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"Fiber Evidence"

UPDATE 5-7-2014

The ONLY Reason for this extensive website comes about as a direct result of our nephew bragging about being part of some kind of mercenary group of sorts, and having been proud of, and enjoying doing the "worst - worst - worst thing anyone could ever do to anyone or anything - I DID IT". I hadn't known about this horrific slaughter, but when I found out some three years later, myself and many others soon became noticeably TARGETED by some unknown group that had access to not only our phones and computers, but were noticeably stalking us, to keep us aware that we were under surveillance. At a much later date, did we find out what this was all about, and what this Government Run "Black-Ops" group was all about.

It is called "CoIntelPro" and dates back to its first exposure in 1975 while Congress was investigating ROGUE elements within the CIA and FBI under the Church Commission Hearings, and was to be put out of operation, and overseen by the House & Senate Intelligence Committees on Government Oversight and Reform.

Pathetically, the House and Senate has been overthrown, and is compromised by those they were to oversee. Effectively we have neither Law nor Justice in America today.

The Government Conspired and carried out HIT on Christa Worthington, was conducted by our Setup Boy, Nephew, Shawn R. Mulvey (The faux alibi witness for his Informant Partner in Crime, Jeremy Frazier) .. It turns out, he is, and was part of the CIA, and Dick Cheney's "Executive Assassination Ring." She was oft because Congress was looking into the "Whitey" Bulger relationship as a Top Echelon Informant/Partner with our Government Criminals, which has in essence become the NEW MOB, after taking down the Mafia Crime families. Obama himself is CIA, and his handler, current CIA Director John Brennan worked on the Assassination Ring under G. W. Bush and Dick Cheney's Black -Op.

Christa Worthington was threatening the exposure of their CRIMINAL ORGANIZED CRIME WAVE, which Congress was looking into at that time, which would have led to the facts that the Government itself is the importer and distributor of 'illegal' Drugs. As seen in recent years news accounts, the BIG BANKS have been Drug Money Laundering for decades, and account for $2 TRILLION DOLLARS a year in repatriated Cash to the Federal Reserve, that enables them to buy 'Government' Debt, in order to supply themselves with all the high paying, self-serving rigged jobs, and indebt we the public tax-payers, further.



4-15-2005- The "Patsy," Chris McCowen was arrested, and on 11-16-2006, inhumanely convicted. 7-1-2005 - The MSP (Mason & Burke) Interviewed Shawn Mulvey-His CIA/NSA 'Handlers' had his back 7-1-2005 - The Compromised MSP took a swab as insurance, but they were already had by the Fed's. 7-1-2005 - Shawn Mulvey, Sgt. Bill Burke and Trooper Chris Mason - Clearwater, FL.
1-4-2002 - Juice Bar Orleans, MA
1-4-2002 - Juice Bar Orleans, MA

1-4-2002- Juice Bar - Orleans, MA - Jeremy Frazier, Shawn Mulvey, Chris McCowen & Chris Bearse. 10-27-2006 - Christopher McCowen Trial on Court TV - Government Hitman Shawn Mulvey on the stand 10-27-2006 - Christopher McCowen Trial on Court TV - Government Hitman Shawn Mulvey on the stand 10-26-2006 - Christopher McCowen Trial on Court TV - Government Hitman Shawn Mulvey on the stand
1-4-2002 - Juice Bar Orleans, MA

6-27-2007- Shawn went on to become "Tattoo Shawn" in 2007 - Shawn Mulvey, Clearwater, FL 7-29-2007 - Shawn Mulvey's latest own Tat. It's Linda Blair of "The Exorcist." 7-27-2007 - Tattoo Shawn Mulvey's handy work. It's the Christa Worthington Crime scene. 3-31-2008 - Shawn Mulvey and girlfriend sporting new "2007" Exorcist Tat.
1-4-2002 - Juice Bar Orleans, MA

9-2009- Shawn and his girlfriend had a new addition to contribute to the world. A little Devil Tat. 7-29-2013 - Journalist Daniel Hospsicker's photo taken at Donna Blue, Ft. Laudrdale, of CIA Vehicles. 7-24-2013 - Shawn Mulvey's girlfriend. She's a passenger in his government 'company' car. 9-27-2013 - Shawn Mulvey now works for "Black Ops" under the US CIA.
1-4-2002 - Juice Bar Orleans, MA

ACTUAL COURTROOM TESTIMONY OF MA Defense Attorney Robert George questioning Lead MSP Investigator William Burke about his Investigations handling of Fiber Evidence they collected from Jeremy Frazier and the SAME COLOR Fiber evidence found in the victims "Pubic Hairs." This is OBSCENE!

