WorthingtonGate ... An American Government Slaughter



UPDATE 7-6-2014

EXCLUSIVE RADIO INTERVIEW SAT. JULY 5th 2014 on Boston's WEMFRadio.com (6-7PM)

Recorded Live - Now on Youtube:


Live on http://WEMFradio.com/ at 6pm ET, July 5th 2014

THE YOUNG JURKS with Guest Kevin Mulvey will be discussing the Christa Worthington case and the judicial and law enforcement mobster questions that were never answered.

Mulvey believes his nephew Shawn Mulvey is the actual murderer and has some documented facts related to this situation to make us wonder.

The ONLY Reason for this extensive website, comes about as a direct result of our nephew bragging about being part of some kind of mercenary group of sorts, and having been proud of, and enjoying doing the "worst - worst - worst thing anyone could ever do to anyone or anything - I DID IT".

I hadn't known about this horrific slaughter, but when I found out some three years later, then myself and many others soon became noticeably TARGETED by some unknown group that had access to not only our phones and computers, but were noticeably stalking us, to keep us aware that we were under surveillance. At a much later date, did we find out what this was all about, and what this Government Run "Black-Ops" group was all about.

It is called "CoIntelPro" and dates back to its first exposure in 1975 while Congress was investigating ROGUE elements within the CIA and FBI under the Church Commission Hearings, and was to be put out of operation, and overseen by the House & Senate Intelligence Committees on Government Oversight and Reform.

Pathetically, the House and Senate has been overthrown, and is compromised by those they were to oversee. Effectively we have neither Law nor Justice in America today.

The Government Conspired and carried out HIT on Christa Worthington, was conducted by our Setup Boy, Nephew, Shawn R. Mulvey (The faux alibi witness for his Informant Partner in Crime, Jeremy Frazier) .. It turns out, he is, and was part of the CIA, and Dick Cheney's "Executive Assassination Ring." She was oft because Congress was looking into the "Whitey" Bulger relationship as a Top Echelon Informant/Partner with our Government Criminals, which has in essence become the NEW MOB, after taking down the Mafia Crime families. Obama himself is CIA, and his handler, current CIA Director John Brennan worked on the Assassination Ring under G. W. Bush and Dick Cheney's Black -Op.

Christa Worthington was threatening the exposure of their CRIMINAL ORGANIZED CRIME WAVE, which Congress was looking into at that time, which would have led to the facts that the Government itself is the importer and distributor of 'illegal' Drugs. As seen in recent years news accounts, the BIG BANKS have been Drug Money Laundering for decades, and account for $2 TRILLION DOLLARS a year in repatriated Cash to the Federal Reserve, that enables them to buy 'Government' Debt, in order to supply themselves with all the high paying, self-serving rigged jobs, and indebt we the public tax-payers, further.




4-15-2005- The "Patsy," Chris McCowen was arrested, and on 11-16-2006, inhumanely convicted. 7-1-2005 - The MSP (Mason & Burke) Interviewed Shawn Mulvey-His CIA/NSA 'Handlers' had his back 7-1-2005 - The Compromised MSP took a swab as insurance, but they were already had by the Fed's. 7-1-2005 - Shawn Mulvey, Sgt. Bill Burke and Trooper Chris Mason - Clearwater, FL.

1-4-2002- Juice Bar - Orleans, MA - Jeremy Frazier, Shawn Mulvey, Chris McCowen & Chris Bearse. 10-27-2006 - Christopher McCowen Trial on Court TV - Government Hitman Shawn Mulvey on the stand. 10-27-2006 - Christopher McCowen Trial on Court TV - Government Hitman Shawn Mulvey on the stand. 10-26-2006 - Christopher McCowen Trial on Court TV - Government Hitman Shawn Mulvey on the stand.
1-4-2002 - Juice Bar Orleans, MA

6-27-2007- Shawn went on to become "Tattoo Shawn" in 2007 - Shawn Mulvey, Clearwater, FL 7-29-2007 - Shawn Mulvey's latest own Tat. It's Linda Blair of "The Exorcist." 7-27-2007 - Tattoo Shawn Mulvey's handy work. It's the Christa Worthington Crime scene. 3-31-2008 - Shawn Mulvey and girlfriend sporting new "2007" Exorcist Tat.

9-2009- Shawn and his girlfriend had a new addition to contribute to the world. A little Devil Tat. 7-29-2013 - Journalist Daniel Hospsicker's photo taken at Donna Blue, Ft. Laudrdale, of CIA Vehicles. 7-24-2013 - Shawn Mulvey's girlfriend. She's a passenger in his government 'company' car. 9-27-2013 - Shawn Mulvey now works for "Black Ops" under the US CIA.

NEW - 7-10-2013 Exclusive: The behind bars interview of Christopher McCowen

NEW - 9-11-2013 Governor Deval Patrick must immediately end Christopher McCowen' shameful conviction

NEW - 12-28-2013 - Letter to Christopher M. McCowen from Kevin M. Mulvey (Uncle of the Governments Setup Boy/ HITMAN Shawn R. Mulvey of Christa Worthington, as part of "The Executive Assassination Ring.")

1-28-2014 - The letter went missing by our fraudalant USPS as part of "CoIntelPro," which is run from the WHITE HOUSE, and carried out by the Institutions with NO OVERSIGHT. Domestic Murder, Inc. - Congress upholds this murderous and corrupt rampage, with no empathy for we the victim citizens. They won't have back-up after their last breath. EACH EVIL-DOERS PAYDAY.

