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UPDATE 4-28-2014

The ONLY Reason for this extensive website comes about as a direct result of our nephew bragging about being part of some kind of mercenary group of sorts, and having been proud of, and enjoying doing the "worst - worst - worst thing anyone could ever do to anyone or anything - I DID IT". I hadn't known about this horrific slaughter, but when I found out some three years later, myself and many others soon became noticeably TARGETED by some unknown group that had access to not only our phones and computers, but were noticeably stalking us, to keep us aware that we were under surveillance. At a much later date, did we find out what this was all about, and what this Government Run "Black-Ops" group was all about.

It is called "CoIntelPro" and dates back to its first exposure in 1975 while Congress was investigating ROGUE elements within the CIA and FBI under the Church Commission Hearings, and was to be put out of operation, and overseen by the House & Senate Intelligence Committees on Government Oversight and Reform.

Pathetically, the House and Senate has been overthrown, and is compromised by those they were to oversee. Effectively we have neither Law nor Justice in America today.

The Government Conspired and carried out HIT on Christa Worthington, was conducted by our Setup Boy, Nephew, Shawn R. Mulvey (The faux alibi witness for his Informant Partner in Crime, Jeremy Frazier) .. It turns out, he is, and was part of the CIA, and Dick Cheney's "Executive Assassination Ring." She was oft because Congress was looking into the "Whitey" Bulger relationship as a Top Echelon Informant/Partner with our Government Criminals, which has in essence become the NEW MOB, after taking down the Mafia Crime families. Obama himself is CIA, and his handler, current CIA Director John Brennan worked on the Assassination Ring under G. W. Bush and Dick Cheney's Black -Op.

Christa Worthington was threatening the exposure of their CRIMINAL ORGANIZED CRIME WAVE, which Congress was looking into at that time, which would have led to the facts that the Government itself is the importer and distributor of 'illegal' Drugs. As seen in recent years news accounts, the BIG BANKS have been Drug Money Laundering for decades, and account for $2 TRILLION DOLLARS a year in repatriated Cash to the Federal Reserve, that enables them to buy 'Government' Debt, in order to supply themselves with all the high paying, self-serving rigged jobs, and indebt we the public tax-payers, further.

4-15-2005- The "Patsy," Chris McCowen was arrested, and on 11-16-2006, inhumanely convicted. 7-1-2005 - The MSP (Mason & Burke) Interviewed Shawn Mulvey-His CIA/NSA 'Handlers' had his back 7-1-2005 - The Compromised MSP took a swab as insurance, but they were already had by the Fed's. 7-1-2005 - Shawn Mulvey, Sgt. Bill Burke and Trooper Chris Mason - Clearwater, FL.
1-4-2002 - Juice Bar Orleans, MA
1-4-2002 - Juice Bar Orleans, MA

1-4-2002- Juice Bar - Orleans, MA - Jeremy Frazier, Shawn Mulvey, Chris McCowen & Chris Bearse. 10-27-2006 - Christopher McCowen Trial on Court TV - Government Hitman Shawn Mulvey on the stand 10-27-2006 - Christopher McCowen Trial on Court TV - Government Hitman Shawn Mulvey on the stand 10-26-2006 - Christopher McCowen Trial on Court TV - Government Hitman Shawn Mulvey on the stand
1-4-2002 - Juice Bar Orleans, MA

6-27-2007- Shawn went on to become "Tattoo Shawn" in 2007 - Shawn Mulvey, Clearwater, FL 7-29-2007 - Shawn Mulvey's latest own Tat. It's Linda Blair of "The Exorcist." 7-27-2007 - Tattoo Shawn Mulvey's handy work. It's the Christa Worthington Crime scene. 3-31-2008 - Shawn Mulvey and girlfriend sporting new "2007" Exorcist Tat.
1-4-2002 - Juice Bar Orleans, MA

9-2009- Shawn and his girlfriend had a new addition to contribute to the world. A little Devil Tat. 7-29-2013 - Journalist Daniel Hospsicker's photo taken at Donna Blue, Ft. Laudrdale, of CIA Vehicles. 7-24-2013 - Shawn Mulvey's girlfriend. She's a passenger in his government 'company' car. 9-27-2013 - Shawn Mulvey now works for "Black Ops" under the US CIA.
1-4-2002 - Juice Bar Orleans, MA

The Conviction of Chris McCowen was based on two things. His DNA Found in her and a mix on her right breast, and his alleged Police Statement that wasn't recorded and was written up by THESE investigators some 8-9 days later. The DNA was found to be OLD (No heads or tales on the sperm) meaning it was about 3-4 days old. The jury discounted the statement as not believeable.

