donors, but she is only delaying their inevitable disclosure if she becomes a candidate.

"Particularly with a Senate race, where you've got a six-year gap between a seat coming open, I could see why you might test the waters for a bit longer than you would for a House race or a presidential race," said Massie Ritch, spokesman for the Center for Responsive Politics. "But at some point, as the water-testing becomes more active, the FEC says you need to declare yourself a candidate or stop this."

All the members of the state's U.S. House delegation, several of whom have expressed interest in a possible Senate campaign, maintain such federal committees and report their fundraising activity through them.

A list of Coakley's bank account donors and the dates of their contributions would ensure compliance with federal fundraising rules. In addition, detailing who had given how much to her private account would reveal whether the attorney general is butting up against a threshold requiring her to create one of the publicly reviewable federal campaign committees.

Candidates for federal office are allowed to receive a maximum of $2,300 per donor for a primary campaign and $2,300 for a general election campaign - nearly five times higher than the $500 contribution limit in Massachusetts.

Also, candidates are allowed to "test the waters" for a federal race only until they have raised or spent $5,000 - and publicly declared they are a candidate for federal office.

While Coakley has said she would consider a Senate race were there to be a vacancy, she has never publicly declared her candidacy for a seat. There were prospects of a special election in 2004, when Kerry was the Democratic presidential nominee and waging a campaign for the White House, and again last November, when Kerry was open to an appointment in the Obama administration and Kennedy was receiving treatment for brain cancer.

Without a list of donors and their contributions, though, it is more difficult to determine whether Coakley has exceeded the other parameter for moving past the testing-the-waters phase: raising or spending more than $5,000.

If and when Coakley forms a federal finance committee, she would be required to reveal the identity of the donors to her secret bank account. She would also be responsible for ensuring the donations and donors met the legal requirements for federal contributions, and divulge how much she spent on the poll questions.

Martha Coakley - Campaign Finance Reports

Middlesex County, Mass.-(A Legacy of Excellance?) (Home of the Bulger's "Winter Hill Gang"="The NEW MOB"=Government Justice & Law Enforcement - The last three DA's from Middlesex County have also gone onto become the Mass. Attorney General. Scott Harshbargar - Who was Middlesex DA from 1983-1991 - then AG-from 1991-1999 - Then Thomas F. Reilly became the new Middlesex DA from 1991-1999- the AG from 1999-2007 - Martha Coakley became a Middlesex A/DA under Scott Harshbarger in 1986 - then she left when she was asked to join the US. Justice Dept.'s Boston Crime task Force 1987-1989 -that was headed up then by Robert S. Mueller to begin with and while she was there ended with Jeramiah T. O'Sullivan - See: The below time line at the U.S. AG's Boston Crime Task Force; Martha ran for her bosses seat Thomas F. Reilly when he ran and won the AG seat in 1999 and stayed on two terms when she then took over her old bosses post as AG now.

· Jeremiah T. O'Sullivan

1/31/89 - 3/31/89



U.S. committee hearings held between (2000-2003) to investigate the FBI informant program, former New England U.S. attorney Jeremiah T. O' Sullivan, in charge of the region's organized crime strike force during the 1970s and 1980s told authorities he knew that some mob informants were committing murders and the agents who controled the informants became personally involved with the killers.

O'Sullivan embarrasingly admitted he took no immediate action due to FBI intimidation.

"It would have precipitated World War 111---if I'd tried to do anything about FBI informants", O'Sullivan testified.


Efforts to help state police to nab Mafia boss James Whitey Bulger, known within the bureau as FBI Connolly's valuable snitch,

O'Sullivan said he tried to sidestep the FBI to plant an electronic bug inside of Bulger's headquarters. Somehow the attempt was compromised by a leak. When FBI authorities discovered O'Sullivan work to help state police the attorney said, Lawrence Sarhatt, special agent in charge of Boston's FBI office called him into his office.

"What did he say?" a representative asked.

"He yelled at me, cursed at me, and said, "I should have never cooperated with the state police". "If you go against the FBI, they will try to get you", O'Sullivan concluded.

Other graphic tales of murders and mob-related crimes committed by the Bulger-Flemmi syndicate and the fact a certain group of FBI agents protected them from prosecution emerged during the hearings. Overall, the report called the informant scandal in Boston the inevitable result of the government's unrepentant and stubborn attitude which means---"the ends justifies the means approach to law enforcement".

The report continued: "No one disputes the propostion of the destruction of organize crime in the United States was an important law enforcement objective", officials said, referring to the FBI use of Irish gangsters to inform on their Italian Mafia rivals.

"However, the steps taken may have been more injurious than results obtained".

A multi-billion dollar class-action lawsuit filed by relatives of the victims murdered by FBI informants involved with the Irish Mafia ran by Bulger and Flemmi remains pending.