7-4-2013 - U.S. Postal Service Logging All Mail for 'Law Enforcement' (try PUBLIC CORRUPTION and "CoIntelPro" Black-ops)

7-18-2013 - Jimmy Carter: US “has no functioning democracy”




(Complaint regarding "VERY NOTICEABLE" Telephone Eavesdropping-torture and terrorism, Computer Hacking and

destruction of private property, besides In-Vehicle STALKING)


Below: Edited audio clips of some examples of the phone terrorism 24/7 - 365 days a year, which started on 7-2-2005 and continues through present - 2011.

Clips include tweaking, a meeting with two of Mass. Attorney General Martha Coakley's Criminal Bureau cover-up team, on 3-25-2008, at the Clearwater, Fl Police Headquarters, Defense Attorney George during trial and witnesses.


Edited Audiotape Clips Legend

#1 - Phone call between my sister in FL and myself in FL - 2008 - (BEEP Tone Inserted on my side of the call ONLY - Both are on landlines)

#2 - Phone call between a friend in WI and myself in FL - 1-30 2009 - (BEEP Tones Inserted on both sides of the call - Both are on landlines)

#3 - (REPEAT of #1 - Phone call between a relative in FL and myself in FL - 2008 - (BEEP Tone Inserted on my side of the call ONLY - Both are on landlines)

#4 - (REPEAT of #2 - Phone call between a friend in WI and myself in FL - 1-30-2009 - (BEEP Tones Inserted on both sides of the call - Both are on landlines)

#5 - After hanging up from this call with this WI friend - the line itself never hungup and these digital tones were inserted as the line was still be recorded even though we had hungup.

#6 - Phone call between a relative in FL and myself in FL - 2009 - (A BEEP as inserted on my side of the call ONY)

#7 - My sister left a Singing Birthday message for me on my home answering machine on 2-7-2007 from her homes landline and a BEEP TONE was inserted on her phone that my homes answering machine recorded.)

# 8 - This is a digital sample of many like it, when the line is opened up remotely by the Government STALKERS. My lines recording equipment records all kinds of irregular digital activities. In this clip it's digital morse code of sorts. This was recorded in the overnight hours of of 8-22-08 going into 8-23-08. I had received my first reply from my "UPS" House & Senate FBI Complaint Package's From FL Congressman Robert Wexler on this day 8-22-08 followed by the next days early evening "CoIntelPro" Gang Stalker visit on 8-24-08.

# 9 - Conversation from late 2006 with my FL relative talking about DA Michael O'keefe (Letter To DA Okeefe)- The BEEP was inserted on my side ONLY)

#10 - Conversation with my relative in late 2008 - (She got a HUGE BEEP on HER SIDE ONLY and got scared and wanted to hang up like so many other times, which continues through this day, Nov. 2009 in NYC, MA and FL)

# 11 - Conversation with a female NYC friend in 4-26-08, both were on our landlines with myself in FL and they inserted THREE BEEPS in three areas of our conversation on MY SIDE ONLY)

#12 - My female NYC friend calling on 10-28-06 left a code message for myself to return a call to her "DITTO". I had made other arrangements to communicate (Skype) because my landline was 24/7 HARASSED and there is no privacy in any conversation - not even when any phone is nearby, as we learned they are all monitored and listened into even when they aren't in use, like a room monitor. (Skype is monitored as well as I learned in a conversation in mid. Feb. 2007 to someone's cell phone on Cape Cod, when we BOTH heard a male voice say, "NOW ARE HANDS ARE TIED" - needless to say, we hung up right after that

#13 - My other friend, a male from NYC and Western MA, calling into me in FL and leaving an "upset" (DITTO NOW) message on 10-28-06 because his computer, in his Western MA home had been attacked that morning, and had been remotely booted up while he was sleeping at 6 AM and destroyed - "NOT Reprogrammable" from the same IP address (FastColocation- mirror in Wasilla, Alaska - Originating in Australia-CIA?) that had attacked me back on 7-25-05 - which is the day I sent a few pic's from that 7-1-05 Interview with our nephew (FBI - Director Meuller - Drug Dealing Protected Informant - Hit Man/Foot Soldier) and the MSP, to a relative. I had sent him a pic. of our nephew that was in the media while on the stand along with some news links the night before on 10-27-06. He also had that hard drive replaced only to have another destroyed a year later, like at least 1/2 dozen people that I know. He has only dial-up service with no call waiting features and he was getting the sound of his homes phone ringing while online. They tortured him with telephone and computer issues. It literally made him sick and they sadistically kept up after his life-threatening illness - THIS WILL NEVER BE FORGIVEABLE. This is torture including "Binging" his phones in NY and MA. at all hours of the night and early morning hours while he was trying to recouperate.

#14 - This is the call I returned to my friend who was in MA on 3-28-08, three days after having met with the MA AG Martha Coakleys minions in Clearwater, FL. - It explains what has been going on between myself and all friends - ALL INNOCENT law-abiding Citizen Victims of this SICK public self-service betrayal of all, including viciously MURDERING citizens and torturing and terrorizing everyone that knows.