There is crime scene evidence of someone elses, including blood droplets on the victims clogs by her doorway, that were never matched up nor compared to their rightful owner. Shawn Mulvey was the ONLY one never DNA swabbed, tested or compared?

The entire male population in Truro, over the age of 18 was asked to give a swab just three months before an unusual comparison was made to the "Patsy." It's still in the news today as a result of the ACLU in MA winning an Appeals Court ruling for one of the harrassed subjects in this crime and case (Keith Amato). He was Tony Jackett's former son-in-law.

DNA Evidences are kept for 50 Years Associated with THIS State-Sponsored CoIntelPro "ASSASSINATION."

"Law Enforcement Still Holds DNA From Worthington Case" 8-30-2011

Cape Cod Times - 2-28-2007 - Small Box Holds Pieces Of Woman's Life, Death (.DOC)

50 Depot Road, Truro, MA - 1-7-2002, 1-6-2002, 1-7-2002 & The Last One was Posted by a local person on 2-2-2002 on CrimeNews2000.com ;)

#1-A Damaged Road Surface - A "low-rider" that got a traffic ticket for a LOUD MUFFLER system shortly after, was then shipped to Clearwater, FL, repaired (The undercarriage & muffler system were heavily damaged=$800 and the 1991 White Honda low-rider bodykit was destroyed=$1k) and sold three weeks after the move to FL (Aug. 2002) - #2- Drag Marks like a Movers Dolly could make (Who were the movers? Magnum Movers is where Christa Worthington RENTED a space in Eastham - 1990 Convicted Winter Hill Gang Murderer, David Murphy and his cousin Jim Hardy from Somerville, whose Daddy was a leg-breaker for Howie Winter and Whitey Bulger, MYSTERIOUSLY moved down to the Cape 6 months before Christa was Daddy-whacked - At the same time Congress was threatening contempt on Bush & Ashcroft over gaining access to the Boston Fed. Pros records (Congress was investigating MA Law Enforcement, FBI & Justice Dept. CORRUPTION with the relationship that was EXPOSED with Whitey Bulger), which would have included current FBI Dir. Robert Mueller's, a former Boston Fed. Pros himself, who was installed just three months after the contempt threat on 9-4-2001 - "The Boys" hired to work alongside Murphy & Hardy were Shawn Mulvey & Jeremy Frazier - the long distance haulers and the local haulers - HAUL ABOARD - Hauling Fresh Fish, yah think? You'd have to ask former Truro Sgt. Dave Costa, he's the one that would be seen in his BOAT during his late night shifts from her cottages windows - a smelly redtide harbor indeed) - # 3 - A State Police Photo by Joseph Condon taken on 1-7-2002 and #4 - A photo uploaded by a local to a website called Crimenews2000.com on 2-2-2002.- NOTHING was dropped off or picked up a month later, through this doorway according to Jeremy Frazier, and the front door was NOT used on this cottage.

AP-1-18-2007 - DA Wants Worthington Killing Photos Sealed (.DOC)

Cape Cod Times - 1-18-2007 - DA Wants To Seal Grisly Worthington Images (.DOC)

Cape Cod Times - 1-21-2007 - No Secret Files Please (.DOC)

Cape Cod Times - 2-9-2007 - McCowen's Lawyer Impound Photos (.DOC)

Cape Cod Times - 2-28-2007 - Ruling On Images Pleases Both Sides (.DOC)

Cape Cod Times - 2-28-2007 - Small Box Holds Pieces Of Woman's Life, Death (.DOC)

The Cape Codder - 3-2-2007 - Judge Rules Murder Scene Photos Can Be Viewed (.DOC)

The CRIME LAB DEBACLE WAS EXPOSED, just after this WITCH TRIAL in Jan. 2007. (.DOC)

In 1998, the FBI's Crime Lab was EXPOSED as Fraudulent, too. (.DOC)

Mass. Crime Lab DNA Analyst - Christine LeMire

Testified on Oct. 27th 2006, that UNIDENTIFIED BLOOD was found on Christa Worthington's shoes.