· Frank L. McNamara Jr.
4/19/87 - 1/89

· Robert S. Mueller III (R) with (D) support
10/10/86 - 4/6/87

Following his military service, Mueller earned a Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree from the University of Virginia in 1973 and served on the Law Review. After completing his education, Mueller worked as a litigator in San Francisco until 1976.
He then served for
12 years in United States Attorney offices. He first worked in the office of the U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of California in San Francisco, where he rose to be chief of the criminal division (PROTECTING THE CORRUPT FBI FROM EXPOSURE WITH BOSTON & NATIONAL FBI EVEN THEN-BARBOZA and that MESS after Joeseph"The Animal" Barboza was whacked in Nov. 1975 after release from a short arranged jail stint for the Clat Wilson murder and the first person in the FBI's Witness Protection Program by either the FBI or New England La Cosa Nostra "LCN" in San Francisco for setting them up illegally with J. Edgar Hoover's - WHORES at the - FBI.) and in 1982, he moved to Boston to work in the office of the U.S. Attorney's Office for the District of Massachusetts as Assistant United States Attorney, where he investigated and prosecuted major financial fraud, terrorism and public corruption cases, as well as narcotics conspiracies and international money launderers. (THE MOST CORRUPT ONE-SECOND IN COMMAND OF "THE NEW MOB") - (During Iran-Contra-CIA DRUG Importing under Bush One-A Former (1975-1976) CIA Man himself- ones little known secret DRUG DEALING SECRET - until 1993-1996.)
After serving as a partner at the Boston law firm of Hill and Barlow, Mueller was again called to public service - (G.H.W. BUSH). In 1989, he served in the United States Department of Justice as an assistant to Attorney General Dick Thornburgh - (Mostly a Pa. Background) The following year he took charge of its criminal division. During his tenure, he oversaw prosecutions that included Panamanian leader Manuel Noriega-(Drug Dealer that got too Greedy with the Bush's), the Pan Am Flight 103 (Lockerbie bombing) case (Massive Controversy about him hiding the link to the CIA's involvement - not Libya's - according to the following information), (Lockerbie, Mueller, Bollier, Thurman, Lumpert and a timer.) and the Gambino crime family boss John Gotti. - (Another Competitor-
Showtime Trailer for "American Drug War"

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6kp8bLVh_Bg"Even mob boss John Gotti said he can't compete with the ones who bring the drugs into this country. Whoever thinks the govm't really cares about the well-being of the people need to wake up....and soon!") In 1991, he was elected a fellow of the American College of Trial Lawyers.
In 1993, (Clinton became 42nd Pres.) Mueller became a partner at Boston's Hale and Dorr, specializing in complex white-collar crime litigation. He returned to public service in 1995 (Under Clinton) as senior litigator in the "homicide section" of the District of Columbia United States Attorney's Office.
In 1998, Mueller was named U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of California and held that position until 2001(WHY-SAN FRANCISCO AGAIN-UNDER CLINTON But Now with The Justice Dept. AGAIN?).

People Martha Coakley supports and visa-versa;

Tom Finneran - (Former Mass. House Speaker from 1996-2004 - He took over as House Speaker (Currently having Law License stripped -3-13-09) at the same time Billy Bulger who had been the Senate Rep.-(1st Suffolk County-1970 then Senate Pres. for 18 years (1978-1996) was leaving when all this corruption scandal started with the FBI, Justice Dept., and Law Enforcement and his brother "Whitey" bulger) - He's NOW A CONVICTED FELON and was seeking a pardon from George "W" Bush in Dec. 2008 but did not get his wish granted! He also, has a home in Eastham, Mass. (Cape Cod) The same little town that Magnum Mover's is in, that employed all the thugs that were involved in Christa Worthington's planned slaughter on 1-5-2002 - (1-5-1995-the Anniversary of "Whitey" Bulger going on the lamb "WITH THE FBI"!) In 1995, (The same year Billy Bulger Senate Pres. left as a result of the Corruption exposures) then speaker Charles Flaherty resigned after being charged with income tax violations, and in 2004 then speaker Thomas Finneran resigned amid a federal perjury investigation.

Salvatore DiMasi - (Former Mass. House Speaker) Was FORCED TO RESIGN on JAN. 27th 2009 for CORRUPTION! (Salvatore DiMasi had replaced Tom Finneran in 2004-Jan. 2009.


New Mass. House Speaker Robert DeLeo awash in lobbyist cash

Travaglini, Robert E. - He represented the first Middlesex (Somerville-Martha Coakley's turf) County and Suffolk (Greater Boston) County as a State Senator before becoming the Mass. Senate President from 2004-2007, who then resigned to become a lobbyist).