Lead Investigating Detective, Sgt. William Burke - South Yarmouth, MA State Police Barracks


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WCAI/WNAN-Burke-Direct - Testimony

WCAI/WNAN-Burke-Cross - Testimony

This Testimony is from additional Transcription from some of Sgt. Burke's Testimony, and hadn't been online in audio between ADA-Pros. Welsh and Defense Attorney George!

LEAD INVESTIGATOR MSP - Sgt. William Burke Testimony - plus additional material at the end about the DA- Michael O'Keefe not going to investigate anyone else in this case or have the fiber evidence tested after getting a conviction, even though joint-venture was thrown in at the end. Also the ADA's retiring father Judge Robert Welsh Jr's article, talking about the acceptability of the contraband business of Cape Cod throughout history, and DRUG CONTRABAND STARTING TO SUPPORT the economy, in the 1960's!

Note: He is questioned by the ADA about David Murphy being investigated, and Burke said, Murphy's DNA did not match any found at the crime scene. Then it's revealed to the Defense that he had never even met Murphy, and only talked to him once on the phone, and Murphy said, "He didn't want to get involved". (Audio Link)

This David Murphy (from Medford) was involved in a homicide in 1990, at the Somerville, MA Holiday Inn - Where Whitey Bulger's, Winter Hill Gang, hung out! The body had the head and hands removed, and found buried in N.H. This guy was only 20 at the time of the gangland style hit. He was released and went to Magnum Movers in Eastham, just 6 months before Christa Worthington's Murder, to work with Jeremy Frazier & Shawn Mulvey. He came down here with his cousin Jim Hardy from Somerville to work here. It turns out Jim Hardy's father was a leg breaker, for Howie Winter/Whitey Bulger, of the Winter Hill Gang. (During the trial it was revealed that Hardy now has a moving business, in S. Dennis, Ma.)

Also during testimony Sgt. Burke got caught in many screw-ups regarding the Blue & White fibers being tested against the fibers found in the victim's vaginal hair, and ones collected from Jeremy Frazier's sweater, that had been worn by him on the evening of this homicide.

He had also been caught dumbfounded in other areas of his testimonies, about a call to Jeremy Frazier's (in the name of David Murphy) cell phone from the MSP - S. Yarmouth barracks, on the evening of 1-5-2002 at 12:03 AM, on the above links.

Listen to the MSP lead investigator Sgt. Burke's testimony above with the defense, on these Blue & White fibers that were found on Christa Worthington, and the blue & white sweater collected from Jeremy Frazier, that had been worn by him on the night of this murder. Also, the revelation that Burke told the Pros. that Dave Murphy had been fully investigated while testifying with the Prosecutor, and his (Murphy's) DNA matched none of the crime scene evidence, only to find out under defense testimony, that this was not a fact at all, and that Dave Murphy had been shied away from, and only talked to briefly, in a short phone conversation, and only once. Murphy "Didn't want to get involved," according to Sgt. Burke. (That part was revealed in the above audio link!)


Transcript excerpts, from testimony with Lead Investigator Sgt. William Burke and ADA-Prosecutor Robert Welsh III, and Defense Counsel Robert George on 11/1/06.

Pros. Welsh: "Now - yesterday you were asked a line of questions regarding a ah David Murphy. Do you recall that line of questioning sir?"

Sgt Burke: "Yes I was."

Pros. Welsh: "and David Murphy was an individual who … Frazier had the cell-phone in Murphy's name … is that correct?"

Sgt Burke: "That's correct."

Pros. Welsh: "and Frazier worked at Magnum Movers with Murphy is that correct?"

Sgt Burke: "Yes."

Pros. Welsh: "Alright .. well you were aware that Murphy had a manslaughter conviction isn't that correct?"