Click ALLOW Add On to Run 'Windows Media Player' to hear the entire Audio while viewing this page.



Audio Testimony 10-27-06 Mass. Crime Lab scientist Christine LeMire with Pros. Robert Welsh

Pros. Welsh: "In regarding that mix under the right fingernails - how many different profiles please?"


Christine LeMire: "Actually so it's between SDR testing and YSDR testing there are at least five profiles in that sample - remember we had Christa Worthington as a major profile - Ava Worthington being included in that profile and then a minimum of three males including Christopher McCowen"


Pros. Welsh: "and with respect to that ah Christa Worthington's right fingernails - Jeremy Frazier was excluded is that correct?"


Christine LeMire: "Yes"


Pros. Welsh: "alright - and at the time that the YSDR testing was done of the fingernails - um - it is fair to say mam - that you didn't run that against Tim Arnold, Tony Jackett or Keith Amato - correct?"


Christine LeMire: "At the time the YSDR tests were run, which was performed, which is just a few months ago - Um - the standards to compare it to were Chris McCowen and Frazier"


Pros. Welsh: "Jeremy Frazier was excluded correct?"


Christine LeMire: "That's correct"


Pros. Welsh: "Now … how many items did you test?"


Christine LeMire: " In this case?"


Pros. Welsh: "What's that?"


Christine LeMire: "In this entire case?"


Pros. Welsh: "Yes - How many evidentiary samples did you test?"


Christine LeMire: "twenty-three"


Pros. Welsh: "and that deals with exempting profiles from individuals?"


Christine LeMire: "exempting those would be an additional forty-nine (49) to the twenty-three (23) …"


Pros. Welsh: "alright"


Christine LeMire: "what's that? so over seventy (70) …"


Pros. Welsh: "and"


Christine LeMire: "profiles"


Pros. Welsh: "and could you just go through what you did test in this case please?"


Pros. Welsh: "beyond - I tend to be very frank about the swabbing of the breast and the sperm fracture test"


Christine LeMire: "Yes other items that were tested in this case for DNA analysis were a um red-brown droplet stain on a cutting board, a red-brown stain on the right side of Ava Worthington's jumpsuit, a swabbing of keys found in the driveway passenger side of victims motor vehicle, a red-brown stain recovered from the right clog toe area - of shoes recovered from um the residence - a swabbing of a red-brown stain from a left clog collected from, at the left outside heel area - um - same clog as previously noted - or same set of the pair. Also, an apparent pubic hair from Christa Worthington's torso, a swabbing of eyeglasses - a swabbing of a stain on the vest - lower right waist area - of CW - another pubic hair from the vest of Christa Worthington - a stain on the left sleeve of Christa Worthington's shirt - another stain from Christa Worthington's shirt, at the rear center waist area - a swabbing of the left hand fingernails from Christa Worthington - a men's silver watch - and four (4) pairs of underwear"


Pros. Welsh: "and"


Christine LeMire: "and the stain from a blanket in the kitchen"


Pros. Welsh: "with respect to that blanket in the kitchen, ah was that a semen stain?"

Christine LeMire: "Yes"


Pros. Welsh: "alright and who did that come back to match?"


Christine LeMire: "Tim Arnold"


Pros. Welsh: "and with just being in respect to the DNA being on an item - how long does DNA last on an item?" How long does DNA last on an item?


Christine LeMire: "Um - We've been able to profile DNA recovery off of items as long as twenty (20) to thirty (30) years."


Pros. Welsh: "and is DNA something that is easily picked up … off the ground?"


Christine LeMire: "It is possible to um pick up trace amounts of DNA"


Pros. Welsh: "alright .. with respect to ah - there was a set of clogs that you tested is that correct?"

