The Cars & Drivers on 1/4/2002-1/5/2002

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Clearwater, FL Police Report - Page 1

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New show ’20/20′ probes Worthington case

Watch 2/20's Two-Hour Special "Killing On The Cape" - "BLACK FRIDAY" Nov. 24th 2017

ABC’s ’20/20′ Plans Two-Hour Program on Christa Worthington’s 2002 Murder

Christopher McCowen, who is serving a life sentence without parole for the rape and murder of Christa Worthington, was interviewed.


Governor Charlie Baker Appointed the other TOP TWO ROGUES in WORTHINGTONGATE, to the TOP Major POSTS, along with these NAZI MUTT'S.

Trooper turned MSP Major, Chris Mason (ROGUE InFestigator in WorthingtoGate) as COMRAD of the GESTAPO'S MA FUSION CENTER, and Det. Lt. Robert Irwin Under former ROGUE, AG, Martha Coakley & his boss Renee DuPuis (Now Judge DuPUis) to the lead Detective as the Major of Detectives for the entire State of The Dearly Departed Land" Massachusetts, to round out THEIR their staff for the 'protection' of THEIR racketts.


This is who and what is behind this Citizens SLAUGHTER - Her Daddy was a former MA Asst. AG, and George W Bush & John Ashcroft were under Contempt of Congress threats at the time. It Involves the Bush-Clinton Crime Syndicate and their DRUG CARTEL OPS going back to the 1980's Mena, AK CIA Black-Ops Post trading arms for drugs for their NY MONEY-MAFIA BANKSTER Partners laundered loot bags. They were PARTNERS with Whitey Bulger and his equally criminal brother Billy, and STILL ARE.

Executive Privilege Again



It's time to put this lil' cowardly Son of Bitch, Robert S. Mueller, in front of a firing squad along with all the other Bully-Gang NAZI's he's in bed with. POS

"And to make sure they fully understand the magnitude of their oath to defend the Constitution, every new FBI agent visits the Holocaust museum, to see for themselves the horror and injustice that result when law enforcement becomes a tool for oppression."

This debacle ties in PERFECTLY with the latest DEBACLE in CORRUPTACHUSETTS called "TROOPERGATE"

Governor Charlie Baker Appointed the other TOP TWO ROGUES in WORTHINGTONGATE, to the TOP Major POSTS, along with these NAZI MUTT'S.

Trooper turned MSP Major, Chris Mason (ROGUE InFestigator in WorthingtoGate) as COMRAD of the GESTAPO'S MA FUSION CENTER, and Det. Lt. Robert Irwin Under former ROGUE, MA AG, Martha Coakley and his boss Criminal Bureau Chief, Renee DuPuis (Now Judge DuPUis) to the lead and Major of Detectives for the entire State of The Dearly Departed Land" Massachusetts, which rounds out THEIR 'protection' staff for THEIR racketts.

Meet The Departed, and the soon to be Departed

You're a reflection of the friends you keep.

Ex-Gov Weld, 70, still thinking young


These MA Governors, like most Federal (AIPAC) Politicians pledged allegiance, and went to bed and are working for foriegn Enemy State of America -- IT's called TREASON.

Is this Mitt’s shameful secret: Bain is a Mossad asset?

Deval Patrick takes investing role at Bain Capital

Massachusetts governor leading trade delegation to Israel

Commissioner Bill Evans flies to Israel on security trip

The two "Parties" are the two sides of THE SAME BETRAYING SHEKELERS STOLEN COINS.

Clinton friends gather for Vineyard bash

NSA shares raw intelligence including Americans' data with Israel

FACT: I found at the top of all 'Oversight" in OCCUPIED AmeriKa, are Dual citizen Jews as the Gatekeepers for their FORIEGN EMPIRE.

. From the US AG, IG, Glenn Fine, to the the MA House and Senate's 'oversight' Chair's, Sen., Cynthia Creem & Rep., David Linsky. McCowen's Chief JUST-US is a JEW. Re-trial ?

We have a cleansing to do in of our infilTRAITORS and BETRAYERS in OCCUPIED AmeriKa, along with their treasonous McMinions.