Sgt Burke: "Yes I was."

Pros. Welsh: "alright …. and with respect to David Murphy ah sir … was there any forensic or DNA evidence linking him to the crime scene in this case?"

Sgt Burke: "No there wasn't."

Pros. Welsh: "Did David Murphy ever tell you we put the boots to her?"

Sgt Burke: "No he didn't."

Pros. Welsh: "Did he tell you he helped get her inside the kitchen?"

Sgt Burke: "No."

Pros. Welsh: "or helped wipe her body down?"

Sgt Burke: "No he didn't."

Pros. Welsh: "Alright … That's somebody who had a criminal record that was looked at in this case … is that correct?"

Sgt Burke: "That is correct."

Pros. Welsh: "and you have no evidence ……"

Sgt. William Burke (MSP-lead investigator) testimony with Defense Counsel Robert George 11-1-06; Excerpt on David Murphy portion of testimony.


Def. Attorney Robert George: "Was David Murphy's DNA ever submitted to the lab?"

Sgt Burke: "No."

Def. Attorney Robert George: "Then how do you know if there was a match … you never looked for a match did yah?"

Sgt Burke: "…well …. I was aware of Mr. Murphy's criminal record ... ah … Mr. McCowen told us that Jeremy Frazier killed Christa Worthington .. he didn't say Dave Murphy … and when we asked him what are you going to say if Jeremy can account for his time? and he said then it's all on me if Jeremy can account for his time. He didn't say Dave Murphy killed her".

Def. Attorney Robert George: "I guess .. I should repeat the question … I asked if you ever submitted David Murphy's DNA to the crime lab."

Sgt Burke: "and I said no."

Def. Attorney Robert George: "OK .. now speaking about Jeremy Frazier … You did follow up on Jeremy Frazier didn't yah?"

Sgt Burke: "yes we did."

Def. Attorney Robert George: "in fact you went to Jeremy Frazier's house and met with him and you had him give you his clothing .. right?

Sgt Burke: "Yes"

Def. Attorney Robert George: "and that was the night you showed him the video from the Juice Bar?"

Sgt Burke: "That's correct"

Def. Attorney Robert George: "so as far as your answer a moment ago about McCowen telling you about Jeremy Frazier .. will you recall the answers to the questions from Mr. Welsh about the interview itself?"

Sgt Burke: "Yes"

Def. Attorney Robert George: "and just a moment ago we asked you about the Jeremy Frazier questions?"

Sgt Burke: "Yes"

Def. Attorney Robert George: "and McCowen was specific during that interview about Jeremy Frazier killing Christa Worthington wasn't he?"

Sgt Burke: "he says … he said that Jeremy killed her"

Def. Attorney Robert George: "and at some point in time in 2005 after Mr. McCowen was arrested some three and half four years later … did Jeremy Frazier ever turn over any clothing to you?"

Sgt Burke: "he did turn over clothing yes"

Def. Attorney Robert George: "and without me showing you the actual document ... you took that clothing from him didn't you?"

Sgt Burke: "That's correct"

Def. Attorney Robert George: "Do you recall today what clothing Jeremy Frazier turned over to you?"

Sgt Burke: "Yes"

Def. Attorney Robert George: "OK … could you tell the jury about his .. what did he turn over?"

Sgt Burke: "He turned over ah .. timberland boots … a type of wool pant .. ah sweater that ah .. I believe it had stripes in it and ah big leather jacket."

Def. Attorney Robert George: "Do you remember what color the sweater was?"

Sgt Burke: "I believe it was white … and it had some kind of a dark stripe on it".

Def. Attorney Robert George: "Ok ... was it blue and white?"

Sgt Burke: "It may have been blue and white I'm not sure"

Def. Attorney Robert George: "So blue and white Nautica sweater?"

Sgt Burke: "It was a Nautica sweater ah white with a dark stripes on it"

Def. Attorney Robert George: "and is it fair to say that in the course of your investigation into your Jeremy Frazier involvement into the case you became aware of labs reports in this case?"

Sgt Burke: "Yes"

Def. Attorney Robert George: "were blue and white fibers found on ah Christa Worthington's vaginal area?"