#15 - The actual discussion on this subject was on 3-28-2008 after they had crashed another hard drive is an example of what my friend had discussed what he was experiencing with this short 1/2 ring to his homes landlines in both Westen MA and NYC in 2006-2008. I finally got an entire week of this 24/7 in the third-forth week of May 2008 and caught this sound in my FL. room from my home phones ringer. This almost drove me crazy and in one instance it sounded like a machine gun because it "binged" like 20 times in a several second time period, even while I was trying to sleep in the muddle of the night. They tortured friends this way as a way to separate us further. Do you think I love the public self-service treasonous (RICO) CRIMINALS today? I'd provide them with earphones while waterboarding them and then ask if they think it's TORTURE! Then deny it is like "Cheney" has.

#16 - Verizon repair calling me (5-22-08) about this behavior and said they did a line test and didn't find a problem. Of course this incoming call was the first one in a week that rang normally.

#17 - This is an edited portion of an audioclip from an Interview that took place at the Clearwater FL, PD on 3-25-08 between myself and two of MA AG Martha Coakley's crack Criminal Bureau capos', all part of the Bulger Gang that goes all the way up to "The Whitey House" on 600 Bulger Ave. in Washington, DC. - In my opinion (MSP-Lt. Robert Irwin and Sgt. Michael Cooney) The ONLY purpose these minions came down to FL was to try to put out a raging fire that threatens to consume all of them much farther up the Criminal Cartels totem pole. You can hear the tone of this scam. This crew even had the nerve to ask if I knew where "Whitey" Bulger was and if he's calling the shots from down here. I said, "I Don't know where he is" but never mentioned I saw him the year before on 3-25-07 after going to the FBI in Tampa on 3-16-07 either, as I already knew these two were up to no good the minute we met. The article mentioned, was about the writer Peter Manso that had stated 20-30+ peoples phones were tapped, as stated, in a TV interview the day before (10-17-06) this scam trial got underway on 10-18-2006 - that day was the first day we had VERY NOTICEABLE "GANG STALKING STARTED" against us. My friend Gerry was called back into my interrogation room where I had tape rolling after he and a Dr. friend were interviewed seperately in rooms, that most likely had no recording going, Gerry was asked what happened when we went to the FBI regional headquarters in Tampa, FL on 3-16-2007. They wanted to see no evil - hear no evil - speak no evil. This is contrary to what the Fraud Bureau touts on their own PR website.

#18 - This is an excerpt from the "Mob" Defense Attorney Robert A. George's closing argument in this trial. He was representing the poor "black patsy" in this horrendous disgrace as his "public defender". He points out the abilities afforded the government that aren't afforded the defense or citizens when it comes to investigating. The amounts of money wasted on this fraud prosecution and the two things they are trying to hang this "Patsy" on besides the calls to and from one of the suggested, "FOOT SOLDIERS" Jeremy Frazier from his Mass. State Police "Handler" at the time of this "HIT" on 1-5-2002. The defense due to his longtime association with his mentor Boston Mob lawyer Joesph Balliro, who testified to Congress in 2001-2003 exposing this FBI & Justice Dept. scam, had excess to former and now deceased well-known lawyer F. Lee Bailey's top Private Investigative Agency in order to get to the bottom of this entire fraud.

#19 - A court TV testimony with local Truro, MA Cape Codder Newspaper reporter Marilyn Miller who testified on 11-6-06, the last day of trial testimony. She discussed article's she had written around the time of this "Hit" and wrote about Gerard Smith, a man who saw a black suv/truck/van tearing out of Christa Worthington's driveway on 1-5-02, the day before she was found skewered. The Pros. Robert Welsh said, "Did he talk about the drug cartel being very much like the Mafia, do you remember him saying that to you?" Ms. Miller replied, "Yes".

#20 - This last clip is MSP-Lt. Robert Irwin toward the end of the Clearwater, FL. interview with me on 3-25-2008. The tone was clear as was their purpose. I met privately with both friends that had also been interviewed and both said they were here for one purpose, and that was to try and discredit me - not to legitmately investigate anything we're saying about what is happening here and on our phone lines as well. They were correct.



MA AG Martha Coakley - Criminal Bureau Chief/Judge Renee DuPuis

MA State Police Assigned to the AG -Lt. Robert Irwin, Criminal Bureau


The Actual edited audiotape given to Mass. Attorney General Martha Coakley's Investigative Team on 3-25-2008.

This entire Fraud turns out to be an FBI Counter Intelligence Domestic, Murder, Tortue and Terrorism. "CoIntelPro"

The murder relates to the victims Daddy & political friends under the spotlight of MA COURRUPTION from the 1960's thru the 1980's . She would have Exposed who are THE NEW MOB, and deals the drugs, Arms and cashes in on the Money Laundering.









Note: I had been told by a relative on 5-12-07 that our brother had called and was furious that he knew I was blogging and he was going to kill me this weekend and why didn't I just commit suicide, and he wished I'd be found down by the water, at the end of a road, with an exhaust pipe attachment in my car window and dead. "Brother Dearest" - No Christa Worthington for me thanks!

All Posts On the Worthington Case are no longer online - This forums location was at http://boards.courttv.com/forumdisplay.php?s=&forumid=332

From the Court - TV Messages Boards - Starting 5-7-2007-

Courttv.com Message Boards > Christa Worthington Murder > BEHIND the REAL CURTAIN


THIS WAS SIGNED UP & ON THE MAIN BOARD at 12:35 PM on 5-12-07 and then the Poster = Our brother, The Convicted Stalker or his son, the FBI's very own "Malvo" just sat on the Christa Worthington Forums without posting, as a THREAT. Shawn was born in 1979.


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THIS ONE WAS SIGNED UP & ON THE MAIN BOARD at 12:54 PM on 5-12-07 location Miami, Fl. is where I went to College and did the same thing after signing up would just sit visible on the Christa Worthington forum.