We even have the MosSADS winter training camp on October Mountain Rd. in the MA, Berkshires. (With their own 'Oversight"

Jeremy Frazier (Being accused by McCowen as the one that MUST have killed Christa Worthington)

Shawn Mulvey (The alibi witness for Jeremy Frazier)

Chris Bearse (The mutual friend )

Mixed Testimonies from 10/26/06-10/27/06




Jeremy Frazier claims he drove to the the Juice Bar Rap Event with his friend Eli Auck then gets to high at the event and has his friend Shawn Mulvey drive him to the after party at Tom Bilbo's together and leaves his car overnight at the Juice Bar and also states that Chris McCowen followed them in his Green Escort alone in a train of 3-4 cars to the after party. Their mutual friend Chris Bearse says they (Frazier & Mulvey) were together at the Juice Bar and states they drove off together from the Juice Bar to the after Party at Bilbo's house but he doesn't recall which car they were in. Shawn Mulvey then claims that's impossible because he got a ride to the Juice bar event by Jeremy Frazier and another passenger Josh Santos because the parking lot at the Juice Bar was trashed (Pot Holes?) and he coudn't take his 1991 Honda lowrider car there because it would have ripped the body kit off his car. Mulvey then states that when he left the Juice Bar he jumped into their mutual freinds Mustang (Chris Bearse - who had stated he drove alone to the after party) where they had been followed by Jeremy Frazier to his home to pickup his car and then he followed the others cars (Frazier & Bearse) to the after party where he claimed he parked near Frazier's car. Frazier states that after being "fed" for twenty minutes to a half hour before his second "official" interview on May 5th 2005 he was able to get his story straight and he knows where he went after the after party and is definate he left his car overnight at the Juice Bar where Shawn Mulvey brought him to on Sat. morning to retrieve his car - yet Mulvey claims that is impossible because he knows he drove him back to Bilbo's house on Sat. morning where Frazier drove his car to and had left it there overnight. Now thier mutual freind Chris Bearse claims he knows Shawn was in the passenger seat outside of the party at the end of the evening but he thought it was Frazier's car and wasn't even sure if Mulvey's car was even on the road that night.

McCowen murder trial: day 8

By Michael Iacuessa
Provincetown Banner Correspondent
Tom Bilbo, at the time a high school student, described a party at his Eastham house in which a man was so afraid when
Frazier, Josh Santos and Mulvey arrived (FUNNY this is the SAME THREE together Going TO the Juice Bar in Frazier's Car according to Mulvey's testimony) that he hid upstairs in his bedroom. Bilbo said a pre-existing problem between the man and Frazier's friends led to a fight at the house, initially involving Artie DuBois and Mulvey. He believed Frazier, along with Mulvey, Santos and Eli Auch were part of a group called the SDC. Frazier, on Thursday, testified the Sun Devil Clique was just a small group of close friends.


Some transcript excerpts from Frazier on 10-26-06

Entire Defense testimony is located at: WCAI/WNAN - Frazier-Defence

Entire Prosecution testimony is located at: WCAI/WNAN - Frazier-Direct

It's also on the disk Below: 

Entire Defense testimony is located at: Frazier-Defence

Entire Prosecution testimony is located at: Frazier-Direct

George: "What time did you wake up on Sat.?"

Jeremy: "Um - between 9 & 10"

George: "What did you do when you woke up?"

Jeremy: "Shawn took me back to my car - then I went back to my house, took a shower, relaxed and laid on my couch"

George: "What time did you get home?"

Jeremy: "between - probably - 10 or 11"

George: "after Shawn took you back to your car - your car was actually at the Juice Bar wasn't it?" 1:47

Jeremy: "That's correct"

George: "and you hadn't been able to drive your car that night because you were too - drunk to drive right?"

Jeremy: "Yeh -- That's correct"

George: "You were so intoxicated at the Juice Bar that you weren't able to drive to the after party isn't that so?"

Jeremy: "No - I just din't want to get OUI"

George: "So you had Shawn drive you to the after party?"

Jeremy: "That's correct"

George: "and were you driving a Gray Eclipse back then?"

Jeremy: "A gray Cougar"

George: "A gray Cougar"

Jeremy: "Yes"

George: "and was that the gray Cougar you left at the Juice Bar on Jan. 4th or 5th of 2002?"