Christine LeMire: "Yes"


Pros. Welsh: "and on the heel area of the clog there was some unknown DNA in this case?"


Christine LeMire: "Yes"


Pros. Welsh: "Alright"

NOTE: During Defense Testimony, it was also learned that there was DNA of at least three males DNA under the victims right fingernails,

two palm prints, two pubic hairs that weren't African American (this was also mentioned on 48 Hours),

another long brown hair and a boot/shoe casting. All was untested or compared. Besides UNTESTED or Compared Fiber Evidence and semen evidence.


Note: During this trial the Defense clearly indentified the perpetrators of this barbaric act, including the State & Local Law "ENFORCERS" who took orders from higher ups to brutally defile this woman, and leave her baby for fodder.

They were identified as Jeremy Frazier, Shawn Mulvey and Jeremy's "HANDLER" at the State level being Mass. State Police Sgt. Tom Hester (mentioned in Jeremy Frazier's testimony, as the "Handler" who was feeding the other Co-Conspirator Investigators Mason & Burke over the phone from Truro, MA (with Frazier & Trooper Kotfilia) to the S. Yarmouth, MA State Police Barracks on 4-14-2005, when they were questioning McCowen, during their UNTAPPED Phony Interview.

Additionally, he was discovered to have been calling Jeremy Frazier with "ALIBI" information, whom Jeremy admitted being phone "FED," before his second "Official" State Police Interview on 5-5-2005 with Mason & Burke-The Cover-up team. He would have also been the "HANDLER" MA State Cop that Jeremy was calling on the night of this "HIT," as well as the unidentified caller to Jeremy's cell phone FROM the MA. STATE POLICE BARRACKS at 12:03AM, when this "HIT" was taking place. This cellphone being used by Frazier was in the name of Dave Murphy and had 25-26 calls made to an "UNIDENTIFIED" phone number (See: Phone Calls Testimony). These calls went to a Concord, MA phone number that were bouncing back to Brewster on Cape Cod. MSP Sgt. Tom Hester also lived in Brewster in 2002.

The local Dirty Cop identified was Truro, MA Sgt. David Costa, who was pointed out throughout this trial, as the third Law "ENFORCER" SUSPECT, in this heinous crime. Costa was identified in several testimonies, he was pointed out as first person from Law "Enforcement" on the scene, and left alone in the house when a Green bathrobe, which was identified by the first two witnesses at the scene (Tim Arnold & Jan Worthington), who recalled seeing the victim having on a green robe as well. It went missing after he was alone in the house and before the next person arrived (An EMT responder). He was also identified in the lead investigator Wm. Burke's testimony on two occasions. According to "some" of the alleged police statement. McCowen stated when he and Frazier drove up Worthington's driveway he saw a white male 50-55 waiting alongside her house, and then revealed that Sgt. David Costa was recorded removing items from Worthington's storage space (Magnum Movers, Eastham, MA - where Dave Murphy, his cousin Jim Hardy - both connected to the FBI/Bulger crime Family, had joined forces to work with "the boys" Frazier & Mulvey") a few days (1-10-2005) after the body was discovered, and with no one's knowledge. He was also spotted with a metal detector 1'800 up the street several days later, by the same man (Gerard Smith) who saw a black SUV/truck (with Two letters followed by Two numbers - 17 or 18? - a Marilyn Miller article reported this a month AFTER the murder) tearing down her driveway the day before (1-5) the body was discovered on 1-6-2002.

Myself, others (FBI-CoIntelPro TARGETS) and all "LEGITIMATE" Journalists, Investigative Journalists, Authors; Maria Flook & Peter Manso and ANYONE that knew parts to this TRUE CRIME, were infiltrated by a taxpayer funded Federal Counter Intelligence person, who's real name is Judy E. Locchi Jacobs of Somerville, MA A/K/A "Crusader" or known as "The Blogger" for an online news site, called CapeCodToday.com and other venues (Court TV as GuardianAngel8, Trawlergirl+ & The Cape Cod times, etc.) covering for this barbaric crime and case.