Sgt Burke: "… I'm not aware of that"

Def. Attorney Robert George: "may I approach the witness your honor?"

Judge Nickerson: "Yes"

Def. Attorney Robert George: "I'd like to show you a report dated July 26th 2002 signed by Robert Martin, and I'll just direct your attention to that circle."

Def. Attorney Robert George: "Now you turned over Frazier's clothing to the crime lab right?"

(Quick break while Burke reads the circled portion of the report!)

Def. Attorney Robert George: "Now you turned over Frazier's clothing to the crime didn't you?"

Sgt Burke: "Yes we did"

Def. Attorney Robert George: "and …. Showing you that document from scientist Martin .. chemist Martin um does it appear that blue and white fibers ah were found on Christa Worthington's body?"

Sgt Burke: "That's what the document says .. yes"

Def. Attorney Robert George: "could you tell us where they were found?"

Sgt Burke: "…………. Um … (looking over document) trace material was recovered from Christa Worthington's pubic hair"

Def. Attorney Robert George: "and ah the blue and white Nautica tee-shirt or sweatshirt or sweater that you turned over, did Martin ever examine that?"

Sgt Burke: "I believe the clothing was examined, .. yes"

Def. Attorney Robert George: "and was he examining it to see if there was any evidence on it, like any DNA evidence or blood or fiber evidence?"

Sgt Burke: "I believe that's what the exam was for"

Def. Attorney Robert George: "and it was turned over in 2005?" (Sept. 29th 2005)

Sgt Burke: "Yes"

Def. Attorney Robert George: "Do you know whether or not Martin ever compared the fibers from Jeremy Frazier's blue and white Nautica sweater to blue and white fibers found in Christa Worthington's vaginal area?"

Sgt Burke: "I don't know that"

Def. Attorney Robert George: "What if I told you they weren't would that refresh your memory?"

Prosecutor Welsh: "I object!"

Sgt Burke: "I don't … " (shrugs his shoulders)

Def. Attorney Robert George: "Thank you sir .. Thank you Sgt."

Judge Nickerson: "Are you done with this witness?" (To George)

Prosecutor Welsh: "I have one follow up question your honor"

Judge Nickerson: "Please"

Prosecutor Welsh: "Mr. George just asked you about ah David Murphy's DNA .. Do you recall that sir?"

Sgt Burke: "Yes"

Prosecutor Welsh: "The DNA that was taken from swabbing's of Christa Worthington's body matched Chris McCowen in this case isn't that correct?"

Sgt Burke: "That's correct"

Prosecutor Welsh: "That's all I have" 


Cape & Islands (D turned R)-DA-Michael O'Keefe, DA-Jonathan Blodgett and (D)-MA AG-Martha Coakley-a Former Special Prosecutor for former Boston US Fed. Pros. (R turned D, turned non-Partisan Domestic Capo) Robert Mueller's-Our Current FBI "Law" Chief (Our Protectors?), Boston Crme Task Force in 1987, as well as, being an A/D/A and DA for Middlesex County (Bulger/FBI Central), Prosecuting many of the FBI & States Law Enforcement "Competition", as was "PARTIALLY-revealed due to Bush's (The former Don's) 2001 Executive Privlege Order" to Congress during it's 2000-2003, investigations, into this "DEBACLE" called "Law Enforcement and Justice."



The Boston Globe

Boston Globe

June 16, 1990


Author: Paul Langer,

Globe Staff

Edition: THIRD

Section: METRO

Page: 29

CAMBRIDGE -- A headless, handless body found Wednesday in Loudon, N.H., could belong to the victim of a murder alleged to have taken place in the Somerville Holiday Inn on May 13, according to an affidavit filed by State Police.

The case has baffled police, who apparently found evidence that a murder had been committed in the hotel, but, until this week, had no body. Two men are in custody and have been arraigned in connection with the alleged killing. The Middlesex district attorney has received a continuance until Friday from the Somerville District Court to take the case to the grand jury.

According to Thomas Samoluk, spokesman for the district attorney's office, the two being held are David Murphy, of Medford, and Robert L. Gallagher Jr., of Everett. Murphy was arraigned May 25 and Gallagher on May 30. Samoluk said that prosecutors want the court to hold them beyond their routine return dates.