Jeremy: "That's correct"

George: "In fact you didn't even remember where you had been after the Juice Bar the first time they talked to you -Right?" (27:04)

Jeremy: "Yeh - Until they FED me pieces of information where I was that night"

George: "so they were feeding you pieces of information - you just said Fed you pieces of information - Right?"

Jeremy: "Yeh"

George: "and when you say feeding you pieces of information - who was feeding you all the pieces of information"

Jeremy: "The State police"

George: "Who"

Jeremy: "Um -two officers that showed up at my house - I don't recall there names"

George: "That's Sgt. Thomas Hester - Right?"

Jeremy: "I don't remember"

George: "Well you're telling us your being fed pieces of information - how are they being fed to you by telephone?"

Jeremy: "By persons - by face to face - from what Christopher McCowen said we did that night - he was telling me and I was starting to remember - slowly - little pieces of" ( Cut off)

George: "but on April 14th 2005 you didn't have that memory -- they came to see you at your house - Right?"

Jeremy: "Yes"

George: "and then you didn't see them again until May 5th 2005 and you'd told us that you'd gone back and thought about it and had come with - what had happened on that night on your own - Do you remember testifying to that?"

Jeremy: "Yes"

George: "Were you being fed information between the 14th and the 5th?"

Jeremy: "No"

George: "So you talked to nobody on the State Police between the 14th and the 5th - the second interview?"

Jeremy: "I don't recall" (like he's been caught with his hand in the poor basket)

George: "Did you use to contact the State Police on your cell phone in order to get that information?"

Jeremy: "No"

George: "Did you use to meet them anywhere out in the public to get the information?"

Jeremy: "No"

George: "Did you have a handler at that point - Someone you use to speak to in this case - that would give you information about the case - so that you would be able to talk to the police on May 5th?"

Jeremy: "Yes"

George: "Who was that?"

Jeremy: "Christopher Mason"

George: "Christopher Mason spoke to you the second time?"

Jeremy: "Yes"

George: "Before May 5th 2005 - Had you ever met him before?"

Jeremy: "No"

George: "So when Christopher Mason met with you on May 5th - he Fed you information?" (29:00)

Jeremy: "Where was that location?"

George: "Sure - Sure - I'll come up and show it to you"

Jeremy: "OK"

George: "If I may your honor"

Judge: "Please"

George: "I'll show you a report - May 5th"

Jeremy: "Uh - What did he meet me at my house or?" (Quietly -too George)

George: "No I'm asking you - Do you remember this interview? I'll give it to you"

Jeremy: (Looks it over)

George: "Was it at your house or some public place or someplace other than your house?

Jeremy: "Wellfleet Police Station"

George: "OK - and" (LONG Pause)

Jeremy: "No it was my house actually - Sorry - It was my house"

George: "OK" So they - so he came to your house and was he with anybody?"

Jeremy: "Um uh - he was with Officer Burke"

George: "NOW - who was giving you information prior to this?" (29:56)

Jeremy: "Ah, The other two State Police Officers which I don't remember there names"

George: "OK - and that's the first report I showed you right?"

Jeremy: "That's correct"

George: "and that's Hester" (Sgt. Thomas Hester)

Jeremy: "Hester - Yes"

George: "and Kotfilia - Do you remember him? Trooper Kotfilia"

Jeremy: "Yes"

George: "So did they keep in touch with you after that first interview?" (April 14th 2005)

Jeremy: "Nope"

George: "and at the end of that interview - that's the interview that you said you didn't know where you had gone that night after the Juice Bar - You recall that - Right"

Jeremy: "That's correct"

George: "and May 5th you spoke again to Trooper Mason after being Fed information about where you were"

Jeremy: "That's correct"

George: "Well --- Was it your own memory or was it you were being Fed information as to where you were"

Jeremy: "It was my own memory"

George: "Were you shown video from the Juice Bar before you made this statement?"

Jeremy: "No"

George: "Now - moving to the end of this statement - Did you offer the troopers your cell phone records from Jan. 2002 - Yes - Did you give them over?"

Jeremy: "I didn't have em they just got em"

George: "Did they show em to you on this date?"