In one of her MANY emails to me, she ultimately REVEALED the LOCAL GOVERNMENT DRUG CARTEL CONNECTIONS to the FEDERALLY ORGANIZED "RICO" OPERATION. Arms & Drugs (Iran-Contra) is the "BOOTY" they've flooded our nation with, ALL WITH NO OVERSIGHT nor CHECKS & BALANCES.

This FINALLY was ALL EXPOSED on 5-12-2011 - simoneemerald IS Judy E. Jabobs, I'm deep-throat-ii. I posted this as "phoenixrising" on CapeCodToday.com at; (http://www.capecodtoday.com/blogs/index.php?blog=53&blog=53&title=the-da-s-new-clothes-or-mccowen-unbound&disp=single&more=1&c=1&tb=1&pb=1)

05/12/11 @ 1:06 pm

phoenixrising [Member] writes:


Re: from Judy Re: 7:47 PM‏

From: simone emerald (simoneemerald@gmail.com)

Sent: Mon 9/15/08 11:19 PM

To: Michael Angel (deep-throat-ii@hotmail.com)


"Our mutual friend the journalist, said that one is responsible for the killing, and other for the order.

I believe that. DC is coke runner, Hester runs the pot. It was DC

that got her hooked on coke."

Of course I heard thru CRUSADER that Sgt. Hester (Frazier's Handler who lived in Brewster in 2002, and later moved to Dennis, near Orleans Judge Welsh-The Prosecutors Father) had a Real Estate Venture with DA O'keefe's money man, Joe Buscone-Northside Marina (Fraziers-Murphy's cellphones 26 Concord calls bounced to Brewster on 1/4-5/2002 and Hester & Kotfilia were working with Frazier at the Truro PD, while Chris was being CONNED in the S. Yarmouth Police Barracks on 4-14-2005 when he was interviewed and arrested) Who phone "FED" Frazier? ;-) Trooper Kim Squire is a R/E Agent with them too. She screwed the vehicle ID up. They're being investigated yet.

and this email blog posted as clambelly;


2011-05-06 14:36:39 (TENTH VISIT),BOSTON - MASSACHUSETTS DISTRICT ATTORNEYS ASSOCIATION 2011-05-6 14:36:58 (Seventh Visit)

The AG, MDAA PRES & DA ALL Confer at the SAME time, while on site. :)


Re: from Judy Re: 7:47 PM‏

From:simone emerald (simoneemerald@gmail.com)

Sent: Mon 9/15/08 11:19 PM

To: Michael Angel (deep-throat-ii@hotmail.com)


"S&S trucks from Quincy, Whitey's gang. They've infected just about

every business they could around here, probably the entire state! S&S

are everywhere up here, one per 2/3 mile at least."

"Supplies from NY, (Rosenthal, KA,

Tarquin?) who would be able to make connections? KA said he was part

of the Sicilian mob, but I think that's BS. He's just a lame wanna be.

Boston is MSP, Hester, Hardy and Murphy, New Bedford is DC.

Distribution is to Cape but I don't know, maybe all ports…Boston, New

Bedford, Cape….all coming in.the distribute to all places"

NOTE: THIS is another blogger that has EXTENSIVE INFORMATION about this ENTIRE DEBACLE called our Leaders and GOVERNMENT'S RELATIONSHIP with the DRUG CARTEL they're running and Whitey Bulgers exixtence in Florida. Her name is Karen Morris, and she gave me permission to put this out there, as she has had her life ruined by the FBI, under this ROGUE Organization too.

IT IS OUR BELIEF, THAT THE ANSWER IS IN THIS NY MAGAZINE ARTICLE FROM JAN. 28th 2002 ... Her Own Law "ENFORCER" Daddy and his MANY MANY FRIENDS, in CORRUPTED Uncivilized service, who are hiding the fact that our Government BECAME the "NEW MOB" after taking down their Competition "The Mafia" in ALL the Rackets. Non-Partisan CORRUPT "OFFICIALS and Institutions" with NO OVERSIGHT, nor CHECKS & BALANCES. Bulger USA being orchestrated by multiple Administrations housed at "The Whitey House" at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Director Mueller is the Domestic "Capo" for the Changing TWO-PARTY "Dons" under one "GOD" and indivisable, which WILL CHANGE , but ONLY "BY THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE."