Murray, Therese is the current (2007-) Pres. of the Mass. Senate that represents Plymouth & Barnstable Counties - Plymouth County is where Fed. Pros./BATF&E Dir. Michael Sullivan was first appointed DA by former Gov. Weld in 1995 and Barnstable County where this Government sponsored "HIT" took place. The Barnstable County DA Michael O'keefe has also handed off his case against the Author Peter Manso to his buddies in Plymouth County so as to "NOT APPEAR to be a CONFLICT OF INTEREST" ! What a sick joke all of these CRIMINALS are!

2/11/2002 Coakley, Martha46 Coolidge Rd Medford, MA 02155 Wallace, Brian P. $150.00

5/2/2002 Coakley, Martha46 Coolidge Road Medford, MA 02155 Finneran, Thomas M. $125.00

12/18/2002 Coakley, Martha46 Coolidge Rd Medford, MA 02155 Attorney O'Flaherty, Eugene L. $150.00

5/2/2003 Coakley, Martha46 Coolidge Road Medford, MA 02155 Letter Sent 5/15/03 Finneran, Thomas M. $200.00

5/3/2004 COAKLEY, MARTHA46 COOLIDGE ROAD MEDFORD, MA 02155 DiMasi, Salvatore F. $125.00

8/19/2004 Coakley, Martha46 Coolidge Rd Medford, MA 02155 Walz, Marty $100.00

3/28/2003 Coakley, Martha46 Coolidge Road Medford, MA 02155 District AttorneyMiddlesex District Attorney Murray, Therese $200.00

2/11/2002 Coakley, Martha46 Coolidge Rd Medford, MA 02155 Wallace, Brian P. $150.00

5/21/2004 Coakley, Martha46 Coolidge Rd. Medford, MA 02155 District AttorneyMiddlesex District Attorney Travaglini, Robert E. $250.00

11/7/2004 Coakley, Martha46 Coolidge Road Medford, MA 02155 District AttorneyCommonwealth of Mass Clark, Katherine $200.00


4/9/2005 Coakley, Martha46 Coolidge Road Boston, MA 02101 District AttorneyMiddlessex County DA DeLeo, Robert A. $200.00

New Mass. House Speaker Robert DeLeo awash in lobbyist cash


4/24/2003 Coakley, Martha46 Coolidge Road Medford, MA 02155 District AttorneyComm of Mass Rogers, John H. $200.00


6/30/2005 Coakley, Martha46 Coolidge Rd. Medford, MA 02155 District AttorneyMiddlesex District Attorney Travaglini, Robert E. $200.00
6/9/2006 Coakley, Martha46 Coolidge Rd Medford, MA 02155-2116 District AttorneyMiddlesex District Attorney Travaglini, Robert E. $250.00


12/12/2007 Coakley, Martha46 Coolidge Road Medford, MA 02155 Attorney GeneralCommonwealth of Mass. Clark, Katherine $500.00

10/22/2007 Coakley, Martha46 Coolidge Road Medford, MA 02155 Downing, Benjamin $100.00

7/23/2003 Coakley, Martha46 Coolidge Road Medford, MA 02155 Segel, James $100.00
5/31/2003 Coakley, Martha46 Coolidge Road Medford, MA 02155 District AttorneyMiddlesex County DA Office Reilly, Thomas F. $200.00




5/12/2006 Coakley, Martha46 Coolidge Road Medford, MA 02155 District AttorneyMiddlesex District Attorney Reilly, Thomas F. $500.00

8/21/2006 COAKLEY, MARTHA46 COOLIDGE ROAD Medford, MA 02155 Ashe, Michael E. $135.00


5/2/2003 Committee to Elect Martha Coakley D.A. Finneran, Thomas M. $100.00
3/28/2003 CTE Martha Coakley D.A. (11111) One Kendall Square Bldge. 600 Cambridge, MA 02141 Murray, Therese $100.00
6/19/2007 MARTHA COAKLEY COMMITTEEPO BOX 9171 CAMBRIDGE, MA 02139 INFO REQINFO REQ Democratic State Committee, MA $75.00
6/19/2007 MARTHA COAKLEY COMMITTEEPO BOX 9171 CAMBRIDGE, MA 02139 INFO REQINFO REQ Democratic State Committee, MA $750.00
4/18/2008 MARTHA COAKLEY COMMITTEEPO BOX 9171 CAMBRIDGE, MA 02139 INFO REQINFO REQ Democratic State Committee, MA $1,500.00
6/16/2008 MARTHA COAKLEY COMMITTEEPO BOX 9171 CAMBRIDGE, MA 02139 INFO REQINFO REQ Democratic State Committee, MA $75.00
6/16/2008 MARTHA COAKLEY COMMITTEEPO BOX 9171 CAMBRIDGE, MA 02139 INFO REQINFO REQ Democratic State Committee, MA $1,200.00
3/9/2005 Martha Coakley Committee (transfer checking balance)PMB 312, One Kendall Square, Bldg 600 Cambridge, MA 02139 Coakley, Martha $4,902.17