Police were called to Room 225 of the Holiday Inn on May 13 and, according to Samoluk, they concluded that someone had been murdered there. Further investigation led to the two suspects.

An affidavit submitted to the court says that the body of a red-haired man was found "in the type of area consistent with information we had received as to location of the body.

"The affidavit says that the body is believed to be that of John (Red) Jordan. Medical records on file show that Jordan had a scar on his left wrist, which corresponds to a scar found on the body." Also, the affidavit says, X- rays of the feet of the body will be compared to known foot X-rays of Jordan. The blood type of the body and of stains found in Room 225 will also be compared to Jordan's blood type.

Copyright 1990, 1998 Globe Newspaper Company

Record Number: 00168051

The Boston Globe

Boston Globe

February 28, 1991


Author: Paul Langner,

Globe Staff

Edition: THIRD

Section: METRO

Page: 60

CAMBRIDGE -- Middlesex Superior Court Judge Robert A. Barton yesterday postponed until April 1 a hearing to reduce the prison sentence of an admitted killer who is seeking to trade the location of his victim's head and hands for leniency.

Barton said that while he may give some consideration to the offer, his ultimate decision on the sentence is not contingent on finding the body parts.

Robert Gallagher, 33, of Medford, pleaded guilty to manslaughter on Feb. 8 in the stabbing death of John (Red) Jordan, 34, of Somerville, during a party in the Somerville Holiday Inn on May 13.

At the time of his plea, Gallagher said he threw Jordan's body out the hotel window and fled when police came.

According to Gallagher, police did not discover Jordan's body under the window; he retrieved the body after they left the hotel and buried it in the New Hampshire woods.

Gallager said he exhumed Jordan's body a few days later, then removed the head and hands before reburying it to make identification difficult. The body was discovered by a boy playing in the woods on June 14.

On Tuesday, Gallagher's attorney, John C. McBride, submitted a request to Barton that Gallagher's 18-to-20-year sentence be reduced and, in exchange, he offered a map of a Saugus shopping mall with an X marking a spot in some shrubbery behind the Zayre's store.

But assistant district attorney Martha Coakley told Barton yesterday that State Police had dug at the spot and found nothing, even after bringing in equipment to dig through the hard ground. State Police also brought a dog "specially trained to find buried human remains," Coakley said, and found nothing.

McBride asked Barton to continue the case until the ground is softer, and Barton set April 1 for hearings on Gallagher's request to revise his sentence.

Copyright 1991, 1998 Globe Newspaper Company

Record Number: 02*28*00059070


Boston Globe: key facts

The murder was May 13, 1990 in a Somerville Holiday Inn, evidence of murder found - body found later in Loudon, NH - without head or hands.

Victim: John (Red) Jordan of somerville, MA.

Arraigned May 25 - David Murphy of Medford

Arraigned May 30 -Robert L. Gallagher Jr. of Everett.

Murphy came into police headquarters with lawyer and was arrested there.

Evidence had lead police to the suspects.

Murphy was sentenced to 10-15 Years.


Another shadowy figure in Worthington case
10/31/06 · 2:45 pm posted by Jack Coleman - Capecodtoday.com - Cape Cod Murder
He was also charged with assault and battery on his wife in 2001.

Eyebrow-raising testimony today -- the cell phone being used by Jeremy Frazier, the Wellfleet man that Christopher McCowen alleges killed Christa Worthington, was listed in the name of Dave Murphy -- a former Somerville resident who spent nine years in state prison on a murder rap and moved to the Cape (sometime) after his release from prison in 2000.

State Police Sgt. William Burke testified today that Frazier and Murphy worked for Magnum Movers, an Outer Cape moving and storage company, as of early 2002 when Worthington died.

Also working for Magnum Movers, Burke said, was Shawn Mulvey, who testified last week that Frazier spent the night at his family's house in Eastham on the night of the murder, a claim also made from the stand last week by Frazier.Burke also testified that Worthington had rented storage space since 1999 with Magnum Movers -- the same business employing Frazier, Mulvey and Murphy.