Jeremy: "I don't remember - I don't recall"

George: "and did you describe the party you'd been at - at Bilbo's house in this statement" Pause - "Is that a yes"

Jeremy: "Yes"

George: "and when you got to the part about leaving the party in this interview - the one after you've been fed information - Do you remember whether it was Sat., Sun. or Fri. - that you had left Bilbo's house"

Jeremy: "It was, ah"

George: "Do you remember?"

Jeremy: "I can't really remember now"

George: "I asked Frazier if he knew what time he left Mulvey's house and he replied he wasn't sure" Do you remember that?" (Reading from Interview)

Jeremy: "Yeh"

George: "and that's the next morning - you understand that - right?"

Jeremy: "Yes"

George: "Now ------- when you talked to Trooper Mason and Sgt. Burke actual - Did you tell them about being kicked outta the party?"

Jeremy: "Yes"

George: "and - and at any point prior to that point in the interview had you been fed any information about where you had been throughout that night?"

Jeremy: "Yes"

George: "and was that during the course of the interview?"

Jeremy: "No"

George: "It was before? It was before the interview even began - Right?"

Jeremy: "Yes"

George: "and how long did they talk to you before the interview began - so you would know what you are talking about?"

Jeremy: "20 minutes to a half - half an hour"

George: "and then the interview began after that - right?"

Jeremy: "Yeh"

George: "and when you were done being prepared you knew what you were talking about - Right?"

Jeremy: "Yes"

George: "and you were operating as a result of being fed that information you were able to sorta reconstruct that night"

Jeremy: "With the pieces together -Yes"



Exculpatory Motion

Exculpatory Motion filed 11-26-07! The motion/document speaks loud and clear about DA O'keefe and his office (See link above), ADA-Prosecutor Welsh (Now Judge appt. by Mitt Romney 12-2006 right after this trial) and his Dad former Judge Welsh ("Man of the People" - See link above) of the Orleans Court handled the dispostions in all these cases! Certifying to the Court and Defense that they had handed everything over when in fact they knowingly hadn't - is a VERY BIG DEAL and fits right into the rest of the conspiracy that has been the major part of this crime and case from the onset! See the Exculpatory Motion filed (Link Above)11-26-2007 and the author Peter Manso who has been writing a book about this crime and case discovered much of this exculpatory material was then setup a month later by an errant home alarm going off and then arrested for guns that were out of registration!

A few excerpts:

"In the aftermath of these filings, this court held several discovery conferences on February 10, 2006, April 7, 2006 and October 11, 2006 resulting in the Commonwealth’s filing of a Discovery Compliance Certificate on October 11, 2006. However, despite these procedures and specific discovery requests, all of the evidence listed in the following paragraphs was known to the Commonwealth about its own witnesses and still withheld from the defendant, bringing us to this point."

The following evidence, uncovered through the efforts of journalist Peter Manso during his research for his upcoming novel on the Worthington homicide case, was deliberately withheld from the defense by the prosecution prior to and during the defendant’s trial. This critical information was known to the government, was clearly discoverable, was requested by the defendant yet still withheld from the Court and the defendant by the prosecution.
In what appears to be an unsettling pattern of uncanny commonality, the same investigators, arresting officers, defendants/witnesses and prosecutors thread through all of the withheld evidence. At the very least, this data was undisclosed and was likely deliberately withheld by the same District Attorney’s Office that handled most of the challenged cases. In other words, the District Attorney’s Office must have known about the evidence and there is no possible reason that the Commonwealth would fail to produce such evidence other than with the intent to deliberately suppress it."

The importance of these witness’ backgrounds and the related laboratory evidence to the defense in this case is clear. Frazier and his associates, not McCowen, were the suggested culprits in this homicide as part of the defense and almost all were present at the Thomas Bilbo party in Eastham on January 4, 2002, only a short time before the alleged stabbing of Christa Worthington. The Commonwealth claimed at trial that it also was at this party that Frazier, Mulvey and others, including most of these witnesses, engaged in a violent brawl and then allegedly went home to bed rather than to Worthington’s house, a place well known to Frazier due to his employment at Magnum Movers."