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I had been "tipped off" that airline reservations had been made for our nephew Shawn on Friday May 11th 2007 for a flight out of Tampa to Providence, RI, in the early morning hours of Sunday May 13th 2007.

I also found out that the reservations were cancelled a few hours before take off. Their murder plan was foiled, as I had abandon my home before filing this police report. Our nephew was probably given orders by his FBI "Handler."

Notes - Verizon Corp;

Phone services became "noticeably" eavesdropped starting on July 2nd 2005. This was the very next day after our nephew, Shawn R. Mulvey had been interviewed by the Mass. State Police, MSP-Sgt. William Burke & Trooper Christopher Mason, who were investigating the Murder of Christa Worthington of Truro, Ma. that occurred on 1-5-2002. They came down to see Shawn about supplying an alibi for Jeremy Frazier, the man that the recently charged (4-14-2005), Christopher M. McCowen, was claiming "Must" have done this heinous murder.

First, Officer Kramer misunderstood part of what she wrote up in her report. On Nov. 18th 2006 my telephone landline was knocked out at 8:15 AM on a sunny warm FL morning. (This was the same day that DA Michael O'Keefe came out and said, NO ONE else will be looked into or charged in this case and no evidence will be tested against the suspects clearly presented during the trial) I could not get Verizon in for repair until Monday and had to abandon my home for fear of no communications to call 911 in an emergency, not knowing what these in-vehicle stalkers may have planned. My unit was the only unit out of 71 others that had my line taken down via a strong surge of some type in order to have taken out BOTH fuses simultaneously. Lightening could normally be a cause but highly unlikely as there was no lightening recently, nor did anyone else's lines have problems, let alone BOTH fuses at once.

On Monday Nov. 20th 2006 - The Verizon Tech. (Nick) came out and replaced both fuses on my phone line. I explained without going into detail that myself and others are terrified because there was a high-profile televised criminal murder trial that had just ended but we've been tapped/ hacked/stalked and terrorized by OBVIOUS Out of State Corruption and explained to him that I had been recording this crazy activity with others permission and he said that was OK as long as it was with permission of others (FL law) and/or used for protection purposes.

He tested my line only from my unit to the substation and found that there was NO old fashioned style wiretap on my line but explained this can be "Eavesdropping" and that can be coming from a very long distance digitally via going through the switching codes at the Telco's. I've since seen many reports on how easy this is to do, especially by Federal Law Enforcement Agencies, etc. He gave me a number to call Verizon Security in Texas, which I did that day and they told me that they can track down the location or point of origin on the network, but I would have to involve law enforcement. I also was told that day from another Dept. that back in Sept. 2005 it indicated in their records that I called with a complaint about humming sounds and it indicated something about a wire problem on my line, at the central office.

I held off on wanting to get involved with the police and had hoped the stalking, tweaking and hacking would stop but it did not - after much anguish and sheer torture I finally made the decision to contact the FBI Regionally (Carol Mikhalic-Tampa Regional-Publicity) on Feb. 7th and 8th 2007 through his contact that had been given to me by a Priest that had I discussed all of this with. I gave them all the specific information and I said I'd be in as soon as I could assemble all the evidence and materials I have pertaining to this terrorism but also additional materials.

After Feb. 8th 2007 I could tell they were additionally on my line due to the additional indicators between additional hang-ups and recording lights flickering more than once or twice now.

Upon going to the FBI in Tampa on March 16th 2007 I quickly learned that something is very wrong here and the agent (Carl) made that clear and did not want to see, hear or know anything. Additionally, two things he said to me told me he knew who I was because this would only be personal knowledge. Nothing bad because I'm not a criminal, nor ever have been, but personal information that he should not have known without having access to some basic records. I felt betrayed but was told by him that I could go to local PD to file a complaint. I had already been told by a confidential source from a former high-ranking PD official, who said to take this to the FBI because it's too big for local. He had estimated the cost of just this phone operation alone for the seventeen months that we were aware of this eavesdropping, to have cost between $250-$300k, and said whoever is behind this has "deep pockets."

Note: Several months later the priest was exiled to a missionary for hiring a criminal that robbed the church and the former GOOD Cops son was busted for distribution of Cocaine.

I finally did have to go to local detective on 4-4-2007 where the Detective listened to audio recordings, saw materials (saw some pictures - one and two - this is the video) and read articles and said, "there's a rogue DA in this" but advised trying to hold off a month or so and not talk about it on the phone, and we did but it got worse and I was forced to file a complaint on 5-15-2007.

I had finally made phone contact with Detective Sgt. Thomas Klein on May 29th 2007. This case was assigned to Sgt. Klein. After a week or more of daily visits to the PD to meet in person because I couldn't receive calls, we finally touched base. He was out for days because of an officer's death and funeral and then went into Memorial Day retreat. I finally reached him by phone on May 29th 2007.

Sgt. Klein had asked me about this situation and whether I had any confirmation of wiretapping from Verizon and I told him I do not as of yet. I told him I was told by Verizon that I had to file a police complaint and get a number in order for them to do an investigation and network trace in order to trace where this criminal terrorizing is coming from on my lines and many others that are experiencing the same things, that know anything about this criminal and corrupt murder trial in Mass. in 2006.

I told him that the local Verizon Tech. had run a small old-fashioned wiretap check from my Condo. to the local sub station a few miles away in Nov. 2006 and found nothing locally but explained the long distance ability of this and the digital capabilities, etc. and that this type of test would NOT detect old fashioned wiretapping.