10/31/2005 Coakley, Martha46 Coolidge Road Medford, MA 02155 District AttorneyMiaddlesex District Attorney Reilly, Thomas F. $250.00



5/12/2006 Coakley, Martha46 Coolidge Road Medford, MA 02155 District AttorneyMiddlesex District Attorney Reilly, Thomas F. $500.00

8/21/2006 COAKLEY, MARTHA46 COOLIDGE ROAD Medford, MA 02155 Ashe, Michael E. $135.0


10/20/2008 Coakley, Martha46 Coolidge Road Medford , MA 02155 Attorney GeneralMass Downing, Benjamin $100.00

8/4/2004 COAKLEY, COMMITTEE TO ELECT MARTHAPO BOX 9171 CAMBRIDGE, MA 02139 Democratic State Committee, MA $2,500.00
3/11/2005 COAKLEY, COMMITTEE TO ELECT MARTHAPO BOX 9171 CAMBRIDGE, MA 02139 Democratic State Committee, MA $2,500.00
3/23/2005 COAKLEY, COMMITTEE TO ELECT MARTHAPO BOX 9171 CAMBRIDGE, MA 02139 Democratic State Committee, MA $1,200.00
3/21/2006 COAKLEY, COMMITTEE TO ELECT MARTHAPO BOX 9171 CAMBRIDGE, MA 02139 Democratic State Committee, MA $75.00
5/8/2006 COAKLEY, COMMITTEE TO ELECT MARTHAPO BOX 9171 CAMBRIDGE, MA 02139 Democratic State Committee, MA $1,400.00
5/8/2006 COAKLEY, COMMITTEE TO ELECT MARTHAPO BOX 9171 CAMBRIDGE, MA 02139 Democratic State Committee, MA $250.00
5/15/2006 COAKLEY, COMMITTEE TO ELECT MARTHAPO BOX 9171 CAMBRIDGE, MA 02139 Democratic State Committee, MA $100.00


March 23, 2009 - For immediate release:

Attorney General Martha Coakley Taps Barretto as New Economic Development Chief

BOSTON - Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley has named veteran local attorney James Barretto, of North Reading, as the new chief of her office's Business, Technology & Economic Development Division (BTED). Barretto joined the Attorney General's Office on March 18, 2009.

"Jim is a top-notch attorney with a breadth of experience in both the private sector and in public service," said Attorney General Coakley. "He is well-respected in both the legal and business communities, and I have no doubt that he will prove a tremendous asset to our team as we work toward the goal of promoting economic development in the Commonwealth."
Attorney General Coakley created BTED upon taking office in January 2007 to lead the office's initiatives to promote economic and technology development in the Commonwealth. The division, which is part of the Business & Labor Bureau, serves as a clearinghouse for the vetting of issues which affect the business community, and which intersect with other mandates of the Attorney General's Office.

For the past 20 years, Barretto has been a partner with Bellotti (former AG-Francis Bellotti's Sons Partner) & Barretto, a Cambridge-based law firm that concentrates in civil and criminal litigation including criminal defense, personal injury, and fraud cases. Prior to starting the firm, Barretto served as Special Counsel to the Massachusetts House of Representatives Committee on Post Audit and oversight, and also spent several years as a prosecutor in the Middlesex District Attorney's Office. In recent years, he has also provided legal analysis and commentary on Fox 25 News in Boston. Barretto received both his undergraduate and law degrees from Suffolk University.

Exculpatory Motion

Exculpatory Motion filed 11-26-07! The motion/document speaks loud and clear about DA O'keefe and his office (See link above), ADA-Prosecutor Welsh (Now Judge appt. by Mitt Romney 12-2006 right after this trial) and his Dad former Judge Welsh ("Man of the People" - See link above) of the Orleans Court handled the dispostions in all these cases! Certifying to the Court and Defense that they had handed everything over when in fact they knowingly hadn't - is a VERY BIG DEAL and fits right into the rest of the conspiracy that has been the major part of this crime and case from the onset! See the Exculpatory Motion filed (Link Above)11-26-2007 and the author Peter Manso who has been writing a book about this crime and case discovered much of this exculpatory material was then setup a month later by an errant home alarm going off and then arrested for guns that were out of registration!

A few excerpts:

"In the aftermath of these filings, this court held several discovery conferences on February 10, 2006, April 7, 2006 and October 11, 2006 resulting in the Commonwealth’s filing of a Discovery Compliance Certificate on October 11, 2006. However, despite these procedures and specific discovery requests, all of the evidence listed in the following paragraphs was known to the Commonwealth about its own witnesses and still withheld from the defendant, bringing us to this point."