FBI Investigative Programs

There would be NO OTHER AGENCY that would have had the manpower, technology, staff, millions of dollars and tens of thousands of man-hours to pull what they have pulled off on so many of us while being the TERRORISTS and destroying honest decent citizens lives! Shame on this CRIMINAL organization under the helm of their hellion leader Robert S. Mueller III.

Public Corruption

Public Corruption is among the FBI’s top priorities and is the number one priority of the Criminal Investigative Division. Public corruption strikes at the heart of government, eroding public confidence and undermining the strength of our democracy. Investigating public corruption is an FBI commitment as old as the Bureau itself. Indeed, it is a mission for which the FBI is singularly situated; we have the skills necessary to conduct undercover operations and the ability to perform electronic surveillance.

As the lead counterintelligence agency within the United States Intelligence Community, the FBI has the principal authority to conduct and coordinate counterintelligence investigations and operations within the United States.

Cyber Crime

The FBI plays two very important roles in cyberspace. First, it is the lead law enforcement agency for investigating cyber attacks by criminals.

The FBI also works to prevent criminals, sexual predators, and others intent on malicious destruction from using the Internet and online services to steal from, defraud, and otherwise victimize citizens, businesses, and communities.

The Cyber Division at Headquarters manages investigations into Internet-facilitated crimes and supports counterterrorism, counterintelligence, and criminal investigations that call for technical expertise. The Division has developed regional Cyber Action Teams (CATs) to respond to cyber events

he IC3 gives the victims of cyber crime a convenient and easy-to-use reporting mechanism for alerting authorities of suspected criminal or civil violations. The IC3 serves the broader law enforcement community and all the key components of the 50 FBI-led Cyber Crime Task Forces throughout the country.

The reason we were denied help or VICTIM ASSISTANCE is because they (The FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III - a Former Boston Fed. Pros. and head of the Boston Fed. Pros. Crime Task Force, former Boston Fed. Pros./BATF&E Dir. Michael J. Sullivan - a former Mass. Plymouth County DA-(Currently, Ashcroft-Sullivan Lobbying Inc.), Mass. AG. Martha Coakley a former Mass. Middlesex County ADA/DA and Former Member of Mueller's US AG's. Boston Fed. Pros. Crime Task Force, (Currently running for the US Senate), and their buddy Cape & Islands DA Michael D. O'Keefe are all friends that have conspired and are treasonous to their oaths and the Constitution to defend and protect against all terrorists both Foreign or Domestic - NOT BE THE TERRORISTS) are the CRIMINALS behind this! In my opinion, the only things these criminals should be running or running for, is a boarder or the green zone in Iraq. A disgrace to humanity.

"The White House" should be more aptly named "The Whitey House" and the FBI Building "RICO Headquarters", named after their other infamous FBI "RAT", Paul RICO.


One question - I remember all the stories about Saddam Hussein and his very sadistic sons - is there really any difference with the way they SLAUGHTERED/ASSASSINATED CHRISTA WORTHINGTON (1-5-2002) on the seventh Anniversary (1-5-1995) of the hiding of their other "Crime Partner/Protected Assassin" James "Whitey" Bulger and Saddams Sons?

From a speech given by FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III April 26th 2007

"And to make sure they fully understand the magnitude of their oath to defend the Constitution, every new FBI agent visits the Holocaust museum, to see for themselves the horror and injustice that result when law enforcement becomes a tool for oppression."

Is the FBI Bugging your phone?- Fox News Video

Is your phone bugged?

An FBI "CoIntelPro" Secret - Tweaking or Tickling the wire as TORTURE 24/7 365 Days a Year - By inserting Tones, an occasional male voice giving instructions on how to proceed with a word that was just stated in a "private" conversation, etc. Aberrant noises constantly on wired land lines or cell phones - rings that are just short "bing" ring sounds at all hours of the day or night, opening your lines and inserting digital data tones on wired landlines, opening the land line while you're in the privacy of your own home and using it as a microphone (One-way Intercom), even while sleeping with a TV on and snoring. Talk about Stalkers! There is much too much to cover in this brief expose' and insidious terror and torture many of us continue to endure since 7-2-2005 (Noticeably) - along with in-vehicle stalking in large blacked-out glass trucks and Vans. Like they did to the supposed Anthrax scientist last August. *See footnote below!