I had explained this situation but pointed out this is "criminal eavesdropping" versus "a legal wiretap" which was not detected and may be being done from a long distance digitally and that it connects to this high-profile murder crime and case that involves our nephew and this corruption I believed was coming out of Mass. I told him the FBI had refused us help in this matter and said to take our complaints to my local PD. He said he'd talked to Curtis Cooke and he was going to authorize a check of my lines.

In the last days of May or first days of June 2007, I called Curtis Cooke who informed me that they weren't going to do anything of the like and said all he'll do is send out a truck to test my line for an old fashioned wiretap from my home to the central switching substation less than two miles away. I said this does me or us no good and our lives are in jeopardy and it was they that said they could track down it's source location on the network providing I got law enforcement involved.

I said forget sending a truck to do this type of test, as this was already done back on Nov. 20th 2006, and no such old fashioned tap with a woodpecker sound was detected, as this was coming from a long distance source digitally and criminally, over the network which they promised they could track, providing I filed a police complaint. He said they weren't going to waste their time sitting on a high stool waiting for a call to come in and then track it. I told him they don't have to, because every call is eavesdropped and tweaked plus whoever is doing this criminal activity, also reconnects to my landline and computer DSL connection nightly between 11PM and 1 AM. (Video proof - If you are on the line when they are reconnecting every night but Sat.-Sun. they will annoy you with sounds, buzzing, beep tones or cut you off, until they do what ever they're doing, for what I believe to be the next days programming of who gets "Tweaked" and spied on.) This is not only visible on the tape equipment I had to install in 2006, but also recorded on tape. I even have recordings of my self sleeping/snoring and the TV going in the background and even a few voices of others on the line. This is beyond TERRIFYING to have STALKERS listening in to your private premises while sleeping, or at any time by using all the telephones microphones.

This went NO WHERE with Verizon after I had been told by three different sources starting back on Nov. 20th 2006 by Verizon Security in Texas and Curtis Cooke himself in Tampa, that they could track down the originating point on the network, but ONLY if I have a Police File Number to do so.

I called back Sgt. Klien to tell him that Verizon won't be of any assistance, as was originally explained to me, that they would due a trace from their security control center in TX. if I got the police involved, and got a case number. Sgt. Klien said to me he can't make Verizon do anything and seeing this corruption is coming from MA why don't I contact them. I said I'm being terrorized and victimized in, FL where I pay taxes to be secure and pay for services. He said they have more than enough work to deal with in this area. He was less than helpful but just wanted to pass the buck.

I have learned a lot about eavesdropping since, and really the only ones with these very high tech abilities would be the FBI who have the technology, staffs, money and reasons for such tyranical and treasonous activity.

I had also written to Verizon again on Sept. 20th 2007 and Oct. 10th 2007 and asked for their findings in writing as this still persists through this day - I received a call form Curtis Cooke around Oct. 17th 2007 who got nasty, was very hostile and refused not only help in this life-threatening situation but would put nothing in writing as per his bosses orders.

He said they had sent out a truck to do one of those old fashioned wiretap checks last June and found nothing locally. I stated I had already told him then, not to bother with that type of small old-fashioned test as this was already done back on Nov. 20th 2006 and means nothing to this type of long distance digital eavesdropping terrorism many of us are still enduring.

I reiterated what I had been told they will do IF I file a police complaint, and was told by three sources, including himself, that they can trace it back to the source location on the network. He reiterated some more, that they weren't going to waste time and money tracking this down, and they really didn't care about our safety, or who I reported or exposed this too, etc. (It turns out that many of the security personnel at the Telco's. are former FBI Agents.)

Note - Sgt. Thomas Klein - Told me on 11-12-2008 when I went to pick up a copy of this report for my former FL. Congressman Michael "Gus" Biliralkis, that he just closed the case after never hearing back from Verizon. He just thought they didn't find anything and there was no reason to call him with that. I explained that this still persists, and I have been pursuing this with Congressional members. He told me that he couldn't make Verizon do anything. I had also asked him if he could trace license plates of some of these stalking vehicles that I do have. He said he can, but that is not available to the public for disclosure.

Considering this terrrorist activity still persists in Nov. 2009 - NYC - and Verizon's OUTRAGEOUS BEHAVIOUR, I suspect only that the government (FBI) told Verizon that I'm under a criminal investigation, and they aren't allowed to tell a citizen under law, even when they've been lied to, and this is really a case of Domestic Terrorism by a Federal Law Enforcement Institution, that is paid to be serving and protecting the public for which they serve, and take oath to, but are actually the criminals protecting themselves at the peoples expense for suppressing and oppressing and victimizing innocent citizens, because of their own CORRUPTION, including covering up for, if not being involved with MURDER of a citizen.

PINELLAS COUNTY, FL. Sgt. Thomas Klein - Former Head of Homocide, now Chief of the NARCOTICS UNIT! ;-)

Sgt. Thomas Klein UPDATE: 3-30-2012

Defense attorneys are asking the Justice Department to investigate civil rights violations in Pinellas County Sheriff's Office

"A cover up of narcotics trafficking by Sgt. Thomas Klein's Daughter after Klein became aware of it"

5-3-2012 - Tampa Bay Times - Pinellas Sheriff Transfers The Head Of Internal Affairs

This is what happens when an HONEST Law Enforcer enforces Laws in Amerika. He came from Tampa under that Corrupt Just-us Dept. and FBI under Bush/Obama.