The following evidence, uncovered through the efforts of journalist Peter Manso during his research for his upcoming novel on the Worthington homicide case, was deliberately withheld from the defense by the prosecution prior to and during the defendant’s trial. This critical information was known to the government, was clearly discoverable, was requested by the defendant yet still withheld from the Court and the defendant by the prosecution.
In what appears to be an unsettling pattern of uncanny commonality, the same investigators, arresting officers, defendants/witnesses and prosecutors thread through all of the withheld evidence. At the very least, this data was undisclosed and was likely deliberately withheld by the same District Attorney’s Office that handled most of the challenged cases. In other words, the District Attorney’s Office must have known about the evidence and there is no possible reason that the Commonwealth would fail to produce such evidence other than with the intent to deliberately suppress it."

The importance of these witness’ backgrounds and the related laboratory evidence to the defense in this case is clear. Frazier and his associates, not McCowen, were the suggested culprits in this homicide as part of the defense and almost all were present at the Thomas Bilbo party in Eastham on January 4, 2002, only a short time before the alleged stabbing of Christa Worthington. The Commonwealth claimed at trial that it also was at this party that Frazier, Mulvey and others, including most of these witnesses, engaged in a violent brawl and then allegedly went home to bed rather than to Worthington’s house, a place well known to Frazier due to his employment at Magnum Movers."

These (Interviews You can listen to them on this page) took place on Court TV on 10-27-06 with Ashley Banfield followed by the first interview with Amalia Barreda on WCVB-TV Boston on 10-17-06.

The story and video can be veiwed here: TheBostonChannel.com - News - Author Outlines Worthington Case Controversies

Author Outlines Worthington Case Controversies
Fashion Writer's Murder Trial Set To Begin
POSTED: 6:13 pm EDT October 17, 2006
UPDATED: 7:43 pm EDT October 17, 2006

BOSTON -- Controversies connected to the Christa Worthington murder case and trial could affect the outcome, according to a local author.

NewsCenter 5's Amalia Barreda (She's the wife of Mob Defense Lawyer Joseph Balliro who the defense attorney Robert A. George in this heinous trial had worked for Joe for six years and the reason for their appearance in this case, crime and trial) reported that testimony in the Worthington murder case could begin on Wednesday. Christopher McCowen is accused of killing the fashion writer in her Truro home almost four years ago.

Three of 14 seats on the jury remained unfilled Tuesday after two days of jury selection.

"The bottom line is this is going to be one hell of a trial," said author Peter Manso.
For the past year, Manso has been doing research for a book on the murder of Worthington, 46, and the trial of McCowen, 34.
"I don't have a precise number, but I'm sure it's 20 to 30 people if not more -- their phones were tapped," Manso said.
Manso said investigators subpoenaed people's phone records, went through people's mail and surreptitiously obtained DNA by going through people's garbage. Manso said his book will not lavish praise on the murder investigation.

"At least 90 percent of the people I've talked to have raised questions about the arrest of Chris McCowen. Many people come right out and say this guy's a patsy. They had to arrest someone, and they arrested this, forgive me, dumb, uneducated garbage man who's black," Manso said.

Manso said McCowen was a drug snitch who talked to police 36 hours after the murder. A year later, he voluntarily submitted a DNA sample that eventually came back as a match. District Attorney Michael O'Keefe announced the charges and they included aggravated rape.

"All the DNA shows is that Chris McCowen had sex with Christa Worthington. Was it consensual sex? Was it rape? I don't know. From what I'm told, the autopsy does not indicate rape," Manso said.

Once arrested, Manso said investigators grilled McCowen for more than six hours while the defendant was high on marijuana and Percocet, and they didn't record a word of it.

"He's an infinitely suggestible guy. He's a guy who has a low IQ. From what I understand, this guy would confess to owning the Brooklyn Bridge if you leaned on him long enough," Manso said.

Manso, who authored the controversial book entitled "Provincetown: Art, Sex and Money on the Outer Cape," also won't be writing flattering things about the victim's family, especially Worthington's cousin, Jan.

"Jan had not seen Christa for six months. She lived across the street. Six months prior to the killing," Manso said.
In response to Manso's criticisms of the investigation, O'Keefe said, "These were normal complaints from the defendant that were heard by a judge during pretrial motions and they were denied. That's why we have courtrooms and judges who are more experienced at handling these kinds of issues than writers are."

Copyright 2006 by TheBostonChannel.com. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

It wasn't until after the last letter from the FBI local Clearwater, Fl. field office on April 23th 2008, could I say for "certain" that this WAS THE FBI ALL ALONG.