Perhaps if the FBI had been doing what they are supposed to be paid for - looking for TERRORISTS, like the shooter at Ft. Hood - instead of saying they missed it because they are so overextended and being overworked - while wasting MILLIONS being the TERRORISTS - that tragedy could have been avoided. This outfit has to meet it's end.

I know NO ONE wants to think this, let alone know it, but as AMERICAN'S We longer have "FREEDOM" or "LIBERTY", that's now only a false sales pitch by so many that wear their lapel pins as fronts, and merely tout these words KNOWING they have let down and betrayed everything and everyone including AMERICA.

Thank you former Pres. Bush for opening up this evil again starting in 2001. Your entire close administration should be brought up on TREASON & TYRANNY charges for ushering in a VILE "Police State" - NO EXCUSES.

The "patroit ACT" sadly was just that an ACT and was really in the name of CORRUPTION and a Rogue FBI Organization THAT IS America's Premiere SADISTIC and VERY CRUEL Domestic Terrorist Organization. This is no different than the Stasi or Hitler's secret police under Himmler!


Signed - Kevin M. Mulvey


*Anthrax Scientist footnote - the same blacked-out glass vehicle "CoIntelPro" FBI stalking teams, as we have endured. See pdreport.html


This is the same "CoIntelPro" FBI Program used against the ALLEDGED Dr. Anthrax

"I'd frequently see [the FBI's] cars ... they had blacked-out windows. It was kind of freaky," Natalie Duggan said. "We were kind of wondering what the deal is. We would see Bruce, but we never thought it was him."
The news of his suicide saddened them both. "It is just a very sad day," Bonnie Duggan said. "I never suspected him of any wrongdoing whatsoever, he always was a straight arrow."

Lab and Community Make for Uneasy Neighbors

"Across the street from the razor wire guarding Fort Detrick, the people living along Military Road would see the strange cars and SUVs with the tinted glass come and go like clockwork."
"At other times, the cars would block a driveway, and residents would ask the drivers to move. Then the cars would vanish for a few days, only to return."

Clearwater, Florida (FBI) "CoIntelPro" Stalking Teams

"NOTICEABLE" Day and Night IN-VEHICLE STALKING STARTED On Oct. 18th 2006 - the first day of this trial's testimony. This happened at my FORMER Condominium in Clearwater, FL. and another relatives home, 25 miles North simultaneously.

Dec. 11th 2006 - My buildings Condo. owners hold a building meeting and form a citizen watch group because of the sudden appearance of all these vans and trucks with blacked out glass parking oddly in the wrong directions at all hours in our gated communities quiet cul-de-sac's that both face my End Condo. unit on both the side and back! This scared the entire building of senior citizens.

Trucks and Vans were parked at all times going in the wrong direction, and when its dark they park with the engines going and parking lights on ONLY. This is done to get your attention and let you know they are threatening you and on occasion they would flash their lights incessantly and rev their engines full blast on a power line right of way behind my building. All of these Trucks and Vans when leaving go out the main gate most of the time. Even though this was a gated community no one is stopped from access due to its immense size. The trucks and vans started appearing on Oct. 18th 2006 the first day of trial testimony in this case - some 1,600 miles away of Cape Cod, MA. They were multiple times daily & nightly through Feb. 2007.

After contacting the FBI for the first time by phone booth on Feb. 7th & 8th 2007 - it became periodic but it was always known if I had an appointment for work or even going out if it was discussed via any communications, etc. I'd be followed to the point that I gave up going out, out of sheer fear of not knowing what their evil plans may be. They know all your business and all of your moves if it is communicated via phones or computer. I have many videos and pictures of these ROGUE'S activitities. The first sample video is from 10-25-2006 at 6:20 AM - During the trial. They had a pair of Black & Silver Dodge Ram 1500 Pickup Trucks and pair of Large Silver and Black Chrysler Vans. Through the trial they had two men per vehicle because on a few occasions we could see their outlines in strong light while on the road. There was a few occasions that they used Dark Blue Vans and a rare blue Pickup Truck. The oddest vehicle this rogue VIGILANTE group used was a larger Truck with all MYLAR mirror finished glass throughout and that appeared at two locations on the day our nephew was on the stand on Oct. 27th 2006. Myself and a relative 25 miles away both had trash barrel and the SAME truck issues that day.