Defense attorney Robert George also asked Burke today if he was aware that Murphy had been arrested on a charge of assault and battery with a deadly weapon in December 2001 -- the month before Worthington's murder -- after Murphy allegedly assaulted his wife. Burke said he was not aware of the arrest.

NOTE: In testimony it was revealed that Murphy & Hardy had met up with Frazier at Magnum Mover's just six months before the murder/hit!


 Post-trial: DNA tests, appeal in works

November 18, 2006
Post-trial: DNA tests, appeal in works

Cape and Islands District Attorney Michael O'Keefe said yesterday he would test some of the DNA samples in the state police crime lab that were not previously tested, but not because he expected to gain any new information.
''I have asked that certain testing be done only because it became such a large issue at the trial,'' O'Keefe said. ''I want to see that those who have questions, even though we may not feel that they are persuasive at all, attain some level of satisfaction.'' (NOTE: AS THIS DAY 3-12-2011 - THIS HAS NEVER BEEN SATISFIED TO THE PUBLIC THAT HAVE LOTS OF QUESTIONS and NO CONFIDANCE!)
One piece of evidence in particular - the external vaginal swab collected from Worthington's body - came up in trial when an expert for the defense, Richard Saferstein, pointed out that though it tested positive for semen, it had never been DNA tested for a match to McCowen or anyone else.
''We have a big question mark here that could have readily been solved with that one specimen,'' Saferstein testified.
O'Keefe said the issue is a red herring and that protocol at the crime lab is to test only internal vaginal samples, which can prove penetration and hence rape charges. ''The laboratory's experience is that what comes out is a seepage or a drainage,'' O'Keefe said.
''If it results in a change of (crime lab) protocol in some cases, that's a perfectly appropriate thing,'' he said.
O'Keefe said his office will not investigate or charge anyone else in the murder, including Jeremy Frazier.
McCowen told state troopers that after he had consensual sex with Worthington, Frazier was the one who actually grabbed a knife and stabbed her through the lung, killing her.
During the trial, Saferstein also said that blue and white fibers found on Worthington's genital area were not tested by the crime lab. Frazier was seen on video wearing a blue and white sweater the night prosecutors believe Worthington was killed.
But O'Keefe said he had no intention of testing those fibers. ''I don't find those persuasive,'' he said. ''Fibers are very generic. Many people have sweaters with blue and green or whatever the colors were. You can conjure up any kind of expert these days to say anything.''

CBS News website - Forensics 101


"Hair deteriorates slowly, and so can be particularly useful as evidence. Hair can reveal race, as well as whether the strand was removed by force. Lab tests on hair can show whether a person took certain drugs or ingested chemicals. Fibers are often even more useful evidence than hair, because it is much easier to precisely identify them."

 (L-R) Jeremy Frazier-(Wearing his BLUE & WHITE "Fibered" Nautica Sweater, which went Untested or Compared to Fiber Evidence, of the SAME colors found in the victims pubic hair), Shawn R. Mulvey-(Who after lieing to police, and not giving an alibi for Frazier, then NEVER gets asked for any DNA swabs for them to compare, to any of the crime scene evidences), Christopher M. McCowen-(The "BIG BLACK" Patsy, that is convicted on ONE piece of evidence - old Sperm-No heads or tails, meaning he had sex with the victim the day before she was skewered. Christopher Bearse is the Rapper. 1-4-2002, Orleans, Mass. - Teen "Juice Bar"

Just one of many articles about DA O'keefe - See Home Page

DA Article - October 19 - November 1, 2006 - from the Cape Cod Voice-Now Defunct, since late 2008
This article is about the DA's Campaign Manager being a BIG Conflict of Interest.

The Prosecutor in this DEBACLE Trial, Robert Welsh's father's retirement interview:


Man of the people

Defendants, enforcers alike salute retiring judge

By Robert Phelps
Banner Correspondent


ORLEANS - "He made me feel like a human being," says one defendant in a case presided over by the recently retired Orleans District Court Judge Robert A. Welsh Jr. even after the judge ruled against him. "He knew I'd change things around in my life, and I proved him right."