I did not even learn about "CoIntelPro" until December 2008.

From a speech given by FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III April 26th 2007

"And to make sure they fully understand the magnitude of their oath to defend the Constitution, every new FBI agent visits the Holocaust museum, to see for themselves the horror and injustice that result when law enforcement becomes a tool for oppression."

Perhaps it's time for Robert S. Mueller III and his boys and girls club to go spend about a dozen years in Auschwitz to DRILL this lesson into their VERY SICK and EVIL brains - they obviously haven't learned the meaning of that lesson of the words he speaks along with several Mass. Police and Officials that surround this case besides these CRIMES against humanity that they are committing.

FBI Investigative Programs

There would be NO OTHER AGENCY that would have had the manpower, technology, staff, millions of dollars and tens of thousands of man-hours to pull what they have pulled off on so many of us while being the TERRORISTS and destroying honest decent citizens lives! Shame on this CRIMINAL organization under the helm of their hellion leader Robert S. Mueller III.

Public Corruption

Public Corruption is among the FBI’s top priorities and is the number one priority of the Criminal Investigative Division. Public corruption strikes at the heart of government, eroding public confidence and undermining the strength of our democracy. Investigating public corruption is an FBI commitment as old as the Bureau itself. Indeed, it is a mission for which the FBI is singularly situated; we have the skills necessary to conduct undercover operations and the ability to perform electronic surveillance.

As the lead counterintelligence agency within the United States Intelligence Community, the FBI has the principal authority to conduct and coordinate counterintelligence investigations and operations within the United States.

Cyber Crime

The FBI plays two very important roles in cyberspace. First, it is the lead law enforcement agency for investigating cyber attacks by criminals.

The FBI also works to prevent criminals, sexual predators, and others intent on malicious destruction from using the Internet and online services to steal from, defraud, and otherwise victimize citizens, businesses, and communities.

The Cyber Division at Headquarters manages investigations into Internet-facilitated crimes and supports counterterrorism, counterintelligence, and criminal investigations that call for technical expertise. The Division has developed regional Cyber Action Teams (CATs) to respond to cyber events

he IC3 gives the victims of cyber crime a convenient and easy-to-use reporting mechanism for alerting authorities of suspected criminal or civil violations. The IC3 serves the broader law enforcement community and all the key components of the 50 FBI-led Cyber Crime Task Forces throughout the country.

The reason we were denied help or VICTIM ASSISTANCE is because they (The FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III - a Former Boston Fed. Pros. and head of the Boston Fed. Pros. Crime Task Force, Boston Fed. Pros./BATF&E Dir. Michael J. Sullivan - a former Mass. Plymouth County DA, Mass. AG. Martha Coakley a former Mass. Middlesex County DA/Former Member of the US AG's. Boston Fed. Pros. Crime Task Force and their buddy Cape & Islands DA Michael D. O'Keefe are all friends that have conspired and are treasonous to their oaths and the Constitution to defend and protect against all terrorists both Foreign or Domestic - NOT BE THE TERRORISTS) are the CRIMINALS behind this!

"Asking for victim assistance would be kind of like going to the guards at Auschwitz and asking for a towel before you go for a shower, while not realizing you weren't going to get wet or need one again. It's worse than the foxes guarding the hen house." Kevin Michael Mulvey





US - BATF & E DIRECTOR/BOSTON FED. PROS. - MICHAEL J. SULLIVAN (Center) (A Former Mass. Plymouth County DA)

FBI Director ROBERT S. MUELLER III (Right) - (Former Boston Fed. Pros. 1982-1989)



Mass. Cape & Islands - DA MICHAEL O'KEEFE - (Far RIGHT) (Reply)


"Asking for victim assistance would be kind of like going to the guards at "Auschwitz" and asking for a towel before you go for a shower, while not knowing you weren't going to get wet or need one again. It's worse than the foxes guarding the hen house." - Kevin Michael Mulvey


One question - I remember all the stories about Sadam Insane and his very sadistic sons - is there really any difference with the way they SLAUGHTERED/ASSASSINATED CHRISTA WORTHINGTON (1-5-2002) on the seventh Anniversary (1-5-1995) of the hiding of their other "Protected Assassin" James "Whitey" Bulger and Sadams Sons?


Feb 18, 2009 ... Remarks as Prepared for Delivery by Attorney General Eric Holder at the Department of ... in too many ways, essentially a nation of cowards. ...

Is the FBI Bugging your phone?- Fox News Video

Is your phone bugged?