A well dressed man in shorts with this truck removed two trash barrels from another relatives Condo's trash room, where I had been watching this trial. After viewing trial testimony from the day before we were concerned that our brother was also involved in part of this and supected they may be looking for "familial DNA" to try to match up to him, considering what we knew and what was coming out in testimony's. Our nephew is adopted and I would imagine that would be known - so our DNA would not resemble his. The second video sample was on the morning of 3-11-2008. I had an out-of-town visitor coming to stay overnight that connected to this case, in a way. The third video sample was on the early evening of Aug. 24th 2008 - I had recieved my first reply from a Congressman the day before, and word was out that I contacted many with packages via UPS to avoid the USPS Mail Fraud, "CoIntelPro" has going.

Update: I abandoned my home with the help of some very nice neighbors and fled FL, under an assumed identity and returned to NYC in late April 2009, after having been terrorized to the point of never returning. After a few days in NYC they sent out a Silver Dodge Charger with "blacked out glass" with several Federal Cowards/Bullies/Criminals to STALK. The plastic covering the license plate had dull black spray paint sprayed on it. I went out while the crowds were thick and non chalently peered closer at it, and got the NY tag number. Others witnessed this STALKING, as well. I posted that tag number on a Cape Cod Times - story forum site in June 2009 relating to this crime and case, and that came to an END. The phone harassment continues to this very day in NYC and FL and the manipualtion going on in other areas, is extraordinary - that will all be entered into a Federal Civil Law Suit. Others in Fl and my building was Stalked on Nov. 5th 2009, while things are being removed from my now former Condo. No one likes to know this is happening in America, but this is no different than what Himmler did to Germany or the Stasi did in Iron Curtain countries.

HUNT FOR BULGER FOCUSES ON FLORIDA - SEPT. 2009 - Where else but CLEARWATER, FL where he lives as a "RAT" along with several others protected by the biggest RATS of ALL - their partners in crime that go by the name of "The FBI"! Fairy's-Bullies-Infidels

Is the FBI Bugging your phone?- Fox News Video

Is the FBI Bugging your phone?- Fox News Video


Court TV Video - By The Book - 2007

Is Your phone bugged? What is Tweaking or Tickling the wire?

An FBI "CoIntelPro" Secret - Tweaking or Tickling the wire is TORTURE 24/7 365 Days a Year - By inserting Tones- Aberrant noises - rings that are just short "bing" ring sounds at all hours (On PD Report-Audio), opening your lines and inserting digital data tones on wired landlines, opening the lines while your in the privacy of your home even while sleeping with a TV on and snoring. Talk about Stalkers! There is much too much to cover in this insidious terror and torture - along with in-vehicle stalking blacked out glass large trucks and Vans. We now have our very own Forth Reich for America to keep any innocent citizen quiet about Government Corruption. Thank you former Pres. Bush for opening up this evil again starting in 2001. This is in the name of terrorism? This is the Rogue and Domestic Terrorists for which he'd pledged "Oath" to serve and protect the Constitution and people of these United States!


Bill O'Reilly Fox News - 2-5-09 - Video

Bill O'Reilly & FoxNews Ambush NSA WhistleBlower Russel Tice •


MSNBC- 1 22-09 - Keith Olbermann - Video

Whistleblower: NSA Targeted Journalists, Snooped on All US Communications


MSNBC- 1 23-09 - Keith Olbermann - Video

NSA Whistleblower: Wiretaps Were Combined With Credit Card Records of U.S.Citizens


C-SPAN 1-26-09 - Russell Tice - Video

NSA Whistleblower: Grill the CEOs on Illegal Spying

C-Span-2006 - National Security Whistleblowers Congressional Hearing - Russell Tice

National Security Whistleblowers Hearing - C-Span-2006

NOW with David Brancaccio. Politics & Economy. Criminalizing Dissent. COINTELPRO - 2004

COINTELPRO: The FBI's Covert Action Programs Against American Citizens, Final- Church Commisson Report