Post-trial: DNA tests, appeal in works

November 18, 2006
Post-trial: DNA tests, appeal in works

Cape and Islands District Attorney Michael O'Keefe said yesterday he would test some of the DNA samples in the state police crime lab that were not previously tested, but not because he expected to gain any new information.
''I have asked that certain testing be done only because it became such a large issue at the trial,'' O'Keefe said. ''I want to see that those who have questions, even though we may not feel that they are persuasive at all, attain some level of satisfaction.'' (NOTE: AS THIS DAY 8-24-2012 - THIS HAS NEVER BEEN SATISFIED TO THE PUBLIC THAT HAVE LOTS OF QUESTIONS and NO CONFIDANCE!)
One piece of evidence in particular - the external vaginal swab collected from Worthington's body - came up in trial when an expert for the defense, Richard Saferstein, pointed out that though it tested positive for semen, it had never been DNA tested for a match to McCowen or anyone else.
''We have a big question mark here that could have readily been solved with that one specimen,'' Saferstein testified.
O'Keefe said the issue is a red herring and that protocol at the crime lab is to test only internal vaginal samples, which can prove penetration and hence rape charges. ''The laboratory's experience is that what comes out is a seepage or a drainage,'' O'Keefe said.
''If it results in a change of (crime lab) protocol in some cases, that's a perfectly appropriate thing,'' he said.
O'Keefe said his office will not investigate or charge anyone else in the murder, including Jeremy Frazier.
McCowen told state troopers that after he had consensual sex with Worthington, Frazier was the one who actually grabbed a knife and stabbed her through the lung, killing her.
During the trial, Saferstein also said that blue and white fibers found on Worthington's genital area were not tested by the crime lab. Frazier was seen on video wearing a blue and white sweater the night prosecutors believe Worthington was killed.
But O'Keefe said he had no intention of testing those fibers. ''I don't find those persuasive,'' he said. ''Fibers are very generic. Many people have sweaters with blue and green or whatever the colors were. You can conjure up any kind of expert these days to say anything.''

CBS News website - Forensics 101


"Hair deteriorates slowly, and so can be particularly useful as evidence. Hair can reveal race, as well as whether the strand was removed by force. Lab tests on hair can show whether a person took certain drugs or ingested chemicals. Fibers are often even more useful evidence than hair, because it is much easier to precisely identify them."

Exculpatory Motion

Exculpatory Motion filed 11-26-07! The motion/document speaks loud and clear about DA O'keefe and his office (See link above), ADA-Prosecutor Welsh ( Welsh was then given a District Court Judicial Appointment, by Mitt Romney on 12-7-2006, right after this trial.) His Dad, a former Chief Magistrate ("Man of the People" - See link above) of the Orleans District Court, handled the dispostions in all these cases! Certifying to the Court and Defense that they had handed everything over when in fact they knowingly hadn't - is a VERY BIG DEAL and fits right into the rest of the conspiracy that has been the major part of this crime and case from the onset! See the Exculpatory Motion filed (Link Above)11-26-2007 and the author Peter Manso who has been writing a book about this crime and case discovered much of this exculpatory material was then setup a month later by an errant home alarm going off and then arrested for guns that were out of registration!

A few excerpts:

"In the aftermath of these filings, this court held several discovery conferences on February 10, 2006, April 7, 2006 and October 11, 2006 resulting in the Commonwealth’s filing of a Discovery Compliance Certificate on October 11, 2006. However, despite these procedures and specific discovery requests, all of the evidence listed in the following paragraphs was known to the Commonwealth about its own witnesses and still withheld from the defendant, bringing us to this point."