An FBI "CoIntelPro" Secret - Tweaking or Tickling the wire as TORTURE 24/7 365 Days a Year - By inserting Tones, an occasional male voice giving instructions on how to proceed with a word that was just stated in a "private" conversation, etc. Aberrant noises constantly on wired land lines or cell phones - rings that are just short "bing" ring sounds at all hours of the day or night, opening your lines and inserting digital data tones on wired landlines, opening the land line while you're in the privacy of your own home and using it as a microphone (One-way Intercom), even while sleeping with a TV on and snoring. Talk about Stalkers! There is much too much to cover in this brief expose' and insidious terror and torture many of us continue to endure since 7-2-2005 (Noticeably) - along with in-vehicle stalking in large blacked-out glass trucks and Vans. Like they did to the supposed Anthrax scientist last August. *See footnote below!

We now have our very own Forth Reich for America to keep any innocent citizen quiet about Government Corruption.

Thank you former Pres. Bush for opening up this evil again starting in 2001. Your entire close administration should be brought up on TREASON charges. This is in the name of terrorism?

This is in the name of CORRUPTION and a Rogue FBI Organization THAT IS America's Premiere SADISTIC and VERY CRUEL Domestic Terrorist Organization. This is no different than the Stasi or Hitler's secret police!


Signed - Kevin M. Mulvey

*Anthrax Scientist footnote - the same blacked-out glass vehicle "CoIntoPro" FBI stalking teams, as we have endured. See pdreport.html


This is the same "CoIntelPro" FBI Program used against the ALLEDGED Dr. Anthrax

"I'd frequently see [the FBI's] cars ... they had blacked-out windows. It was kind of freaky," Natalie Duggan said. "We were kind of wondering what the deal is. We would see Bruce, but we never thought it was him."
The news of his suicide saddened them both. "It is just a very sad day," Bonnie Duggan said. "I never suspected him of any wrongdoing whatsoever, he always was a straight arrow."

Lab and Community Make for Uneasy Neighbors

"Across the street from the razor wire guarding Fort Detrick, the people living along Military Road would see the strange cars and SUVs with the tinted glass come and go like clockwork."
"At other times, the cars would block a driveway, and residents would ask the drivers to move. Then the cars would vanish for a few days, only to return."

Clearwater, Florida (FBI) "CoIntelPro" Stalking Teams

"NOTICEABLE" Day and Night IN-VEHICLE STALKING STARTED On Oct. 18th 2006 toward the beginning of this trial. With myself and other family members.

Dec. 11th 2006 - My buildings Condo. owners hold a building meeting and form a citizen watch group because of the sudden appearance of all these vans and trucks with blacked out glass parking oddly in the wrong directions at all hours in our gated communities quiet cul-de-sacs that both face my End Condo. Unit!

At all times parked going in the wrong direction and when its dark they park with the engines going and parking lights ONLY on. This is done to get your attention and let you know they are threatening you. All of these Trucks and Vans when leaving go out the main gate and even though this is a gated community no one is stopped from access due to its immense size. On occasion if there are problems they will stop vehicles but that isn't often enough. The trucks and vans started appearing on or around Oct. 20th 2006 during this trial and were daily/nightly through Feb. 2007 after contacting the FBI after that it became periodic but always if it was known that I had an appointment for work, etc. I'd be followed to the point that I gave up out of fear. They know all your business and all your moves if it is communicated via phones or computer. The last two - a truck and van were just two weeks ago Wed. Jan. 21st 2009 because they know I'm communicating with a member of Congress. The first picture is from 10-25-2006 - During the trial - the second on 3-11-2008 the morning that I had a guest coming to stay and the blue truck was here in Aug. 24th 2008 in the afternoon because of blog posts! I have a huge collection of these rogues and have gotten plates in many cases.














Is the FBI Bugging your phone?- Fox News Video

Is the FBI Bugging your phone?- Fox News Video


Is Your phone bugged?

An FBI "CoIntelPro" Secret - Tweaking or Tickling the wire is TORTURE 24/7 365 Days a Year - By inserting Tones- Aberrant noises - rings that are just short "bing" ring sounds at all hours (On PD Report-Audio), opening your lines and inserting digital data tones on wired landlines, opening the lines while your in the privacy of your home even while sleeping with a TV on and snoring. Talk about Stalkers! There is much too much to cover in this insidious terror and torture - along with in-vehicle stalking blacked out glass large trucks and Vans. We now have our very own Forth Reich for America to keep any innocent citizen quiet about Government Corruption. Thank you former Pres. Bush for opening up this evil again starting in 2001. This is in the name of terrorism? This is the Rogue and Domestic Terrorists for which he'd pledged "Oath" to serve and protect the Constitution and people of these United States!

Court TV Video - By The Book - 2007

What is "TWEAKING or Tickling the wires"?