Such sentiments are not uncommon for the Provincetown-born and raised Welsh, who sat at the bench in Orleans overseeing the nine towns from Dennis to Provincetown for 35 years. Appointed in 1973, Welsh holds the record for being the state's longest-serving district judge. He retired earlier this month, having reached the mandatory retirement age of 70.

"Everyone's really sad," says Joan Barrett, judicial secretary, "because it's been a long time and he's such a wonderful, wonderful man. He deserves a nice retirement."

Like many defendants, law enforcement officers also feel a strong sense of gratitude towards the judge. "Everyone respected him so much they wanted to give him a little send-off," Barrett says. And so on his last morning on the bench, officers from each of the nine towns, as well as those from the state and environmental police, house of corrections and sheriff's honor guards and Sheriff Cummings himself all surprised the judge by lining up along the front rows of the courthouse in dress uniform to give the judge a formal salute.

"I was completely blown away by that," says Welsh. "I didn't know it was coming. But being a bit of a showman, I said [after turning the tables on the officers and thanking them and the other members of the court] 'would you kindly join me in honoring America by pledging allegiance to the flag.' They never put you in jail for pledging allegiance to the flag. Afterwards, I found out that one of the officers had written out something to say, but he never got to say it because of [my speech]. Well that's the risk of trying to surprise somebody with something like that."

He minces no words when asked how so many folks of all stripes have come to hold his courtroom in such high esteem. "I like people," he says. "A lot of people ask me what attributes a successful judge should have. They talk about integrity, legal learning, dignity, but I say that you've got to like people. You've got to understand their strengths and weaknesses. You're in a business where obviously you can't please everybody, but one thing you can do, you can treat everybody with respect and dignity, and often times that's reflected back on you."

Welsh credits his father and grandfather for passing this philosophy to him. Judge Walter Welsh presided over the same court from 1914 to 1933, as did Judge Robert A. Welsh Sr. from 1933 to 1973. His son, too, Robert A. Welsh III, sits in Fall River, New Bedford and sometimes Orleans. In fact, he shared the bench with his father on the day of the salute. At 10 years old, grandson Robert A. Welsh IV may be too young to form much legal opinion, but the verdict is still out on his future career.

Public service is a family trait. Welsh's son James is a probation officer in Falmouth, where, his father says, "he helps to rehabilitate people that run amuck in their lives as well as in the criminal justice system. There's no more laudable thing than to try to reach out and help another human being who's struggling or in trouble."

His daughter, Anastasia Welsh-Perrino, is about to throw her hat in the political ring and run for the elected position of registrar of probate for the Barnstable Probate Court. A lawyer herself, she is currently assistant registrar there. "She's a mom with two kids," says Welsh, "and that's pretty damn good to be willing to roll up your sleeves and do something like that. I really applaud her.

"I like to see young people get involved in politics," he adds. "I think it's the only way to keep the system viable and strong."

Years ago, as a youngster himself, he recalls watching Norman Mailer on trial for behavior that stemmed from copious consumption of spirits. "It was an absolute riot," he said. "E.J. Kahn wrote it up in The New Yorker and described the judge [for the record, not Welsh's father] as a Cape Cod Yankee with skin the color of salted cod. And every time the officer who arrested Norman was questioned, he seemed more interested in looking down at his boots than up to face the question. It was a great piece of writing and just perfect," says Welsh, who was there to witness and confirm the whole thing.

"Somebody said you ought to write yourself about some of the funny things that happened in your court over the last 35 years," says Welsh, "but it was my dad who was blessed with a lot of funny, well-known people in his court, in his days. Marlon Brando, Jane Fonda, Gregory Peck. I missed all that."

"I used to hear my father and grandfather tell stories about the Prohibition era on Cape Cod and some of the exciting things that happened then," he says. "You know, I always get a kick out of somebody who comes to town and says there's an awful lot of contraband on Cape Cod. I say, Cape Cod was built on contraband. During the Revolutionary War we were smuggling goods to avoid taxes from England. During Prohibition we smuggled in more rum and moonshine than any place else. Starting in the '60s, well, it was contraband of a different nature."

His words of wisdom for new judges? "Be yourself," he says. "I think it's a mistake for a judge to try to adopt or take on the persona of another judge or another personality. I know it's simple, but it's often overlooked. Usually attempts to be something other than you are fail, and it's certainly true in this business. There's no reason why you can't conduct a court with dignity and respect and still be natural."