The following evidence, uncovered through the efforts of journalist Peter Manso during his research for his upcoming novel on the Worthington homicide case, was deliberately withheld from the defense by the prosecution prior to and during the defendant’s trial. This critical information was known to the government, was clearly discoverable, was requested by the defendant yet still withheld from the Court and the defendant by the prosecution.
In what appears to be an unsettling pattern of uncanny commonality, the same investigators, arresting officers, defendants/witnesses and prosecutors thread through all of the withheld evidence. At the very least, this data was undisclosed and was likely deliberately withheld by the same District Attorney’s Office that handled most of the challenged cases. In other words, the District Attorney’s Office must have known about the evidence and there is no possible reason that the Commonwealth would fail to produce such evidence other than with the intent to deliberately suppress it."

The importance of these witness’ backgrounds and the related laboratory evidence to the defense in this case is clear.
Frazier and his associates, not McCowen, were the suggested culprits in this homicide as part of the defense and almost all were present at the Thomas Bilbo party in Eastham on January 4, 2002, only a short time before the alleged stabbing of Christa Worthington. The Commonwealth claimed at trial that it also was at this party that Frazier, Mulvey and others, including most of these witnesses, engaged in a violent brawl and then allegedly went home to bed rather than to Worthington’s house, a place well known to Frazier due to his employment at Magnum Movers."

The story can be viewed here: TheBostonChannel.com - News - Author Outlines Worthington Case Controversies

The Video here

Author Outlines Worthington Case Controversies
Fashion Writer's Murder Trial Set To Begin
POSTED: 6:13 pm EDT October 17, 2006
UPDATED: 7:43 pm EDT October 17, 2006

BOSTON -- Controversies connected to the Christa Worthington murder case and trial could affect the outcome, according to a local author.

NewsCenter 5's Amalia Barreda (She's the wife of Mob Defense Lawyer Joseph Balliro who the defense attorney Robert A. George in this heinous trial had worked for Joe for six years and the reason for their appearance in this case, crime and trial) reported that testimony in the Worthington murder case could begin on Wednesday. Christopher McCowen is accused of killing the fashion writer in her Truro home almost four years ago.

Three of 14 seats on the jury remained unfilled Tuesday after two days of jury selection.

"The bottom line is this is going to be one hell of a trial," said author Peter Manso.
For the past year, Manso has been doing research for a book on the murder of Worthington, 46, and the trial of McCowen, 34.
"I don't have a precise number, but I'm sure it's 20 to 30 people if not more -- their phones were tapped," Manso said.
Manso said investigators subpoenaed people's phone records, went through people's mail and surreptitiously obtained DNA by going through people's garbage. Manso said his book will not lavish praise on the murder investigation.

"At least 90 percent of the people I've talked to have raised questions about the arrest of Chris McCowen. Many people come right out and say this guy's a patsy. They had to arrest someone, and they arrested this, forgive me, dumb, uneducated garbage man who's black," Manso said.

Manso said McCowen was a drug snitch who talked to police 36 hours after the murder. A year later, he voluntarily submitted a DNA sample that eventually came back as a match. District Attorney Michael O'Keefe announced the charges and they included aggravated rape.

"All the DNA shows is that Chris McCowen had sex with Christa Worthington. Was it consensual sex? Was it rape? I don't know. From what I'm told, the autopsy does not indicate rape," Manso said.

Once arrested, Manso said investigators grilled McCowen for more than six hours while the defendant was high on marijuana and Percocet, and they didn't record a word of it.

"He's an infinitely suggestible guy. He's a guy who has a low IQ. From what I understand, this guy would confess to owning the Brooklyn Bridge if you leaned on him long enough," Manso said.

Manso, who authored the controversial book entitled "Provincetown: Art, Sex and Money on the Outer Cape," also won't be writing flattering things about the victim's family, especially Worthington's cousin, Jan.

"Jan had not seen Christa for six months. She lived across the street. Six months prior to the killing," Manso said.
In response to Manso's criticisms of the investigation, O'Keefe said, "These were normal complaints from the defendant that were heard by a judge during pretrial motions and they were denied. That's why we have courtrooms and judges who are more experienced at handling these kinds of issues than writers are."

Copyright 2006 by TheBostonChannel.com. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Shawn Mulvey - FBI "Protected Assassin"




JJeremy Frazier - MA State Police "Protected  Assassin"

God Bless "ONLY" The Honest and Decent People that have integrity in America, the "Truth"and true battle has just begun.


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