Pinellas sheriff's race revives a nasty feud

Note: This Sherriff Coates was one of only two appointed by Jeb Bush to run FL. Sherriff's Offices. The high-ranking Law Enforcer I was introduced to, was pushed out in a political maneuver.

This led the way for the Clearwater/St. Pete Airport to be used by a Bush Family CIA front company "Skyway International" to do extradition flights and drug runs to Columbia.

Arms, Drugs, Money Laundering and Human Trafficking, a specialty of the Bush/Obama camps. "Operation Castaway"- The DEA arming MS-13 gangs! "Fast & Furious" - The BATF&E - Arming Mexican Drug Lords!

"Operation Castaway" is under the nose of the DEA Chiefs, Asa Hutchison, and Karen Tandy, and Michelle Leonhart, whom the ATF (Mike Sullivan - Under Bush) had been arming MS-13 Drug gangs in Honduras and elsewhere. Note: Asa Hutchison was a former Fed. Prosecutor from AK. and came under heat for not Prosecuting Barry Seal for the Arms & Drugs that Bush & the CIA were caught dealing from Bill Clinton's, AK. This is when the RepubliCONS & DemoncRATS married.

UPDATE: "Gus" Michael Bilirakis on FOX 5-26-2011 discussing The Tampa BATF&E delivering over 1,000 assault weapons to the Drug Cartel MS-13 in Honduras. ARMS & DRUGS!

Click on picture For YouTube Video.

NEW: 12-6-2011 - Follow up Phone conversation with Liz Hittos, Rep. "Gus" Bilirakis, Chief Legal Counsel

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12-6-2011-Audio Only - Phone Conversation with Liz Hittos: Updating them ("Gus" Bilirakis) on our situation plus, FBI-Bulger, FBI & Rossetti, and Congratulating them on Operation Castaway, Fast & Furious and the same cast of ARMS & DRUGS CRIMINAL connections, etc.

Operation Castaway - 9-6-2011- Rep. Gus Bilirakis Letter to Eric Holder (.PDF)

Shawn Mulvey's Former Tampa Bay FBI "Handler," (MS-13 / Operation Castaway) formerly LA FBI (1985-1995-Where the CIA Dist. Crack Cocaine) now former- FBI Tampa Regional (SAC) Carl J. Whitehead

10-16-06-PeterMansoInterviewWith AmaliaBarreda


Author Outlines Worthington Case Controversies
Fashion Writer's Murder Trial Set To Begin
POSTED: 6:13 pm EDT October 17, 2006
UPDATED: 7:43 pm EDT October 17, 2006

BOSTON -- Controversies connected to the Christa Worthington murder case and trial could affect the outcome, according to a local author.

NewsCenter 5's Amalia Barreda (She's the wife of Mob Defense Lawyer Joseph Balliro who the defense attorney Robert A. George in this heinous trial had worked for Joe for six years and the reason for their appearance in this case, crime and trial) reported that testimony in the Worthington murder case could begin on Wednesday. Christopher McCowen is accused of killing the fashion writer in her Truro home almost four years ago.

Three of 14 seats on the jury remained unfilled Tuesday after two days of jury selection.

"The bottom line is this is going to be one hell of a trial," said author Peter Manso.
For the past year, Manso has been doing research for a book on the murder of Worthington, 46, and the trial of McCowen, 34.
"I don't have a precise number, but I'm sure it's 20 to 30 people if not more -- their phones were tapped," Manso said.
Manso said investigators subpoenaed people's phone records, went through people's mail and surreptitiously obtained DNA by going through people's garbage. Manso said his book will not lavish praise on the murder investigation.

"At least 90 percent of the people I've talked to have raised questions about the arrest of Chris McCowen. Many people come right out and say this guy's a patsy. They had to arrest someone, and they arrested this, forgive me, dumb, uneducated garbage man who's black," Manso said.

Manso said McCowen was a drug snitch who talked to police 36 hours after the murder. A year later, he voluntarily submitted a DNA sample that eventually came back as a match. District Attorney Michael O'Keefe announced the charges and they included aggravated rape.

"All the DNA shows is that Chris McCowen had sex with Christa Worthington. Was it consensual sex? Was it rape? I don't know. From what I'm told, the autopsy does not indicate rape," Manso said.

Once arrested, Manso said investigators grilled McCowen for more than six hours while the defendant was high on marijuana and Percocet, and they didn't record a word of it.

"He's an infinitely suggestible guy. He's a guy who has a low IQ. From what I understand, this guy would confess to owning the Brooklyn Bridge if you leaned on him long enough," Manso said.

Manso, who authored the controversial book entitled "Provincetown: Art, Sex and Money on the Outer Cape," also won't be writing flattering things about the victim's family, especially Worthington's cousin, Jan.

"Jan had not seen Christa for six months. She lived across the street. Six months prior to the killing," Manso said.
In response to Manso's criticisms of the investigation, O'Keefe said, "These were normal complaints from the defendant that were heard by a judge during pretrial motions and they were denied. That's why we have courtrooms and judges who are more experienced at handling these kinds of issues than writers are."

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Two additional Peter Manso Interviews on Court TV with Ashley Banfield can he heard here:

PeterManso And Banfield -Interview - 10-27-06 / Peter Manso And Amalia Barreda Interview 10-17-06.