Legislation To Reopen Hearings Into Cointelpro - 2006

The Corbett Report | 2008/02/14 | The Snitch State

CoIntelPro - Gang Stalking - New Free Book - Jan. 20th 2009
These types of harassment programs are designed to make the target vulnerable, they want to make the target destitute. The secondary goals seems to be to make the target homeless, jobless, give them a breakdown, and the primary goals seems to be to drive the target to forced suicide. These were some of the same goals and objectives used during the American Cointelpro program that was used against
dissidents. It's a useful way of eliminating perceived enemies of the state. Martin Luther King Jr was
one such target. The FBI sent him a note suggesting that he kill himself or they would expose an affair
that he had been having. He refused to comply."

Who gets targeted?

"Targeting can happen to anyone in society. In the past primary targets of programs such as Cointelpro
have been minorities. In Russia it was activist, dissidents, and anyone perceived to be an enemy of the
state. Targeting however can happen to anyone. Individuals can be targeted for being too outspoken,
whistle blowers, dissidents, people who go up against wealthy corporations, woman's groups, (single)
women, anti-war proponents, individuals identified or targeted as problems at these community
meetings, and other
innocent individuals."

"The pattern that is unfolding indicates that many targets are people who tend to be
emotionally developed, self-confident, independent, free thinkers, artistic, people who
don't need the approval of others, and
those not prone to corruption. They're people who
don't need to be part of a group to feel secure--generally people who are not part of the

"In his research into the bullying phenomenon Tim Field discovered that those targeted have similar
traits. They were leaders, they had a sense of integrity, refused to join the established clique.
being good at your job, often excelling
being popular with people (colleagues, customers, clients, pupils, parents, patients, etc)
being the expert and the person to whom others come for advice, either personal or
professional (ie you get more attention than the bully)
having a well-defined set of values which you are unwilling to compromise
having a strong sense of integrity (bullies despise integrity, for they have none, and
seem compelled to destroy anyone who has integrity)
refusing to join an established clique
showing independence of thought or deed
refusing to become a corporate clone and drone."

"If these are the types of people in society being targeted for bullying, mobbing, and Gang Stalking,
then can it be assumed that we might not be doing society a favor by eliminating these vital types of
individuals? As this type of person is eliminated via systemic harassment, can we also assume that
maybe less qualified individuals are left to fill key and vital roles in society?"

Ge·sta·po (g…-stä“p½, -shtä“-) n. 1. The German internal security police as organized under the Nazi regime, known for its terrorist methods directed against those suspected of treason or questionable loyalty. 2. gestapo., pl. ge·sta·pos. A police organization that employs terroristic methods to control a populace. --Ge·sta·po adj. 1. Of, relating to, or characteristic of the German security police organized under the Nazi regime. 2. gestapo. Of, relating to, or characteristic of terroristic police methods or operations.

Please note: This site is for information and exposure purposes ONLY, in hopes that this entire catastrophe is resolved for the betterment of all in the former land of the free and home of the brave.

I do not seek to proffer from such an ugly and criminal disgrace that this brings upon everyone involved, including America.

Personally, I've lost ALL net worth as a direct result of this "Targeting" and Corruption and I'm now personally facing financial collapse, not to mention the emotional and physical effects as a DIRECT result. It has been over four years of 24/7 harassment, fear, intimidation, in-vehicle stalking, telecommunications stalking and destruction, etc. I've borrowed against all assets to try to survive such an attack and if Congress FAILS like the rest of Federal Institutional Government already has, my next and last step is political asylum from hopefully a nation that doesn't harbor, aid and abet state sponsored terrorists and murders, like America does.

This TRUE story is our own and I give copyright notice on this site for any that seek commercial rights to our story in this horrendous American tragedy. Perhaps that could be one way from not ending up in the street dead from total abuse and torture by our own EVIL Institutionalized Government attackers in the FBI "CoIntelPro" Program that is designed to do just that.

The Secret Government

By Christopher Hayes

This article appeared in the September 14, 2009 edition of The Nation.

God Bless "ONLY" The Honest and Decent People that have integrity in America, the "Truth"and true battle hasn't even begun.

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