Bill O'Reilly Fox News - 2-5-09 - Video

Bill O'Reilly & FoxNews Ambush NSA WhistleBlower Russel Tice • videosift.com


MSNBC- 1 22-09 - Keith Olbermann - Video

Whistleblower: NSA Targeted Journalists, Snooped on All US Communications


MSNBC- 1 23-09 - Keith Olbermann - Video

NSA Whistleblower: Wiretaps Were Combined With Credit Card Records of U.S.Citizens


C-SPAN 1-26-09 - Russell Tice - Video

NSA Whistleblower: Grill the CEOs on Illegal Spying


C-Span-2006 - National Security Whistleblowers Congressional Hearing - Russell Tice

National Security Whistleblowers Hearing - C-Span-2006


NOW with David Brancaccio. Politics & Economy. Criminalizing Dissent. COINTELPRO - 2004


COINTELPRO: The FBI's Covert Action Programs Against American Citizens, Final- Church Commisson Report

Legislation To Reopen Hearings Into Cointelpro - 2006


The Corbett Report | 2008/02/14 | The Snitch State


CoIntelPro - Gang Stalking - New Free Book - Jan. 20th 2009

These types of harassment programs are designed to make the target vulnerable, they want to make the target destitute. The secondary goals seems to be to make the target homeless, jobless, give them a breakdown, and the primary goals seems to be to drive the target to forced suicide. These were some of the same goals and objectives used during the American Cointelpro program that was used against
dissidents. It's a useful way of eliminating perceived enemies of the state. Martin Luther King Jr was
one such target. The FBI sent him a note suggesting that he kill himself or they would expose an affair
that he had been having. He refused to comply."

Who gets targeted?

"Targeting can happen to anyone in society. In the past primary targets of programs such as Cointelpro
have been minorities. In Russia it was activist, dissidents, and anyone perceived to be an enemy of the
state. Targeting however can happen to anyone. Individuals can be targeted for being too outspoken,
whistle blowers, dissidents, people who go up against wealthy corporations, woman's groups, (single)
women, anti-war proponents, individuals identified or targeted as problems at these community
meetings, and other
innocent individuals."

"The pattern that is unfolding indicates that many targets are people who tend to be
emotionally developed, self-confident, independent, free thinkers, artistic, people who
don't need the approval of others, and
those not prone to corruption. They're people who
don't need to be part of a group to feel secure--generally people who are not part of the

"In his research into the bullying phenomenon Tim Field discovered that those targeted have similar
traits. They were leaders, they had a sense of integrity, refused to join the established clique.
being good at your job, often excelling
being popular with people (colleagues, customers, clients, pupils, parents, patients, etc)
being the expert and the person to whom others come for advice, either personal or
professional (ie you get more attention than the bully)
having a well-defined set of values which you are unwilling to compromise
having a strong sense of integrity (bullies despise integrity, for they have none, and
seem compelled to destroy anyone who has integrity)
refusing to join an established clique
showing independence of thought or deed
refusing to become a corporate clone and drone."

"If these are the types of people in society being targeted for bullying, mobbing, and Gang Stalking,
then can it be assumed that we might not be doing society a favor by eliminating these vital types of
individuals? As this type of person is eliminated via systemic harassment, can we also assume that
maybe less qualified individuals are left to fill key and vital roles in society?"

Ge·sta·po (g…-stä“p½, -shtä“-) n. 1. The German internal security police as organized under the Nazi regime, known for its terrorist methods directed against those suspected of treason or questionable loyalty. 2. gestapo., pl. ge·sta·pos. A police organization that employs terroristic methods to control a populace. --Ge·sta·po adj. 1. Of, relating to, or characteristic of the German security police organized under the Nazi regime. 2. gestapo. Of, relating to, or characteristic of terroristic police methods or operations.

Please note: This site is for information and exposure purposes ONLY, in hopes that this entire catastrophe is resolved for the betterment of all in the former land of the free and home of the brave.

I do not seek to proffer from such an ugly and criminal disgrace that this brings upon everyone involved, including America.

Personally, I've lost ALL net worth as a direct result of this "Targeting" and Corruption and I'm personally on the verge of total financial collapse within weeks, let alone the emotional and physical effects as a DIRECT result. It has been almost four years of 24/7 harassment, fear, intimidation, in-vehicle stalking, telecommunications stalking and destruction, etc. I've borrowed against all assets to try to survive such an attack.

This TRUE story is our own and I give copyright notice on this site for any that seek commercial rights to our story in this horrendous American tragedy. Perhaps that could be one way from not ending up in the street dead from total abuse and torture by our own EVIL Institutionalized Government attackers in the FBI "CoIntelPro" Program that is designed to do just that.

God Bless "ONLY" The Honest and Decent People that have integrity in America, we're all going to need that ahead.

God Bless America.

Copyright 2009 - Eternity - Kevin. M. Mulvey - Clearwater. Fl.