PeterManso And Ashley Banfield -Interview about "Toppy" Worthington - 10-27-06

(Luckily for this guy, he can afford to hide out, but he trusts no one, especially the FBI!)


For a detective in murder case, a sense of vindication
Former Miami-Dade homicide Detective Shelton Merritt feels vindicated by the trial this month of ex-FBI agent John Connolly.

Shelton Merritt was the first detective charged with finding whoever killed executive John Callahan and left his body to rot in the trunk of a Cadillac at Miami's airport in 1982.
Merritt quickly realized that Callahan's death was linked to shady dealings involving World Jai-Alai, Boston's Winter Hill gang -- and possibly the FBI.
So, today, as ex-FBI agent John Connolly faces his third week of trial in Callahan's slaying -- revisiting one of the darkest FBI corruption scandals -- the former Miami-Dade police homicide detective feels vindicated.
''For almost a year, I worked my a-- off, and it cost me nothing but aggravation,'' Merritt said last week from his mountain retirement home in Georgia. ``But we worked hard and we knew who did it, but we couldn't prove it. The FBI blocked us at every turn.''
Merritt, 57, a Miamian with Tennessee roots, is one of the forgotten players in the saga. His nickname: Grits.
At the time, Miami-Dade detectives were working with the FBI. Merritt grew fearful about agents, who he said pestered him unsuccessfully to see his files and would never allow him to interview Boston underworld figures.
He bought an AR-15 rifle to keep by his door.
Merritt began to drive home by different routes. He asked that FBI agents not be allowed in the homicide office without an escort.

When the case grew cold, Merritt wrapped his files in evidence tape in the storage room. People thought he had gone crazy, he said.
''It feels like Mulder from The X-Files finding an alien and proving it to the world,'' he said of this month's trial.
Prosecutors say Connolly was in cahoots with gangsters James ''Whitey'' Bulger and Stephen ''The Rifleman'' Flemmi, FBI informants who allegedly corrupted their handler.
Bulger and Flemmi ordered Callahan killed, prosecutors say, because Connolly warned them that Callahan might cooperate with investigators regarding the earlier murder of World Jai-Alai owner Roger Wheeler.
Callahan had pushed for Wheeler's murder, worried that he might be implicated in a skimming scam at World Jai-Alai.
In 1982, Merritt served a search warrant at World Jai-Alai's Miami office, where ex-FBI agent H. Paul Rico ran security and hosted agents. In 2004, Rico was indicted in the Wheeler murder, but he died before trial.
Merritt and investigators seized 10 tons of documents, determined to prove skimming. World Jai-Alai's parent company later sued the detective; the county settled despite Merritt's protests.
His probe eventually fizzled. Resources wore thin. ''You're not going to break organized crime sitting in Miami when they are in Boston,'' Merritt said.
Merritt left homicide in 1987. He retired in 2000, several years after the corruption was outed in a New England court.
Today, Merritt lives reclusively in northeast Georgia. He has no cellphone, no computer. He knows about Connolly's trial through news clippings mailed by family members.

From a speech given by FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III April 26th 2007

"And to make sure they fully understand the magnitude of their oath to defend the Constitution, every new FBI agent visits the Holocaust museum, to see for themselves the horror and injustice that result when law enforcement becomes a tool for oppression."

This case involved the Justice Dept. and FBI using Murderers as Informants. This Worthington/McCowen case IS WORSE, it involves Justice and Law Enforcement using Informers TO MURDER. The victim was a threat to those being Investigated by Congress, including the new FBI Director who just had an "Executive Privledge Order " signed on their behalf, at the behest of then US AG John Ashcroft. That order came with much controversy, because it denied Congress access to former Boston Fed. Procescutor Mueller's records, as well as others, like William Weld before him, and others before them. Most of the MA SJC Justices that recently ruled against the "Patsy" in his Appeal, came from the same, since "Proven" ROGUE" Institution (Boston US Federal Prosecutors Office), working under the SAME BETRAYERS OF ALL TRUST.



Congresses 2003 Report: "Everything Secret Degenerates: The Justice Departments Use of Murderers as Informants" - Part 1

Congresses 2003 Report:: "Everything Secret Degenerates: The Justice Departments Use of Murderers as Informants" - Part 2

Investigative Chronology (pdf)

Investigative Chronology (doc)

A few quotes from articles about these cases;

High Profile Boston Mob Lawyer Juliane Balliro; (Daughter of Boston Mob lawyer Joseph Balliro and former associate of the Defense lawyer in this Worthington/McCowen case).

Ms. Balliro won a very highly publicized $101.7 Million dollar judgment against the FBI and Justice Dept. in 2007, which again relates to all of this.

Judge Nancy Gertners Final Ruling - limonefinalalljuly26.pdf or limonefinalalljuly26.doc



"A Justice Department spokesman, Charles Miller, declined to comment on the ruling or to say whether the government will appeal.

Lawyers for the four men and their families said it would probably be about two years before they collect any money, if the government appeals and loses. (Update: The Justice Dept. paid the judgement three years later, plus interest.)

Hours after Gertner issued her ruling, US Representative William D. Delahunt, a Quincy Democrat, mentioned the decision while questioning FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III during an FBI oversight hearing in Washington, D.C.

"This is the kind of behavior that really undermines the confidence of the people and the integrity of the FBI," Delahunt said.

Mueller characterized the case as a debacle, and added: "I would suggest to you that that is isolated. Day in and day out over the years, FBI agents have been undertaking investigations and done them lawfully."

