The Three "MIRACLES" from "GOD, and The DEVIL & HIS DECIPLES.

NEW 9-11-2011 - FOR BELIEVERS IN GOD & THE DEVIL - This audio clip of a Phone Conversation between myself and former sister on August 11th 2011, explains a bit about the true nature of our spiritual beings and faith. It's a MAJOR story onto itself, but nothing short of miraculous to say the least. (In the spring of 2008 three MIRACLES took place to show us both that GOD EXISTS and delivered THREE MIRACLES in 15 minutes to PROVE this.)

Archangel Michael

Five days before this DEBACLE fraud trial took place, which you will read about below, I met with my nephew Shawn and during the course of that visit (Oct. 11th 2006) The DEVIL presented himself to me. My nephew it turns out, HAS The DEVIL within. I witnessed this and saw him appear through Shawn. Shawn has been consumed and possessed by him. The DEVIL DOES EXIST. A chilling TRUE Story that I will write about one day.

Thus, the appearance of GOD'S APPARITIONS and the three MIRACLES in the Spring of 2008. After one trauma to another throughout this intense and horrifying ordeal, my sister dropped by for a rare brief visit. We were discussing many traumatic things and our situations with "CoIntelPro," and the recent let down I had with a phone conversation with MA AG Martha Coakley's Criminal Bureau Minion, (Lt. Robert Irwin), who had thrown us under the bus, and said 'there is NO Investigation and didn't care who we told'. It was as though he was cock sure he had only Satan to answer to, and his back is covered by him, just like all the rest. My sister was in horrible upper body pain for almost two months, her arms were locked in front of her, like she was in a straight jacket. She couldn't carry anything and was horribly pained to even try to drive her car.

Two weeks prior I had a friend from MA come to visit me. I had always had a dowsers gift and dowsed water wells for neighbors in the Berkshires when they needed my gift of water witching. My friend asked me to demostrate this while there in FL, so this was fresh on my mind. As My sister was leaving all of a sudden something came over me to see if I could tap into that same energy field and find what may be ailing her. I mentioned this outside my front door and asked if she'd like me to try.

She said sure, go right ahead. I've always carried a piece of meteorite as a good luck piece, and it somehow felt right, so I used that in my hand also. I scanned her upper body and arms and we could both feel this incredible energy field. She was shocked and said I can feel a vibration deep inside my bones. I could feel it too. When I reached an area on her upper left arm I found this field to be in total chaos. She let out a scream and said, what is that? I said I feel it too, and it's very strong. I instintively knew to slowly start behind her neck and then come back down that arm, and pull what felt like salt water taffee from her energy field, down her arm and out through her hand rapidly. She let out a blood curdling scream and then was elated, as she was totally released from her constraints, healed and free of all pain. She has an RN licence and this blew her away. I was amazed myself, as I had never done this before, nor even knew I could.

We went downstairs and out to her car, which was parked out front on the street aimed in the wrong direction and on the wrong side of the street. She was still in shock and I was glad that she got such incredible relief. She had been up nights with this horrific condition for months. She was seated in her car and I was leaning into her window talking when her face changed expression rapidly. She was looking over my left shoulder in the direction of my Condominiums front door, where I had just performed that healing with her. She said do me a favor and turn around and look up toward your Condo. and asked, what do you see. I did, and to my surprise and delight, there stood our father as an angel apparition full size and in full daylit sun. He was solid, yet shades of white, had down turned angel wings that gently fluttered at their peaks. His facial expression then grinned and beamed with delight. My sister broke down and started crying profusely. She had said she always wondered if there was something more beyond our life and had asked to see a sign for thiry five years and finally witnessed this. With that she asked me to turn around again and look up, again, and asked what do you see? This time standing to the right in front of our father, to his right, was our deceased brother who was very short. The same thing, angel, relaxed wings gently fluttering, and pleasantly smiling with a beaming delight. This was an incredible sight. They had both passed away35-36 years earlier (1972-1973). They just stayed there and weren't quick to leave. We looked up many times and continued talking for another 15 minutes but didn't take particular notice to their departure. GOD'S reasons for these miracles at this time weren't totally apparent to me. I was more thrilled for my sister than myself. She had lost her father at a young age and she had a very mentally sick mother to contend with at the age of 15. I had felt bad for her in many ways and helped her many times when I was needed, I was more than there.

I also had an apparitional experience, as my Dad and Mother had, when our brother died in 1972, so I already knew there is energy and spirit beyond life in our present state of being. That was an incredible experience and has been with me my entire life from that point forward. I was really thrilled for my sister more than anything, as I already believed and KNEW, and felt this would ease her pains in many ways. She had made some bad choices in life, as we all do, but I was proud of her accomplishments with education considering some of her experiences. She had a lot of issues and I thought these miraculous experiences were meant more for her than myself, although I found great comfort knowing that GOD has my back in these most heinous of offenses that were brought into our lives.

Sadly, I have to say the reasons I thought these three miracles took place, greatly differed from my sisters. For five months she never let on to her deep lifelong hatred and jealousy of me, and was busy setting up appointments with a Judge, etc. regarding major fraud our brother had perpetrated on us with respect to an Aunts estate many years earlier. She finally even took a meeting with our former Congressman "Gus" Michael Biliralkis's Chief legal Counsel, Liz Hittos on Nov. 12th 2008. Less than a month later she had done a 180 degree turn, and I literally saw The DEVIL come spitting out of her, not quite the same as what I witnessed with our nephew Shawn two years earlier, but The Devil made another full appearance in the same spot I saw him fully appear with Shawn.

What transpired is yet to be written about, but I knew then and there, that she had done her deal with the horned one many decades before, and the three miracles were meant for both of us, but not in the way I had originally percieved their meanings to have been. This proved itself out time and again in the last three years, and in the most cruel, vile and vulgur ways. The jealousy, hatred, deviant manipultion and sadistic torture that lies within her for selling herself out, has led to criminal insanity. She makes Betty Davis in "What Ever Happened To Baby Jane" look like Snow White. In this horrific true story you will see art work and tattoos done by and now being sported by on our nephew Shawn. One is of the crime scene in the original assassination, the other Linda Blair from Exorcist Fame. DON'T EVER DOUBT for a minute that "The DEVIL" doesn't POSSESS a person and takeover their soul. I SAW HIM and stood him down. Two Beings possessing and sharing one body. Shawn was very small, scared and pitiful. I felt VERY BAD for him, and forever will.