A self-avowed "people person," it's no wonder that Welsh is attracted to more public service upon his retirement. First, he plans to take a couple of months off to consider his options. "I had a little gig down at the community college during the fall semester teaching business law and I liked it. Ideally, I'd like to have a situation where I can contribute something, and at the same time find plenty of time to take off and be with my wife, Natalie, and maybe do a few things while we still enjoy good health."

Among his many previous civic contributions, he was the first executive director of Legal Services of Cape Cod & Islands, Inc., a community action committee that provided legal representation and services to people unable to afford lawyers or otherwise access the legal system. He was a founding member of the Nauset Workshop, now called Cape Abilities, which helps the mentally and physically disabled with work, housing and transportation. He has also served as town counsel for Provincetown, Dennis and Mashpee, and has stories aplenty, especially from his Provincetown days, which clearly refutes his claim of having too little great material for a book or two.

Welsh says he considers his 35 years on the bench in Orleans "the great delight of my life. Outside of my wife and family," he says, "probably the best thing that ever happened to me was this job. I've loved doing it, and frankly I'm sorry that it's over. But on the other hand I realize that I'm getting older and it's probably time for me to go. Not to say that that's the end of life. I'm going to have to try to figure out a way to best use the rest of my life. That's what I'm working on now."

Exculpatory Motion

Exculpatory Motion filed 11-26-07! The motion/document speaks loud and clear about DA O'keefe and his office (See link above), ADA-Prosecutor Welsh (Now Judge appt. by Mitt Romney 12-2006 right after this trial) and his Dad former Judge Welsh ("Man of the People" - See story above) of the Orleans Court handled the dispostions in all these cases! Certifying to the Court and Defense that they had handed everything over when in fact they knowingly hadn't - is a VERY BIG DEAL and fits right into the rest of the conspiracy that has been the major part of this crime and case from the onset! See the Exculpatory Motion filed (Link Above) 11-26-2007 and the author Peter Manso who has been writing a book about this crime and case discovered much of this exculpatory material was then setup a month later by an errant home alarm going off and then arrested for guns that were out of registration.

A few excerpts:

"In the aftermath of these filings, this court held several discovery conferences on February 10, 2006, April 7, 2006 and October 11, 2006 resulting in the Commonwealth’s filing of a Discovery Compliance Certificate on October 11, 2006. However, despite these procedures and specific discovery requests, all of the evidence listed in the following paragraphs was known to the Commonwealth about its own witnesses and still withheld from the defendant, bringing us to this point."

The following evidence, uncovered through the efforts of journalist Peter Manso during his research for his upcoming novel on the Worthington homicide case, was deliberately withheld from the defense by the prosecution prior to and during the defendant’s trial. This critical information was known to the government, was clearly discoverable, was requested by the defendant yet still withheld from the Court and the defendant by the prosecution.
In what appears to be an unsettling pattern of uncanny commonality, the same investigators, arresting officers, defendants/witnesses and prosecutors thread through all of the withheld evidence. At the very least, this data was undisclosed and was likely deliberately withheld by the same District Attorney’s Office that handled most of the challenged cases. In other words, the District Attorney’s Office must have known about the evidence and there is no possible reason that the Commonwealth would fail to produce such evidence other than with the intent to deliberately suppress it."

The importance of these witness’ backgrounds and the related laboratory evidence to the defense in this case is clear. Frazier and his associates, not McCowen, were the suggested culprits in this homicide as part of the defense and almost all were present at the Thomas Bilbo party in Eastham on January 4, 2002, only a short time before the alleged stabbing of Christa Worthington. The Commonwealth claimed at trial that it also was at this party that Frazier, Mulvey and others, including most of these witnesses, engaged in a violent brawl and then allegedly went home to bed rather than to Worthington’s house, a place well known to Frazier due to his employment at Magnum Movers."

Shawn Mulvey - FBI "Protected Assassin"




JJeremy Frazier - MA State Police "Protected  Assassin"

God Bless "ONLY" The Honest and Decent People that have integrity in America, the "Truth"and true battle has just begun.


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