In a telephone interview later, Delahunt said he plans to file a bill in the next few months that would impose criminal sanctions against federal authorities who fail to produce information or evidence that "implicates crimes of violence."

"We can no longer rely on guidelines," he said. "The failure to implement them and comply with them has been extraordinary."

(Side note: It would be interesting to see if Rep. Delahunt ever filed that bill to impose CRIMINAL sanctions against Federal Authorities after witnessing this extraordinary Law Enforcement and Judicial DEBACLE. You would think so, considering his background was a cop before becoming a DA in the Boston area during the same time period that Mr. Mueller and other Chief Law Enforcers of this public service debacle were in charge.)

Sweet 'victory' for Bulger victims' kin - BostonHerald.com 11-20-2007

"U.S. District Court Judge Reginald C. Lindsay called for creating a reparation pool similar to what was afforded the casualties of 9/11."

"The judge didn't just put the government's feet to the fire today, he threw them in," said Robert George, one of the attorneys representing Donahue's widow and three sons.

In Dec. 2008, Mr. George negotiated an early release of his client Mr. Salemme. This was the same month that the "only" FBI "Special" Agent and fall guy to be charged in FBI corruption, former FBI SA John Connelly, was sentenced to forty years in prison on murder charges for his role as a "handler" with his "Winter Hill Gang" partners in crime.

Mr. George is a protégé of Top Boston Mob Defense Attorney Joseph Balliro who threads through fifty years of this saga between Mafia clients and government corruption. Mr. Balliro is also the father of Ms. Juliane Balliro, she won this landmark judgment against the FBI in 2007. He was instrumental in much of what Congress had come to learn, while investigating government corruption in their hearings. Mr. Balliro was very much behind this case as well, and even became a lawyer for an author, Mr. Peter Manso, that had been arrested on trumped up gun registration issues. Mr. Manso is writing a book on this crime and case. The international press has picked up where the American press has failed its duty and purpose under first amendment issues.

Mr. George, who as a public defender of the indigent, black refuse collector in the Worthington murder trial went on to EXPOSE the most heinous relationship between state and local law enforcement, as well as justice and their relationship with "Protected Drug Informers." The connections he provably revealed included the same connections to the FBI protected "Winter Hill Gang" and in this case worse because it suggests the "Drug Protected Informers" were used as "foot soldiers" to conduct a law enforcement "hit."

This included a recently released ex-convict named (David Murphy,) who had committed a "Gangland Style Hit" on a man at a known "Winter Hill Gang" hangout in Somerville, MA, some eleven years earlier, when he was just 20 years old. He served a 10-15 year sentence. The victim in that crime was found without a head or hands, in NH. A trademark favorite of the FBI/Bulger protected "Winter Hill Gang."

This same hit man and his "Winter Hill Gang" related cousin (Jim Hardy,) from Somerville, show up to work on the outer Cape for the Magnum Moving and Storage Company, where the victim had a storage space, just six months prior to this victim's savage slaughter. It was also widely reported that the victim had feared for her life from her father and his friends, during the same time period Congress was opening its investigation.

The convicted killer and his cousin joined forces to work at the moving company with two of the suggested perpetrators in this crime, one being our 21-year-old FBI/Mueller protected nephew (Shawn R. Mulvey).

The Defense attorney factually "proved" there was a "Protected Drug Informant" relationship to one of the other suggested perpetrators (Jeremy Frazier) and his MA State Police "handler" who was also proven to have "FED" him his alibi without ever identifying who this criminal is. Phone records had provably demonstrated calls had transpired between Frazier and his "handler" during the late night hours and one from the actual State Police Barracks that had investigated this crime, in the wee hours, while this carnage was taking place. This suggested "Protected Drug Informant" perpetrator was only 17-years-old at the time, and he was carrying a cell phone in the name of David Murphy, the then 31-year-old convicted killer/FBI protected "Winter Hill Gang" member who was mysteriously and obviously never looked into.

Even though as a defense attorney it is their job to defend their client, what he did was reprehensible. He proved that the state police and their investigation are corrupt. He proved the DA's Office and prosecutor are corrupt and proved all the crime scene evidence was INTENTIONALLY not tested or compared to the suggested perpetrators that ARE responsible.

He did the worst thing one could do, knowing how many other innocent people's lives he was putting into life-threatening jeopardy. He knew all along how this all connected to decades of Federal, State and local corruption at the highest levels. He stated in his closing argument, solving the crime wasn't his job and put that squarely on the corrupt law enforcement and DA's office, after proving them complicit in every way imaginable. He risked his client's fate and destroyed many other innocents' lives by not ordering testing of the crime scene evidence against the obvious perpetrators he had fully exposed, along with the most probable and frightening possible scenario. That being, Law Enforcement had plotted in a conspiracy to cruelly and barbarically slaughter this woman - and we have the nerve to talk about the Taliban, Nazi's-SS, Saddam and his charming offspring, the Butcher of Lyon-Claus Barbi and then chastise China for human rights abuses?

In my opinion, these most vile of CRIMINALS amongst us in society, need to be tracked down and hunted like the predatory animals that they are. That goes for the conspirators, the footman and the criminal cover-up committees. There should not be a place on this planet for any of them to take refuge, find comfort, safety nor support of any kind until they've breathed their last.


Shawn Mulvey - FBI "Protected Assassin"




JJeremy Frazier - MA State Police "Protected  Assassin"

God Bless "ONLY" The Honest and Decent People that have integrity in America, the "Truth"and true battle has just begun.


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